Scam letter(s) from Sofia Karri to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing thanks so much for the emails we have shared so far on the adult site. I hope we can get to know more about each other, plan and meet someday and have a good time explore each other, don't you think that will be fun? My dream on the site is to find a man who is caring and ready to try new things with me, a man who will show me love It could be you. I want you to take a better thought of what we are doing and if you are interested in me and want me and only me then let me know so we both get our profiles off the adult site cause I don't want to share my man, same way I don't want to be disturbed by other men. Tell me what you think on that.
I want to tell you a little more about myself, my family and work. I know I have told you my name Sofia, My birthday is on the October 17 and my favorite color is blue, I prefer light than deep. Well for food I love to try new meals and I am a very good cook. You will fall in love when you taste my food.
My favorite when it comes to food is sea food and I love lasagna. I was a fashion designer and I use to work with a clothing line when I was in Kent in England where I grew up. I'm the only daughter of my mum and dad. My mum is English and my dad is Italian. I was born in the Kent, Maidstone and I lived there with my mum all of my life, I moved here to New Brunswick about 4 months ago to come and stay with my dad. My parents broke up when I was 7 years and that was when my dad left me and came to New Jersey. I left my mum cause she got remarried and my stepdad wanted to take advantage of me cause we leave in his house he was pestering me all around the house. My mum is very happy with him and in love and I couldn't even tell my mum about it cause I don't want her to be upset with him and that is the reason why I left to came be with my dad. I am 5.7 feet tall. My weight is 60 Kg and my size is 36-30-40. About my relationship, I am single never been married and have no kids but I had a boyfriend. We broke up cause he was always abusing me till I found out he was on drugs I tried to advice him but he didn't listen and we broke up. I have been single for a years now cause I wasn't ready to date.
The reason why I got on the adult site is that It feels lonely sometimes cause as a woman I will always need a man around and I am not growing any younger so I need someone to be with who can satisfy me. Age is not a problem to me but I want a man who is caring, loving and honest. A man who knows how to treat and woman and can put a smile on my face. For my free time, some of the things I do are to watch movies listen to music. For music, I like country,R&B , soul and a little bit or rock but I can listen to anything if its good to the ears. For movies comedy, romance and drama. I like to go camping. I like the beach. I do like having a walk in the park as well and holding hands with my lover.
Love to read, swim and am a good cook. Some of the things I dislike are clubs cause I hate loud music and lot or people around. I hate dishonest people and I don't like disappointments.
I have attached some photos and clips of me I hope you will send me some of yours too. Even if its a picture. I would love us to both feels comfortable with each other. I know it's difficult to do this thing on the internet like having a girlfriend you don't even know. I just don't want this to end here. I want us to take it to the next level have a skin to skin relationship and be able to satisfy each. I am willing to relocate so you don't have to worry. I will send you my phone number in my next email so we can get more personal.
I will end here and wait for your reply. Kisses.
Letter 2
Hello dear
It's very good to at least have you here now we can talk and get to know much about each other and glad at least you can tell me something more about you. As I told you on the adult site I am actually looking for someone for a long term relationship. I would I don't mind the age cause I want someone older than I am not my age mate. Someone matured who can teach me and show me much about life. My phone number is 732 579 6228 you can try and call me anytime and I would love to hear your voice. Well, not cause I have given you my number so you won't email me again. I would always love to have something to read from you each and every day. So keep the emails coming. Thanks for the pictures you are handsome.
I am looking for that man who will always be there and can make me happy. A man that I can enjoy my time with and one who will always be there for me and put a smile on my face. You know it's not been long I came to the states and I want to enjoy my stay here being single in life doesn't make it very fun. If you have someone who will always love and be there with you, it's always worth it. You always have something to think about and something to keep you going. I would love to hear you tell me about what makes you happy in a woman. What turns you on by a woman. Someone of the things that turn me on is When he comes up behind you when am doing your makeup or washing my hands and you puts your arms around your waist and kisses my neck. When I wake up and you already making breakfast. I love it when you pulls my legs onto your lap when you're watching TV and sensual caressing my legs. When he pulls you over to his side of the bed in the morning. He touches your knee under the table at a boring event. Not so boring anymore. When he kisses anywhere that's not your mouth sweetly. Also, when he kisses you on the mouth hard. I would really like to know if you really interested in having me and would want to build a relationship with me.
As I told you I live with my dad here and he will be traveling tomorrow to Africa to see his Brother. He said we should go and he even got a visa for me. He said he has something to show me there but I told him no I don't want to go to Africa cause I am enjoying my stay here, He smiled and told me we will have fun. I said on his next trip so I will be in the house all alone. He will be gone for two weeks so that will give me some more time to be alone here. I wish you live close so you can come and visit me.
Will end this here and will be waiting to hear from you again
Letter 3
Hi darling Chris
How are you doing? I have been out all morning took my dad to the Newark International Airport so tired helping this man since morning. When I got done I had to run some errands in town with our house mate. We live with a lady who is a friend of my dad. She owns the car we took to the airport so she was the one driving. My dad is too troublesome haha his only babe am now left alone. hahaha, Home alone here at Ward Street in New Brunswick you have to come and be my burglar so you can try and get inside my house so we play. I want to play hide and seek with you.
I hope your day was ok and you had fun. Mine was just ok just helping dad. I am all done cooking.
feeling very tired so I am going to take a quick 30 minutes nap. When I wake up then I can eat and shower. I will talk to you soon and I hope you having a good day. Mine has just been busy busy day.
But you were on my mind too. I am so glad we getting on well. I can't wait for us to get to see each other and make something good come our of what we want to create. I am going to spoil you in so many ways. I hope you can do the same. I want a man who can make me happy in every part of life. A simple and caring man who knows how to make a woman happy in bed. That is where a woman joy comes. If you are able to satisfy your woman she is always happy. Don't worry about me cause I can really drive you crazy.
I am hopping to hear from you. Lots of kisses and hugs. Stay out of trouble and be a good boy for me.
love always
Letter 4

Been so sad since afternoon and I have been so moody. My uncle called me in the morning telling me when my dad arrived at the airport he sent for a car to go pick up my dad to the house. He told me he was called by a hospital that my dad had an accident and they were rushed to the hospital so he went there and my dad was injured accident. I feel so bad and helpless don't even know what to do. He asked me to hold on and he was going to get a ticket for me.
He just called me to print the ticket out of my email and I am going to fly tonight at 5:45pm to Ghana I don't even know where that is but that is where my uncle lives and my dad was going to see him. I am so sad I don't even know what to do than to be crying all day. I wish you were here to comfort me. I am just praying he is not seriously injured. He got me a return ticket and I will be coming in one week time. When I go and he is much better I will fly back with him so he can be taken care of here.
I will miss you but I will keep in contact I hope they have computer in the house so I can talk to you from there.I am so sad and I just don't know what to do . Me leaving this place is what pisses me off more. I was beginning to like it here and now I have to leave but will be back next week. I pray his condition is not so serious so when I do come back then we can plan and meet and have some skin to skin relationship.
I will miss you Chris
Letter 5
I can't stop crying been crying all evening here. I don't know if coming with my father was going to keep him alive or we would have both ended like this. As soon as I arrived my uncle came for me from the airport, We got home I had not even seen my dad yet. He then took me to the house to meet the family thinking everything was well. I was so excited to see my cousin Anita Who I haven't seen in a long time. She was so happy to see me. We have only met once when I was a kid and also saw my uncles wife. They came to visit us.
I feel like my whole world has ended. My uncle didn't want to tell me my dad has passed away that is why he invited me here. That is why he didn't even take me to the hospital cause he was already at the morgue. He took me to the morgue to see his body. I can't stop crying. He has invited a couple of my uncles and Aunties they will be here tomorrow cause they decided the burial will be tomorrow afternoon and they will bury him here cause it's very expensive to take his body back home. My uncle has lived here for quite some years now cause he has a cocoa farm here.
I feel so sad I just don't know what to do or say than to wait for them to finish with the burial service then I can know what to do with my life. I am left alone and I didn't enjoy much time with my dad which is making me sad. I was now about to get to know him and this has happened I just don't know what to do than to cry my head out. I also broke the screen of my phone at the airport so I will be out of phone for now but when I get a new one I will give you the number. Its even good they have a computer at home.
Letter 6
It's always hard when you lose someone close but even worse when it's a parent I feel helpless. I just don't have the energy to do anything but that is all apart of life as hurtful as it may be but it will also help strengthen me up.
my uncle and family are just trying to help make it easier for me but I feel so hurt and don't know what to do. It was very sad saying goodbye to my dad. My uncle did all the arrangements from picking his coffin to the burial clothes he wore to flowers .Family traditional funeral rights were done in the afternoon with prayers then we went to bury him. My uncles and Aunties and couple of the family came around so the funeral went very ok I feel so sad everyone is trying to calm me down but I can't help it than to cry. I was so sad they had to burry him this early but my uncle said that is their family rites and that if anyone dies the next day or two they have to burry him. It least its ok cause putting him in a morgue for long will cost more and more. I feel so sad tonight and I just don't know what to do.
I can't even eat. I haven't eaten since morning and I feel so bad about what has happened to me and I just can't stop crying . I wanted to spend much time with my dad but I couldn't. We just got home having a family discussion so I came on the computer to email you. I am very sad and I just can't stop crying and you not here to comfort and pamper me but I know the right time you will.
Letter 7
Hi Chris
Thanks so much for consoling me all the time, I really do appreciate the time and effort you take to send me an email every day. Thank you so much. I am so glad I found a special person like you to be there for me. I have been so sad and down cause I really wanted to get to know my father and he passed away. I feel so terrible but my uncle has been here for me, his wife and their daughter Anita.
She has been with me all day even to the extent of trying to feed me. I am glad I have a family like them. Some of my father's family started leaving today cause they have their work to do and they took some days off.
I would love to come back now that the funeral is over but I am scared I am going to be all alone. I know I will have you but my uncle is saying I should be here with them for a while so at least I can have time with the family and they can keep me company so I would love to be here for a while.
Anyways the funeral did come us a lot. Taking my dad's body back home would have a lot more that is why we had the funeral here. My uncle did help with the cost and I had to help with some of the funds for the funeral as I am the daughter. At least my father got a decent burial service here so I am glad. I want to be here so we can get to know much about each other for a while then we can plan and meet. My uncle got me a small phone so I can use cause I broke the screen of my iPhone.
Anyways the number is 00233555047237 so you can call me or txt me. I even called my mum today and told her about my dad passing away and she was so sad as well as the house mate we live with and they were all sad.
I am going to try to see if I can sleep. Kisses and hugs
Letter 8
The day goes by and I miss him so much. I don't even understand how he was supposed to leave me but I am glad you are in my life to fill that hole for me. I think about you each and every day and I have hopes that I have someone in my life, a man who will be there for me and make me happy. I am happy I have you in my life and thank you so much for the emails you send me I get something to read from you to calm me down. I miss you and I wish I was in your arms right now. Even thou I want to come I still feel and want to be with my family for a while so I can get to know them more because they are fun.
I hope you had a good day mine has been good with you on my mind most of my time and it feels so good. I had quite a good day did some laundry with Anita got done I helped her cooking and we had a very good evening. I made soup today for my uncle and he loved it hahaha he named me the best cook in the house. I can't wait for you to try my meals. After eaten dinner me and Anita went for a walk and she was showing me around. It was fun. We got back, I had to take my shower and come on the computer to email you. Chris I was trying to deleted the site yet. It wouldn't allow me. I try to deactivate. Anita is good with computers so she is trying to help me so don't worry at all i am not looking for anyone on the site dear. I don't have that time so don't worry at all. I will try and call you tomorrow I am going to go to bed now and I hope to hear from you tomorrow dear. Lots of kisses and hugs to you be a good boy out there and take care.
Love always
Letter 9
Good evening...
I want to be in your arms each and every day but the distance between us wont allow us to be close to each other but I know very soon the time will be here and I will be in your arms so we can have some memorable time of our lives. I promise I will do my best and everything in my power to make you happy. I will always be there for you and I know you will do the same. I think about you and it feels so good and I know that we are meant to be.
How was your day? Mine was good not much to do cause of my cold. I had to relax at home for Anita and her mom to do all the work around the house. I love to help but they didn't allow me to do anything. I am feeling a bit better tonight and I think by tomorrow I should be good. I wish you were here to be pampering me I need your touch and some sexual healing. One that will take this cold away hahaha I need something hot from you hahaha something within your body that can get me shaking all night.
I was thinking a lot about you and I want to fly and come be with you. You remember I had a return ticket and when I checked the date I was suppose to fly has passed. I know its my fault cause I was enjoying the company of my family and they were enjoying mine. Anita and my uncle doesn't want me to go but I also want to come and be with you. I called the agency where my uncle got the ticket from and they said if I want to do a renewal I have to pay 250 dollars. If you can help me pay and also if you can pick me from the airport. I will be very happy if you can so we can be together. I asked my uncle but he said he is tight on cash right now cause of the funeral.
I am going to lay in bed dear and I hope to hear from you again tomorrow. You take care of yourself and be a good boy cause I am being a good girl here. All my love
Letter 10
Hello dear Chris
Thanks so much for the emails each and everyday and the smile you put on my face. I am so happy I have such a caring man in my life one who will always be there for me and willing to make me happy I thank God for letting you in my life. I have waited for the right man and here you are now. I know when we get together we will be a great match and I will do my best to make you happy so happy that no woman will ever beat me score.
I am feeling much better today but another real sexual healing will be good as well and I will need some more pampering. My cousin Anita is trying but she can't do all cause she can't give me the healing part only talk to me and give me food. That is where you come in. Don't mind me. I am finally getting well. I had a very good day with my family here as well. Helping cook breakfast, Lunch we took some snacks and melon with lemon juice and in the evening we had some Pasta. It was really nice I had a very good evening having dinner with my whole family so beautiful. Watched some movies after dinner. Checked the time it was getting late so I had to go get my shower and come on the computer to email you cause I miss you. I have to be here to give you Vitamin S (Sofia). I spoke to uncle as I told you on the phone on how to send me the money and he said his account is good. So I will pick up the information for you tomorrow. I know it would have been best if you met my dad don't worry I will let you speak to my uncle as well cause when I was asking him about how to send money he was asking me who is trying to take me away from him. He is so funny. I will let you talk to him.
Let me know the closest airport as well to you love so i can fly there and you can pick me to your place and you can pamper me.
It's time for me to go to bed and you are not here to put me to bed dear. I will think about you so I can dream about you dear. I hope you had a very good evening take care. Lots of kisses and hugs..
Love always
Letter 11
Good morning darling Chris.
How are you doing love? I hope you had a good sleep. I woke up three hours ago. Uncle came to wake me up because he was going for work and then wrote his account details for me to give it to you. So I wanted to send it this morning and then I will write you again tonight. I love the emails you sent me. Well I will fly to Newark then so you drive out there cause I think it will be about an hour drive and half drive to the airport. I am glad you love the pictures will send you some new once tonight. Some part of the email made me smile and yes I am happening to you very soon and we will be having Christmas together. Well for the past we always have to put that behind us and move on. Be positive and always smile because if death doesn't come today we have 1000's of years to leave so life is very long.
For your kids they are my kids and I do love kids so you have nothing to worry about. I will take care of them like my own because we don't know who will take care of each other someday. I can't wait to see them. You told me about you Bella and yes I do like pets and I love dogs. My favorite position is woman and top and I am going to ride you like crazy so be ready my dear. I can't wait to see you, probably when I get the money I will be looking next weekend to fly to you, I will try and call you this morning too.
Here is uncles account. I have putting it below he said you can do a bank transfer and it should be here in 5 mins to 24 hours. I have left it below. He said the account is in UK but he uses it here cause its faster but the local one here will take more 7 days before it becomes available. So let me know when you send the money you can send me a picture of the receipt as well so I show it to him Chris.
I am going to go lay in bed think about you, my dear till I fall asleep. Please take care and remember you are on my mind
Love always
Swift code: LOYDGB2L
Account no: 82279160
IBAN: GB14LOYD30971382279160
Sort code:30-97-13
Uncles Address
38 Corbets Tey Road
Essex RM14 2AB, UK
Lloyds bank PLC
Bank Address
D47 High St,
CM14 4RN, UK
Letter 12
Good evening darling Chris
You have been on my mind today and I am so happy to always have something to read from you. You make my day complete. Not much to do here than relaxing and thinking about you most of the time. I had a very good time my darling with my family and we are going to have a movie night. Anita has downloaded some good movies so that is what we going to watch later and go to bed when I get sleepy. The say they usually have a movie night in the house over the weekend.
Not much to do today just home relaxing most of the time and taking a nap. How are you doing today and how did your day go? Mine was very much ok just that I am missing you more. I know we both miss each other but I know am missing you more cause I want yo be in your arms. Kiss you and make love to you. I want to be there to please you. Make you scream my name all the time. I spent my day home with Anita and her mom in the house my uncle has couple of errands to do. He came in when dinner was ready. He is always catching up with dinner don't know if he is hiding outside the door till he here's food ready. Tonight you had some grilled lamb with brown sugar glazed and some potatoes it was really nice and had some lemon bars for dessert. I was very full so was laying in the couch and Anita asked about you. I went to go get a shower and came on here to email you.
Going to join my family to watch some movies love. Take care and be good remember I love you and I am thinking about you every second and every minute. Missing you. Kisses.
Letter 13
Good evening to my king Chris
How are you doing today and how was your day. I hope you are good and you are taking very good care of yourself. I am doing the same just that I miss you and I want to be in those strong arms. So you can protect me and give me all the tender love and care I need. I can't wait to just be with you. I am all the time imagining the things I am going to be doing to you. You are going to love me so much when I am there because I am going to be all over you. Can't wait to be playing with you. I can't wait to be playing with your nose. I can't wait to be touching you. I can't wait to be cooking for you. You know your babe is going to give you all the best meals. You will always be licking my your fingers when it comes to my meal. I am going to cook you some of the best meals and you will love everything I am going to cook for you. I am going to just spoil you when I arrive. That is a promise.
How was your day today. Mine has being boring this evening the light went off and all our phones have been off because of low battery. They took the light around 6 pm and we have been sitting out talking all night. As soon as uncle said we should come in. They put the light on. Then I went to put my phone in charge and came on the computer to read what you have for me so I can write you back.
My morning wasn't all that great. I woke up early as well in the morning. Whenever I wake up I just look at the other side of the bed to see if I can find you there. When I look you are not there and I just feel like I need you. When I wake up next to you I am just going to give you a kiss and head into the kitchen to go fix you a breakfast because you will be tired from the previous night. Anyways when I woke up I went to do a little workout with Anita then head into the kitchen to cook breakfast. We got done eaten uncle left for work and then left me, Anita and her mum home. We didn't do much just watched Tv for a while and then later cooked dinner. Uncle came home early and just after the dinner they took the light. I got all the lovely emails darling and also thanks for the funds for my ticket I do appreciate. I can't wait to get my ticket and come be with you.
Well love I am off to bed and I will write you again tomorrow. Be good and take care of yourself.
Always remember your queen loves you.
Letter 14
Hi love Chris
How are you doing today? It's Tuesday night. I am sitting here missing you as always. I want to be in your arms yet the distance between us is so vast. How I wish you are living next door I would have come so we spend the night together because I want to wake up in your arms. I alway want to wake up next to you. I know you are waiting for that and I am so looking forward to that. Don't worry we will make it happen. My day has been cool not feeling so good. Just home all the time today. It's that time of the month and my abdomen has been hurting me the whole of today. I am feeling much better now took some pain killers. I have been home all day I didn't even do anything. I couldn't even workout in the morning. I stayed in bed the whole of today. Anita was even the one who made my breakfast and brought it to my room. She made me some oat meal with eggs, bread and some bacon with beans tomatoes and mushrooms.
I had a good breakfast. After eaten I washed down and laid in bed. I couldn't even sleep till later in the day and I took a nap. When I woke up Anita and her mum were done cooking dinner and so Anita came to call me and I went down. Uncle was back from work so we had to eat. Watched tv for a while and later went into my room to get my shower you know it's time for you. I am going to be watching some movies with Anita. I am not feeling sleepy. So I will be up for a while. I am going to be thinking about you. I wish you will be sitting next to me to be watching this movies with me so I can have my head on your laps. I wish I came be next to you so we can have a very romantic night together. I know we both going to have some good time when we are together. I know we both going to love each other so much when we finally meet each other. I am going to make you love me like you have never loved anyone. We will make love happen. I can't wait to make love to you. Uncle told me the money is in when we were having dinner and I was so happy so we will go make changes to ticket on tomorrow so will send you details ok.
I am going to leave you here darling. I will write you again tomorrow be good and take care kisses and hugs to you my darling. Love always to you.
Letter 15
I'm so happy Chris
I just don't know what to say you are the man for me. You made my dream come true and I know in no time. I will be in your arms I cant wait for Saturday the1 of December, 7pm at the airport I bet everyone will be looking at us at the Newark airport. I can't wait to see you and give you your first hug and first kiss as you always having it on the computer. It will be real soon.
My day was so good driving with my uncle to the airport with my cousin Anita we had a good time.
My cousin was so happy for me. I am so happy my self. We went to the bank got the money and then head straight to the agency to get the ticket in the city. My uncle took us to the mall to have some lunch it was really nice had some chines. We hanged around the city and came home later my uncles wife was done with dinner as well hahaha no cooking for me and Anita today. We got done with dinner, was sitting around talking to Anita and my family. I am so happy, I finally have my ticket. I went to get my shower and I came online to forward the ticket confirmation email to you so you know when to pick me up. I am super happy today I just cant wait to be in your arms. I have to start packing as soon as I can.
You have always being good and sweet to me and always I am happy because of you. You have been really a great support and anchor of my life. Your love gives me a sense and stability to willingly survive. I love you is all I want to say from my heart, and I really mean it my love. I won't tell you in words, but you understand everything that I don't say. I know you do. I know you know you mean the world to me. I can't wait to see the love in your eyes I know it will be something else. The feelings that I see in your eyes will makes me love you even more. Baby I am so lucky to have you besides me because I Love you and because I love you to the core. Our love bloom with time. Our love shines and more. Having you in my life is a dream come true. You make me feel so special in every day. It's only you that I can say whatever I want to. You stay in my heart you know, and I may not truly show because I am not with you, but, having you in my life I feel so blessed. So, thanks for making my life beautiful.
I am going to bed. I hope to hear from you tomorrow. Please take care darling and be good cause mummy will be coming home soon. I will call you in a bit darling.
Love always
Letter 16
P O BOX 2087
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236 9891770938 FOR SOFIA CAMBRIDGE
Letter 17
Hi love Chris
How are you doing?I hope you had a good day cause mine has been very cool and good here. Honey I want to tell you something very important in my life and you are the only one that I can trust to tell you this to give me advice on what to do. You have been so good to me ever since my dad passed away and you have been here for me so I don't have to hide anything from you. You are my man now and I believe lovers and best friends share everything together.
This evening my uncle called me that there was a visitor and he came to pay his condolence and since he hasn't seen me before he wants to meet me cause he has seen pictures of me from my dad .
He told me that he is my fathers lawyer. My uncle said he knows him through my dad. He told us that my dad left a will with him and it reads, he is giving his share of the house and the farm to his brother and that he had bought a gold amount of 40kg for me and its being saved in a bank and the lawyer has one of the keys. I just didn't know what to say. Well I think my dad knew I wont have anything to do here and also have no use for the farm, I was just shocked cause I even don't know much about this . The lawyer said we should go to his office tomorrow to perform all the necessary documentation. For everything to be release to us. My uncle was even in a shock and I couldn't say anything we were all surprised.
We waiting to go and see the lawyer tomorrow to know what ever we have to do tomorrow. I will update you more on this tomorrow. I had a good day too with my family just sitting home and thinking about you and can't wait to be in your arms
Love always
Letter 18
Hi love Chris
Day went very good and nice we got up as I told you went to see this my the lawyer he is called Samuel. We went to his office had couple of documents to be signed by me and uncle about the gold and he took us to a bank where the gold was then we signed couple of documents there and we brought the gold home. I don't know what to do with it now my uncle said we will go keep it in his farm house or probably take it to another storage bank but I should speak with you about it.The reason why we had to take it out was because they payment my dad did on the storage was up and we needed to pay more money to extend it which I don't have at the moment.
I had a very good day talking with the lawyer. Such a very big day for me. Discussed everything with the lawyer he told me its better to sell and invest the money or keep if it I want to leave. The lawyer said the document on the gold needs to be done or we can't sell it and that my dad had the receipt of payment of the gold and he gave us a copy. The lawyer said anytime I am ready to do that I should contact him cause first we need to do a change of ownership of the Gold into my name before this gold can be sold but the price he mentioned was quite expensive he said its going to cost 1880 dollars for the document and he is also going to charge 400 dollars but my uncle spoke to him to help us do this document and when we done we will pay him his charge and he said when we are ready we should bring the amount for the document which is 1880 for him to start the processing and its going to take 3 working days. I told him not to worry I will discus it with my uncle and someone special to me and get back to him. It wasn't easy arranging the gold hahaha each weighs 4 kg and kinda heavy.
Here its kinda safe cause my there are no many bad people around and no one know about this darling. Don't feel insecure Chris. I share this and everything I have with you. I will never change towards you. We will both be happy together and share good times together.
I am confused now and I don't know what to do about this. I am trying to talk my uncle into helping me do this document but he is not giving me no heads up since cause of my dads funeral he has putting so much money. I will tell you more once I get a heads up from him cause something needs to be done fast. I wish I had the funds to do this. As soon I get this done I will be very happy and we will be happy together. We will have a wonderful time together and I will be spoiling you too. You are not going to be the only person to spoil me cause I have to take care of you too because we meant together.
Letter 19

I feel I have disappointed you and my uncle , the step I took which was very bad on my side but I didn't know that will be the outcome and I do regret what I did. I have put my uncle in a very difficult situation and he has been talking and I know he is not very happy with me. I know I should have been with you by now and I am so far away from you and its breaks my heart cause I am still here. Sitting in front of a very computer I wanted to get away from to be into your arms.
I didn't know that this was going to happen I wouldn't have taken anything with me. I was thinking it was all mine and so I won't have any problem with it. My uncle is working out everything with the lawyer. My uncle and the lawyer are trying to get the documents and they spoke about it today, The customs told us to provide 4 document including the change of ownership, they also need some certificate and also assay report and one other document I don't even know them. We will go there tomorrow to speak to them.
My uncle even had to pay up some extra fees at the customs because I was supposed to be arrested for not having all those documents and he has been talking all day since we came back from the city, His friend came around to lend him some money and the lawyer had to help out as well. I had a rough time and when I came home you also got me all not happy with your emails but glad at least we got things settled I am very sorry for losing contact and am never going no where.
I miss you and love you. I just even don't know what to say Chris
Letter 20
Hi love I miss you Chris
I love you a whole lot and I will never stop loving you. You are always on my mind and I will never stop thinking about you because you are the man of my dreams. The one who has showed me love from the first day till now and I am so happy and glad that I have you in my life. You make me feel loved.
You make me feel like a queen. You make me love you more and more each day. It's a beautiful day evening here and how I wish I can spend very beautiful night just right with you and in your arms. We could be sitting out enjoying the bright sky and look at the sky and how beautiful they are. I know you are going to be looking into my eyes and be telling me all the sweet and beautiful things a man needs to tell her woman. I know you will be playing with my hair and making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I can't wait to be doing all the best things with you. I can't wait to be spending all the best times with you. I can't wait to be laying next to you kissing you and playing with our tongue.
My day was spent being busy with uncle the whole day. I wish you were here to go with us so you will get to know that I am not just playing with you. I woke up in the morning and then breakfast was ready so I ate and then went to wash down and head to the city with uncle to see the customs. They said they are going to keep the gold till I have all the documentation and they gave us 90 days to produce the documents before we can get the gold back but it wasn't anything really hard so uncle said he will do his best to see if he can find a loan for us to do that. If I want to leave too I can and he will take his time to do that while am gone. I don't even know we went to the agency where we got the ticket and they said that there is nothing they can do about my ticket so for now I don't even know what I will do. So we drove home. When we got home Anita and her mum made shrimp fried rice with beef sauce it was so good and you are going to love it. I wish you were here for me to feed you. I just can't wait. Got done eaten. We all moved the the living room to watch some tv for a while. I went to get my shower be cause I know its time for you and I cam eon here to email you my king. Anyways thanks for the beautiful emails you sent me. They are so lovely and they made my really happy.
Your queen is going to get her shower and head into bed. Remember I love you and will always do. I wish you were here for me to put my head on your chest so I can have some good sleep. Love you kisses and hugs. Love always.
Letter 21
Hello love Chris
How are you doing today? And how was my kings day. My day was very cool cause it was most relaxing. I woke up in the morning did my morning workout with Anita she is always around to hold my legs for abs workout and when I am with you. You will be doing that and I just can't wait. I love to at least workout a bit so I can keep looking sexy for you. I need to maintain the curves for you. After eaten went to cook breakfast. Had oat meal with bread , sausages, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes beans onions ohh mine my breakfast was so good and after eaten took some pancakes with strawberry and honey. You are going to love it I wish you were here to come and eat with me. I watched movies for a while and then tried to take a nap. When I woke up I had to cook dinner with Anita and then we deceived to go for a walk. I went for a long walk and when I came back home was so tired do I went to wash down and then came down to eat dinner with the family.
Got done eaten and I had to lay in the couch watched tv with the family and later went get my shower and came on here to write my lovely king. It was good to speak to you tonight without even coming here. when I came on here and checked the ticket prices its around 1700 dollars for a ticket and its expensive darling. I miss you a lot and I want to be in your arms yet each day pass and I am so far from you. How o wish I can just come and make some good love to you. Being having a restless night lately because I am missing my queen and I want to come and be with you. I want to come and kiss your sweet lips and tell you how much I love you. I know that day will come and we will be so happy together. We will make each other happy and love each other forever my king. Each time I make a wish, I wish for us to be together forever. I know it will come true because you already live in my heart. I love you. Look at the computer keyboard, You and I were placed side by side. That's how the alphabets should be arranged because my love will never cease to exist as long as it's you and me.
I am going to go lay in bed my dear, think about you till sleep come for me. Remember I love you always and stay out of trouble. Be good.
Love always
Letter 22
Hello love Chris
How are you doing and how was your day? It Thursday night and your queen is right here missing and thinking about you. How I wish you were next to me cause there is something we will be doing right now. I can't wait to open up my legs for you to blow me. That is what I am missing right now. I wish you were here to be licking my clit for me. Hahahah I am feeling for you and you are not around here to make your baby cum. How I wish you were here to play with this beautiful body. You know it's all yours. Big ass and big boobs and they all belong to you. There is so much you can do to this body and I know my baby is going to be the sweetest cause our emails says it all I know we both can't wait to please each other. I know you can't wait to have me and I just can't wait to have that sweet dick in me cause I miss having that in a long time. Our first sex is going to be so amazing because I know we both going to cum so many times. I simply can't wait.
My day today was good I can't complain just that it was spent home. I woke up with you on my mind.
You know I think about you all the time right? I woke up from bed came down and Anita and her mum was cooking breakfast. I didn't go to bed early. Sleep didn't come for me early so I laid in bed to read some book till I slept. When I went down breakfast was cooking so I joined. I had some waffles with syrup and strawberry's. With some chocolate and coconut ice cream. Got done eaten and then I had to watch tv for a while uncle left us for work and we were home. We stayed home tried to take a nap.
When I woke up want to sit outside chatting with Anita and played some card games. We later got up to cook dinner. Uncle came home we ate our dinner. Watched Tv for a while and it was time for shower so I went to get a cold shower. The weather is warm here and it's so hot the sun is so crazy out here. Anyways I am all done with my shower smelling good and you not here. So now what do we do about the ticket. I am even confused and don't know what to do darling. It was good to talk on the phone not long ago.
I am going g to go lay in bed think about you till sleep come for me. Be good darling take care of yourself be good remember someone cares about you.
Love always.
Letter 23
Hello darling Chris
Another evening is here and your baby is just right here. Its a holiday here and we had a good evening.
Its farmers day here and stayed home all day in the morning till evening uncle took us out for dinner. I woke up in the morning feeling all good. I had a good sleep last night and when I woke up in the morning was feeling so good. I went too brush my teeth and went down to do some morning workout with Anita and her mum. Uncle was our training leader, We got done working out then I went ups to wash down and came down to cook breakfast with Anita and here mum. After eaten uncle got his clothes on and when he was about to head out his wife said today is a holiday where are you going lol. I couldn't stop laughing hahah women when their men are going out on holiday feel like he is going out there to do something. Uncle said ohh and then he went to change and came down to watch tv with us. He and Anita played a soccer video game match and it was so fun. Uncle won today. I support him and then Anitas got support of her mum.
While they were playing me and Anitas mum went inside to bake some pie and had some coke with it.
After they got done uncle took us out for dinner out tonight because its a holiday. We head out it was fun seeing lots of people cause its going to be a 3 day weekend so people were really having fun. We went to a chines restaurant had some noddles and then had a bottle of wine. Sat around to enjoy the environment a little bit and then later came home. Its Friday so we going to have a movie night so as soon as we came in me and Anita head into the kitchen to make pop corns for our movies. We got done I went up to take my shower and then came down here to email you. They are all seated waiting for me so they start they movies. Anita said she has some good movies for us to watch so they are all waiting for me so we start but you know and they know I have to be here to give you some vitamin S. I want to come home and I want to spend christmas with you. Just be positive about us. I have a lot on my mind too darling. A lot am not telling you because I know you have your own problems and I dont want to add it to your problems. I am glad work is going good and the kids are fine. Get them everything they want so they can be very happy for us. Let me know when ever you want to help me get the ticket love.
I am going to go join them love. Do take care of yourself be good and stay out of trouble always remember I love you and I love you more and more always. Have a good weekend and stay out of trouble. Kisses and hugs.
Letter 24
Your emails make me feel so bad and I just don't know what to say. What do you want me to do Chris tell me babe. How are you doing and how was your day? It's just a regular day here. You know I don't do much around here. You know I have to come he with you so we can do a lot together. My day was very relaxing she thinking about you. You know my day is always spent with you on my mind. I woke up in the morning did my morning workout with Anita. Then went to cook breakfast. We got done eaten and then I went to wash down and took a nap because I woke up very early. You know your queen need to get her beauty sleep all the time. I need to stay very sexy for you. I woke up and then went down. Uncle was back home from town in the morning. He asked me and Anita to go out to buy some food stuff for the house. We came back uncle and his wife were done cooking dinner. We had our dinner and watched tv for a while and you know it's time for you so I came on here to email you my darling.
Babe is going to go lay in bed. Think about you till sleep come for me. I miss you. Do take care of yourself and have a very good evening love. Kisses and hugs.
Love always.
Letter 25
Thanks for the emails please never be sad because I meant every single word that I told. you mean the world to me. You mean so much to me and I am sorry I haven't been able to talk this over with you. I am not mad about anything just feel mad with myself for the mistake I made. That is what is making me sad all the time and that is not about you. I am a woman just understand me. I am emotional and maybe that is why you think I am being distance but as I promised you I am never going no where and I am always going to be by your side. I know I have to be there to support you but darling don't worry we will make this happen and we will be great together. I will call you tomorrow so we can talk ok.
How are you doing, I miss you and when I say I have missed you yes I have. I had a good day and I have been thinking about you.I woke up with you on my mind because I had a dream about us with me holding your hands walking together and then we stoped for me to kiss you. It felt so real and when I woke up I just wanted to find you next to me and kiss you.
My day today was good. Well after waking up from my bed I went down to cook my breakfast with Anita we had a lot to cook. We got done eaten. We didn't workout today. I wasn't feeling for it. Anita wasn't also in the mood. We went to watch movies for a while. I tired to take a nap. When I woke up I went down to cook dinner with Anita and her mum. Uncle was gone to work. When dinner was almost ready I went out with Anita for a walk and her mum did the finish. We came back and dinner was ready and uncle was home so we had to eat.
After dinner watched Tv for a while. It's was getting late so I went to get my shower and came on here to email you.
I am feeling sleepy so I am going to go to bed and I will write you again tomorrow be good and take care. Remember I love you. Kisses and hugs. Love always.
Letter 26
I haue contacted the ghana customs as well but they have contacted uk and sofia wil be here tomorrow
Letter 27
How is my kings day going. I miss him already. I have a good news for you. I wil email u and call you
Letter 28
I sent u an email with the bank details. If u can send 500 so i can use half for pocket money i will be happy
Letter 29
Yes love it is. Uncle told me when he got home. Going to get ticket tomorrow and send u details ok. Cal me when u free
Letter 30
Oh love what am I going to do with you? Whenever they allow you to talk to me call or text so I know what I can do to help you get home to me
Letter 31
Also u was directed to alert United States Law Enforcement immediately which I have done
Letter 32
I haue contacted the ghana customs as well but they have contacted uk and sofia wil be here tomorrow
Letter 33
They gave us today and they will send sofia here. I am going to call them i asked sofia to cal u. I slep early so missed ur call
Letter 34

Hi chris this is leslie how are you. I had a call not long ago from the uk customs saying sofia was carrying 16 kg of gold in he luggape so she has been detained at the airport and she doesnt have a license and documentation. Told her many times not to try that. Women
Letter 35
Chris we have contacted them but they saying the need there documents before they allow her or the next flight. They said if we dont send a fax they will forward the case and here to the ghana customs.
Letter 36
I spoke to the airlines last night and the London police it seems there is much confusion on my part anyway. I learned a lot and found out the itinerary document that was sent to me is fake! It was a template downloaded from the computer, imagine my surprise
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