Letter(s) from Galina Fesler to Al (USA)

Letter 1

Lovely I very much to want to meet you right now, I already begin to lose patience. To me all time would be desirable to look at you to read your letters and all time to talk to you but unfortunately I to not have you about itself. I have constantly dreams of you!
Today I had dream of us with you! We with you went simply along the street talked about that what today a sunny day. Then is imperceptible we have reached a beach. Already stars the moon. We with you have sat on a coast and simply looked at a decline!
And then we have made the first kisses at last beams of the sun! And then our bodies would merge.
I do not know there may be I the truth has reflected too far but it really! These are my dreams and I very much would like that they once were executed. Lovely I understand that I some time did not show the big interest. But as I wrote it was only because of that that I had difficulties. And I would not like to write to you sad letters! But it seems already better! Lovely by the way you remember that soon February, 14! The Valentine day! It is a pity that we do not meet on it! But there may be you next time we shall lead it together!
With love your Olga