Romance scam letter(s) from Misty Hornbeck to Frank (USA)
Letter 1
Good Morning Master, and I hope you are well and doing good today.. Master I am short of words and what this pictures are doing all over the internet, this must be one of the hand works of the former Master i was with, he was a digital person, he was more into the social networks and it was when he had to post my pictures on his Facebook page, i had to stop him and had to break up with him...I am sorry you have found this on the Net, it wasn't my fault and I hope you can understand Master and Maser this is not the answer to the question i asked you over text, I will send you the Values we want in our partner again, for you to read, go through them again and tell me what you think, if you would like to add more ideas to it or disagree with it Master... 1. Values. You want someone you can believe in, someone you can trust. Can you count on him to do what he says? Can you trust her to do what's right and always be there? What about you? These shared values form the basis of a lasting relationship. 2. Emotional health and maturity. To have a lasting relationship, it's important for both people to be emotionally healthy and mature. Does he have a positive attitude? Does she like herself? What about you? When you and your mate are at peace with yourselves, you won't need others to make you happy. 3. Financial responsibility. No, money can't buy love, but you'd be amazed how much trouble financial irresponsibility can cause. Does his career provide a lifestyle you're comfortable with? Does she handle her money wisely? What about you? Think about this one carefully. 4. Physical appearance and fitness. We all want someone to whom we're physically attracted, and we want someone to be physically attracted in return. Does she take time to care for her appearance? Does he eat and exercise to stay fit? What about you? Remember that first impressions count! 5. Communication skills. Lasting partnerships depend on open communication that allows both people to share their thoughts, concerns and dreams. Is she assertive in communicating her thoughts? Does he shrink from confrontation? What about you? You want someone who's willing to develop good listening and communication skills. 6. Confidence. Confident people radiate a glow that inevitably attracts us. Does he have strong self-esteem? Has she taken responsibility for her own life? Even the most tender of partners should bring strength to a relationship. Master with all these points, I hope you get to understand what i just said, what i want in my relationship, what i want in my Man and to let you know, I want a Happy relationship not a perfect relationship. With all what i just said, i believe we can have a very good relationship, what do you think? Stay safe till we talk again Master. I Care misty.
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