Scam letter(s) from Olga Kazankina to Lee (USA)

Letter 1

I have saw your profile and I liked it! You look nice and interesting person. I think you are clever man and Ill have pleasure to communicate with you. I decided to use a chance to get acquainted with you and I hope youll answer me. At the beginning I want to say you: ages are not important for me. I think I am attractive woman and try to find man of my dreaming! I suppose main factor of humanity is inside condition of soul man! Also it is his feelings about this life and mans views on the world his own eyes. I am not old years, I am 25, but I know this life and know what makes man happy.
In this moment I dont know, can I get your answer or not, but you can try to write me? I think, each person must use all ways and possibilitys in finding happiness. In my mind, life is so short only to dream and do mistakes. We should act, strive to something. Now I decided to find a man of my dreams, so I have wrote you! I think youll understand me and write back to me.
Now I want to give you some expressions about me. I work on the post office in my city! I am postwoman! I have a higher education, I am economist. But In Russia it is very difficult situation and I can not find work in my speciality.
I want to have a family and I find a man for long serious relationships and may be for marriage! I like children.
I have many fascinations. For example: music, reading, movies, nice communication, sport and other things which make our life different and happy.
I like beautiful things and clothes but it is not main for me. I am not rich person. Money dont play a big role in my life.
I have few friends. They are people which will be with me for all my life and well help each other ever. But I also know many people who only communicate with me, but they are not my friends. There is not much friends in our life. I am kind woman, but people use it in they mercenary purposes often.
I live with my mom and she is very kind woman too. We are united and friendly family.
Ok now Ill anxiously wait your answer! Respectfully yours
Olga. Please write to my e-mail address:
Letter 2

Hello Lee! I am so happy to receive your long letter. It is so nice to begin communication with you, Lee. Immediately you were shown me interest person and you have confirmed it by your answer! I write you from cafe of internet, I have not a computer at home, sometimes I can answer you with small with delay! My the best friend Lena advised me to find good man in the Internet. She just found her happiness and now she wishes it for me!May be you want to know, why I wrote exactly you?
I answer, You seem interesting person for me and I liked your photo also! I am not sure this moment that I'll find my happiness in Internet, but I'll try to do it! I said you: We should use all chances in the life. May be I'll find here my fate, man of my dreams, a gentleman? What do you think, is the happiness in Internet? Now I send you my photo with hope that it'll find you in a good mood and you'll like it. I also wish you send me your photos too! But I ask you that your photos would be not more 200 kb. Administrator of the internet-cafe said me it and he said me else that internet in Russia is very slow and in other case I will spend much time for receiving your photo. Please spare my time. I would like to know you better so I'll wait your answer anxiously. Of course I suppose we can be good friends, but I think time'll give food for our brain! And may be we can stand more than friends. What do you think?
Now I'll tell you little bit about me.
My name is Olga, I am 25 years old, my birthday in 22 of February. My country is Russia and city where I live is Cheboksary! It is not big city but it is clean and beautiful. It is young city but It builds everyday more and more.
Now some information about me:
I have dark hair and green eyes.
I try to be responsible woman in my life and I have a work. I am a postwoman. I have not big salary, but it is enough for pocket expenses.
I think the person should concerns about associates so how want that concerned about him. Lee, what do you think about it? Our post-office receive not many letters from America because I guess a part of mail lose else in Moscow. And so russian post-office is consider not reliable means of communication. I use English only with work at the computer and more now. But I know English enough well as you see yourself.
I am cultural woman and I interest in theaters, cinema, museums and other cultural places. Now I have a higher education, I am economist. My family is my mom and I! Mom is very good woman and we are very friendly family.I have not a father. He was also a decent person. Ok now I should know you better so I have questions to you! Tell me about yourself, where you live, where you work, tell me about your parents. I interest everything about you.
Lee, I'll wait your answer anxiously!
sincerely your
Letter 3

Hello Lee! I am glad to read your letter again! I am fine today, and what about you? I hope you have a good day too! In this letter I'll try to tell you little bit about me and my fascinations in the life. I just told you I like music, reading, movies. I often meet with my friends. Sometimes we go to the theatre or to the movie-theatre. I like to watch pretty dramas, they teach people to enjoy life! I am very different man. Sometimes I want to be in company of my friends, and to spend the time merrily, but sometimes on the contrary I want to stay at home in solitude and think about something. When I am at home I also read magazines and watch films on TV.
I have studied English language in my University for 5 years and I know it not bad. Usually I visit a sport hall. I have one session of aerobics a week. I am interested in your fascinations?? Tell me please. What do you like to do and what you dislike to do? Lee, now little information about me.
My height is 170 centimeters (5 feet and 7 in). I travelled not much, and I never was outside my country. I never marryed, I have no children, but possible I would like to have them!
Lee, you know, I use a service of internet first once, because I have a dream to create a family. It is my first experience of acquaintance in Internet, but I liked it because I was answered by so nice man!!
I hope, I let you understand that you are in my mind. I think between man and woman should be understanding and consent. I don't understand men which are jealous. In Russia there are so many men like that, I have a hostility for them. I also have hostility for people who are drinkers!
I think a man and a woman together should not think about stranger people. Regrettably I did not find a man here in Russia. I dream about loving and careful man. I must give him all my love and tenderness. So please excuse me but I have no a possibility to come at all references of websites. In Russia internet is very slow and online is very expensive. Will be better if we communicate via email. But in any case I have your references and if I have a possibility I will come to these. Apropos thanks for photos. I like you. I want to see moe photos of you.
Ok I'll finish about it. Lee, I'll wait for your answer anxiously, I send air's kiss for you and I wish you a good luck! And I will try to scan more photos for you.
Your Olga!
Letter 4

Hi dear Lee!!! Today I again have went in Internet cafe and received your letter. It is fine to receive it from you, your letters give me so much energy and joy for all day. I like to read any information about you and your life.
My favourite movies "Beauty" with J. Roberts and Richard Gir and "Autumn in NEW YORK". Recently I looked many movies. For instance, Troy, Passions of Christ, and cool movie "Corporation of monsters". It's very fine cartoon :) I listen sometimes dance, sometimes classical (Tchaykovskiy, Rohmaninov), sometimes pop music (Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Breatney Spears). It only depends on my mood. Lee, possible I should tell you more about my work. I'll try to do it in this letter. I already said you: I am postwoman. I work in post office of our city. I help people, to sign sending out of mail and also I give people things which was sent for they. It is interest to work here. I read so much, I interest many things in my life. I like to read world's news, trends in culture, mode, and also I read about cooking food. I like cooking and I can do many dishes. In our post office we have a TV. I watch sport on TV. I like sport, particularly football and light athletics. Many people go to the post office and it is interesting to communicate with they! But it is difficult to work here, because I have two days of rest (saturday, and sunday). But this work gives me some independence and money for my life.
Lee, I don't want to complain. Better to work here then work nowhere and to stay at home. I don't know may be in future I'll want to visit you Lee and possible I'll go to you one day. For beginning we should know each other better with helping of our letters! Lee, I would like to come to you as your guest, so you could see if you like me or not. If you like me and we feel that we are compatible, that we could be happy with each other, I would like to be your life partner and to stay with you, Lee.
If we say about work, please tell me about your working day. It will be really interest for me. Ok Lee, I wait your answer anxiously.And thanks for photos. But I want to see else. Respectfully yours
Letter 5

Hi my dear Lee! Please excuse me Lee that I didn't write you last days but I was very busy at the work and had no possibility to write you. I hope you didn't take offence on me? I can say you that my name is writing as "Uaio" in Russian. Did you find russian dictionary in the internet? Lee, I am so glad to get your letter! It's great pleasure to read you messages and to know new information about you. I would like to know all things about as possible. I think they approach us!
Yes, Lee, I like to cook very much, especially I like to cook Russian food: different salads (for instance, "salad under fur coat" consists of beet, herring, potatoeses, onion, mayonnaise, eggs), meat dumplings (pelmeni in Russian), borsh (soup) and cutlets. My favorite dish is pelmeni, it is very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of mincemeat of a beef and pork with an onion and spices wrapped up in dough and are cooked. This is really tasty dish. May be sometime I'll be able to cook it for you. I'm not very good at American food or some others but I prefer the food, which was made at home. And what do you like to eat?
Oh, Lee, I think that it's very early think of marriage but thank you very much for your care about me. You are find my city is correctly. And apropos I think that it's not without fall to present gift to my birthday. I don't want to load you. I know you still badly and so I am afraid to give you my address. Please understand me, Lee. I know that you are nice man but I should be careful.
Apropos Lee, how often do you have a rest?
In summer I often go to swim on the lakes and river Volga, which is one of the largest rivers in Russia. Did you hear about it?
We have very beautiful nature in Russia, it is so different. You can see pretty forests, meadows, rivers and lakes here. Moreover, we have a very rich flora and fauna, fresh air. Beauty of summer's dawning enchants soul and heart of any man, it is so nice to look awakening of nature! Singing of birds, chirping of grasshoppers, rustle of tree's sheets and hitses fishes findes you in good spirit! I am romantic in my soul and you?
I have a few friends, but I meet with they often, when I have a possibility. We help each other in all ways of the life. Now I'll try to speak about my city. It is very beautiful city. I like go for a walk in our park, and enjoy of views the Volga. It is very romantic! My city is young but there are very picturesque places here. I like to go to the cinema-theatres, it is so fine. Our city is very clean and green, there is many trees. People take care about nature. Now we have cold weather. And temperature is low than 0 degrees on Celsius but sometimes we have a warming. Did you see snow someday? Did you make snowman?
Lee, Please tell me about your city, what interesting places you have there?
You are so interesting man. Do you watch film about life of Christ? It called "Passions of the Christ" of Mel Gibson (may be I wrote it wrong). Do you like it?
Apropos dialect Lee, you have wonderful success in Russian. You are so sweet man! I like you and this smile specially for you :), for your kindness. You are my prince!
I always wait your answer, I like to communicate with nice person as you!
Kiss for you,
Letter 6

Hi my sweet Lee! I am ok today and hope you are too! I am so happy to get your letter! Oh, Lee, I will not be able to write you so long letter and tell you about everything in one letter. You should understand that I can't use online so long. Ok, I hope you don't take offence on me that I can't write you so much. I like your words. Your life is really terrific and was very interesting to read it. I want to tell you about my feelings. Today when I had gone in the Internet cafe I thought about me and you. I thought it is very unusual that makes between us. I know you only for few letters but I already have some feelings to you and I want to receive your new letters very much. I am glad I had a chance to get acquainted with you one day and that we grow our feeling to each other. But I have one question to you, Lee. Have any seriously intentions to me or do you play with my feelings? I hope to hear from you honest answer because my feeling is very seriously to you and in my mind I should know the true from you.
I want to say that I thank internet for my acquaintance with such nice man as you, Lee. It is fine to receive your letters, and I enjoy my life this moment and I understand: I am happy because I have found you! I feel tired myself in my life because it is not easy to live in Russia, but your letters bring to me new energy and joy in the life. But life is really difficult in Russia, there is very low salaryes here, and this is enough on the most necessary things and food. But I am so happy that I have 70$ in the month. This amount is enough to write letters to you. Your letters make my life happy and I am ready to give for it everything! I anxiously wait your letters every day. Internet cafe is single place where I can write to you and to get letters from you. I can not allow myself to buy a computer because it is very expensive (more then 600$). Only rich people have a computers at home in our city.
Ok, my dear, Lee, now I say you Good bye, and I'll wait your new letters anxiously!
I kiss you tenderly
your Olga.
Letter 7

Hello my dearest Lee! I am glad to receive your letter again! Your letters make me happy and bring a smile to my face. I reread your letters every time and it is fine I have found you in Internet. For time of our communication I knew that you are clever, intellect, kind man with good feeling of the humour. I suppose many women loved you.
I want to talk with you about jewelry. I understand your daughter. But you should know my opinion about jewelry on bellybutton. I can't say you that it's nice idea. I know several women (even else teenagers) who can problems with it. If your daughter have problems with it you will not be glad that. I know cases when jewelry there irritated skin and even happened to cure skin there. It can fester. And your daughter will have many problems with it. I don't want it. And so I should warn you about it. May be it's beautifully but I don't consider so. I suppose that really beautifully is tender skin without any jewelry! Please explain it her. I think that after my words your daughter will not be like me but I want to care about her health. I understand her that she wants to be the same as all girls in her age. But explain her that she should think about herself and her health more than about beauty. I am sure that she nice girl and any boy will look at her and without any jewelry. But it's only my opinion and you should decide it for your daughter yourself. I think so because I never had no many jewelry and so I don't need now. It's beautiful things but I consider that the main in any person is his internal beauty and his mental qualities rather than his physical condition or his material condition. I am sure that it's very beauty jewelry but I can't see this website because you know that online in Russia is very slow and expensive.
As You remember I like cooking and it is possible you would like my dishes! I hope I'll cook appetizing dinner for you one day. My mom taught me cooking, but I always stirrup to know more, so I stretch itself in learning cooking.
Lee, I want to say you I have likings to you. I can not explain my feelings, but I feel myself badly without your letters, and I suppose I would like to see you one day. I seem I start to love you! I hope this fact doesn't scare you, we communicate not long. But I think any woman could love such man as you for short time. I can speak about my feelings so long but I don't want to say my thoughts this moment, because possible they will seem foolish to you.
Lee, age is really not main for me. I consider that senior man will be better for me because he already know this LIFE and he will think about our family, about child, about our future. He has much experience and he will show me a correct way. He will care of me. More so senior man know how take care of woman better than young man! Senior man know etiquette and how is necessary to behave with woman. Please answer, how are you? I have no any changes in my life, and only your letters give a pleasure and joy in my ordinary life.
Apropos dialect I want to know your address. May be one day it will be need for me for paper letter.
Well, Lee, I will wait your answer anxiously.
I thinking only of you too!!
Kisses for you
your Olga!
Letter 8

Hello my sweet Lee! I have went in the Internet cafe today and I found your letter. It is so fine to read it! I will try to speak about my intentions and feelings to you and know yours in this letter. I don't want to frighten you, you should understand me correctly! I would like to know your intentions to me now. I don't want to wound my heart. I wrote you in last letter about my heart. It knocks more quickly, thinking of you. I feel to you something. Yesterday, and today in the night I thought about you and I have understood I love you. I don't know how it was happenned, but I can not imagine my life without your letters. I wait with big hope each your letter. I would like to know about your feelings to me now. And if your intentions are serious and you also as me want to meet with me one day to know each other better, please write me and we could decide this problem together! You will arrive to me or I could arrive to you, we can decide it later. You know I am very emotional and voluptuous woman and if your intentions are not serious, my heart will be splited and I will suffer for a long time. I know that you are very dear and good man for me and you will answer on my question honestly.
Lee, We could meet and decide how we necessary to each other. I am not afraid, if you will reject me after our meeting but I will curse myself for all life if I don't see you one day! May be it is fate?! So you should decide and write honestly me. I am opened and honest with you.
I wil dream that one day I will be able to cook for you! It will be nicely! I will always anxiously wait your letters. Apropos you have nice dictionary. And your russian is well and I understand your words on that. But in your letters there are many numbers. What is this? Or I simply didn't see some words?
I tenderly kiss you, hugs and wait you answer!
I kiss you, Lee
your Olga!
Letter 9

Hello my sweety Lee I was glad to receive your letter. I am happy that you want our meeting too. And I will be very happy to meet you. I should talk with my mom about it. I understand that you want to meet me because it will be so nice ly. But you should understand me that I should advice with my mom about it. I should say you that I tell my friends and my mom about you constantly. My girlfriend Masha said me that I am as fairy tale! Nice prince should withdrew me thence. And we will live very happy. Sometimes I think that it's only night dream and one day I will awake and all will end. So my Lee I am afraid to lose you. I don't want that my dream was ended someday. You are my prince and I live only because of you! You are the all for me and my mom too. I can't live without your words and nice letters. I want to believe that we will be together soon. Also my mom consider that you are gentleman and you can care about me. My friends and my mom are very glad for me. I feel that i love you Lee!! I feel butterflies in my belly.
Else I want to say you that I remember that terrible day the 11-th of September. All russian channels showed that tragedy. It's not only american tragedy, it's tragedy of whole world.
My sweety I will finish my letter and I will talk with my mom about your trip to me. I will wait your letter. Have a good day, my love Your sweet Olga
Letter 10

Hello my seet Lee I have just wanted to say you that I think of you constantly and I dream that one day we will be together. Probably are you busy now? I am interesting are you thinking of me now? I hope you will be with me enough soon. I want to believe in that. I will wait your letter Your sweety Olga
Letter 11

Hello my sweety Lee I was glad to receive your letter. And I am happy that you have answered me but please will be more attentive to me, Lee. You are nice man and each day I dream about our meeting. We had serious talk with my mom yesterday about your visit. And she said me that there is Russian custom: a woman which is not married should not invite man in own home. This is considered not decent. Moreover life in Russia very dangerously. The events in Beslan have shown it. We have bad economic situation and crisis in Chechnya. And many young soldiers die there! And our Government don't fight crime. Else you don't know russian language and you will have problem with it. So may be will be better if I arrive to you? I would like to go for a walk with you and look at sky and sea. I want to be with you Lee. I think that I love you. And please say me do you wan it too? I should know do you feel to me something and do you want to meet me? I feel that you will be nice husband and you will be able tp care about me. I think we should be together. I want to know your thoughts Your angel in cloudes, Olga
Letter 12

Hello swettiest Lee. You are in my life! My sweet Lee, you are in my thoughts always. I want to say you that I have real feelings to you. And I don't want to get hurt! And don't want that you have made me painfully! I trust you and I really plan our meeting. My dear Lee, also I should say you that my aunt lives in Moscow and I called her and asked about getting of visa to America. And she said me that she will learn it without problem because she has friend in embassy of your country. And she said that may be he will be able to help to get visa to me. I think it would be wonderfully. We will spend the best days in our life and I believe that God will help to us on our way. I pray his each day for you! I don't want to lose you! And I will feel myself very badly without you. You are part of my life and I hope that once we will meet each other. My sweety I consider that only LOVE can overcome all barriers standing on our way. And I suppose that we will be able to decide any problems together! I will ring to my aunt and I hope that she will learn about trip to America soon. Now I want to ask you do you want to meet me? I like your pic. Thank you very much Lee. I feel the same to you. My dear I dream that we go for a walk at night. We look at moon and there are many stars on sky. You showes me a star and say me that this you. And you showes me again star which situate near by your star. You say me that this I am. I am so happy, my Lee, that I found you in this enormous world. I think that we have attraction like stars! And one day you will attract me to yourself. I want to be with you. And remember that my thoughts only about you! I wait your answer. Have a good day. I hope you think of me too!
With great desire to be together
Always your Olga
Letter 13

Hello my sweety, my sunshine in my life. My Lee! I was so sad to receive your letters. Please recover soon. I worry for you! My dear Lee I want to say you that I long for you very much. I want to see you and feel beating of your heart! My dear I am so happy to read that you want to see me too. My heart is knocking very often now! Lee, you so dearly to me. And I can't present myself without you now. You have become such native for me and I feel that I already have my happiness. Your letters give me new colors in life! I don't want to live without you. My sweety Lee, I know that once I will be able to see you, my love. And when I see you, my heart will knock with more power!! My sweetheart Lee, I want to see your nice eyes. I want to spend with you much time and particularly observe with you all sundowns. I think that we will the most romantic pair on Earth! You such wonderful man and you know how care about me! And I want to believe that you want it too. Regrettably my Lee I have good and bad news! I rang to my aunt and asked her that she learned about visa. My dear Lee, she learned for me that at first I should get visa. It will be made for 2 or 3 weeks. Term of stay with visa is determined till 6 months. I didn't take furlough else this year and so I can spend it for trip to you!! But my dear I warned you about bad news. My sweety I didn't even suspect that it costs so much money. She said me that it costs $175! My sweet Lee this is very much money. I said her that I have no such funds and I want to be together with my man of dream! I said her that I LOVE YOU and want to spend time with you! My love my life don't need to me if you will not be with me. I said her that you are my soulmate and my prince, and present me much happiness. But she said me that it's rules and they can't be violated!! I cried, I couldn't restrain my tears!!! I found you in this world and I want to be happy with you! My dear I feel myself bad because I can do NOTHING. I feel myself such helpless!!! I have no such money and you should understand me that my salary is only 70 dollars in the month and I will be accumulate such money very long. My sweety why this world so cruel? I have so many plans about us but all they falls now!!! My soulmate I have no such big amount of funds. But I think that you understand it yourself! I need $175 for visa! I can go to Moscow by train for spare money. So I need $120 for ticket to Moscow else. So I need 295 dollars. But I earn only 70 dollars each month! I will be have such money only via 4,5 months. My sweet Lee, I dream of us each day and I already see how you meet me in the airport and present me my favourite flowers - daisywheels. My dear I dream how we will meet dawning and sundown together! My love I don't know what I should do. My sweet Lee I don't want to depend on somebody but in my opinion I have no any other choice. I should ask you can you help me? Can you help for our meeting? I want to be with you but without your help I can't arrive to you! I hope that you understand me and you want to see me too! I feel how our hearts are knocking together and I think that our souls so close to each other. You are my soulmate! I want to meet you. But may be it's impossible. My dear Lee I don't want to lose you!! I hope soon I will be able to see your nice eyes. With great hope and desire to be together
Always and forever your Olga
Letter 14

Regrettably I was guessing that you don't want to see me soon. And you don't feel to me any feelings. I understand that you want to care about your son. But I am your family too?! I want to be with you and present to you all my heart and all my love to you!! I want to hold you in my arms and whisper to you that you are the best my man. I simply wanted to be happy but you say me that you want to see me only in the summer. Ok, I will wait......Olga
Letter 15

Hello Lee
I still think about our future. I should say you that I am agree that you should care about your child but you should think me too. I think you want to meet me very much but you simply communicated with me only for your pleasure. I can't do so. I thought that you will help me with visit to you but you said me that your child more important for you than me. I am afraid that you will pertain to me also when we will live together. Thanks for greeting. I like it
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