Scam letter(s) from Alexandra McQueen to John (Italy)

Letter 1
Good day to you. I hope you are doing well today? I'm sorry for the delays to reply your emails but I was very busy dealing with some of my clients which I have to settle cases at the law court and at office too respectively.
Having read all your previous email you sent me, I want to alert you that I have been always transparent to you and your wife, I have made things very clear and understandable to you both. I have told you that I cannot take up all the bills to receive the money and I'm not going to stay on a luxurious plane too. All I said, get me half of the 10,000 euros which is 5,000 euros and you have already sent me the 3,000 which is left with 2,000 euros.
Mind you, If you do not come up with the money and the documents expires, we have to start over again and the will cost extra money which I do not like to happen. Also the security company have sent me a notification yesterday asking me to come for the money and if I do not show up with the documents on time, it will expire. The ball is in your court, play with it or live it.
I wait for the rest of the 2,000 euros so I can add my own 5,000 euros to make 10,000 euros to go get you guys the money with all the interests. No course of delays. I look forward for the balance of 2,000 euros.
Have a nice day. Regards
ATTN. George Babanawo
Letter 2
This what's on the ground now I've the codes for the safe box in which your money is in, the rule here is that all safe house corresponds to the Afghan United Bank without them knowing they take it as money laundry or to finance tourists so before the accept any huge money like yours they alert the Afghan United Bank to inspect and put seal on it in other for any worker of the company or the company bosses to touch and even if you're able to open the safe box you can't touch the seal otherwise the money can be seized for investigation so as I talk to you the money is safe here and the company can touch it to say they are taking theirs out it not possible. Secondly before the release money to any client of the company is the bank that comes with their bullion van to the bank to remove the seal and after the remove seal will have to provide account and tell the where the money is going in that case will wait for some minutes for the receipt of the transfer swift. So the company has to get their money paid before the call the bank to come take them, the company can't temper with the money any way and besides after 30th of this December the money we have to pay will increase
No you have to make up your mind to pay the upfront money they we move to the Afghan United Bank for them to send it to you and give you the transfer swift
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