Letter(s) from Ksenia Kirillova to Vlado (Croatia)
Letter 1
Yes, I understand that asked you for help though told you that had all the money for the trip. But please, understand my problem.
I have has sold a fur coat. But this money is not enough for the ticket. I don’t know where to take the money. I hope only for you.
Nobody can help me here. I don’t know anybody here in Moscow.
I didn’t know I had to buy a two way ticket. 376 Euros is a cost for the ticket there and the return ticket. Your government asks to have a return ticket for the case my visa is inspired or I am not able to enter the University. They do it because they are afraid of the immigrants. When I checked the cost of the ticket they told me the cost only of the one ticket. Do you understand now why I don’t have enough money for the ticket?
I am still in Moscow. And I have spent lots of money already to stay here. Everything is very expensive here and my money is limited. Please, understand my worries and help me.
I have already paid part of the money for ticket not to be sold to another person. I have left 100 Euors that is why I ask you to send me money. I ask you to send me only 276. 376 Euros is a very reasonable price. And if I don’t pay the whole sum of the money for the ticket then I will loose all the money that I paid for my ticket to be reserved.
The other problem is that my visa is given to me only for 2 months except of 3 months. I don’t know why they did it. But that was the decision of your Embassy. And they even didn’t explain me the reason. And I can’t wait. That is why I should come as soon as possible and enter the University. If I have my visa for longer time then I could stay here for more time and try to save money.
But I have no time.
I ask you to help me but don’t ask you for a present! I will come, enter the University and give you the money back. I will work and will be able to give you it back. I don’t want you to think that I want to use you just to move to your country.
I hope that you will understand me and will send me the money.
There is only thing left before we meet. There is only little step left. So please, think and send me the money. It is only 276 Euros. I don’t think it is much for the opportunity to be happy.
I think we will be able to be happy with you. But you should do this so we could meet with you. ..
I tried to prove you that I am real several times already.
I have sent you a list of paper with my your and my names.
But why don’t you want to believe me? I have sent you also the copy of my passport. Why don’t you still believe me?
I am going to try and prove again that I am real.
I am going to attach you the copy of my visa. And I want you to understand that I have only serious intentions and I am really going to come to you. I don’t play any games. I am going to get your money in Moscow with my passport ( I have sent it already in my previous letters ) and with my visa. If I am not real I would not be able to get the money!
And I really want to come to you.
Please, believe me and send me the money. .
I hope that you want to see me and will send me the money.
I already wrote to you that you could send the money to any office of Western Union or MoneyGram in Moscow. Please, send the money to my full name. I will be able to get the money without any problems.
I made a copy of visa by scanner.
But I can't send my pictures now as I am in Moscow now.
I have no here a camera.
I don't think it is a problem as soon I will come to you and you will be able to see me in real life but not at the pictures.
Kseniya. P.S.
My plan? I should arrive and enter the university till March, 1st.
To me will submit only documents to any university enough. And my visa will prolong after that for 5 years. It will prolong for all term of study. I shall work. I shall work prior to the beginning of study. So I can pay my residing there and study. Now you understands my plan? In the first days I can live in campus.
The university will give it free of charge. Therefore I can live in campus and meet you in your free time.
Letter 2
I am has addressed in dating agency with the purpose to search decent the man. I am in searches serious intentions and the man which will respect me and mine vital principles. I am I wish to love and be beloved. Now I am I will tell a little about myself. I’m has finished a higher educational institution, I work. I am I do not use drugs, I do not drink spirits and I do not smoke. I’m to time married and at me there are no children. I am gentle and careful woman. If you are really interesting to you and you wish to continue our dialogue I will be to wait your reply. I am I can to send to you a photo and more to tell about myself. I am I will be also it is happy to see your pics and your story about your life. I wish you positive day and with impatience I will wait for your answer. Interested? Please answer ONLY to my regular e-mail: If you acquaintance do not answer me. Yours faithfully Elizavetushok. Hi person. Before we will get acquainted, I am wanna it to be presented. My name is Elizaveta! Hru? And what is your name? I am I hope, what my letter did not become for you unexpectedness?
Letter 3
Thank you for answering my letter! I am very pleased!
To be honest, I don't even know where to start my letter!
If you do not mind, I will tell you a little about myself!
My name is Elizaveta.
My height is 169 centimeters, weight 54 kilograms.
I was born on March 7, 1988! I am 30.
My zodiac sign is Pisces.
What is your zodiac sign?
You can look at my photo to see my physique.
I have many interests. I like to learn something new!
I have a good sense of humor. I think that in the future you will be able to verify this.
The idea of acquaintance on the Internet came to me unexpectedly.
Most recently, my friend and I sat in a cafe and drank tea.
We are familiar with it from early childhood.
My friend said that now dating on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular among people and she met her husband on a dating site. Her husband is from Denmark.
Now they are happy and live in Denmark and they will soon have a child!
Sometimes they come to visit Russia.
For me, they are an example of how to find your happiness on the Internet!
In truth, I am very shy and in general I do not know what to write in the letter.
I have never been registered on social networks, because I have never been interested!
My friend suggested that I take advantage of a dating agency.
Together with a friend, we visited a dating agency and filled out a questionnaire.
Basically, everything was done by my girlfriend and the agency employee.
I was only occasionally asked about which men I prefer.
After that, I was offered several options, and I chose you.
I do not know how and from where they take the information! For me, this is the first experience of dating on the Internet!
If it were not for my girlfriend, I would never have dared to take this step! But now we can have communication!
Of course, now it's hard to say how our communication will be.
Maybe we will become very good friends or even our communication will grow into something more serious.
And maybe in a few letters we will understand that we are completely different people and finish the conversation.
But now I would not want to think about the future, but simply continue our communication in order to get to know each other better.
I did not know how to write to you for a long time, but I decided to take this step!
Of course, I am a bit confused, and in general I do not know what to write in the letter.
I wish to tell you right away what I am looking for in a man.
I hope for your decency and respect, because I'm looking for love and sincere relationships.
It is important for me that a person be kind, attentive and helpful.
I think you have these qualities! I really hope that we will have a lot in common!
I want to talk about myself so that we can get to know each other!
I live in Russia, the city is called Kamyshin! Later I will tell about my city in more detail.
What is the name of your city?? I can learn it on the Internet.
I am very interested to know more about you, about your life, interests and the country in which you live.
I hope you understand me and my English correctly.
I started learning English when I was in school.
I also continued to study English at the university.
But I did not have a lot of practice to communicate and speak English.
If you do not understand me, you can use a translator!
Now I will finish my letter and hope that you will answer me!
If you are interested in our acquaintance, then I am waiting for your letter and photo.
I will be glad to answer any questions that interest you. Regards, Elizaveta!
Letter 4
Dear Ivan!!!
I can't jump out of my pants. I tell you one more time that I tried to call you but it didn't work out. But this is not my fault.
In Russia everything is wrong. And what is normal in other countries, is not good here always. I will be not able to call you.
I almost don't have money to stay in Moscow. And soon this money will be over too. And I will have no other choice just to go back to my city. I already wrote to you - Such a pity as I will not use my visa. I have spent so much money and forces to get it.
And it is so offensive to go back when only one step is left.
I told you many times that I needed money just to cross the board That is it! When I come to you, I will immediately give you the money back. You will not loose anything. I need this money just to show at the customs. As soon as you meet me at the airport, I will give you the money back. Please, trust me. I know that you have to pay bills. And you can't afford it to spend extra money but I will give you it back as soon you meet me at the airport. And if you really want me to come, then send me this money. If you don't then I will have to sell my ticket and go back to my city.
And everything I did was just a waist of time. Please, think on this if you really want me to see. Everything is in your hands.
You can send money here (moneygram or western union in Moscow):
my full name: KSENIYA KIRILLOVA.
Letter 5
Dear Ivan!!!
You don't trust me. I am going back to my city. The life in Moscow is very expensive to stay here for long time. You didn't appreciate that.
It was very difficult to get visa and tickets and you just didn't appreciate all my forces. But I did it for you. I see no other way just to get back to my city. I will wait for 3 more days and stay in Moscow for the case you decide to send me money. If not, then I am going back to my city and will not be able to come to you any more.
So it is up to you to decide if you want to see me or not.
Letter 6
My dear friend! Today is Saturday and I decided to leave work early. I asked permission from his boss and he was not against it. I like to correspond with you. I hope that we get to know each other and our relationship can develop into something more. I wish you a good weekend! I'll look forward to on Monday, read your letters. Please email me, I believe that our communication with you will be very interesting. Elizaveta!
Letter 7
Hello my new friend!
I and have not received your answer. I have been very upset.
Tell to me, what you do not wish to be my friend, or something have offended my letter???
I long thought, why do not wish to write?
You have answered my first letter. So I am interested in you! What not so?
I understand, that is possible you are very occupied by the work and cannot write.
I too am sometimes very occupied by work and I can not answer.
Moreover, even I do not have laptop of the house. But all the same, I think You will find time to write to me. You are very interesting to me And I wish to learn about you more and more.
I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully to you. Elizaveta!
Letter 8
Hello!! how are you??
My working day came to an end. Before leaving my job I decided to check my email, to read and to write a letter you. Decided to write you a short letter. Today is very windy weather. I don't like this weather and these days I feel very sad and lonely. Today we agreed with my sister and her daughter ( my niece) to spend time together.
And on Sunday my sister and I are going to visit our mother.
Since she lives alone. I want to develop our knowledge, and I will wait for you more and more letters. I don't want to lose you! I would like to continue our acquaintance. I want to fill your world with light, warmth of my heart!!!!!! In my life I have never met a person, which includes me and are drawn to it like a magnet, without even knowing!!!!!! With your appearance, my life will sparkle with new bright colors! I hope our relationship could develop into something more. I hope you will have a good look at me. I'm a good woman and I want that we have a dialogue with each other with kindness and respect. For me it is a bit boring, because I can't see tomorrow your letter. I hope that on Sunday goes quickly and Monday I with a great mood going to work to read your letters!!! I would like to wish you these days of good rest. I'll wait for Monday to read your letter. I wish you good mood and good weekend!!! Sincerely, Elizaveta!
Letter 9
Hello!!! It's Elizaveta again!
I was looking forward to hearing from you.
I was glad to see your letter. Like your present day!?
I wanted to see your letter last night, but my laptop broke at home!
My niece didn't turn around very carefully and dropped her laptop on the floor when she was watching a cartoon!
She was scared and didn't tell me anything about what happened!
My laptop was very old, but I was satisfied!
The service told me that the repair will be very expensive, as it will be difficult to find the necessary parts.
I decided to buy a new laptop when I get paid at work.
Now I'm at work and write you a letter from my work computer.
I hope this will not prevent our acquaintance and we will find a way to continue our communication with you!
Now I will tell you about my work!
I work every day except Sunday and have only one day off per week.
But I'm a hardworking girl and it's not hard for me!
And for this reason I have very rarely had a serious relationship with men.
And also for this reason I have never been married and have no children!
My working day starts at 09:00 am and finish work at 18: 00.
And only on Saturday I have a reduced working day..
I also want to inform you that I have a higher education.
I have a University education. Graduated from the University of Economics, statistics and Informatics.
I work in a small company in the housing sector. I'm responsible for my client relationships.
I usually spend time in the office in front of the computer, in the company documents.
My work includes a selection of client applications as well as requesting a billing service for accommodation and communication services.
I like my work very much. I believe that besides money, the work should bring moral satisfaction.
Sociability, responsibility and sense of duty, the basis of my character.
I am a good, friendly and kind girl. I appreciate the professional qualities.
If I take something, I always try to bring it to a logical conclusion.
It's my nature and my upbringing. That's what my dad taught me.
Who do you work for?? Do you like your work?
I live in the city of Kamyshin, it is in the Volgograd region in the last letter I wrote to you about it.
You can see My city on the Internet.
The Capital Of Russia Is Moscow. And the distance to Moscow from my city is almost 980 kilometers.
Have you ever been to Russia?
I have never traveled and never left my country.
When I decided to meet a man in a Dating Agency, I looked at a lot of profiles of men.
But I wrote a letter just for you.
It is difficult for me to explain my choice, because I meet for the first time!
Maybe my heart told me that I should write a letter to you.
I'm used to trusting my heart.
You're probably wondering why I write to you and I don't want to have a relationship with a man from Russia.
I will answer you at once that You didn't think of this question.
The thing is that there were 2 people in my life and in both cases I was very disappointed.
Russian men don't appreciate women at all. They're very irresponsible.
Russian men have many bad habits, they consume a lot of alcohol.
The last man I was in a relationship with liked to drink a lot and then hit me a lot.
I decided that more nor want to experience such feelings, feelings pain and humiliation.
I'm sure you're not that kind of man, and you'll never hurt a girl.
It is important that the man was kind, sympathetic and knew how to treat a woman.
As for the age difference, I don't think age is very important in a relationship.
I think a man should be older than a woman.
As for me, I prefer my future husband to be older than me.
Adult men know how to treat a girl, they know what a girl wants.
It is much more interesting to talk to them. And there's one more thing.
I'm looking for a serious relationship and guys my age, they usually just want to have fun, they have no serious intentions, they do not think about the future. I don't like it at all.
I'm not against the fun, of course, everyone needs rest, but not all the time, because you have to think about the future.
You must understand me.
In the end, age is just numbers, the main soul of a person, his attitude and feelings!
I would like to ask you about sincerity and respect.
I want our communication with you to be pleasant and based on trust.
Now we just got to know you.
I hope that in due time between us there will be a trust.
In the future, I can give you a mobile phone, but now I'd like to get to know you better, because the calls will be very expensive.
I'll tell you a little more about myself.
I also love cleanliness and it is important for me to always be well-groomed and in good shape.
Your life interests me.
Please don't forget to answer my questions. I will also try to answer all your questions!
What do you do in your free time?
Want to cook a dish?
Today I send you pictures and you can see me at work. I hope you like it.
Also I will be very glad to see your photos in a new letter.
I have to keep working.
I hope my letter was not boring for you and you all liked it!
Thank you for your attention!
I wish you a beautiful and Sunny day! Sincerely Yours, Elizaveta!
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