Scam letter(s) from Olga Otmahova to Gord (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Gord! I am very glad that you to write to me. I waited your letter and was very pleased, when you have written to me. Your structure was interesting to me and I am pleased, that we begin to learn(find out) each other more well and to develop our acquaintance. I think, what is it interesting thing to learn(find out) someone far through the Internet. It is unusual to me, because I a little Is familiar with the Internet. I want to inform you, that I have no the computer of a house and I go in Internet - cafe, in free from job time to translate my letters to you. I use the electronic program the interpreter, because for me is faster and it is convenient to write for you in Russian, and then to translate the letter on English. I hope,that you can understand well my letters. I studied English language earlier at school, and after that in college and I understand your letters very well. Only please do not use reduction of words. To tell the truth I earlier wanted to get acqua!
inted through the Internet but I was afraid.Because I to hear that some people to deceive. Therefore to be broken their feelings, they to become closed and very much very lonely. But I to think that it to not happen to me, I to hope for it. I all the same to dare to write to you. I shall tell about myself directly. As you already probably know my name is Olga. I think that to you to like my name.
I to live in Russia. I certainly know that I to live not so and close to you, and it is possible to tell that far from you. But I think that for love there are no distances. I think that you agree with me. You will tell about the our city?About my city I can say that I live in city of Dzerzhinsk. My city is in the western part of Russia. Is one of large cities Nizhni Novgorod areas. The city of Dzerzhinsk settles down on a left bank of the Volga water basin at a confluence of him{it} of the river the Big Oka.I to be born and bring up in the city of Dzerzhinsk. Here I to finish school and university. Has received education the teacher of initial classes. Now I work as the teacher at our urban school. That is I to learn (teach) children from first till the third class. In summertime on the basis of school arrange children's camp. Here they can carry out{spend} the basic part of day at that time while their parents on work. We arrange various competitions, we go on walk, play!
interesting games and many other things.
Very much to like me my activity, I very much to love children. To me 25 years and I to think that for the woman it simply bloom. But as to me to speak my friends, I to look much more young. And as to me to seem it is true so.
It is very difficult to receive from us work after the termination (ending), but I to try and achieve it. You see the person may achieve all that it (he) to want, you too so to consider? I to begin to work with 8.00-18.00. To me very much is valid to like my work, dialogue with children is especial. I want to tell you at once that I never to not be yet not married and consequently to not have yet children. I think that at me even all ahead. You see the truth?
You Gord probably to get tired to read my letter, but to me my life, even in brief simply would be desirable to write to you. I will think that you to write to me, I to hope for it. I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter and the information which you to want to inform me. I to wish successful you day. I to hope that we with you is very strong to make friends. How you to consider? I shall hope that we to find out a lot of interesting the friend about the friend. I hope.
Gord I to think that I to find love on all life. In this letter I send you a photo which has been made more recently. I hope it to you it was pleasant. Your friend Olga.
Letter 2

Hi my friend Gord. Thank for your answer. I am really very glad that you to answer me. I to read your letter and to learn (find out) too a lot of interesting about you. I to want to tell about myself that you may present as I to look. I to not know as in your system of units but at us it approximately so. I to have growth of 172 sm and weight about 54 kg. I to like to go in for sports because I for a healthy way of life. Still I want to tell that I very much to love to play in large tennis. I approximately to be engaged by tennis already 3 years. I to catch in a sporting complex at us in Dzerzhinsk in free from activity time. Basically it happens on Saturdays and Sundays. We go there together with the girlfriends Lena, Irina and Marina. A little later I shall send you my photos together with mine to the girlfriends. I to want you to say that they very much and very good girls. And you have any sports in the life? You like an entertainment on a nature? Hunting? A camping? Som!
e things about the entertainment inform me. It will be very interesting to me to learn(find out) about it. We to live together with mum. We live in a very cosy and good apartment. By the way in my room is very cosy, I always try to make a cosiness there where I am. I put on shelfs and cases different lovely things and soft toys, all this very much is pleasant to me. We at it (her) is very rare to swear, because I to not want it. I to share the most secret desires with it (her) and she (it) sometimes to help me. Today I shall speak it (her) about our correspondence. I to not think that she (it) to not understand me. She (it) at me very remarkable person.
You Gord probably can ask me, where my father? Well, I to you to answer, it (he) have died at me at accident 5 years back. It (he) worked for me the engineer on a power plant. Also it was necessary so to receive, but it (he) has died of a defeat by a current. It was very unexpected and very tragically. It was very difficult for us to sustain that time but we can make it. At us to not be lowered (omitted) hands we to continue to live, and only it has helped us to survive. But I to not want to speak about sad. You may ask me that I to like to do (make) at leisure. I to like to listen to quiet music. For example classical music. I to want to hear from you what music to like you? Also I am simple to adore to go to cinema. I to like to walk in park, the wood to go to the river to listen to singing birds. At heart I very romantic person.
I very much to love a nature and I very much to love life. I very much to love films about love, about passion. And certainly to me to like films which not so for a long time go out on screens. I hope you too love them to look? What you love most of all to do (make) in free time? Than be engaged on evenings? Whether you love to listen to music and if yes that what? I have overlooked (forgotten) to you to tell that my birthday of February 8,1979.
Still I very much to like to prepare. I am very tasty to prepare for pel'menis in Russian, borsh and still it is a lot of that. I very much to love salads, vegetables, fish and simply well prepared meal. And I to prepare to tell you without superfluous modesty simply wonderfully. On it I to finish the letter. In this letter I send you a photo which have been made when I was the student. I think that on it{him} I have left not badly, the truth?
Gord I very much to hope that again is fast to receive from you the letter. Up to fast a meeting. Olga.
Letter 3

Hi my loved friend Gord. I am glad that I again to receive from you the letter. I think, that I more seriously now think of acquaintance through the Internet. When you established the structure in a service of acquaintances, you thought of an opportunity to find the woman for the serious attitudes(relations)? Inform me about it please. Inform me, why you have decided(solved) to get acquainted in the Internet, instead of in the street. I in the life had no good acquaintances in the street. I think, that if the man specially uses a service of acquaintances, he has serious intentions to find the special man for itself(himself). I would like, that you wrote to me the small story, how the usual man in your country lives. At our peoples different culture and life, and I think this story will help me better to understand you. I think, that on TV tell not always truth, and I never do(make) opinion on the other people from the TV. I hope, that will not tell some things about it tires!
ome for you. What importance of family in your country and what opinion at you concerning it? I think, that the creation of family is very important in life and it is impossible to play by feelings of other people. I want to tell to you about my last attitudes. I to meet the man earlier. At us all to be good, we very much to love (like) each other. But then it (he) to become any another's. It (he) to become irritable, began to come to us home *****. If at him (it) something to not be got on on work all rage it (he) to vent on me as though I to be guilty in it. To me to become everyone are more sick every day. I to suffer (bear) it very long. You may ask me why I so long to suffer (bear). I to answer you that I am very strong to love it (him), I might not without him (it). And it (he) all to become another's and malicious. To my patience to come the end and I to tell it (him) that to us is time to leave. As it was hurt to me to speak it, but I to overcome myself and to tell !
it to it (him). After that I am very strong to be disappointed in our Russian men. I not unique who to collide (face) such situation. At us in Russia it to be the normal phenomenon. Therefore I and to not want to search the man at us in Russia. I to want normal family, the good husband. I very much to want to live humanly. Gord I to get tired to be one. And when I to dare to go that I on a desperate step, I to want to try happiness through service of acquaintances. Therefore I to begin to write to you. I to want that persons of me to understand, like, concern to me well. And I shall promise that I to love it (him). I shall try to do (make) persons happy if it (he) to want the help to me in it. I hope that it to you to like. In this letter I send you two my photos of recent time. Sometimes so it would be desirable to relax and roll about simply on a sofa, and simply to have a rest.
Shall promise that I to write to you later and certainly with impatience I shall wait for your long-awaited letter. To protect itself. Your friend Olga.
Letter 4

Hi my dear friend Gord. I am very glad that I again to receive from you the letter. Anything that I to name you so. Simply to me it is very pleasant you so to name. I certainly too to want that me so to name I we shall think that with you closer. I already with any improbable feeling to expect your letters. Imagine I already to begin to miss your letter and your words. I already to think that we is pleasant each other. I certainly would like to hope for it. I to think that to you also. For me that people to understand the main thing of that they to want in life. Still I very much to appreciate mutual understanding in people.
Today with mum I did(made) small travel on shops, we did(made) some purchases for house. Gord I told to the mum about our acquaintance, she has said, that would like to see you. For my mum it is important, that I got acquainted with the good man and was happy. Yours the family has special opinion concerning yours personal of life? Or, probably, you think, what is it only your personal business? I to know what you to interest nevertheless problem, to have I the telephone whether or not? Unfortunately I to not have the phone though it is very necessary thing in the house. And to put it (him) money are necessary, and we with mum may not make it. What for I to tell you about the phone and then what to hear a voice of the person which to you to write, I to think it to be very healthy. And you to want it? Even to tell each other pair words it it is already healthy. And on the other hand it is possible to see at it on other. I to explain to you. For example you to ring up one anoth!
er, but as we well can understand one another, I will think that for us to arise tangle. And more I think that I should be hardly hardly mysterious, you see the woman should be such. The truth? Still I to want to give you my home address:
606005 Dzerzhinsk
Street Gagarin 3
Olga Otmahova
For me too it is important to have your home address (city, street and so on). Gord I certainly can not know I to receive your letters here at us in Dzerzhinsk. Yes I play in tennis and now, but in our country it is everyone becomes more dear and more dear{more expensive and more dear;more dear and more expensive;mor} and consequently I play all less often.I think that they may to not reach and simply to be lost. I to think that it is better to you to write on my electronic address. So to us be to communicate with you easy and more conveniently. . Still I want to tell you that I very much to love flowers. I to love to look as they grow, are dismissed, it is very healthy. I to want to go along the street with a huge bouquet of large and beautiful roses. I to want that we to go along the street with you together. All to turn around on us and we then each other to go, laugh, embrace to stop, embrace, look each other in eyes and gently to kiss. I very much to dream of it. Though!
between us huge distance but distance not a handicap for two hearts.I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Protect itself. Your Olga.
Letter 5

My friend Gord I so am glad that you not overlook to write to me. I to want to ask you, how are you doing, whether all for you is good? For me while it's OK. I hope that for you also. To me it is very pleasant that you to think of me. Also that we to become all day is closer with everyone. To me would like to learn (find out) about your ideas rather our acquaintance. Whether you have any ideas on learning (finding out) me better. I very much would want to learn (find out) more close about that with what you the man. I to want to learn (find out) from you how to pass your day, than you to be engaged and whether to like you your work? I already to speak you that my work very much to like me. I very much like to learn (teach) children, because I know that they then will say to me thanks for it. You see to receive correct initial knowledge it is the help further. Correctly?
Gord I to want ask you may to be personal character. How you to concern to religion? To trust you in the god whether or not? I to begin to trust in the god then when at us to happen the misfortune to be lost our father. Then I to understand that in the god it is necessary to trust and love it (him). Sometimes I to go to church and to ask the god protection that it (he) to protect me from malicious people, from evil, injustice. I to think that each person to have the right to happy life, on that to love and be loved (liked). I to think that you too so to think. To tell you it is fair but when I to receive your letters I simply to shine with happiness, my heart to begin to beat quickly. It quickly to begin to beat when I to think of you, unless it is possible? To appear yes. Lovely, I shall be possible so you to name, I to want that you to me too if it probably to send all photos. Simply having them I as though shall feel your presence with myself beside. I shall think already!
that I any more one. I to want to see your gentle sight. I very much to love all beautiful, I am simple to want to have pure (clean) love, without lie and a deceit, treachery and mistrust. I very much that I shall promise to love persons which caress, care and tenderness will present me. You probably to think that I to ask very much. There is no I to ask the most necessary about what to dream each normal woman. You see I so close to be fortunately and all in a flash to collapse. Therefore I again to not want to test it and to go through. I to understand that it is necessary to trust people but you see in the world so a lot of meanness, lie and a deceit. My mum to tell that I should be open to people. I certainly too so to think I completely to trust mine mum. She (it) is very glad that we to keep in touch with you. She (it) to want that I at last that to find happiness with the loved (liked) person to find normal family. I to understand her (it). She (it) very much to want!
that I to be happy. And you to want to have happy family? What you to want to be happy? On mine to have the good family it already happiness. I shall do (make) all that my loved (liked) person to be happy. I shall try to make you the happiest person in the world. I send you a photo with my girlfriend Irina. We are familiar with her already very many years, from school. She the very good and correct girlfriend. She already very well knows about ours with you the attitudes (relations).
What to call from phone of the automatic device in our city it would be necessary to buy a card{map} of international calls, and in our city of them do not sell, it is necessary to go in other city. I shall try to ask what as soon as friends to our family would will go to other city that they have bought to me such card{map} and I to you then shall tell when I can call you. Send me the phone number. With my work all is good, only legs{foots} strongly get tired.Gord I want to be your the most loved woman. I shall wait your fine the letter and to think of you. With love Olga.
Letter 6

Hi my love Gord!!! I am very glad to receive your letter today. I already for a long time to not be so am happy. And it thanking yours the letter. Girlfriends to me to speak that I even to change, I to begin not much dissipated, but it is not terrible. Simply I as though to begin to fly in clouds. Due to you I to feel that means to be not one. As all the same it is good to have the present friend. Sometimes I to come into a internet - cafe on some times with hope again to meet there your letter. And as I to be joyful when I there to find it(him). I at once to begin to write to you the answer.
Sometimes to me to seem that my girlfriends on work to envy me, but they to envy white envy. Gord I to think that it is good. Yesterday I to think of us you, about our feelings and about our attitude(relation). I to not know at all that I to do(make) if you will cease to write to me. I am practically constant to think of you, and unfortunately to begin to distract on work (smile) Today I to learn(find out) that already many people from Russia to find the happiness with the loved(liked) person in other country and to leave there. Even my girlfriend to tell to me such history.
Today I to speak with mine mum about that that I am similar to begin to fall in love in you . She(it) very wise person and to ask me me, - whether to love I you? I to tell it(her) that on mine yes, yes I to begin to fall in love with this persons. I to tell it(her) that you which most remarkable person I when or to meet. She(it) to tell me that I should check up the feelings because she(it) to not want that I once again to be mistaken again to be hurt. She(it) to see earlier all my sufferings and too it was hard for it(her) to experience it. She(it) to tell me that else while early to speak about it, it is necessary to learn(find out) persons better and to some extent I with it(her) agree. But you see I to not think that you to hurt me. I completely to trust you and even it is more. I to think you too will understand my mother. She(it) to not forbid, is not present in no event. Simply she(it) to speak that is necessary to us is more best to learn(find out) each other. She(it!
) to wish good luck us only happiness if at us with you give the god all to turn out. I shall hope for it. On it I shall finish to write to you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter which each time to become all more warmly. On mine we to become all are closer and native. I to send you my most gentle kiss.
Gord I to wish you fine mood, excellent(different) day, the sea of heat and smiles. With love Olga.
Letter 7

Greetings my love Gord. Today I have come in internet - cafe and to be simply happy. It to be simple burst of emotions. All the same as it is healthy that the destiny to reduce us. I to think that you to test sympathy to me. Certainly we may think that through the internet may not be transferred feelings but all the same it already that then. I you see too to not think that here I to find the love. And to turn out absolutely on the contrary. On mine I already to find the love. And for me it already much that means. I to think that during that time that we to write each other between us to run a sparkle of hope, we to become more rallied with you. I to think that we are necessary each other. You to borrow(occupy) all my heart. I am practically constant to think of us with you.
My girlfriends to speak me that I as though to fall in love. Yes I to tell them that it is valid so. Gord I you see adult already the woman and I am capable to make a choice. But it is valid so. I already to tell mine mum that I to feel to you and she(it) to wish me good luck and big and light love. I certainly long to think of it but I to want you to tell that sometime we should meet. Conversation through the Internet it is certainly healthy. But here it is impossible to show emotion which too to play the big role. I so to want to see you to look to you in eyes and to tell: "Lovely I love you". Tell you see you too to want it? I to think that you to want to know nevertheless my attitude(relation) to ***. To tell on a secret I to love ***, I to love(like) *** with the loved(liked) person. I to not want violent *** to want I *** gentle, soft, capable to give blessed pleasure to both. I am correct to speak. I shall think that we with you very much to study much, we shall have!
passion under the attitude(relation) to each other. We shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. And from this dream I am simple to sink in pleasure. Now I to return from memoirs on the ground. Lovely after that letters I to think we to become even more close to each other.And more I hope that today to us with you will be dreams fine dreams. And I so to want it. In this letter I want to send you a photo which have been made in Moscow. In this photo we with mum on walk. I hope that she{it} to like you and will be pleasant. Gord I shall wait with pleasure as always for your letter. To protect itself.Yours for ever Olga.
Letter 8

Greetings my love Gord. I to receive from you the letter. And I to understand that I only to begin to live. That at us with you still ahead. Now I though to find sense in life. I to not represent any more life without you. Let it to be loudly told, but I have got used to open the feelings thus. Please to not think poorly of me, simply to overflow me feelings and I to tell mine mum that probably I soon to leave in other country.
You Gord to not think that I to solve it spontaneously I the truth very long to think of it. I am simple to not want to miss the happiness again. I to speak mine mum and she (it) is very happy for me, she (it) even to bless me. It may sounds silly, but today I to represent as we with you we shall meet. I to think out very many interesting pictures. Present in the street fine weather, you to stand and wait for me in the airport to worry for my arrival. Then you approach to the plane, we to look around each other, with to become transfixed hearts to find each other and to rush into strong embraces each other. We to stand having embraced, all to pass and look at us. And for us as though nothing to exist. Only you and I. Liked I have some good news to you. I spoke with the mum, concerning our meeting, then we talked to her with the agent of travels. Mine mum agreed, that it is necessary to me to meet you. She agrees, that it is necessary to me to travel to you on some time. She !
has said, that if we shall like to each other and we shall decide(solve), that we want to be close to each other, she will get acquainted with the large pleasure with you and to invite you in the house as son. I am very glad, that we have progress in our attitudes(relations). Lovely inform me please, whether your businesses and circumstances allow you to accept me a bit later? I hope, that I shall not create to you inconvenience in your businesses. At me the large desire to see you. The agent of travel has said, that tomorrow I can receive the information, how I can be helped by a travel company in organization of travel to you. Today wonderful day. But me it is all the same sad because you far from me and we should be now together. But I all the same to trust that we with you to be together. I to trust in it. I want to send you a poem, I hope she (it) to you to like. By the way can me trust and can is not present, but I to write her (it) in free time. Sometimes on me disco!
vers inspiration and would be desirable that that to invent and these
poems at me receive. I to devote her (it) to you: I can to you tell about dream,
Which one, has dreamed at the night
I can tell to you about the moon
Whether only it is necessary it to do (make) however? I can tell about the beginning of day
About a wind and sun singing
I can tell as there comes spring
And elephant speaking. I can tell - but whether you will hear?
Can accept this mode (image)?
Mode (image) of the future and dream
Wonderful, captivating mode (image). The composite answer to a composite problem
Can muse, can forget
If today it was not possible
Tomorrow it will be possible, differently can not and to be. Usually in the evenings I where I do not go because in Russia many criminals and if you will go one at night that can strongly suffer. On the days off I am usual with my girlfriends I go to walk on park or we go on different exhibitions or to a museum.
Gord I hope that all my photos like you also it will not be exception. I give her{it} to you!
Yours forever Olga.
Letter 9

Greetings my love Gord. Thanks to you for your letter, it has calmed me and has supported. Today I was a little upset. My mum has said, that she can not the help to me pay for the passport, insurance and visa. She has said, that a payment for these things we probably should think out together. She has said, that when we shall pay it and I shall receive the passport and visa, she together with my relatives will care of my tickets to you. She has said, that the tickets very expensive(dear) and consequently they with them will help us. The agent of travel has said, that contract includes the price of the passport, insurance, visa and services of agency. It is possible to pay for the tickets money after I shall have all documents for travel. The price of all documents and jobs of a travel company 420 dollars. They need in such sum of money because now very difficultly to receive the visa in your country and them(him,it) it is necessary to do(make) for this purpose many efforts. !
Lovely I have no many money and I have said by him(it), that while I shall talk to you I shall do(make) this contract. Liked, I today was damaged(injured) by all these things. I did(made) attempts to borrow(lend) this money at some people, but nobody could to me help. I very much want to feel you beside. I very much to want to see you and I to hope that it to want I the reality soon begins to run up to you to embrace you strong strong, to kiss and very proofly to embrace you. Only the dream of you to do (make) me happy and bad mood as a hand removes. All my colleagues to speak that I very much to change, become more cheerful and cheerful. And all this due to you. Thank you for all.
Gord I to write a small poem and to want to present her (it) to you in all sincerity: Lovely, me you very much
Does not suffice number (series).
Even in the most light night
Moon does not mirror you view
The letter behind the letter
Without the answer. It is not necessary
Aloud about poor,
You see too not rad to this
I wait. Well and as
To conduct this time
Without happiness, so,
With what mood...
How much already
To me remained of minutes
Days? Well,
All of them will wait
There were we together
And one another we shall not throw
I shall stay in place.,
Everyone will leave this autumn
Never, never
The eyelashes will not be closed
On tracks water,
And you can to me only dream...
I shall wait. And to look
On the moon permanently
To re-read the letters, you see
I like you very much! Gord I to hope that she (it) very much to like you. My love how to be spoken to not know borders. And only the dream of a meeting with you to warm my soul. This time I send you a photo with my cousin Masha. We with it{her} coevals and to us it is together cheerful, but we see it{her} very seldom because she{it} lives in the other city.
Protect itself and think of me. I always in your heart. Your Olga.
Letter 10

Hi my love Gord.I am glad to receive from you the letter. Today at me to be very heavy day, but due to your letter I again to feel vigorous and happy.Today at me many schoolboys have not come on lessons in a class.I have learned(found out) that the majority of them was ill influenza - it such illness when you to feel an indisposition, dizziness and to have very strong temperature. Simply weather now unpredictable.
Therefore they to put on that is warm, not so and consequently very(very much) frequently to catch a cold. To me so it is a pity children when they to be sick, that I would like to press it(him) to myself and to make so that ness is instant to pass. But unfortunately for this purpose it is necessary to treat and register different medicines. Girlfriends to me to speak, that I very sentimental and sensitive and am very close to take to heart all. But I am not guilty, that me so to bring up. I am very sensitive to know who the good person and who is not present. I to know that you to not deceive me, yes I to trust you and I to think that you to not want to injure me and to not trust me. If it to appear not so that I probably am simple to go mad and to me am simple to not go through any more one more treachery. Please trust me. I to not want mistrust on the part of the loved(liked) person.
I to become in myself and you and in our love more and more sure. Certainly there are barrier and distance between us, but I to think that for love there are no borders, and love if she(it) present instead of invented it is capable to overcome any distances. You too so to think? I to think that to us is necessary to meet you to express the feelings not through the computer and alive. I am simple with impatience to wait for this moment. I to want to learn(find out) that you to think of all it. And all may this only words that we write each other. Write to me please, the truth that you to love me? I want to say to you, that today I have found bank where you can send me money to registration of the contract. As I already spoke to you earlier in the contract cost of the passport, insurance, visa and services of agency enters.
Gord I want to say to you good news that I to find bank near my house it very well as for me will be secure to take money in bank near my house. I have asked in bank as I can receive transfer(translation) of money from my liked person from for border(limit) that it was fast and it is reliable and to not demand design many papers. In bank to me have said that there is such service as western union which one executes fast and reliable transfer(translation) of money, to me have said that this service works all over the world and that you can very fast send transfer(translation). You have such service?To me to say in bank, that to receive from you money, it is necessary to me to know your complete name and surname and it is necessary to me to know a secret code from 10 digits which one you receive when will translate to me money. I never used such services of bank but I think what is it it will be convenient for us with you, you with me agree?
I want to say to you the address of this bank it:
Tsiolkovskogo prospekt 15
Olga Otmahova.
Gord I think that of these data will be enough that you could do(make) transfer of money.
In this letter I want to send you a photo which have made when I was still the student. I hope that my photos to you are pleasant.
I with impatience shall wait your letter and that that you to think of all it.
Always loving you Olga.
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