Letter(s) from Miley Gates to Chris (USA)
Letter 1
How are you? I am Miley 28 years old. Can you send me a recent pic? I’ll send mine back just promise me that you won't share it to someone, I don't want anyone to know I'm trying this out. Where do you live BTW?
Letter 2
we are a bit near to each other so we should meet sometimes So where would you like to meet? I have roommates and since I'm trying to keep my little secret we shouldn't really come here. I'd rather come to your place or somewhere public, maybe if we need we could get a room or something I'm willing to do whatever just as long as you know how to satisfy and you don't get all weird or try to turn this into a relationship...I'm hoping you already know this stuff lol. im in paige
Letter 3
here is the link >>>
Letter 4

I really want to meet you but that is a simple favor only and also don't be afraid for your card info, cause CC is for age and citizenship verification only. Okay? You don't need to pay for anything on that so please do that if yo want to see me. But don't worry i wont push you to do it , i can meet you only if you have a Security Dating ID. Until now i have a trauma so i hope you understand that , nice to meet you again :) message me back if you are totally interested to me :)
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