Scam letter(s) from Meredith Annette Isaac to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Hello dear,
How are you doing today, My Name is Mrs Meredith Annette 36 years old from London, UK.I have a business proposal to share with you after going through your profile here.please contact me through my email address ( because i have more serious thing to tell you about this business Ok. Once you show your seriousness in this business i will give you all the details about the business and also send you my company business ID Card and my pictures for more confirmation about me .
Thanks. Mrs Meredith Annette,,,,,,,,,,,,
Letter 2
Hello Dear,
How are you. I am pleased to send you email regarding my business proposal. I am the assistant marketer of my company in London UK (Invedia Industrial Diamond Plc). It may interest you to know that my company has developed business industrial empire for supplying assorted gold & diamonds in the Europe. Presently, I am in Moscow Russia where i am currently representing my company in a business program but I decided to contact you because the business is very urgently.I picked interest to share a business proposal with you. My company urgently need a product that is used for cleaning raw gold stones and diamond but the product is no more available in the Europe market. During my research, I found a company that is selling the product at a lower cost but i don't want my company to know about it. Please I would like you to handle the contract of supplying the product to my company at a higher cost and we could make good profits in the supply. My company urgently need 1000 cartons of a product that is used for cleaning raw gold stones, The product is called SILICA OIL (One bottle is 5.8 cm size and it contains 8 bottles in one carton). My boss usually buy a carton for 5000 euro until the product became scarce in the Europe market. On my research, Someone gave me the contact of a store in Africa that has this product and they are selling one carton for only 2800 euro but I don't want to tell my boss about it because I want you to supply the product to my company at higher price so we can make good profit. Here is the details on how you will do the supply
You will be buying the product from the store for 2800 euro per carton
My boss will be buying the product from you for 5000 euro per carton
Our total profit in 1000 cartons will be ?2.2 million (EURO) Which You and Me will share (50/50) equal. This business is not difficult or complicated. Firstly, I will tell my boss that you are a trusted seller of the product and then my boss will contact you for the purchase of the product. Immediately my boss send full payment in advance to supply 1000 cartons in London, Then You will buy the product from the store in Africa and supply to my company in London. Meanwhile, You will keep our profit of ?2.2 million in your bank account because i will visit your country after you have finished supplying the product to my company. As soon as i confirm your interest in this business, I will quickly send you the information of the store to confirm if they still have Silica Oil in stock before we can proceed. Moreover. I have attached my photo and my roaming phone number to call me here in Russia (+447024096063) Thanks.
Best from Mrs Meredith Annette
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