Scam Letter(s) from Louise Bolton to Phil (England)

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Letter 1

I am looking for someone who can confide and trust in me. Who can tell me anything, who can come home and tell me how their day was good or bad, who loves to hug and hold hands. Who can be my best friend, likes to cuddle. I love to cook and would love to share my life with someone who wants to commits to a relationship with me and God. I am looking for someone to share our thoughts, dreams and love.

Letter 2

How are you doing ? Well thanks for the email, it sounds sweet and touching.. It touched my heart and realize that we both have something in common and looking in the same direction..Thanks for the compliment on here and i really appreciate it so much..Am on dating site cos am single and looking for true love and my soul mate..My past relationship was like a fire in a hell..I can tell you that I'm a very honest and kind person, so romantic and I like so much share and give all of me to my family, I'm very peaceful and calm.. try to be positive every day, appreciate what I have, I like to look good, try to spend my time with family. I have the kind and romantic soul, I am in the search of my match and mutual love. I believe love is the rose, which needs love, water and sun to grow strong..I am here looking for something real. I must say that I am very real and honest in everything. That's why I decided to put my pictures without photo-shop or something like this here. I believe that you can see a real person only through the usual pictures. I am not a model and I am not looking for some kind of sponsorship, I am an adult independent lady who wants to find a smart and honest man for her future life..Am not here to play head games either or here to play with anyone's feelings on here..I want to love and be loved back..I want to find a man with whom I would feel comfortable, enjoyable and interesting. I want our relationship built on love, reciprocity, honesty, kindness, tenderness and understanding. I want to find true love. I want to meet a man to create a strong family..I am interested in meeting a sincere man, simple, uncomplicated, cheerful, loving, spontaneous, kind, caring, chivalrous, and retailer, that knows what he wants in the life, that has a project life..I am being honest with you and I am a very independent person and own not seeing anyone at the moment so we can always keep in touch and through that it will help us get to know more about each other if you still remain interested.. All I want is someone to be my soul mate and to spend the rest of my life with that's why I put my heart clearly to speak with you and building something real with you.. I made a promise to my self,If I find the right person it's a possibility. There is nothing more fantastic than having your decent man as a partner to lean on, love, admire, and share everything with. I am in no rush, taking it slow and feeling my way around. When the time is right I will know....i would want to get married if we meet and things we both have faith in each other because life is too short to be spending it all alone..sometimes its gets too lonely.I want the right man and i promise to give you a hand to hold, a warm winter night cuddle and can't offer you the world but I can offer you my arms, my time, my support, my affection and never ask for more in return than I give. I have small demands and adore you...Character and intelligence,honesty, someone who is fun-spirited and playful."chemistry" is important to me in my partner. I am looking for someone who seeks someone else to really explore life together with.. and the willingness to work at making a relationship stronger hold much more weight..Every time i look i think i find some one but they just screw me over and that not what i want but i am looking for a relationship that will last and one that i can have fun with someone who is honest, loyal, able to share happiness and sadness, similar life goal...when all this things are there then everything else will fall into place..I like playing TV games.either bike riding,walking or just sitting at the beach (watching the sun go down is the best time)..I can carry on a good conversation but I also have a great pair of ears for listening..I am seeking to meet someone caring, faithful , communicative , loyal , generous, understanding, future driven,honest , truthful to be with in a long term relationship, courtship or marriage ,some one with good God fearing person...Well i like to read,swim,go to beach,jog as what i do for fun and like sports like soccer, basket ball, volley, like to watch TV program's like CNN ,Oprah etc. This just a little of how i feel and looking for in a relationship and how life is all about cos life is too short to spend it alone.. Hope to hear from you soon.. Take care



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