Scam letter(s) from Nina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
I would want that you be not surprised that you got my message and a picture. I will tell you the reason of it. Now it's autumn. The autumn is very lonely and sad time of year. It's time for reflections about the current life and prospects of it. This autumn, after some time of thinking, I made very important decision for myself. I decided to escape from my loneliness. I too tired of it! And you? Do you feel lonely in your life? Do you want to change it? Maybe we could help to each other with it? I am an ordinary, modest, soft girl. I'm 27. I live in Azerbaijan. My name Nina. I search for good man to spend the rest of my days. If you got interest in my message, then I will expect for your reply one day soon. Nina.
Letter 2
You know Jim, I hope that you will understand this letter correctly and all things, that I wish to say in it. Since it's really is not so easy to begin a chat with an absolute unknown person, who is on the other side of the monitor, at many thousands of kilometers away from me. The first step I already did and wrote you first short message. So, now I see that you got an interest in communicating with me and it makes me a little bit easier for writing new letter. But still, I do not have full confidence about what will be our communication. And I do not know yet, where it will bring us to, and what emotions or feelings will give. Because of it, today letter will be not very large either. And I hope you're not offended by it? I just want you to understand, that I'm a normal girl. I have my own fears or even some complexes. I can not be opened fully to a man, whom I do not know yet very well. So I'm going to do it gradually, step by step. And I think that it would be more correct. Since I want to see your answer to my letters, words, thoughts, and ideas. After it I will understand if for you all this is interesting or not. If I do not see your interest, then it will be easier to finish at the beginning our communication.
You already know Jim, that my name is Nina. I'm 27 years old and I live in country Azerbaijan. In my next letter, I will definitely tell you more about my country and the city where I live. I work as Fitness instructor.
So, to receive your e-mail, I addressed to the international dating agency branch, which recently opened in my town. At first, this agency has made for me e-mail in their company, and you've got my first short letter from that address. Now I am writing you from my personal e-mail, and only I have access to it. I hope that this will not be a problem for you, and you will understand, why I write you from new email?
I want to tell you, that desire to write you first short message - it was my conscious step, and I did it after reviewed of my life, my life goals and my wishes. I'm really tired of being alone, and unfortunately, in my country for me it is not possible to find a decent man for the rest of my life. Yes, my main goal - is to find a love partner for the rest of my life, whom I will love and who will love me. I understand that it will take plenty of time, efforts and patience. But I'm ready for it. I also understand that the strongest love and relationships usually start with friendship. Therefore, at this point, I suggest you to become friends, and then time will show us, whether we have a chance for a more serious relationship or not. By the way, do you have a lot of close friends?
I wish to tell you at once that for me it is important that you have been honest with me from the very beginning of our communication. And if all what you may offer me - it is only your friendship and no prospects for the future love relations, then I ask you to tell me this at once. So I wouldn't have a false hopes, and wouldn't feel the pain in the future. Because the greatest pain in this world brings disappointment and false hope. And I think you will agree with me on this. I want to tell you at either, that for me really doesn't matter any age difference or something like that between us. I will tell you about it more in my next letter, I hope you be able to understand it.
I write you my letters now from internet cafe, because I do not have a computer at home. So I can not spend a lot of time here and have no any accounts of social networks such as Face Book. I have a cell phone, but it works only within my country. So, to begin our conversation, I suggest you to use the e-mail. Then, when I get to know you better, we will find some other ways to communicate, I promise you.
On this I want to finish this my letter. I hope that your interest in me would not disappear. And in your next letter you write me some more details about you, your life and also send me more photos. For my part, I promise that I will do the same! I also have one important ask for you; please do not play games with me! I am writing to you seriously, and if you just want to have some fun or make me sick, you should not waste time for it. I do not want to say that you are a bad person, but maybe someone in the past has made you strong pain and now this pain has not calmed down yet…I'm just asking you to give me a chance to know you better, maybe I can help you forget all the bad things that were in your previous life.
Have a good day.
Letter 3
I see your response, Jim, your picture with your nice dog and it gave me some hope that our relations will develop. And that it will bring you and me a lot of interesting and positive things. At this moment, that's all what I need.
Of course, my life here has some positive moments that make me happy. I have a few close friends, all of them are women. With them I can meet, share my thoughts and emotions and not get bored. This friendship has lasted for many years, and I already know all the events that have been in their lives, and they also know about mine. But now I come to a conscious decision that I need serious changes in my life. And gradually, I will explain to you why I have come to this conclusion. In this letter I want to tell you more about my family, my previous life, and some general points. I forgot to tell you that my birthday is on 7 July. So, I live in city Quba, and it is located in 170 kilometers from the capital of my country, the city of Baku. My country Azerbaijan - it is absolutely independent country located in the Middle East, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Most people practice Islam here. And perhaps, in some sense, religion, morals, and various stereotypes have deprived me of the opportunity to be happy in my country. So I began to look for my own destiny with the help of the Internet, in other countries. As I said, for this, I turned to the international dating agency which has the largest database of contact information of the single men all over the world. They receive this information from the various dating sites. And then provide it for a small fee to lonely girls in my country. I'll tell you in detail about the circumstances of my life, that led me to realize that in this country, I will never be happy with the local men. I was born in a Muslim family, in the city of Shirvan. I'm only one child in family. I have no brothers or sisters. And my father strictly adheres to all the traditions of Islam. Therefore, all my childhood I was raised in a strict environment. I was taught to obey the man and never argue with them. It has always been difficult for me. I felt a lot of injustice and often cried. My father began to plan my future life. He chose for me my future husband, and never asked my opinion from an early age. He even tried to give me in marriage, when I was just 17 years old, but I refused, and it was a very big scandal in our family. My mother always loved me and always worried. But she never were against the will of my father. Then I went to study in the capital to the university, where I was educated as an economist. In the university I could learn English enough well. I can speak and write you. I also trying to teach other language now, since it's very interesting for me. So, after university, I decided not to go back to my hometown. I reported this to my father. For him it was a shock. He told me a lot of bad words, and asked me never appear in their house again. And since then, I am living in this small town and work as fitness Instructor. My father do not know where I live. Because otherwise he would be looking for me and trying to forcibly return home and marry on someone he wished. I do not want it! During 5 years I live alone. All these 5 years I have worked a lot, almost seven days a week. And I was able to save enough money, and take some of the money as a loan and buy a small apartment as mortgage. Now I have only one job, and it is enough to have a quiet life here. I hope that you can also share with me about what was your childhood? Was it happy? Did you feel the love of your parents? How early did you leave your parents' house? It was difficult for you to start an independent life, what you did at the beginning of it? Now my life has become a routine, I want to make changes in it. Despite the fact that I have close friends, I feel really lonely. Because I do not have near me a loved one, with whom I can share absolutely all my thoughts, feelings. Who will listen to me, understand and give advice or express his own opinion. I want to feel love, care, and to have confidence in the future. I do not think it's a lot and it is difficult, but that's all I really need to be happy. And do you feel that you are happy in your life? What would you like to change in your life, that to be truly happy? I think you might be interested to learn about my hobbies. And it's not so much. I like to lead a healthy life, to do gymnastics, jogging. I can do it after my work. Because I want to preserve my beauty and health, as long time as possible. I also like to watch interesting movies, listen to music and cook delicious. I'll tell you about it later also. I want to tell you either about my physical parameters. My height is 165 centimeters. My weight is 52 kilograms. My color of eyes is blue-grey.
One more time I want tell, that for me really doesn't matter the age difference. If I love a person, his inner world, his attitude to me, then I really don't care about his age. I see how much I already wrote you today. I am afraid that you are tired to read it all, and you will be bored (smile). Therefore, I need to finish my letter today. I understand you, if you can not write me the same big letters in return. But I hope you can answer my questions. And we will continue our acquaintance. Because I still need some confidence in you. I need to be sure that all this is interesting and you want to communicate with me. I wish you good mood, a good day and I hope to receive your early reply.
Letter 4

Another new day at Internet cafe, and I got your new letter, Jim and your pictures, it was interesting to know this. It's really becoming more interesting every time for me. With each new letter, I understand that I can write you more text and open, as a person. Here in my life I have everything fine. The weather is not so good, but it does not make me sad. I love absolutely every weather! When it is sunny and warm, I like to walk in the park or just down the street. When it's rainy and overcast, I love to stay at home and watch through the window on the street, how "the sky is crying." My city is small and there is no need to have a car, so I never even thought about how to obtain a drive license. Sometimes I think that people do not notice how really beautiful the world around us. How beautiful are plants, birds and various animals. Most people are enclosed, and they only think about their own problems, affairs. And that is why they are constantly angry, serious and sometimes evil. But if you just look around, you may see how this world is interesting and varied. Then this life will seem much more interesting. You only need to notice this huge world around us. Do you agree with me? When was the last time you're admiring the sunrise or sunset? When the singing birds and blooming flowers make your mood even more beautiful? I think that everyone one starts to notice all this one day. For example, when someone falls in love. Or when someone has some life tragic events in his life. But I do not want to talk to you today about some sad things. In my last letter I told you about my family. Unfortunately, I have not been meet with them during all this time. I am sure that my mother love me. Sometimes I call her and have short conversations. But my father has not changed his opinion. Since I'm an only one child, and I do not understand how my father could be so cruel? Is the religion more important to him than his own daughter? By the way, I have a simple phone that is good only for calls and SMS. But the tariff plan of this phone does not allow foreign calls or send and receive SMS from outside of my country.
Now I would like to share with you, how my usual day goes. I hope that you would be interested in it. I wake up early in the morning, do some simple sport exercise. Then I take a shower, do a light breakfast - usually a couple of sandwiches or scrambled eggs, or light, vegetable salad. Then I go to work. It is not very far from my home. I usually go there a walk. Since my country has very strict rules based on religion, I only work with women. This is private training programs for individual and group lessons and also the Cycle training. After work, sometimes I have a meeting with friends or doing sports. When I come home, I do all the household chores, and then just watch TV, listen to music or read interesting books. I really like to read! I love to dive into the fantasy world, to experience the same emotions as the main characters of the books and have a lot of fantasies. After this reading, it is not very easy to come back to the real world (smile). Sometimes I do not even want to do this. Because in the book, it's always so exciting, a lot of events, emotions, feelings. And my life has turned into a solid routine. From which I can not get out. But I'm glad that there appeared something new in my life (smile). I mean my communication with you. Suppose we wrote just a few letters yet. But I have the intuition that our relationship will grow and give us a lot of positive emotions. I only hope that it is also interesting to you, and you want to continue it? It just for my doubt or uncertainty, I'm just a girl, and it's the usual things for girls (smile). I also hope that your next letter, you tell me how your day is usually going.
Today I was thinking about what I want you to be better able understand me. And the reason why I'm alone here, and why I see no future for myself in my country. And I think I will write you about this in detail in my next letter. Perhaps I even dedicate a large part of my next letter to this topic. And I will also be interested to learn about your life situation. To be honest, I do not want to know some common elements or explanations. I would like to read your thoughts and detailed reasoning about it. I hope for you it will not be hard to do so. Also in my next letter I will write you about what kind of person I would like to see next to me in the future. What the qualities I look for in a future partner. I think that if I start doing it in this letter, this letter will be very large.
In my last letter I told you that I love to watch interesting movies and listen to music. I would like to just call you my most favorite movies and music groups. Perhaps you and I have the same tastes (smile). I love to watch movies, which caused a storm of emotions, feelings, compassion and forced to think. Therefore, my most favorite movies - Forest Gump, The Green Mile, The Notebook and American Beauty. Perhaps this is the major films that I reviewed many times. From foreign music I like to listen to the Beatles, Abba and Madonna. Probably, because most of their songs are about love. And it is very lacking in my life. And what are your favorite films and musicians?
At this point I will finish my letter. And I look forward to your soon reply.
Letter 5
You know, Jim, I think, it's becoming a really good tradition to come to internet cafe and to see your letter. By reading it, I'm able to understand, what you are really interested in communication with me. It is very important to me, because it gives me the strength and desire to continue write you big letters and to describe all that I feel and think. In this way, you will have the most accurate and detailed understanding of me, my nature and character. And also from your letters I start to know you better. Details of your life, your opinion on various topics, your thoughts… And I hope that all this will continue the same way. In my current life there are no serious changes or events. All is well, home, work, a rare meeting with friends. At work, I had no any interesting situations. The weather almost the same as it was all last days.
As I promised you in my last letter, this my letter I want to dedicate to an explanation of why I'm here alone, and do not see a happy future for myself here. As you already know, I live in a Muslim country. And the influence of the religion is very strong here. As I have already told you, from the very childhood, I had a lot of suffering because of it. When I got independence from my father, and started an independent life, it was for me, like a breath of fresh air. I started a completely new life. I took responsibility for all my actions, no one could limit me. And of course, for me it was a totally new; that I could own to build my own personal lives and make important decisions. That was that time, when the man appeared. He was 15 years older than me, but it did not scare me. As you already know, for me the age difference does not matter. That man was very gallant, he gifted me the flowers, he made beautiful courtship, and I really fell in love quickly. It was very beautiful and romantic beginning of a relationship. Besides, it was my first relationship. And it was all very vivid and emotionally. At first, we just met a few times a week in the evenings. We went to the cinema, cafes and just walked down the street. There were a lot of talking, dreaming and making plans. All this went on for about 3 months. According to his words, he had already planned our wedding and wanted us to move. At that moment I was a ****** ... naive, ****** in love. And I did not hesitate to agree. After that, our relationship became even closer. But our meetings not became more often. I did not understand why it was so? He also spoke beautifully about our forthcoming marriage, living together, children ... It was about 6 months more. Then I began to ask him direct questions regarding the wedding and future life. But each time he said that it was not the right time yet. That he had a lot of work and we were needed to wait a bit. I waited for another 3 months, and then accidentally found out that all this time he was married. It told me one of my friends, who knew his wife. It was a complete shock for me and great stress. I cried all day, I could not believe it. And the next day he came and saw me in such mood. I did not hide the fact that I know the truth. I did not require that he divorced and came to me. I just asked him to say whether he loved me and wanted to have a future with me? To my question, he replied very discreet and without emotion. He said, "I am glad that you learned everything yourself, and realized that I was not going to move away from family and children, because in this case it is necessary to divide all the property and a lot to lose. If you are not satisfied with the relationship that we have now, it would be better to break it forever. " After these words, I threw him out and asked never to appear again in my life. After that, I had a strong depression that lasted for about 4 months. I could not work normally, eat and sleep. This was my first, the only one and the most unfortunate love experience. And the most interesting thing happened after 6 months. That man tried to appear again in my life. He came on his knees, begged forgiveness and said that his wife drove home and left without a cent. That he had nowhere to live, and he only now realized what I was good, and how much he loves me and wants me back. I silently listened to him, and told him to disappeared forever from my life and shut the door. Perhaps, in this world many things can be forgiven. But for myself, I definitely decided that I can never forgive the betrayal of a loved one. Because it is the most painful, is the most vile and heinous event. Since that time, several years have passed. Many local men tried to provide a sign of attention to me, care for me, but I always refused them. Because before my eyes, in my mind, it was still strong those negative emotions. I could not trust any man again. I could not have anyone close fend for myself. At the same time, I knew that because of my religion and that I already was not a ******, it was a very small chance that some of the men would agree to have a serious relationship with me and build a family. Because such tradition are in my country. The girl should be a ****** before marriage.
And only after so many years, I decided to try my luck again and try to find a soul mate. But I clearly decided that it should be a man from another country, another culture and other principles. So I turned to the international dating agency where they gave me your e-mail. I really do not know what we will have in the end. But at the moment, I am very glad that you came into my life and we have a chat.
I hope I'm not too tired you with my life story and it were interested for you, reading it. I understand that you may find it ****** my behavior and my abstinence from *********** with men for many years. I just really very emotional, sensual and it took me so long to forget the pain. I'm sure you have a variety of situations in your life with woman and also the opportunity to experience the frustration sometimes. I want to tell you that I am always ready to listen to you and see if you have the desire to share with me your sad experience. I do not insist and do not ask, but I would be very interested to know a little bit about your past. Maybe it will help me in the future. And, of course, this way I can get to know you better. But in any case, I leave it to your discretion.
For my part, I promise to do everything to make my next letter be not so sad, as this letter (smile). Our life does not always consist of bright and happy moments. This life is hard, and there is sometimes pain and suffering and sad experience. I guess it's really necessary. Because otherwise, we would not have learned to appreciate the simple things. Finding joy in this life, some small, almost imperceptible events or things. The tragic events that awaken our senses, bring to mind that we are all humans and that we are able to feel, to empathize and to cope with any adversity. I think you will agree with me on this.
Now, I have a clear idea about what kind of man I need in this life. And I think that this is not something special or supernatural. I need a man with whom I can talk to absolutely any topic. Who will be able to listen to me, to understand and support. A man who keep his word, who never give up and never betray. A man, who will love me and I feel it every day. With such a man, I'm ready to spend the rest of my life. And such man I will make the happiest. I'll give myself to him completely. My heart, my soul, my body. I'll always be there, in all moments. I will always support and never leave such man in trouble. At this point I will finish my letter. And as always, I will wait for your reply and wish you success in all your deeds and plans.
Your friend
Letter 6
How is my dear friend Jim today? I hope you do not mind that I call you that way? Because for me you are really became a close person. It seems that we only wrote a several letters to each other. And each time I glad to see your pictures. But I really feel with you spiritual closeness. And I think it's very good, when we have it at the very beginning of our communication. Sometimes it is really very difficult to communicate with people, to try to understand their thoughts, motives or what they want to say. Sometimes it's enough 15 minutes of communication with a person to understand that this is absolutely alien and uninteresting person. But with you, it's absolutely different! I'm ready to write you long letters without stopping. I am ready to talk with you on absolutely any topic. I'm ready to share thoughts, plans, or sometimes even some sad experience of my life… Because I'm sure that you are interested in it. I'm sure that you will be able to hear me correctly, understand and express your opinion. And I really appreciate your opinion! I'm very interested in learning more of you, your current life and your past life. Reading your letters, I recognize you better with every new letter. I believe that it is really very good when we have such wonderful communication and understanding. And I hope that this will continue and develop. I hope that one day I will be able to write you absolutely everything that I feel, what I think and what I want. And also get your sincere letter in return. I understand that this will take some time. You and I, we must learn to trust each other and not to be afraid to say all that is in our souls and heads. And then, maybe we can get something much more, than a strong friendship… But all this will take some time. I hope that you agree with me on this?
Today I'm fine here. The weather is fine, my mood is fine, because you wrote me again (a smile). Today I would like to tell you a little bit more about my work. As you know, I work as a fitness instructor. And since I live in a Muslim country, here men and women make fitness in different halls. I only work with woman. I do completely programs for training, proper nutrition. When I have enough free time, like today, for example, I can devote this time to my own training. Usually I stay longer at work, after my work is finished. To do the necessary set of exercises. I think that if I were *** and lazy, I would not have had the right to teach other people to the right and healthy way of life. Therefore, I always try to control my own health, my body and my mood. I always try to be positive. I like it when I can charge other people with this positive and make them a little happier. Sometimes a simple, sincere smile is enough to stop the person from being gloomy. Tell me honestly, do you like my smile, if I able to cheer you up with my smile? I hope so (smile). And what do you do to be in a good mood? Are you trying to eat healthy food or is the food your weakness (smile)? I really like my work! It gives me everything, health, salary, a lot of varied communication with people. And in your life was a job, that you really loved, and which brought you much joy? I have many regular customers. I know enough about personal life of my clients, since I am an open-minded person. I can listen without judging. I always try to look at any situation from two different points of view in order to be as objective as possible. I guess that I'm not a typical girl (smile). You know that I have been lonely during a long time. And this time I used to think. I tried to understand why some people are happy in their lives, and why some of them are sad, although there is no reason for that? And then I came to interesting conclusions. There are people, who have an analytical mind. And there are other people whose main motive power is their own emotions. Most of girls are very emotional. And in some difficult life situations, their emotions are stronger than their minds. In such situations, girls begin to behave illogically, perhaps even aggressively and are very quick-tempered, they can say many offensive words. I've seen this lot of times and probably, I was one of those girls… After the betrayal of my beloved man, I wrote you in my last letter about. And for me it took a very long time, that I could understand it. I can not say that I have become completely different. Because being at my age it's not so easy to change myself. But still, I think that I have learned to look differently at different events and people's behavior. And now it's not so easy to do to spoil my mood. Because I understand that if a person tries to behave rudely with other people, be rude or humiliate, then most likely such a person is very unhappy in his own personal life. And such a person is only worth pity. Do not take offense at such people or take them seriously... And I came to the conclusion that very emotional people who take all events very close to heart, they are usually very unhappy in their lives. They can not subordinate their own emotions, restrain it or control it. They create their own problems and make other people unhappy. Because negative energy is also very contagious and difficult. So now I try to look at this world much easier and restrain my emotions. These are the main features of my character. And how are you? Can you say that you are a very sensual, emotional person? Or are you more reasonable, logical and pragmatic? It is very interesting for me to hear your answer to this question. About my vacation, I didn't have it last 3 years, so I even don't know what to tell you about this (smile). I just prefer to work as much as possible to get my financial stability. Now I have it and maybe next year I will plan something for vacation.
Now I again notice that my letter is becoming very big (smile). I really can write you without stopping, but I understand that you can be tired of reading such large letters. If so, then you tell me. I just really get a lot of positive energy from our communication. This is a new experience in my life, and I have such a presentiment that we will have the most interesting things in future. So, now I will finish my letter. As always, I will very much look forward to your reply. Write absolutely everything that will come to your head, after reading this my letter! I always do it myself (smile). And also, do not forget to send me your photos. That I had more idea about your life! Now I'll go home, I want to cook something delicious for dinner. Probably it will be fried in olive oil fish. Do you like fish and seafood? I really like it, because it is tasty and very healthy. I wish you only positive events, good mood and good health!
Friendly embrace.
Letter 7
You know Jim, it seems to me that I'm starting to depend on your letters. Maybe I'm a ****** (smile)? And your letters, your attention, your involvement in my life it is a drug for me(a smile)? This is really not the usual feeling and emotions for me... I never had this before! Now I try to come to Internet cafe, as often as possible. And with great anticipation, I'm waiting for your letters. I understand that you have enough of your own affairs, but deep down in my soul I hope that today I will see your letter! And often, this hope is embodied in reality. It's so amazing, sometimes I even start to think that I can feel you and when you write me. Yes, in my area there are different type of trees, mountains also. And you right, weather at summer is very hot.
Sorry, I forgot to say "hello" (smile). How are you today? How is your health ? I hope you are doing well. Here the weather is enough nice for this time of year. But anyway, I try to dress according the weather and not get sick. To be honest, I rarely have a cold, and my immunity is very strong. I think that this sport and proper nutrition allow me to be sick very rarely. And how are you ? How often do you have different diseases?
Today I had quite a normal working day. It flew very fast. Before going to the Internet cafe, I had a meeting with my close friend. Her name is Jamilya. She is 3 years older than me. But I do not feel this difference. I'm always interested in communicating with her and learning about her life, or sharing my life with her. She is a very wise woman. I send you my photography with her with this letter. For me, her opinion is always interesting and I respect it. Jamilya had several difficult situations in her life before. Now she is doing well, but those difficult situations taught her a lot. I noticed one very interesting thing in this life. People, who have difficult fates and many difficult situations in the past, such people are usually very wise... Life made them stronger, taught them to understand people and not repeat mistakes from the past. That's why it's always very interesting and useful to talk with such people, I suppose. And did you notice this? Do you agree with me? Today our meeting with Jamilya was short. We just drank tea in a cafe and chatted. It was only about 30 minutes. I was in a hurry to the internet cafe to see your answer. So we agreed to meet again next time and spend more time together. But even for this short meeting today, my friend said that she sees some interesting changes in me… I did not tell her that you and our communication. I promised to tell her everything in detail next time. I hope you do not mind (smile)? And how often do you have meetings with your friends and simple friendly conversations? How do these meetings usually take place and where?
After the internet cafe, I plan to go home. I do not want to do something special. Today I have such a mood that I want to lie down, listen to music and think about something, or even dream. Like any person, I have different dreams. Some of them are not serious and never feasible. Another dreams can be implemented at any time. But lately, I have one most important dream. I often think about it, imagine and reflect on it. My main dream now is to have a family. A real family in which there will always be understanding, trust, support and of course love. Such a family, this is the main gift, the main wealth that I would like to have. I'm very tired of being alone. To come to an empty apartment… To do some things just for myself and quickly fall asleep. In order not to think about my life, about the fact that it lacks the most important thing - love. I admit to you, sometimes such thoughts can bring me to tears. And then I cry for a long time and can not stop. I want a real, loving man to come into my life. For which I will do absolutely everything to make him the happiest man in the world! I will take care of our house; prepare a delicious and varied food. We will spend all our free time together. We will talk on various topics, and he will always understand me. I will be support him in everything. Here it is - the present, simple female happiness in my understanding. I do not need gold, money or other valuables. Because it can never make a person truly happy. My opinion, a truly happy and calm person can only make a happy family. And this is my main dream. No. This is my main goal in life! And how often do you dream? What are your dreams about? And what is the most important for you in life? What can fill your life with real meaning?
You know, while I wrote you this letter. When I listed to you some things that should be in the present relationship. I involuntarily caught myself on an interesting thought. You and I, we really have very good communication. I see how you respond to my letters. I see how much attention you give to me. And now I think it's very good. We have so many positive moments from the very beginning of our acquaintance. And I think that in the future this can give an interesting result. But it's still too early to talk about all this. It's just my thoughts, and I wanted to share this with you. Sincerely hoping that you are still interested in this and you agree with me on this.
Now I will finish my letter. I hope that, as always, you will soon answer me and tell me more about your life, your thoughts and of course do not forget to share your photos.
Strong, friendly embrace.
Letter 8
I noticed that today is a wonderful day today (smile). And you know what makes this day so beautiful? The fact that I again may see your new letter, Jim. As usual, it's very pleasant for me and I read it with great pleasure. I've already told you that communicating with you - it's very interesting for me. It's informative and I want to continue this either. It's only seems that not much time has passed, but I can feel some changes in my life. And these are really good changes! I feel as if I have become much more smiling. I have a good mood and do many of my things much faster. Because I'm really hurry to the internet cafe to see your answer! I'm really sorry about ******, I hope she will be well soon.
I hope that everything is fine with you. That you do not have serious problems and causes for sadness. Otherwise, you should tell me this! And then I will do my best to change your mood for the better (smile). In the depth of my soul, I hope that our communication with you, it gives you the same amount of positive emotions and causes great interest for the continuation. I really want that one day we could write to each other absolutely everything that we think.
Today I had a fairly normal day at work. I did not have much fatigue or much to do. At the end of the day, I also was able to do some workout time for my own body. I really love my work for such opportunities (smile).
Today I would like to talk with you about a very interesting topic for me. Hope it will be interesting for you either. I am very interested in learning more about your country, about how people live there, what traditions they have and how they spend their free time. I understand that even in your country there are many different types of people, and their leisure time may differ. But, maybe there is something in common between them? And for me it's interesting, how to spend a holiday loving couples or married people? All that I could see about life in other countries, it was shown in the movies or some entertainment programs. But, it seems to me that all this is not real, but just an invention or a beautiful fairy tale. Therefore, I am very interested in your answer to this. I'm interested, for example, how do people in your country spend their time at home? What do they do together? How is the household chores distributed? How often do family or in love couples walk together or visit some places? What kind of places are these? How often do you visit your friends (other couples)? And how do such meetings usually take place as planned? And I also want to tell you about how these things go in my country. As you know, I do not have much experience in communication and relationships with men. And the experience I have is very sad. Therefore, all that I tell you is what I remember from my childhood. Or what my friends tell me, who have families. Probably, after my story, some traditions of my country will seem strange to you (smile). You know that I live in a Muslim country, and this has a great influence on people's behavior. Especially on people who have a love relationship. In our country and religion it is customary that all these external manifestations of feelings of love people show only in their own home. It's rare to see people, who kiss on the street. The maximum that you can see are couples walking by the handle. Therefore, in various public places, it can even be difficult to understand if you see a guy and a girl, who they are, relatives or lovers. Because society condemns the open manifestation of feelings of love, such as passionate kisses or long embraces. Of course couples have friendship with other married couples. And they often go to visit. Sometimes it happens even a simple visit, not agreed in advance. And always the hosts receive guests are very kind, attentive and have many honors to the guests. Because "guest" and "hospitality" are very important in my country. Therefore, people like to visit each other. In my country, it is not customary to drink a lot of alcohol at all. It is acceptable to drink only a few glasses of wine for the whole evening. When it's a some family holiday, it's about the following. I will describe this to you on the example of the national Azerbaijani wedding. When it happens feast, men and women gather in different rooms. In our country it is not customary that all guests on such a holiday gather in one large room. And only the groom and the bride are allowed to visit both rooms throughout the celebration. I think it's very difficult for you to imagine and understand (smile). But it really is.
I hope that by this letter, I was able to give you more ideas about my country, religion and traditions. And I think that now you can even better understand why I do not see my future here (smile). I really feel like I'm "someone else's" in this country, in this city. I can not be absolutely liberated, do and say what I want. I constantly have to control every step of my life, so as not to cause condemnation of people around me. And it's really very hard. It's like I'm playing a role. But I do not want this! I want to be natural, smile, laugh loudly, express my real feelings and emotions and not be afraid of condemnation. Probably then I can feel happy. I feel that a large amount of unused energy has accumulated inside of me, a large supply of feelings, tenderness and passion. And now I need such a person, the right person who will be able to accept, appreciate and reciprocate all this. And I want to thank you again for our communication! Because in letters I can write you a lot of things that happen inside of me. I can be myself, without hiding something. And that means a lot to me! You really are a very good, wise and experienced person, and I'm glad that I could meet you in this vast world! I believe that this is truly a miracle (a smile).
On this I will finish my letter. As always I will wait for your answer, your thoughts and emotions after reading my letter. I give you my strong embrace, and a friendly kiss on the cheek.
Letter 9
Now my regular work day is over. And I'm in the Internet cafe, with great interest reading your letter, Jim. It's really very exciting. I'm really sorry about ****** and thank you for your pictures.
You know, I have a very good imagination. And now this imagination is drawing a very interesting picture for me. It's like the Middle Ages now. You live in far lands, a large, beautiful castle. I live many hundreds of kilometers ahead of you in another castle. We never meet before in the real world. And we have communication only through letters, that are delivering to us for a very long time. And I'm sitting with great anticipation and waiting for your letter. To read this several times, imagine all that you wrote me. And also slowly to write you an answer. A big letter, with my thoughts, the events of my life and my feelings. Probably in the Middle Ages, it really was this way (smile). But now we have the Internet, and we can do everything much faster. And it's really very good! We do not need to wait long months to exchange a couple of letters. We just need to find more free time to do it. While we do not know, what continuation this correspondence will have. But now I'm very happy that you are in my life! It's very easy for me to communicate with you. Sometimes I think, that I can write you during many hours without stopping. But then I understand that you will read this for a very long time and maybe you will be tired. That's why I try to write you only the most important things.
So, back to our reality (smile). How is your life there? How is the weather? How is your health? I hope that everything is fine and you do not have problems. Here I'm fine; there are not any special changes. The weather is good enough for this time of year. I also want to tell you that if you have any personal moments that you can not keep inside of yourself, then you can write to me about it. I promise you that I will always listen to you and will not judge. I know that in our large, modern world, many simple things have become inaccessible. Ordinary human communication - this has become a great luxury. People are always in a hurry to somewhere. They get tired. They want to watch TV and just lie on the couch. I notice that lately the cult of loneliness is gaining popularity. That people find joy in being alone. Come up with a lot of reasons to justify this loneliness. But it's not right! I believe that a single person can not be happy. A lonely person closes from the outside world. Such person hides in his own house and does not have any development and desire for change. Unfortunately, it's becoming more such people recently. So if you feel the necessary to share with me any of your thoughts or feelings, you can always do it! During this short time, I was able to understand and feel that you are a very kind person, with a big heart and a wide soul. I understand that in your past life there could have been various difficult and sad situations, after which it is difficult to trust people. Perhaps, it is still difficult for you to open up more strongly for me, but we are in no hurry (smile). And I hope that with each new letter, you will understand that you can trust me, and I will justify this trust.
You know, usually most of my days at work are monotonous. I think so many people have. But sometimes I have some events at work. And that events make me seriously think about this life. About how one generation of people is replacing the other. If I tell you my thoughts, then I believe that every next generation becomes worse. Young people do not respect the older generation. Money takes on too much importance and spoils many people. Life values have changed very much. And sometimes I'm very sad to look at all this. Today I had one such occasion for reflection and sadness. Today a new client came to me. More precisely the grandmother of the new client, as it is not strange. She said that her granddaughter of 17 years old wants to have fitness classes and a personal trainer. This woman was interested in how much it would cost and how will these classes take place? I explained this in detail to her and told the price. If to have such classes constantly, 3 times a week, then it will be worth a large amount of money, by local standards. And when this woman heard this price, she became very sad. And she said that she can not pay so much, because her pension does not allow her to do so. And this will mean that her granddaughter will not visit her at all now. I did not understand what she meant and asked. Then this woman said that the last time the granddaughter visited her a few days ago. And she demanded that she pay her fitness classes with a personal trainer. To grandma made her such a gift. And if the grandmother refuses, then the granddaughter will no longer visit her and love. Therefore, grandmother came to our fitness center and decided to find out about the cost. I tried to calm this woman... But in this situation I could not find the right words, and she left very sad. After that I had a sad mood for a long time. I did not understand why the children became so cruel? Why did the parents of this girl not teach her to respect elderly people? Why does she put such ultimatums to her grandmother, who loves her very much and for which it is very important that her granddaughter visit her often? So many questions were in my head, and I really could not find at least one suitable answer. And this is just one example of those that I see often in different places and lives of different people. And such situations really make me think a lot. For myself, I decided that if I have my own children, I will devote a lot of time to their upbringing, education and manners of behavior. Otherwise, my child will grow up the same as this young girl. I do not want my child to be selfish and use the love of close people for manipulation. And what do you think about this situation? How do you bring up children in your country? If parents spend more time with the child? I'm very interested to know it.
Now I looked and realized that I had already written a lot of text. I hope you're not tired of reading this. And it will be better if I now finish writing this letter, although I still have many thoughts. I will write you these thoughts in my next letter.
With impatience I will wait for your answer. You know, I'm always glad to see your new photos or photos of some of your memorable moments that you can share with me.
Letter 10
Jim, I want to congratulate you on the little jubilee that we have today (smile). Today I am writing you the tenth big letter. It seems that there are only 10 letters written. But according to my feeling, it's like you and I are old friends, who have known each other during many years. And this is really an incredible feeling. Perhaps this is some kind of magic (smile). During this time you really became a close person for me. And I myself could not understand and notice how it happened… But this is a fact! We are so far apart, but our connection is quite strong. I feel that you have a strong interest in communicating with me. That we have some attraction. And it's amazing. Because we could get it through correspondence. And these letters made a truly magical affair. It's amazing, people wrote letters to each other hundreds of years ago and continue to do it now. And I'm sure the power of letters has not changed since that ancient times. No any modern means of communication can replace this. When I write you a letter, I'm very focused. I write you all that I think. I'm trying to find more correct, accurate words to describe my thoughts, feelings. And I hope that you see and feel it. I have no doubt that if you and I had a live communication somewhere in a cafe, then this would also be interesting. But not as interesting as in letters! In letters, I can be absolutely frank. Do not be afraid of something. In real life, in real communication, you can make some mistakes. You can use the wrong intonation of the voice or some frightened look. Or to do something else, after which the interlocutor will be offended. Shut up in himself and lose interest for further communication and this will be a very unpleasant sensation. On the other hand, I understand that it is not possible to write letters for many years to each other. Since this can be tedious and the relationship will not have development. But to begin with, to find out the person - letters - is the ideal way! And then, after letters, in real time, it will be much easier to have communication. You will already know what your interlocutor likes, what he dislikes, and what will be uncomfortable for him. Therefore, I believe that it is very good that you and I were able to begin our acquaintance on the Internet, through letters. Who knows, maybe in the future, someday we will have the chance to meet, to sit like old friends in some cafe, to drink tea and chat gaily. This is life, and in this various events are possible. It all depends on us and our desire.
I'm all right here. Today my work day ended earlier, and I immediately come to the internet cafe. Because I have an arrangement with my friend Jamilya to meet tonight. So that this time we could spend more time together and talk more. I will write you about this meeting in my next letter. In the last letter, I wrote you some of my thoughts about loneliness and how people have changed recently. And now I want to continue talking about this. I hope you do not mind (smile)?
I wrote you that letter and came home. And I began to think about whether I am lonely or not? What is real loneliness and how to get rid of it? Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that I am lonely. Yes, I have several close friends, you also appeared in my life. All this is good. This allows me to relax, chat on any topic. When I have rare meetings with friends, it's also good. But in the end, I always go home. I come and I am met by these walls, this empty, cold bed in which I can just lie down and do nothing. I have a job. But, all this is an ordinary life routine. And this can not make me really happy. I came to this conclusion that I maybe really happy and not alone, only in one case. When in my life a beloved man will appear. A man for whom I will do everything to make him feel my love, care and attention. I will cook delicious food, do a clean house; I will always keep an eye on my appearance. To my man be in a hurry from work to home, to me. That he knew, I always meet him with a smile and hugs. I will always be ready to listen to him and also share my thoughts. Only in this case I can say that I do not feel lonely. And that I'm a happy woman. It's really so little necessary for my happiness, but it's so hard to get. This world, people, somehow everything became very terrible, disgusting and sometimes I do not even want to leave the house to see all this. I understand that you many times could have such a question, how a girl like me, with such appearance, maybe alone and not meet a good man in her country? But this is really true! I see that men here pay attention to me. Someone even try to get to know me, make some suggestions. But for me it's enough just to look into this person's eyes, listen to what he says to me, and I begin to understand his true motives and desires. And it's very terrible, it makes me want to run without stopping far, far away. But I always refused. I'm not a thing for someone to buy me!!! It's disgusting to think about that. And after that, I'm beginning to wonder why local men behave this way? Why do not they want to spend time on courtship, socializing and romance? Why do they think they can buy everything and even a girl? And I only come to one conclusion. The girls themselves are to blame for this. Most young girls dream of a beautiful life. And to get this, they agree to everything. And all this in order to receive money, cars, jewelry ... How did this world deteriorate, how cruel he became ... Therefore, I have long ago stopped all attempts to find a good man in my country. And I do not have any communication with local men so as not to give them hope. I have serious goals. I want to have a strong family, a reliable husband, in which I will be absolutely sure. This is all that is necessary for me and that can make me happy. I really hope that one day I will receive this.
Now you are in my life. And it's enough natural that I compare you to other men that I have ever had to communicate with. And you know, I can confidently say that you are different! You are much better than all the previous men with whom I communicated. In you there is wisdom, respect for women. You know what words need to say for explain your opinion, your thoughts and feelings. With you, I feel completely different. With you I feel free! I do not need to hide something, stick to some image or try to seem better. With you I am who I am. And I think that this is very good. You really became a close man for me. I can not even say for sure what I feel for you? Friendly feelings or something more powerful. Perhaps it was not so long before I could say it. If you lived in my city, and we had the opportunity to meet, then I would be able to do it. But for now, we only have letters ... I'm not sure that through this you can feel love. I'm not sure that you will believe this. You know, it seems to me, I'm not sure what has anything to do with you (smile). Like I'm some kind of teenage girl (smile). Perhaps this is the most accurate comparison.
I feel that I should stop writing this letter now (smile). Otherwise, I will be afraid of myself and what I can write you. I do not have full confidence that you will understand all this correctly and you will not condemn.
Write me soon.
Letter 11
I'm really sorry about ******... I don't know what right words to find to calm down you..
I think it's impossible now...You should be strong. I'm with you!
Write me, when you have more better mood, I will wait for your detailed letter, when you can write it to me.
The tears also on my eyes, I would like to hug you now.
Will be wait for your letter, don't hurry up with it. Take it as much time as you need.
Letter 12
My dear friend Jim, how are you doing today, how is your mood, how is the weather? I'm all right here, my mood is the best, because I see your new letter. I confess, with every new letter I begin to read it with other feelings. I tried to explain this to you in my last letter and I hope that you could understand all that I wanted to say. Although, even I do not fully understand this (a smile). But it's really true, that I'm waiting for your new letter with great impatience! I read this very carefully and try to imagine everything that you are telling me. This is indeed a very surprising feeling. Never before I felt this way. It's like a completely new, different world was opened for me after the beginning of our communication with you via e-mail. And I'm very grateful to you for discovering this wonderful world for me! One more time, I'm really sorry about ******, I hope that the trip you planed to do will help you in some way. No, my bed is not water bed, but it's very soft. When I read your letters, I do not feel that you are very far away from me, in another country. I have a feeling that I've known you for many years and you are my closest friend.., And I also understand that with each new letter this friendship begins to grow into something more strong. Maybe I'm even slightly afraid of it... It's true, I'm afraid of falling in love with you. Because I can not imagine what will happen after this? What kinds of relationship will we have? Will there be further development of this in the real world? What will this lead us in the end to? A million questions arise in my head after I imagine it (smile). But almost the most important question is in another thing. Can I continue to write you the same letters? Can I also openly write absolutely everything, what I think, feel and how I see this world? Or there will be some barrier? Perhaps, I will constantly think about what you will think, and what will be your reaction? Because friendly communication is different from communication between two lovers! And, of course, the most important question and fear - will all these my feelings be reciprocal? And will not it alienate you? Or maybe you will want to finish our correspondence after this? I mean fully reciprocal. Not only words in letters, but feelings. It's very easy to write the words "I love you". But to feel, I think it need to have absolute sure! I'm very much afraid that all this will remain unrequited, and I will lose a good friend. Forgive me for writing this woman's nonsense (a smile). But I can not keep it into myself.
For the same reason, I contacted my friend Jamilya and asked her about the meeting. And last night I had this meeting. I told her everything that I write you today in this letter. I needed to hear her opinion and maybe to get her advice. Because she is a very wise woman, and I can trust her with absolutely everything. She listened to me very carefully and then told me her conclusion. She told me in the first place that judging by all the external signs, according to my story, my behavior and ****** expressions, I already fell in love with you, but I'm afraid to admit it to myself. And she also gave one very simple advice. She advised me to be frank with you. So that I'm not afraid to tell you about my thoughts, feelings and doubts. She said that you are a very good man, judging by my stories, and you will be able to understand all this correctly. And also she recommended me simply to continue my communication with you. And maybe you yourself decide to take the first step. I do not want you to think that I'm trying to rush you or push you, telling you all this! I just want you to know and understand all this. Now that I've written this to you, I can take a deep breath (a smile). It seems to me that I wrote you all this on one breath (a smile). And I do not even want to reread all this or change anything. I wrote you absolutely everything that I feel, what I think and what I'm afraid of. I'm sure, as always, you can understand this correctly. And today I have only one question for you. What do you think about all that I wrote you? I'm sorry that my letter today is not as big as usual. I look forward to your next letter with great impatience. I even think that today, after everything I've written to you, I can not fall asleep (smile). I'll be thinking, maybe you'll find me a ******, naive girl, who at this moment in her life can not understand all that is happening to her (a smile). Enough, I urgently need to finish this letter (smile).
Please, write me soon, otherwise I will become a zombie, who will not sleep for many nights (smile).
Yours Nina
Letter 13
My dear Jim, thank you for your letter! Thank you for your understanding, for your words. Thank you for being there!!! For the fact that you appeared in my life! You appeared at the most necessary moment. Then, when I was already desperate, I did not believe that I could be happy again. At that moment, when my faith has practically faded away. The belief that somewhere in this world there are real men, who know how to listen, understand, show true attention, care, participation. And so I met you! And this faith returned to me again. Step by step, I began to recognize you. I began to get deeper into this relationship. I confess to you, at some point in my head there were ****** thoughts. I scolded myself, asked myself questions, what do I do? Why am I doing this? What will me this lead to? Will I again feel that pain, disappointment and long sadness, as it was the last time? Can my heart sustain this new pain if it appears? Maybe it's better to stop now, before it's too late and never again to come to an internet cafe? Such thoughts really were in my head. But then other thoughts always turned out to be stronger. I told myself, “you see, he's not so bad” ! Do not you feel his sincerity, openness and kindness? Why do you doubt it? And all this gave me the strength and the desire to continue our communication with you. All this made me move on. Step by step. Until I realized that it's too late to give up and retreat. Because I can not change my feelings, my desires and my thoughts. And I stopped asking myself ****** questions (a smile). Here such dialogues sometimes passed in my head, and I want you to know this. Because, as always, I believe that you will understand all this correctly. You always did it!
Jim, I already wrote you about my phone, about that I write you letters from internet cafe, but it seems that you forgot about it. To make Skype I will need to go to my friend in capital, this trip will take whole day and I plan to make it in a 10 days, then you be able to see me in Skype.
My day passed usually today. No serious changes were. The weather is good enough. I enjoy it. At work, time flies very quickly. Although some of my colleagues began to notice the changes in me (smile). They say that I became some kind of absent-minded, I do not have concentration. I became thoughtful, dreamy, as if I was not present at work, but somewhere else. And you know, probably they are in something right (smile).
When I wrote and sent you my last letter, I was very afraid. I was afraid that you might not correctly understand all that I wanted to write to you. I admit, I wanted to write to you much more, but something stopped me. Some inner fear. Fear of making mistakes, repeating past mistakes or fear of haste. First of all, I needed time to understand my own feelings, desires and thoughts. To understand what I really want from our relationship? What I feel for you and if I am ready for this. I did not want to hurry or make premature conclusions. But for now, I think that I am completely ready to answer all the questions that were in my head, in my heart. And I ask you to take it all seriously. This is not a game; it's not empty words or empty sound. It's all that's inside me now, in my heart.
For all this time that I communicate with you. Throughout all of our letters, sharing photos and views on this life, I was able to understand a lot for myself! Even not so it will be correct to write. I was able to feel a lot about you, me, our lives! I found many common thoughts, feelings, when I shared with you situations from my life, when I read your stories and memories. With each letter this made me closer to you. And at the same time, I wanted to become even closer, as close as possible! And I felt how communication grew between us and became stronger. How this connection became tangible, as if I could touch it ... This is an incredible feeling. I've never felt this before. And it really moved me and I followed it. Step by step. In the end, I have already stopped to be afraid of something, to doubt or postpone at a later date. And so I write to you now absolutely everything that is in my heart, in my thoughts. I understand that for someone, all this my letter can seem a lot of delirium, nonsense. But not for me and you, I hope. I could never have imagined that letters can transmit so many feelings, emotions, moods. But now, I myself am convinced of this. Now I even begin to think that in this world there are no impossible things! And if a person really wants something, then everything becomes possible. I wanted to get rid of loneliness, monotonous, boring life ... I wanted to meet a decent man with whom I would like to spend my whole life. And I met you! And all this is not just words.
Now I have absolute certainty, and I do not want to hide it. I love you Jim, I love you very much and probably during some time already. But I was afraid to admit it to myself. But now I'm not afraid of anything! And I tell you all that I feel. Although not (smile). Perhaps I'm somewhat afraid of your next letter. Your reaction and all that you will write me there. But in any case, I will wait for your answer with impatience.
Hugs and kisses.
Yours Nina
Letter 14
My love Jim, I would not hide that today I went to an Internet cafe with a little worries. I did not know what would be waiting for me in your new letter... I did not know how you reacted to my previous letter. Perhaps this can even be called “fear”.. That's how we girls are strange (smile). I came to Internet cafe, sat down and for some time did not open my e-mail. But then I decided, whatever happens, I need to do it and I read your letter. I think I've never before read your letters so fast (smiles). And only when I read it to the end, I was able to exhale and calm down. And now I'm going to write you this letter in a more relaxed state. I see that all your memory and thoughts are about ******...I think I hardly may find the right words to tell you how much I'm sorry about your loss...
I'm fine in my life here. The work flies quickly and I rush to internet cafe to see your answer. Usually, at this times I like to walk more in the open air, enjoy the view of nature. Since the weather is not so bad. Usually, I stroll home slowly after working and think my thoughts. But now, you are in my life, and I know that you wait my answer, so I do not have much time for walks (smile). But I do not regret it. I want to thank you for your answer! You really lived up to all my best expectations. You could correctly understand all that I wrote you in my last letter. And most importantly, you did not condemn me. Therefore, in this letter, I want to continue to write you about my feelings for you. I hope you do not mind (smile)? You know, in my life I've loved only once before. I wrote you about that my sad experience with a married man. And that love eventually brought me a lot of pain. And it took a long time to forget all this and start life from scratch. I think that you also went through similar things in your past life, and you can understand me correctly. After that pain, it really was very difficult again to start a new relationship. I had a very strong fear inside, and I wrote you about it in my last letter. But now, this fear has practically disappeared. Because I see your letters, your attitude to me, your words… And all this gives me a very great hope that this my new love will be better. This gives me a hope that this will be the only one love of my further life. I understand that maybe you read this with some mistrust, doubts and you think, how can she write this? How can she say such words if we have never met in real life? If we do not touch each other, do not kiss, or have a live communication? You know, I can understand such doubts and your thoughts if you have this. But also, I know myself well. I know my heart, I hear it! I know what my heart, my soul needs. And they need you, kind, gentle, caring, understanding. And so I wrote you in my last letter these 3 words "I love you". Because I really feel it, I'm sure of it and for me it's all very serious. And now my only fear is that it is not be in vain .. That I was not mistaken in my choice, in the choice of my heart. You know, we girls are very emotional, we rarely think with our heads (smile). We do everything as our heart tells us. And I did it, I took the first step towards my happiness. And honestly, now I probably have a very ****** question in my head(smile). And what to do next? Why did not I think about this at before? There can be only one answer - because I'm a girl (a smile), a girl in love. And now, I'm writing this letter to you and I think. And what really options do we have next? What should we do now? If we continue our communication by letters during many more months. Then we will remain just friends by correspondence. And this feeling that we have now, it will turn into a close friendship. I believe that what we have now, it is necessary to develop. Develop in the real world. But how to do it? If you are far from me and it all happened very quickly. I really can not imagine it. Start planning a meeting? And how, where, when? For so many questions I do not have an answers now. So now, I want to stop writing. I want to receive your answer, read your thoughts, maybe then it will be easier for me and we together will be able to find a good option.
On this I want to finish my letter today. I have one very interesting idea, a little surprise for you. But I'll write you this in the next letter. I hope this will not shock you (smile).
I love you, I really love you. And I really want to see, feel and know that this is a mutual feeling. So ask only one thing, please, do not hurt me...
Yours Nina.
Letter 15
How does today the best, the kindest and loved my man feel (smile)? I hope that everything is fine, your mood is good and you were looking forward to my letter. In any case, I think that after this letter your mood will be even better. I'm all right here. The weather is good. There were no interesting events at work last time. Time passed quickly and I am here again, in an internet cafe, and read your answer.
I feel your pain about ****** and even some news makes you more sad...It's a pity that time not possible to return back to correct something....
I was interesting to know and see pictures of fish and your ******. When I was young girl my father took me couple of times for fishing and I liked it. But later I didn't try it. I understand what you told me about we know each other only from letters. If you wish I can go to Baku to visit my friend there. She has computer at home with internet and video, so you be able to see me in Skype and hear me. Do you want it? You know Jim, with every new letter, I understand that I made the right choice. That my heart was not mistaken, when I chose you. And it's so good! With each new letter, my fears become smaller. And the desire to be with you, to be in the real world becomes stronger. I constantly think about it, dream, imagine how our first meeting happens. I can imagine how first time I see your eyes in love, I hear your voice, I feel your embrace and sweet taste of a kiss. I'm sure, at this first moment tears will flow down my cheeks without stopping. But these will be tears of happiness, bliss, tranquility and affection. But my dreams do not stop here (smile). In previous letter, I told you that I have an idea that will probably shock you (smile). But I hope that you will like it nonetheless. And now, I'll tell you this. This is my dream, personal, intimate. I was not ready to talk about such topics before, but these thoughts are also in my head now. And I want to share it with you. I have such dreams, when I can not sleep for a long time. I hope that after that you will be able to sleep (smile). And so, we have our first meeting. In my dreams, I come to you, you meet me at the airport with flowers and we go to your house. When I go inside, I have a pleasant surprise, because I see a few more bouquets of flowers arranged in a large room. I see several large posters on the walls and also a long inscription with words "Welcome my love!". All this makes me very enthusiastic. But you do not stop there. You invite me to go to the kitchen. There the situation is completely different. There is a romantic, slow music, a table with a bottle of wine, fruit and other food. Also on this table is a candlestick, candles are lit and the main, electricity light is extinguished. In my thoughts, I wonder how you managed to do all this, because you were with me at the airport (smile)? Perhaps you asked someone about this and everything was done in time. We sit down to supper, pour a little wine and you want to propose a toast, we drink for my arrival, for our love, for our future. Then we have a more relaxed state, chatting, eating and at the end of dinner you invite me to dance with you a slow dance. We dance, look into each other's eyes, gently touch the cheeks with our hands, we have long, passionate kisses. Then you take me in your arms and carry me to the bedroom. There is another surprise waiting for me. I see that the petals of red roses are scattered on the floor and on the bed. And on the bed it is as the figure of a big heart. You gently put me on the bed, I start to bend and slowly move my hands like a bird. I can not believe that all this happens to me, that I'm so happy, and I have such luck that I met and fell in love with you. At this time, you begin to undress yourself, I make you an inviting hand gesture and you join me on the bed. You start caressing, kissing me, whispering words of love and slowly begin to undress me. And here you and I are absolutely *****, our excitement is maximum, I can feel it, in every centimeter of your and my skin. And then, without noticing it yourself, you were under me. I began to kiss your neck, your ******* and slowly sank lower belt. And we are practically exhausted, we lay tightly embraced. And this is only the beginning of our first night ... I hope that you enjoyed this my dream, and you want this to become a reality soon. I also want to say that after this letter, I would not want to have further communication only on such topics. I hope you agree with me? My love, in this my letter, I would also like to talk to you about another important thing. I told you in the last letter about our possible next steps. And in my opinion nothing has changed. I really think that we need to meet soon. And I really hope that you will agree with me on this. And then I began to think about where it would be better to have our first meeting. And then I have 2 options.
1) You come here; I will show you my country, my city and spend with you enough time. But in this case we will have very limited opportunities. You know that I live in a Muslim country. And this has a big impact on local people and especially for visiting tourists. Tourists should observe all the rules and traditions of this religion. And there were many cases, when tourists because of ignorance of it had serious problems with local residents and even with the law. For example, we can not walk freely along the street, hold hands and to kiss. This will cause condemnation. And also in my country and in the Muslim religion, people believe that they can commit crimes against other people, if other people do not profess Islam. I think that you yourself could heard about this terrible behavior on the part of migrants in Europe. But I can only speak for myself, I do not like this religion. I would like to change this. But while I'm here in Azerbaijan, I must follow these traditions and rules. So if you come here, I can not guarantee your safety and will have worry for you.
2) Another option. This is my visit to you. On the one hand, I would really like to do it. To see life in your country by my own eyes. Feel free, natural and do not hide my feelings for you. But, on the other hand, it is also a very serious and risky step. I've never been abroad. I do not know what will happen to me there. Understand, I really love you and I want to connect my life with yours. But somewhere in the depths, I still have a little fear. That I will come to you and meet an absolutely different person, not the same as I saw and felt in your letters. Forgive me for writing this to you, but I have always been sincere with you and have told you everything that I think and feel. And when I was weighing all these moments, I came to the conclusion that I'm ready to come to you. I'm ready to take risks, in order to find happiness for the rest of my life.
And now, I want to hear your opinion on these my thoughts. Do you want to meet soon? Are you ready to come here soon, or do you want me to come to you? If you want me to come to you, then I'll find out about this soon. And in the next letter, I will tell you some results.
I see that this is my letter again turned out to be very big (smile). Therefore, it is necessary to finish this. I love you, I love you with all my heart and soul. I want to be with you soon.
Letter 16
Jim, I hope that everything is also good in your life, and you were waiting for my letter very much! After I wrote you a letter, I came home. And for a long time I could not sleep. I thought, I imagined how you be reading my letter. What thoughts will be after that in your head, what desires? I understand that you liked my dream in the last letter, and you would like to implement it soon.
But after my last letter, on the one hand, I very much hoped that you would agree with me and want me to come to you soon. Because, as I wrote in my last letter, this would be the best option for me and for us. On the other hand I still have some fear. That you will think that it is too early for our meeting, that you will search for various reasons to postpone it for several months and continue our communication on the Internet. In this case, various sad thoughts would come to my head. And I just would not know what to write you in return. But I'm glad that you could hear me, understand and agree with me. For me it's really important and I appreciate it very much. Now the sweetest period in our relationship, the brightest! And already at the beginning of this we have such mutual understanding, such an ability to hear each other. I'm sure this is a very good sign. And in the future, especially after our meeting in reality, it will bring us good results. And also, as I already wrote you before, our relationship needs development, in order to make it even better. That you and I have physical contact, emotions and could make further decisions. Even before I received your new letter, I began to learn about how I could come to you and what I need for this? As I understand, it's not so difficult to organize. I found a good travel agency and got a consultation there. And now I will write you everything that I learned. To come to you I need an international passport. In this passport a tourist visa will be glued to enter your country. A tourist visa is the easiest and fastest way for me to come to you. To obtain a tourist visa, I will need to have life insurance and also a round-trip air ticket. Having a return ticket is the main condition for obtaining a tourist visa. A tourist visa will be good for 90 days. Then I will need to return to my country. And the next time, I can get a different type of visa. This will allow me to stay longer in your country. I also learned about the cost of everything necessary so that I could come to you. And this cost varies from US$ 1370 to US$ 1640. The total cost will depend on the date of my arrival to your country, from the airport where I will fly to and also from the number of stops along the way and the duration of these stops. Therefore, I can tell you the exact cost, only after I have all the necessary information that I wrote to you. After I found out all this I sat down and began to consider what opportunities I have now my own. And unfortunately, I do not have many opportunities. I told you that I have an apartment in a mortgage. And 10 days ago, I made 2 regular payments at once, because last month I had a good salary. And now the next 2 months I may not pay for a mortgage. But at the same time I only have a small balance of my savings. And this is US$ 350. I could try to borrow from my friend some more money, but I'm not sure that she will help me. Since at our last meeting, she talked about her own problems.
So now I'm sitting and absolutely do not know what I can do. I'm writing this letter to you so that you know and understand my current situation. To accumulate the full amount, necessary for my arrival to you, it will take 4-5 months. Of course, I can wait this time. But it will be a very tedious and difficult expectation. Because you and I will be at a distance of several thousand kilometers. We will continue to write letters and exchange photos. But all this will not give those emotions and sensations that our meeting could give. And probably we will have to choose this option. Because to ask you for help with this money, I do not find it right. I understand that in this case you will think badly of me, you will have various kinds of doubts and suspicions. I do not want it! I do not want you to have any doubts in me and distrust in that level of relations that we have now achieved, during this sweet period, at the very beginning.
So really, now I'm in some kind of dead end. This is probably the first time in my life when I understand that the situation is hopeless. And nothing depends on me. So now I will go home and just relax. I do not know what else I can write you today. My mood is too sad, and I do not want to infect you with such a mood. I hope that everything is fine in your life and in the next letter you will tell me what events you had and how your days passed.
I love you very much, I'm sorry that my letter today was not great and such sad.
Your Nina
Letter 17
My love Jim, thank you for your letter and your reply!
I'm glad to see it. For me it is always interesting to know your news, your deeds that you do, and especially your thoughts!
The weather here is good, my mood is very positive, my job have the usual course, nothing special. Thank you for the pictures of your house, it looks really nice! Hope in a couple of months I will be able to see it by my eyes. Now all my thoughts only about you. You take whole my head.
Every day I have new bright, beautiful dreams of you and our meeting. Last night I dreamed about it again.
And it was like I saw a beautiful romance film in which the protagonists were you and me. I saw the whole day when you and I were together.
Now I write this dream for you here:
“We wake up in the morning in bed. I have a smile on my face of happiness. So as you lay beside me, and I understand that this is true happiness. I quietly get out of bed and go to the kitchen. I cook you a simple breakfast sandwich, scrambled eggs and coffee and bring it to you in bed. You wake up and see that my surprise. You have a pleasant surprise, and kiss me tight, say a few kind words of gratitude and we start breakfast. Then we have a morning bath, brush teeth, take a shower and have freshness. This is our day, when you have total freedom, and not have other things to do. You and I, we go for a walk on the street.
You hold my hand or hug the shoulders. We go slowly, and communicate on various topics. You show me interesting places not far from your home, or we go to some special place for you, that you think I should see. You tell me a lot of fun about that places, and I listen carefully to everything you say to me. Sometimes I interrupt your story to kiss you and hug. After some time, we have lunch in the cafe, and then we continue our walk down. Then we can go to the cinema, museum or any other place that we decide together. Later in the afternoon we go back to your home, having bought some products. And I'm starting to cook you dinner, I cook for you something special, something that you did not try before. And we have a romantic dinner by candlelight and romantic music playing. We speak not loud, I look into your eyes, I can feel all your tenderness to me, all your feelings. And this dinner smoothly go into our bedroom. Where we have a passionate night filled with love, tenderness, pleasure. I'll make you as pleasant as possible, using all my abilities. Then you hug me, kiss and we fall asleep. Such was another my dream, I hope you like it?
And I really want to make our dreams soon become reality. So when I wrote you in my last letter about the meeting, for me it was very important to see your answer now. And today I see it, and I understand that you also strongly want our meeting. And that you suggested me your financial help in this. It is very important for me, I appreciate it, and it shows me your serious intention about me!
I did not want to ask you about financial help, and I did not do it! So your offer financial assistance, it showed me that you're a real man!
From your letter, I realized that you can help me with your money so I can come to you. I plan to go to visit my friend in Baku this Sunday. She has computer at home with Skype, so you be able to see me then. I hope in your next letter you will tell me your Skype name(login) for I could find you there.
Tell me after you see me in Skype will you be able to help me with money next week? I want to go again soon to a travel agency, and write down a contract with them, I will organize my trip on March according what you wrote me. And if I pay all this advance, then it will cost a little bit cheaper. I love you, I finish my letter. Write me soon, how are you, what is your mood, what are you thinking about?
Love you, miss you.
yours Nina.
Letter 18
My love Jim, thank you for your answer and your news.
You know, I'm always glad to see your letter, it shows me your strong interest in me, and your serious plans for me. When I read your letter, I always feel it, and it warms me. Each your letter makes my day better, fills with joy. I am grateful to you for your every letter. I'm so happy that I could find you in this big world, I loved you sincerely, and I know that my feeling is mutual. And this is the maximum happiness that I could get in my life. And I'm sure when I come to you; I'll be the happiest girl in the world. I can give you a hug, kiss, and say how much I love you so you could feel it. I want to come to you soon, and to be near you. That I could always talk to you; kiss you every time when I want it. It's all about what I'm dreaming now.
You changed my life, you bring meaning to it. Now every day I go to bed and wake up every morning with the thoughts of you. For me, always wondering how were your last days? What new developments do you have in your life? What thoughts are in your head?
And what feelings are in your heart? For me it is really very important and interesting. So tell me what you think, feel and want. I'm always ready to hear it, to know and understand. My days were usual. I do not have any special or interesting events. At work, all is fine, I have a normal working days. My life goes on without serious changes. I do not even know what I can tell you about it today. After working days, I spend time at home. I do household chores, cook meals, do cleanliness, wash clothes. I do not have meetings with my friend yet.
I hope soon to have a meeting with my friend I told you about her few times. Maybe she has something new in her life to talk to me about it. I will make new account in Skype and will try to find you there on Sunday. When I go to sleep, usually I absolute *****. I end my letter now, I 'all be waiting for your soon reply.
Write me when you have the opportunity.
Love you, miss you, kiss and hug.
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