Scam letter(s) from Stephany Saib to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Meu nome e Stephanie, tente entrar em contato comigo atraves do meu e-mail ( ou voce pode me enviar seu e-mail OK
Letter 2
Good morning Dearest With tears rolling down my eyes and total submission to the will of the Almighty God, I choose this medium to communicate with you because i believe i would get in touch with a trustworthy person who will be in assistance towards the achievement of this task.
My name is Miss Stephanie Saib i am from Damascus Syria. Presently,war is going on in my country and had led to the killing of my parents and two sisters. My whole family was recorded dead by the United Nations peace keeping team from Damascus on their return from America because my father deposited some money in one of the banks here.

You will see more about the war in my country on CNN and Aljazeera or possibly visit this website to read more about the ongoing civil war
I was studying Economics in my country and in my second year but have dropped out from school due to the depression over the death of my family. I am just 21 Yeas and have not accomplished anything in life,i have been crying to the Almighty God for his divine direction and way forwards towards life as i feel so left alone and frustrated at this point in my life.
I am writing you this message after my prayer to God for his divine directive on a God fearing guardian and family who can accept me as their own daughter in order to continue my life happily,the death of my family has gone along way in diver-stating and disorganizing my life. Last week Monday, my father's bank in London United Kingdom where he deposited sum of $3.5m Million United State Dollars sent me a condolence message through email and also informed me about the money my late father deposited in their bank. the bank informed me that the fund was deposited before the war in my country(Syria) started and he handed every document concerning the deposited fund to the bank. The bank in their mail message informed me that my name appears as the Next of Kin to my father's deposited fund and further informed me that i would have to present any of my relative or family friend who would stand as my trustee in receiving this fund since i am not up-to 25 years and can not receive the fund due to the banking law and also the agreement they had with my father. My plan is to come your country and start a better life after you have received the money through visa card.

Dearest,i do not know how much i can trust you on this but i know the Almighty God would not direct me to the wrong person. I want to be able know you and to know if i can trust you to stand as my trustee in receiving this fund in your country and accepting me as your partner or family member to come and live with you in your country after you receive this fund in order to continue a happy life and resume my academical pursue again. After the news about the death of my family, i lost the zeal to continue my education and have been in a refugee camp here in Senegal Africa withe the help of W.H.O. I was opportune to come here through the help of one of their officials who made sure nothing happened to me. I want to be able to know more about you and know if i can trust you to stand as my trustee in receiving this fund ,accomplishment of my dream and accepting me as your own family.
I would like to know if you are willing to help me,Thanks and hope to hear from you. With Tears
Miss Stephanie Saib
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