Romance scam letter(s) from Zlata to Brad (Canada)
Letter 1
Good day ! Read to the end !
My name is Zlata !
Cute, beautiful, sexy girl !
I often travel to countries with business visits !
And here I am in your country !
I have everything, money, car, a good apartment for the time spent in your country !
Since I will be in your country for about two months, I will miss sex a lot.
I'm only looking for sex without commitment, so I wrote to you !
I do not want to use paid services, it does not suit me, since I work in a large financial company.
I would not want to know about it there !
I hope you take this letter seriously !
If you are interested in my letter, there are also my contacts where we can contact you and arrange a meeting !
You need to write me a mail, I used it only to write to you.
I hope you are interested in this.
If you are not interested, please do not disturb me.
Waiting for your email !!!!!!
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