Roamnce scam letter(s) from Anna to Jay (Canada)
Letter 1
hello hello, good mood!
I'm trying to write you for the sake of dating.
I hope that you are a pleasant interlocutor and also, as I seek a serious relationship.
I hope that you will receive my letter and reply to me.
Then I can tell you more about me.
Letter 2
Jay What a surprise. :-)
I checked the mail, and there your letter. It is so beautiful. I did not even expect you to write to me.
I am very glad to start our communication with you.
Well, now I will briefly tell about myself and we will begin our acquaintance.
My name is Anna. Some of my friends call me Annushka. I am 29 years old. Are you satisfied with my age?
I have brothers and sisters. In general, we have a small family.
I was born and live in Russia. This is a beautiful place, especially in summer. Here is a very beautiful nature.pp
If you want, then I can tell you more about my city.
Unfortunately, I heard about your country only from school lessons in geography and television, but I know that in your country there are a lot of tourists,
also tourists from Russia. It's true? I would like to know what you know about Russia? Do you have friends in Russia?
I ask you a very important question for me, what do you expect from a woman? Is it distraction? Flirting? Marriage?
Why did you decide to communicate on the Internet? It is very important for me. Because I'm looking for a serious relationship, which in the future to marry.
I do not want to flirt.
I will not give my photos without clothes. I need only reality and transparency in the relationship between a man and a woman.
I want you to understand this right away.
Although it is too early to decide now what we expect in the future. This is not decided in the letters, I think so. Everything will become clear when we are closer to each other.
Jay I will be very interested if you talk more about you, about your city, what do you do, where do you work? Jay You do not mind ?
I would really like to see your photos. Send me your more photos! OK? Unfortunately on this I must finish my letter.
But I do not finish my acquaintance and therefore I really look forward to your early reply.
If I'm even a little interested in you, write to me and I will answer you.
All the best to you.
Letter 3
Hello! I do not see your answer.
Apparently you could not answer me and therefore I am writing to you again.
I want to continue our communication and correspondence.
I hope that we will have good communication!
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