Scam letter(s) from Alexandra McQueen to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Well,I'm Florence Moore 32 Years single lady with know kids,I was born and raised In Canada Nunavut but I've move to Ghana for an event which occurs recently,I've black long hair,weight (130) pounds,height 5"6ft and also I have an hazel eyes,You?
Letter 2
Of course,I Think we can plan meeting each other in person,That's why am willing to get to know more about each other and see where it will gonna leads us to.
Letter 3
Of Course, I had a Visa to return back but I'll be glad renewing my passport then I can fly over there to you Cuz am **** tired of being alone and missing being a woman,If Possible we can start my coming over there to you!
Letter 4

Good Morning Frank,I would like you to help me then i can get me flight booked then i can fly next you cuz I'll be glad and happy sharing the same bed with you,cuddling and having sweet passionately together us couples Frank...
Letter 5
Hello Frank its going to cost me around 912 dollars to fly over to Canada.I have 500 dollars in my name at the moment and would be glad if you can help me out ,if you mind me asking?
Letter 6
Im not ****** Frank you know im always there for you ....I just want to make things clear to you since am not from this country...Moreover,i dont know how things work over here.I would be glad if you can send the money in my aunts name since she is the one im staying with at the moment...To make things simple for us i would be glad if you can send the money in my aunts name with her address attached to it....Below is the full name and address of my aunt..Cant wait to meet you so we can together sail the love boat .....




ZIPCODE: 00233
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