Scam letter(s) from Galina Plyusnina to Mel (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Mel,
I have some time and I decided to tell you more about myself.
I really like you and I would like to know you well. And I want you to understand me better too, to know how I live, what I do in my spare time.
Well, I like cooking very much. This is one of the things that make me relax and forget about all the bad things that happen during the day. Salads, different soups, pasta, souses, cakes and pies– it is just a short list of what I cook.
What's favorite dish?
I like bowling and billiard. do you like bowling? or billiard?
What's is your favorite colour? Mine is red and black.
I have no pets. But I do love cats and dogs and horse.
I like comedies and melodramas.
What's favorite types movie do you like?
It is always so nice to rent some movie, to cook something tasty or something sweet, to invite someone of my friends and enjoy the time together. It is especially nice doing it in the cold winter evening with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea or coffee.
I do not smoke, but sometimes I can drink a little wine (red) or ****.
I regularly go into aerobics. And I also I go twice a week to the swimming-pool. It helps me to stay in a good shape and to be healthy.
I try to lead a healthy life style, don't have any bad habbits.
Music helps me to be a in good spirit. I like ballads very much though sometimes I can listen to a fast music. I like Lara Fabian very much and Darren Hayes.
I like to have long walks in parks.
I like to drive on a bicycle.
What about you? What are your prefers? Tell me, please, more about you and your interests and hobby.
I have important question for you. Do you know any colleges and universities close to your place? I could check them in advance and enter then when I go to your country.
I would like studies near to you and meet you.
I wish to arrive to your country. I wish to receive the visa next month.
I have already started to collect documents necessary for a trip.
I wish to study as the medical worker or the bookkeeper.
I like both trades. But I can choose and any other branch of formation.
Well, I have to close here. But will be waiting very much for your reply.
Letter 2
Hi dear Mel,
Do you like my pics?
I have friend Vika. She is close friend. She makes all my pics.
She likes to photographe me. It's her hobby. I like to pose her.
I decided to come to the Internet cafe again to write you.
I already spoke you - I shall arrive to you in a month.
I still choose college in which I shall go to study.
I shall inform you the name when I shall know.
I shall know all the information in a week.
I am going from the post office. I decided to send my parents a letter. As I already told you I am not really in good relations with them. But any way, they are my parents and I love them.
I also have a brother and he is younger than me and they give him all the love they have. They always loved him more than me and didn't pay much attention to me. My mum wanted to have a son very much and she couldn't get pregnant for a long time and she was very happy when she got to know she was going to have a son. Of course, it hurts to know that they love him a lot and are not very interested in my life. But if they are happy, I am glad for them.
My last relations were 2 years ago. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as he was too busy spending good time with his friends all the time and he almost paid no attention to me. I was just like a beautiful thing for him and nothing more. Since that time I had no relations with other men.
You know that I write from the internet cafe.
I have to go now. People are coming and coming to the internet cafe and you know my time is limited (15min). Internet cafe is a place where everyone can come and use a computer there. We have to pay for such a service. It is not a library where you can use computers free of charge. When I lived in Australia I often went to the library and could use computer there as long as I needed. But here the time is limited as there are too many people who need to use them. Please, tell me about your family.
What relations do you have with them?
P.S. I asked you in my previous letter to send me your address.
I want to send you a card and my picture. Or perhaps, I will send you a hand written letter.
Letter 3
I like your pic. You do look real nice there.
You seem to be a very good and caring person.
Letter 4

My dear Mel,
you got and read all my previous letters?
In my last latter, I wrote to you about my hobbies.
Here is my home address,
to Anna.
Number apartment: - 1,
Name street - Kavaleriyskaya 9,
City - Novosibirsk,
Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
Zip code - 630105,
Country - Russia.
in case you decide to send me a card or a hand-written letter.
Unfortunately, I can't talk to you on-line, as I write letters to you from the internet cafe and the time is limited there.
I wish I could chat with you but right now it is just impossible as I don't have a personal PC. But I shall continue to send you email letters and pics. As I already told you I rent my apartment and I don't have a phone there.
Therefore I can not call to you. I have already given my phone number to you. I hope you get it. But my phone does not allow calls to other countries. For the reason of limits here in Russia.
Yes, I am going to come to your country. Somewhere in a month. I am going to enter the University or college. I am doing all the paperwork for this now. That's why I asked you about the colleges or Universities close to your place. So I could study and meet with you there.
I shall live in campus.
Do you want it? You want that I lived near to you in your district?
Do not forget to send me your photos.
As soon as I finish this letter I will go and have a short walk.
You know walking is one of the things I adore. It is so nice to have a long walk and then find some small cafe and get a cup of coffee there. I don't have a car and I don't really want to have it right now. And it is too expensive for me. I have no money to buy a car. I have never tried to drive a car and I have no license.
Walking is much more pleasant. Unfortunately, most of the times I have to walk alone. All my friends are married and they try to spend more time with their families. I also like to go to the movie a lot. But do it rather seldom. Usually I go there with my friends, but they don't do this often. They try to spend more time with their husbands and children. As I don't have children and a husband, I try not to bother them often. Sometimes I feel rather lonely but I try not to think of this often.
Any way, my city is too beautiful not to walk. My city is very beautiful. There are so many places of culture there, lots of monuments. It is very green. It is especially beautiful in spring and in summer time when everything is awaken after the winter.
There are also many parks and we have one boulevard with fountains.
And it is gorgeous.
Also we have some really beautiful churches. I am Christian but I am not really religious. I have my own faith inside.
And I go to the church but do it seldom. I am not fanatic about this.
I like nature very much and it is always a please to go somewhere to the country-side and to spend a day there. I like picnics, camping a lot. It is great to spend a day on the fresh air, especially when you are with friends or family. I try to enjoy it every time we do it but sometimes I feel very sad as I miss not having my second half near.
Well, I am not going to be sad, as I am sure everything will be fine. Please, tell me about your city? What is it?
What's interesting there?
Letter 5
Hello my dear Mel!
Today I am writting to you why I am alone. I am so tired that males sees on me as on beautiful pic only but not on woman.
I think you like my spirit mainly not my appearance.
That's why I feel so easy myself with you. I have never felt it with another males. I feel that you like my spirit firstly and then appearance.
I want you to understand that I do really like you very much.
And I think that we have much in common and may be if meet we will understand that we are a good match.
I am trying to get more information about the student visa and I am doing a paperwork that is neccesary for it. There are so many things that I should do for this but I think it is worth it.
I am going to come to your country. I am sure I will get my visa.
And I want to know will you meet me there? You are my friend and you are a very close person to me already. And I like you very much. I feel that there is something between us.
I hope you too have the same feelings. Of course, I can't say that I know you very well. But I feel that you are close to me.
I wish to know you better. I wonder how it can be to spend time with you, to be with you, to cook together, to have dinner together, to watch movies, to walk holding hands.
Letters are good, they help to understand people better. But only meeting can show the real feelings. When you can touch, look into each other's eyes, it says a lot.
Please, tell me what you think of this. Would you like to meet me?
Any way you can be my friend. I will be in a foreign country and I will need a person I can trust. And I trust you already and I hope you do the same.
Please, think on this and let me know if you too want to meet with me. I want it very much. I want to see you in real life, to talk to you, to know you real but not only through the letters.
I think, I can trust you?
I already wrote to you, that all my pics is done by my friend Vika.
She says I have a beautiful body.
She is a very talanted photographer and I like to be her model.
She is my friend and is a very good girl. She usually takes pics of me. We went to work together.
She works close to my place. She is a shop-assistant too.
Also today she has made 2 pics me and my passport.
I shall attach to you it in the following letter.
I will go now to get more information about visa.
I am going to get very important information.
I hope to hear good news.
I shall have information approximately in half an hour.
Letter 6
Hi Mel!
I do not know what to start my letter...
I feel shame and offended.
I just want to tell you that I am completely serious.
I have serious intentions to come and I am not going to lie to you. I am not a silly little girl that plays games to get money.
Can't you see it from my letters?
I asked you to send me 300. And I feel shame for this.
But I had no other choice then to ask you. The problem is that I have only 7-21 days to pay for my visa. I didn't realize I would Need the money so urgently. They took my papers and told me that I wouldn't pay in 7-21 days, they would just refuse me.
And then I will not have another chance to get visa.
It was a shock for me. I thought that I could just leave the papers and then pay for it before the trip. I think I would be able to find the money by that time. But it was beyond my forces.
I was shocked.
I went to all my friends and acquaintances. But all refused to me.
They don't give such a big sum of money.
I don't ask my parents as they just don't give me money.
When the last time I asked them to help me, they refused me.
They told me they had to support my brother and themselves.
It hurt me. That is why I do not ask them about anything any more and I almost don't talk to them.
I asked my friend Vika to help me, but she had not such money.
She is married and has a child. And recently they have bought an apartment and took it in credit.
I also went to the bank to check there. But they even didn't listen to me. My salary is only 120 Euro. And they just can't give me 300.
I had tears. That is why I decided to ask you. And I feel shame for this. I understand that it is very difficult for you to trust the girl you have never seen before. Lots of Russian women lied to foreigners.
But I am not the same. I am real. And I am not going to lie to you!
I promise! I ask you this money not as A present to me, I am going to give them back to you. As soon as I come there and start working I will give you money back. I told you I was going to study and to work. I will be able to pay for my studies and for my accommodation.
I already told you I was going to get a student visa.
I will be able to come to your country and to choose any university or college. I can stay there as soon as I finish it. I am going to choose the one that is close to you to be able to see you often.
I ask you one more time, please, understand me and send me 300.
Letter 7
Hi dear Mel!
May be pic which I add today prove to you that I am real.
I made it yesterday to prove to you that I am real. Hope you remember my nick name? (Angel). I have written about it in my second letter to you. My friends call me Angel.
I think that you have concerns about me real.
I hope you understand my situation?
If I would not pay for visa I would give up. Then it will be very difficult To get it. Please understand 300 is a price of all documents. This is not price of visa only! This is full amount of all documents! It is price of visa, insurance and many others.
I must pay for it in different places therefore I am asking you to send money help to me. I have already sent all documents to Moscow. And now they demand the receipt on payment.
They still wait payment. I have agreed they some more days will wait it.
Understand I have already collected and given all documents. And I must pay for it only. And I would get a visa. I hope you understand my haste. I will give you your money back! I promise!!!! I will study and work in your country and will give you the money back. I just want happiness. And I want it to be with you. I have only good goals.
I hope that you will understand and help me
Letter 8
Hi Mel,
I want you to believe in my serious intentions.
I really want you to trust me 100 percent. Because I don't have anyone in your country who can help me. And I really need your help with the visa.
I will take a very serious step. Believe it is not easy for me. But I decided to send you ***** photos. LITTLE!!!
I'll take a camera from a friend Vika, and I'll do it myself, just for you. Because I don't want my friends to know that I sent you ***** photos.
I'm very embarrassed.
But I also have conditions that you must promise and fulfill.
1 - Only you can see my ***** photos. Only you!
2 - you must promise to send me money for a visa when I send you ***** photos! you have to give a "PROMISE OF A TRUE GENTLEMAN" , because it is not an easy step for me. I'm afraid to send ***** photos through the Internet !!! Do you promise? I promise you I will get a visa and come to you!
3 - Also, you will not be asked to send new or other ***** photos, because it is very difficult. I wrote to you that I send you all the photos through a scanner in an Internet cafe. And I'm afraid that someone will see it.
4 - I will not show you my face in these photos, because as already written to you, it can be seen on the Internet cafe.
I'm afraid of condemnation here. I don't want them to laugh at me. The main thing is that you can see my ***** body.
And you can appreciate it.
I think you can still enjoy my ***** body when I come to you.
But I can't come if I don't pay my visa. if you agree with all my conditions, then in the next letter I will send you ***** photos.
Letter 9
Here in this letter is my last proof of my attitude to you!
You know my situation. And you know that I can get help only from you.
Please, don't use me! Help me, please!!! This is my last chance.
Yesterday my friend Vika came to my home. And she made fantastically beautiful ***** photo for you!!!
Here you will see my ***** body completely! BUT this will be my last ***** photo.
Don't ask for new one!!!
I did everything so that you could trust me:
1) I already sent you copy of my passport.
2) I sent you a letter with your name.
3) I sent you very candid photos of my body.
And you every time look for new reasons not to help me.
Now I will know for sure, do you want me or not?!
If you deny me or look for a new reason, I will take it as a refusal to have a relationship with me!
Then you just play with me! And you were not serious from the beginning.
I already wrote to you that I must pay my visa very urgently. URGENTLY!
And I need 20000 rubles for all documents.
This is about 300 usa dollars or 260 euros. I already said that this is the cost of a visa, insurance, medical card and many other documents.
I also wrote to you so that you wouldn't worry about ticket. I can get it.
I PROMISE! because I put my fur coat on sale. You can find all this in my previous letters.
I wrote to you about it. Reread this carefully!
Understand the main thing! I'm not asking you to give me $300!
I ask you to borrow money.
I will not be your dependent when I arrive. I will study and work.
I will refund your money to you.
And I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life for your help!
Also I will do everything for you, everything you want, when I arrive.
You remember that I asked you to send money through WestenUnion or MoneyGram, because I have no other way to get money.
I don't have bank account. And I can't open it, because the Russian authorities ask for special permission to receive a foreign exchange account.
The only way is WU or MG.
I already wrote to you where you should send money - You should send money to Novosibirsk for my name.
My full name - Anna Mikhalchenko.
Anna - this is my name.
Mikhalchenko - is my last name.
I already wrote to you, my address-
Number apartment: - 1,
Name street - Kavaleriyskaya 9,
City - Novosibirsk,
Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
Zip code - 630105,
Country - Russia.
You can send money through Western Union:
Oktyabrskaya, 52
Novosibirsk, 630099, Russia.
You can send money through MoneyGram:
RosGosStrakh Bank,
Letter 10
Hello my dear one Mel!!!
Understand, that the quantity of student's visas to your country is limited. I asked you to send me money not to use you. I hurry you up because I am afraid to loose a chance to get visa. I am sure they will refuse me next time if I do not pay now. Please, don't have any concerns about me. And if you are really serious, please, send me money. I want to ask you when you can send me money?
I talked to people who give visas. And they agreed to wait.
It took me much forces to make them agree.
I tried to tell them to understand my situation and wait payment for visa more time. They have agreed to wait payment till Decemder, 7.
It has taken a lot of difficulties to wait money such time.
Please, tell me are you going to help me? Can you send me money during this time? Can you borrow some if you don't have any?
Answer me my main question - you will have time to send money till Decemder, 7.
Yes or No?
Letter 11
My dear Mel!
How are you, my sweetheart?
I am OK, just a little bit tired. I am already in Moscow and the city is so noisy. I don't really feel comfortable here.
But well, I came here on purpose. So it is Ok.
I have very good news for you. I've got my visa at last.
So this is done now. I have my passport for going abroad with the visa inside.
The only thing left is a ticket. I already know the airport I should go to. And I even went to the cash department of the airport to check about the ticket. They offered me the ticket on February, 3.
Mosnow (svo) – Cleveland.
And the price is rather reasonable. It will cost $976.
Unfortunately, there is a problem. I have only $600 and I still need $376. I really don't know what to do. I have to pay for it soon not to be sold to someone else. So I have to ask you if you can help me with this. Will you be able to send me $376?
I told you that I sold my fur coat to pay for visa and ticket.
But the money was not enough. I sold my fur tree for $900.
I have spent $240 for all the papers with the visa. And $60 I spent for my trip to Moscow. That is why I ask you to help me and send me $376.
As soon as I buy the ticket I will immediately leave for you.
And in some days I will be in your arms already. Think on this.
Dear, I really have no one to rely on and I have only you who could help me in this situation. You know I will give you the money back as soon as I will be able to work in your country.
So this is no going to be a problem. I will give it back to you by all means. This is the only thing left now before we could be together.
I really hope that you will help me and we will be together at last. I am sure you want it the same way I do.
So, please, write me your thoughts on this and when you will be able to send the money. I can't stay here for long in Moscow and also the ticket could be sold to another person if I don't pay for it shortly.
You can send money to my name (ANNA MIKHALCHENKO) by any office Western Union or MoneyGram and I will get it without any problems in Moscow.
My sweetheart, I need you and I hope you too need me.
I love you very much.
And I miss you badly.
Letter 12
My darling Mel,
I am so tired to be in Moscow. Everything is very expensive here.
And I save money on everything. I do it for us. I want us to be together and to be happy. I want to come to you and that is why I am ready to overcome all the difficulties. But I need your help.
There is only one step left – you to send me money. You even can't imagine what I have to do here to survive. I stay in a very cheap hotel as I have no money to live in a good room. I live in one place with people who have no place to stay in. I stayed even at the airport some times to save money but the police paid attention to me and I can't stay there any more. People are so cruel.
No one can help me here. And you are my only hope. Do you understand now why I don't write to you often and don't call you. If I have a digital camera here I would show you the life here for you to see what kind of difficulties I have here. I know that happiness is not given so easily that is why I try to overcome all the difficulties on my way. That is why I ask you to send me money as soon as possible for the ticket. If you don't help me, then I will have to get back to my city. And I don't want this as I have spent so much forces and money already to get my visa.
There is only one step left to be in your arms and I don't want to stop here. And this is a step you should do. Now everything depends on you. Please, try to understand me and send me money for the ticket. You can send money here (western union or moneygram in Moscow):
my full name: ANNA MIKHALCHENKO.
Letter 13
I see that you don’t trust me. It is very offensive. I see that you don’t believe me. I have spent so many forces and money to come to Moscow and to get this visa and I see that you don’t appreciate this at all. You have a very strange attitude to me.
From one side you write to me come there, that I am good and we could have good relations. From the other side you don’t do anything for us to be together. You write that you don’t believe me, or you have no money, or something else. I think that you just don’t want to be happy. When the one wants to be happy he does everything for this. I did everything I could. But my forces are limited too. I’ve got visa, I came to Moscow. I’ve spent so many forces and money for this. But I feel that you don’t appreciate this. When I asked you about help, you didn’t help me. There is only one step left before we meet. You just need to send me money for the ticket and that’s it. I have done so much already and I think that I deserve this. And I have already proved to you that I am real many times. I am hurt and offended that you still don’t believe me. And I see only one way from this situation, to come back to my city if you don’t send me money for the ticket.
Please, remember that there is only one step left for our happiness.
And you should make this step! You should send me money for the ticket.
Letter 14
Darling Mel!
I missed you badly... Every day I think of you and our soon meeting and dream how sweet it would be to be with you at last.
My sweetheart, I have news not really good one. I decided to go to the tourist agency to check if everything is alright with my papers. I have the visa and the ticket. But it is not enough.
Well, everything is fine with my papers but it appeared that I would have to have some money crossing the board. I am so tired from all this bureaucratic system. I am having a student visa and everyone who leaves for another country having a student visa should have some cash crossing the board. So I will have to prove at the customs that I have some money with me. Your country is afraid of immigrants. And also Russian people are not really popular all over the world and they will check me any way at the customs.
I have 100 USD but this is not enough. I should have more 400-500 USD with me leaving the country. Dear, please, send me 300-350 USD.
As soon as you meetme at the airport I will give you the money back.
Please, understand me and my situation. There is so much already done, so much time and forces and money spent on all the stuff.
So, please, send me this money. And then everything will be already done. You can send me money to any office of Western Union or MoneyGram in Moscow. You know that I am still in Moscow and I am already so tired from this city and want to leave it so much.
Honey, I need you and want to bewith you as soon as possible.
You are the ray of light in my life. I want this all to be over soon and to get into your arms already. Hope you still feel the same about me and want me as much as I want you.
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