Scam letter(s) from Christine Clark to Dave (Australia)

Letter 1
High Fashion / Editorial, Runway, Sport, Casual, Swimwear, Hair/Makeup, Parts Modeling
Letter 2
l live in Bentley WA... so where are your kids now
Letter 3
Probably Tuesday and hope we can see before then and to you naughty Questions..l hope that you have seen the shape ln bras and you can judge by this too
Letter 4

Do you always read my message very well and you would have to wait till We are together.
Letter 5
No Dave . l am normal country girl thats a model and thats all and l am not a ***** ..l am looking for love and not naughty things .just calm down till we meet and we can talk about that and l don't feel safe talking about this now ..please try to understand me..
Letter 6
Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to build this special friendship with you!. You will be rewarded for it through the passionate love that makes up my heart and soul!. I am so excited to be able to do what I do best and that is to romance you with all the passion that makes up my heart and soul...I think we are both very fortunate to of found each other,to be able to build this special friendship that I know with time will grow into something even more greater.I know our angels have brought us together to share a life that we both have been searching for and both deserve,even though it is just the start of something special everything has a beginning,just like a delicate flower that starts as a bud and slowly blossoms into something beautiful,so to our friendship will be, and with time will blossom into something wonderful for the whole world to see,and they will know that its about whats inside us that matters and not what we look like as its our hearts and souls that make things special and wonderful and sweet.I want you to know that I also will show you such passion from my heart and soul when we finally met,you will see that we were brought together not by chance but by destiny.My special friendship with you is something I want to make permanent and eventually build into a family to call our very own...
Letter 7
Hello Dave how are you and hope you are having a wonderful time and how's work going ...hope to read from you soon..***
Letter 8
How are you doing?things have been crazy down here with me. When i get back i would like us to hang out and know more about each other. But i am worried right now because the seminar had already been concluded but something happened that is causing delays on my flight back. What happened is that when i tried booking my flight the airline agent told me that i don't have enough funds on my credit card so I had to contact my card company since i knew the funds i left there, when the reports came i was told that i purchased some phones which i never did. i called my bank that issued the card and all they told me was that someone must have hacked my card and an identity theft was placed on my card and the investigation would be on until when i get back, and it shouldn't take more than 2days when i arrive to aussie to refund my money but i have to be home. Now the airline agent is insisting i gets the remaining funds before my flight can be scheduled, as soon as i get through i will let you know . Hope to read from you soon:( love you..
Letter 9
I have really been trying to patch up things, but it's getting out of hands now because i have tried to call my bank all they are telling me was that i have to be home before any solution could be done, now i have already used the remaining cash i have to settle the hotel bills and pay a deposit with the airline agent. i have less than $16 with me here and i have to pay a balance of $50 to the airline agent so they can book me on a next flight out. I don't really like getting too forward though but things have been hard for me out here so I just have to ask you for a little favor, maybe i should ask if there's anything you can do for me, i mean if i can get some help in anyway till when i get back home. Even if it is a short loan, i will refund it, just to get my account reactivated. if you would be able to help me out on this i will forever be grateful and you will never be disappointed. Even if its important i have to refund it i will never to let you down dear. I am so disappointed in myself right now. I hope to read from you soon.
Letter 10
sorry $850 ..
Letter 11
Hello Dave..l have overstayed my reservation here and would be checked out 12noon here when the day is clear and l don't have anywhere to go..please get back to me soon
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