Scam letter(s) from Aliana to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Nice to write this message
It's good that we can to begin this communicating with this type of internet mail, it's new for me and interestingly. And if you have an interest in woman. If you are lonely and serious man, and you are in search for half who save you from this loneliness? And hope I am not mistaken and as well looking for a man who will rescue me from same.
My name also is Aliana. I desire so much to get a response from you and I would to tell much more about me.
I hope that our desires are similar and so we can begin our conversation on this beautiful moment.
I heard in the Internet, there are lots of men who wants only **** photos, but I rely you aren't such a person and will not worsen our relations by such requests. hopefully we will begin this connect. I want to talk with man who had severe life plans, knows how to do this, hard labor and wait for the changes. My country is is Azerbaijan.
Letter 2
I write Jim this words from my personal e-mail. I ask you to add it in contact list so I can write to you after work from here. I hope you you can receive this message. I have fine mood from acquaintance to you and I think you you will tell about you more. I have no questionnaires on the Internet. Also I can use e-mail now for communication with you. I to thank you for each your word today, and I can tell at once that I search to me for a man in a life. The man which is necessary to me can to be responsible for words and acts. Both of us should understand that we not children here again are not present a place to games, we should understand accurately it, and get rid of all evil thoughts if such is. For me it is important to give care and love to my man and to devote a life. But only it should be the serious man. I understand and as it is difficult to understand and find the correct way in this world. But we should make it with correct mission and mind. I think that the main thing for the person a life and it is necessary to share all pleasures with the partner. And if already to find, never to lose. I wish to tell a little about me again, I live with the country Azerbaijan. I know some languages, but not in perfection, half of year studied German language of 5 months and also a little Italian. I could study to talk more in these languages.
I am 27 years old. My city is called Baku its our capital. I live here all my life and saw other places a little, I work in business sphere much. Was not married and I have no children. The matter is that after death of my father I early had to become adult, and most to solve my vital problems. Also has opened the small business. The most part of time I was engaged in these affairs so it is more connected with sale of underwear for women, but I also to sell outer clothing. So has got used, that had no time for private life construction. Now I am engaged more in me, last year I try to go to pool at least 2 times a week. Also I visit a sports hall and I try to give it time. And to me to like to find inspiration in it, to listen also to quiet music. I ask you tell to me more about you and it will be interesting to me to read. When I write to you, I feel me now better and I try to concentrate. Than you like to be engaged and what you listen? I see that between us there is a big distance but why it should us stir at present? I try to think more extensively and I understand that we live in the real world. I do not know if to you interestingly all it, but I would like to receive reciprocity and to answer another time. And I will wait and even if it will occupy time. I send you my heat, Aliana
Letter 3
thank you Jim for all your words to me and your answer and was important for me. I smile when I see again your interest. I hope you as it should be today and I will wish you only pleasant day and evening. Hope we can speak more and also certainly we will not hasten. But in this life all is possible and I hope, that once you and we can speak a meeting more. Who knows that there will be also all probably in this world. If I set to me the purposes I will necessarily reach it. We only should choose correct time and approach to this question from different directions. And if we can reach something together and when we learn each other better during correct time. We only can discuss it and then we will decide, that we want. I willingly would speak with you more in real conditions.
To see each other, but I think, that before we should learn each other, I do not trust last time to men. I think that in it there are even pluses, that we speak now in letters. So we can understand us better and then if we see each other. And it is not important how many to us of years, the age should not have value for us, it is not important where we live and than we are engaged. Actually I have again come here to use the computer. I do not use social networks and I do not have on it time. I often to go on work and I contact clients in my country of Azerbaijan. I have close girlfriends who often goes to have a rest in other countries. Earlier I went more to buy huge complete sets of things and various souvenirs, to sell it in a place where we rent a premise here. But I do not wish to speak much about it, and I wish to know more about you and you can say me that you want. I have a lot of interest in you and I wish to be interesting to you first of all. I think you also as well as I have open heart that only we could share with each other.
So I actually live and I hope only for me and I hope that all at us will be good. We will be happy and this loneliness will disappear at once. As I spoke, I trust in changes and only in the best. And the life will always direct at the best way. You choose what places for rest or trips?? It is pleasant to me of a place where it would be possible to have a rest and enjoy with the man. But no danger is necessary to me and the more so. I am engaged in health and a food, and I think as any other woman. I never at all did not smoke a cigarette and to concern alcohol also with care I do not use any drugs, it is an interdiction for me. Also it is interesting to me as your way of life? What would you like to change and only to the best? I think that you as well as all men love sports. But that that at you in heart? I think that you have no bad thoughts. But each person wishes to change something. We only should not be afraid of these thoughts or any changes, should put before us specific targets and which can be reached and it is necessary to aspire to it only. All should be only in a positive spirit and a manner. I want that throughout your day you were always collected and thought only of the fine. And in general I try to push away all bad thoughts from myself and also not to think that there are impossible things.
We only should make certain efforts to come to it. I will be glad if you can share your thoughts on all it? I want that you also pushed away all bad from you. When I to go yesterday home then I have thought of you and our acquaintance. We can speak more now, I think that you know now hardly more about me. I should study the computer better to understand here programs. I only hope that my letters go to you correctly? You can answer me when you will have possibility and I hope today. Again I wish to share some pictures with you, here Aliana
Letter 4

Hello Jim I only come back now to you and to thank you for your answer. For me it is very important to read your words. When I learn you and I find out to speak with you. For me it is completely not difficult to choose time and to share always thoughts with you. If you know a difference in time between us? You have what plans? I try to see that that to interestingly you and to understand you better. So we should reach more understanding between us. I think that any should not be given only to work or any affairs, and it is necessary always to be able to find something, and it is important not to lose it. All needs to be able to find time, actually in it and I am engaged. Work takes away recently a lot of time of forces. But when I go home, I do not have not enough special conditions and care, love and which mutually I wish to give also every day. It certainly always is difficult to transfer my desires in words, my thoughts to you. I have got used to communicate with people in convenient vital conditions. I usually like to drink tea somewhere in cafe and to talk, have a dinner or a supper, or my girlfriends come to me home and we can arrange colloquial evening. And it just which that dialogue suffices me. We can share events and also reciprocity. But dialogue with you even is more interesting to me now and this new to me. And me will always not suffice any your words that only the nobility that at you all is good. It would be desirable to tell a little about my country. I want that you knew and it is developing country. This country with Islamic religion. Actually it never had the great value in mine in a life. All my native were believers and I have been brought up as well I trust in the higher. But here in our country everyone can choose, and the religion and also the state will have what influence. But many women
forget here, that they first of all - women. And when marry, then the situation becomes other. In our country usually it happens so, that they cease to watch themselves and dress frequently only dark clothes and close the person. And as I never was married, I can conduct an active way of life and dress that that I want. I can rise on high
heels or dress a beautiful dress for the evening or a holiday. It will depend only on my mood, but never because of religion. And anything in my life does not occur connected with it. Usually I do not put on in things too causing by a sight. More likely, I put on in more official style to look more religiously is more often. I also would listen to man about clothes if we left somewhere together. Tell to me, what you like to dress on yourself? If it is such official style? Whether often you go to different places with friends or native? In our country there live different men and the women, different
nationalities and sights. Men usually wish to have the full superiority and I do not like it. I do not wish to share different bad stories and that I have learnt for some years. And also from various conversations or sources. I do not want that something bad communicated in my life. I hate when the man can lift a hand on the woman. And for me it is very low and how you think? I hate it and I think that you the man - which know as it is necessary to put
yourself. I do not wish anybody to offend, but I live till now one. HERE, I cannot find the happiness. It is necessary to be able to live and adapt to everything, and all of us different people. And we not
can approach ideally to each other. But for this purpose we and people to study to understand each other, to care, think, forgive, rejoice or be afflicted. And many human feelings which we at all do not know also scientists of all world study it. I have many girlfriends who already lives for a long time in marriage and there are happy families, is also opposite live in misfortune. In general it is all so variously for conversations. I chose that that any state or religion will never make any impact on me, or any opinion will not change to me thought in a head if it concerns personal or family. How it occurs at you?? Also that that in relations, it is necessary to be able to estimate all
character traits. I never would ask about those things about which the person does not wish to speak. So I think that if you and wish to share with me something it will be only at your desire and it will be always interesting to know to me. I only will be glad to hear you and to support. When I will come back home that I do not wish to feel loneliness again. I very much would wish to have a small dog, but so it is a lot of these breeds that at all did not know what to choose. I want that someone helped me with any choice. I have only flowers of the house and these are usually blossoming and even tried to raise roses. And at me it also turned out, as it is my favourite flowers and I love the red more. And in general these and others bright red, and pink colour is colour of love. The love and feelings, character is that in what I trust. I will be glad to see your answer and the enclosed files of pictures. I wish to send to you a little heat and
kiss Aliana
Letter 5
Hello dear Jim I am glad to learn more about you and also you can always speak to me. I would like to construct thoughts. Also could think simply, then we could agree and when we can personally see. And still to discuss it little bit later and as there is a working period. I will try to release more time or I will need to refuse for a while from only. I will solve and also I will ask your opinion. Nevertheless I only hope always to the best and I trust in the best - and this main thing for me. Would like to eat with various good and bad situations in a life. But I will never turn a back to you or to betray you. For me it low and still to leave the person of one. And still when in relations, I behave accordingly. Sometimes it is necessary simply to be able to be silent and to resolve any dispute. Sometimes it is necessary to tell the word to correct the partner in a correct channel. I will help is better to people, than I will hurt. I was brought up in a family one and I have no brothers or sisters. Therefore I do all my opinions and conclusions itself and for a long time already. I try to help always also to feel back and it so it is pleasant. I also never to visit with empty hands and I take gifts. So human qualities always need to be appreciated and it is always interesting to me. In our country a "relation" word - can mean on a miscellaneous for people. For me this main thing and for this reason I did not dare. I wish to meet such person with whom to me it would be good. To whom I would like to give care with big desire. That man who will look at me and to have shine in eyes. I will see this fire and never to disappear. I can promise only that I will to support always warmly in relations. That man who never will tell good-bye is necessary to me. And still it is necessary to pass in a life through all together.
I seem to me I can sometimes be very emotional both day and night. I can not sleep and only read all night long the book. If it is very strong me to interest and to 300-350 pages in day but it not a limit. I think that you could break this so-called record also? If you have any achievements? Also what you can tell to me? Probably many years back and me only it will be interesting.
I had only protection of degree work several years ago perfectly well. Also I can be proud a little as for me formation meant much. And still it was necessary and it is necessary to live a century and the century to study. I can and I wish to smile often. For me a smile and cheerful mood as the card and always helps me. I like people with good sense of humour. Usually I understand jokes and in general about what the person speaks!! I even can sometimes tell but draw nothing a certain conclusion. I very much love children though I have no children! But very much I love, and at all children. Many of my acquaintances have children. I try to do often gifts and to visit. I have forgotten to tell to you that, still I should visit my mum. And also it is necessary to meet at station but I will come back home. And then I will answer you at once. My mum lives 40 kilometres from me and I usually try to leave there once a week. To learn always and a state of health and also to do shopping products. And also that mum did not go once again to shop and to spend means. Actually I mum love shops and often I choose the goods. And always me discounts and all interested that I get, basically with discounts. And then or I leave to myself, or to sell. It just business or how it is called in your country? I would like to live with the man that every day was as a holiday. And only breath of the favourite person, warmly and pleasure every day. Still ahead I hope.
Tell to me that you try to notice in me? I have told to you in the letter beginning that we can then make any plan. Also I think, what you also wait from our relations? I hope to see that you will tell to me and I will always wait. I will answer then at once as soon as there will be a possibility and ask you not to lose me. You wish to meet what woman? If you the dreamer also have an ideal? Here with embraces Aliana
Letter 6
please sweety Jim tell me how you spent your day and what useful you have made as for you, and is possible for health and you have what food? I go to an exercise room and I try to go there two times a week and to watch my figure also. I even would tell that health for me one of the important details. Also I can not remain on a place and as very much I miss in the evenings. If only to present us nearby, I really could decorate your day and even if you will be tired after work. And we could go somewhere always and to see beautiful places, to look at this world from different directions. I also work, but I can find forces for evening. And still as well in the relation I wish to aspire, my thoughts it always to do something positive for my man. I will never surrender and even during a hard time. Usually I aspire to spend day better the previous. So I read your words and I see your politeness and interest. I see in you some kindness and care as at the real man. Also I wish to see it and also other qualities and to like me it.
I very much hope, that we can not disappoint each other. And such by to go further and we necessarily will see that will be further. I only wish to add growth to our relations. And not to look back back and to go only forward. It seems to me we we are similar also we can rejoice lives. My man always will rejoice lives and also to take pleasure in all moments with me. I never will allow to lose courage. Here we write as friends each other but the business it more. I would open to you my careful feelings and also some stories. What can we discuss here? I feel which communication and even when I write to you. My heart starts to fight often and I do not wish to be mistaken here when I tell about me and when you speak about you. I will try to live in a reality and not to fly in clouds and only I want understanding between us. I really take pleasure in that that I learn you better. When I come here and then I forget about that that outside. It is interesting to me to know more about you either to ask something, or to tell. You would like to share what thoughts with me. But the main thing to speak with you and it is better to ask as your affairs...
Also I like to think or argue much and never stirs in a life. My desires it just that is connected with private life and desire to adjust it. But I feel loneliness and when I will leave from the computer. But while I here and not for a long time would like to place you in other place, more romantic and where you would wish to be? So we could visit it.
I would like to be there only with my man where we could find time each other. And not for a long time to reject all really occurring in lives, or any problems in a head. And only to take pleasure in the moment. So I think it and there is a life. So all the rest also is important also all that is connected with us and we should pay to this attention also.
Also nevertheless it is important for me the nobility and if you meet the correct woman in a life and whom you want. You would like to plunge completely into these feelings and these moments, to feel caress and love? And also to learn to take pleasure in it, and to reject all unnecessary of a head. We should not hesitate of our thoughts. I only try to ask something for me interesting and new. I will go tonight home to make other tea, that I have bought today, green tea with a jasmin. To try and it also it is pleasant to me. If you like to drink coffee in the morning?? Some think, that it helps to feel vivacity. It will be interesting to me to see, that you will tell to me and next time we will smile, all my kisses today. yours Aliana
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