Scam letter(s) from Venera Imaykina to Nathan (Germany)

Letter 1
I apologize for the long answer.
How are you? It's very nice to receive your message. it's good luck to get your attention by my pics. I want to tell you that I got your letter, I mean mercie. Later I'll send short information about me and attach my photos. I will write more about myself and believe that you write more about you. See compulsively your junk file, if you don't get my email in your mail. We wish you a good day. Very truly yours,
Always have a good smile and luck. Venera
Letter 2
g'day Harald, I will trying to to write about to me in more. I guess that you will not be tired of my information and it will be interesting for you. My name is Venera. September 18, 1984 is the date of my birth is. I'm 34 y.o. and I'm single. For me the age difference doesn't matter. I think a man can be younger or older than a woman, but I believe that the man need to be wiser and smarter. I think the most important thing in a man is his mind and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it. My height is 168 cm and weight 54 kg. I have a nickname tender that I am named by my family, it's Venerochka. Samara is my city dwelling, it is Russian Federation. Samara was always a huge city, known by all. I like to spend time actively: I practice sport at leisure take a walk. I love camping and walking. I am a person broad-minded and I want to develop myself in all areas. I speak French and English. I lived and worked and in this city always. I done Medical University with a degree in Dentistry. I dream of open my own laboratory dentures. All my life I try to be constantly trained to reach my goal. It is necessary to be a good specialist today. During the year before, I was studied in Israel and the United States, passed a few month since my last internship in Finland. Many things have reformed in medicine this year. I have to confirm my knowledge and make the decision where I will be trained, in which country. From my information you already have learned that I work a lot and that I have little leisure. that's why, it's easier for me to try to create relationships via the internet because in reality, it's more hard for me. I find them special. One can open in several letters that during a real meeting. I think I did not get you exhausted. I ask to take myself seriously. Be honest with me, if I do not care like a woman. I will always try to be honest with you. I would like to know as much as much information as possible about you, I take it. You can ask what you want, I'll be happy to answer all you want to know. I do not know what will happen future, but I hope we will become friends. Your,
I'm sincerely grateful for your reply. Venera
Letter 3
Hey there my dear friend Harald! How are you? I hope everything is fine and you've been waiting for my letter.
Why don't you send me your pictures? Are you not interested or are you hiding something from me? I ask you to send me as many of your photos as possible. I really want to know how you look. I hope to find some photos of you in your next email. Again I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. Probable our correspondence will make our relations more close. I want to tell you that I write my letters to you from the worker computer. Because I work a lot and spend most of my time at work and therefore the computer at home I do not need. In the morning all the way to the work, I thought, Will I get your answer? I wonder whether you like it or not? Did you like my photos? Only last night, when I returned home, I realized that I had very little told you about myself. Therefore, I was very glad to see your letter. Today I will try to give as much information about myself and about my life. I'm the only and late child in the family. My my father left me when I was 7 years old. My mom died 2 years ago. All these circumstances made me strong. Let's not talk about sad things. After the death of my mom, I feel very lonely, because I do not have a native person. Harald but I have a best friend Yuliya. Say me, have you such a close friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable? My relationship with a man ended seven months ago. Men from Russia see only *** in me. Yes, I'm **** and beautiful, I hear a lot of compliments from different men, but I want real feelings, not just ***. For me a man should be not only a good lover but also a friend from whom there will be no secrets, but will mutual understanding. Do you agree with me?
As I said before I love read books and cook food, I like these 2 things. But I also love camping and I do not miss the opportunity to go hiking. I like watching good films, like to ride on ice, sing and dance, I also like sports very much, it helps me to keep myself in good shape and to get an excellent charge of vivacity. I am a versatile person and with me not bored. I hope that we have something in common.
Today I told my friend that met you on the Internet, she looked at me with surprise since it does not look like me. Then my friend said it was good but she advised me to be carefully because the Internet is a lot of scammers and ******. Do You write a lot of girls? You can answer honestly how I understand everything, I really hope we will be honest to each other. Also I would like to ask you in advance not to write me any ****** or intimate things or ask me for **** photos. I hope for your understanding.
Harald for me, age does not matter, because I hold opinions the main thing is that the person was kind, sympathetic and loved me, I think that this is the most main thing. I have a good job and money for me does not play a big role. Money is a means for existence. What do you think of my character? Do you like my personality? You do not bored to read my letters? Online dating is the first experience for me and therefore I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue for us So I ask you sincerely write that you want to know about me? I hope that you will answer me as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing from you
Have a good Day!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Harald! I am very glad to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention to me, I am very pleased with this. How are you today? How is your mood? I hope everything is good.
I want to thank you very much for your photos. I think you're a very handsome man and you look very good. I will be very pleased if you'll send me as many of your photos, photos of your home or friends. I'm interested in everything about you. I want to know you as well as I can.
As I said you before, age difference doesn't matter for me. I think that not important, you older or younger than a woman, but I believe that the man, need to be the wiser and smarter. I think the most important thing in a man is his mind. So I really like that you smart man and I am attracted to it. Frankly speaking today I have very replete day, I feiled with a lot of different thoughts and I'm overwhelmed with a lot of very different thoughts and emotions. I'm not going to share with you and will try to describe to you what happened today. Today I woke up early in the morning. The bright rays of the sun made me open my eyes. They easily ********* into my room and make me stay awake, because my bed is located near the window. I got up, took a shower, went to the kitchen, cooked a breakfast of eggs, a salad of Caesar and coffee. During my lunch I realized that I was worried about something. In fact, everything turned out to be simple, I thought you Harald answered me or not? Yesterday, in my letter, I again told you about my idea of relationships and about my personal life. Perhaps you decided that I'm a bore?). I wanted to come to work early and check my mail. I was very frightened by the thought that there was no answer from you. Before work I get on public transport but in the mornings it is really a nightmare to use it - so many people, the traffic is overcrowded and everyone is in a hurry. Harald, today at work I learned that I will soon have an important stage in my life. Tomorrow in our city there will be a competition at which several personal grants for training and professional development will be allocated. Such events take place in our country every year. Every year several promising medical workers are selected. Such grants give the opportunity to free-of-charge training abroad, in order to acquire a new experience. I already told you that I several times had the owners of such a grant and had an internship in Israel, the US and Europe. So today I tried to finish my work as soon as possible. I plan to go to the gym now, it helps me to concentrate and correctly expound my thoughts. In the evening I will need to make an excellent presentation so that I can receive such a grant. The owner of such a grant, in the right to choose the country and clinic, where he will be trained and working. I will finish my letter, I hope that you are not angry, you understand that tomorrow will be a very difficult day for me. I hope that tomorrow morning I'll see your letter. Have a good Day!
Sincerely yours Venera
Letter 5
My Dear please forgive me for not being able to answer you so long.
I've had a hard day yesterday and today and I have a lot of reports to prepare. I promise you that I will answer your letter and send you new photos soon. I'll try to do it first thing tomorrow.
I hope you're not angry with me and wait for my letter with new photos. I will wait for your answer.
Kiss you
Letter 6
Good afternoon my dear Harald! As I told you, I had a lot of work this weekend and I couldn't get to the computer to answer you. But I thought about you all this time and waited to read your letter!
I am very happy to get your new letter. How was your day?
The results of the presentation will be announced tomorrow. I'm asking you to keep your fingers crossed, do it for me pls)
I'm so happy to get more and more pictures of you. I like you, and before I go home from work, I review your photos. It makes my mood even better...)
Unfortunately I don't use watts up or skype, because I don't have a smartphone. I do not need this, because I once registered on Facebook and I immediately began to offer *** and send ***** photos. I didn't like it and I deleted the profile. Since then, I don't need social networks and a smartphone. I have a regular phone, but the tariff plan of my mobile operator allows me to receive calls only from Russia. but I can call you from my work if you write me your mobile number. Even on such a responsible day, I woke up thinking about you. I think I'm starting to get used to reading your letters every day. They becomes something important for me. As always, I quickly had my breakfast. I think about you always, I think you are that very person, about who I was dreaming and finally I found you and dont want to loose, I want to learn you, it's very easy and great to talk with you. I find a warm in your letters. And with every letter we learn all this more and more about each other, I think it's wonderful. Do you agree with me Harald?
My day past well today, but it happens that I get tired on work, because almost I dont have free time to sit. We have a lot of clients, and all of them have their own problems, but when I start thinking about you I forget about everything. I often think about the future and I am happy that in my life I have a person and it is you, a person to whom I can trust. I think without trust and understanding can't be real love. It is very important feelings. My vital principle is to be maximum honest and open whith the person who will be near with me. I trust you my dear, and I hope you also trust me too. If we want to be related with each other, then we should be honest not only in letters but in the hearts too. I appreciate and respect a man who keeps his word, but does not throw it to the wind.
Harald I hope that you are not such a person who just says, and word and deed will not fixed it. It's very important for me that the man was confident in himself and not be a coward. I want to be behind this person like behind of a stone wall and I dont want to scare of the world around me. My dear, if I didnt answer to some of your question, it means I didn't understand it, could you send it one more time please, for me it is very important to answer to all your questions.
Harald what is the main aim of your life? What do you want to achieve? Can you describe your dreams if it is not a secret of course. My big dream is to find good a and happy family and for the rest will come term. I hope very much for our hearts when they will come across. Write me soon because your letters kindles an ice in my heart. Have a good Day!
Looking forward to a new letter from you. From all my heart, your Venera.
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Harald! It's a great pleasure for me to see your new letter. I hope you missed me.
Yesterday I tried to reply to your letter, but my mail did not let me do it. My letter was constantly returning and saying that it was impossible to send, what was the matter? I do not understand. Today I send you some photos taken in the winter. In my city in winter the temperature is -36 degrees.
How are you? How is your day today? I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top. Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better. Last night I had a dream, in my dream I dreamed about the first day of our meeting. It was very romantic and beautiful. We were at a picnic by the sea and looked at the sunset... Harald I miss you and your letters. You have become very close person for me, but I would like to be much more closer. I think that our letters can grow into real and sneaking feelings.
Sometimes I regret that we have not met before. Of course, I understand that we live in different countries, and it was difficult for us to meet earlier. Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together. My heart is now open to you. I hope that you will not break it, as I very much trust you. I hope that our relations will develop and grow into true love. I promise you that I am sincere and frank with you always. I will not play with you, because serious relationships are important to me. I think that I have feelings for you, but so far I can not correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl) Now I have such feelings, that in my head everything turned upside down and I have large surge of emotions. All this is connected with you Harald... I read your letters, and it's always interesting for me to finish reading them to the end, I re-read all your letters several times. I almost forgot to tell you the good news. One of the members of the jury told me that I performed very well and I have very good chances to win this grant. I was among the finalists. I am very nervous and worried, but thoughts about you do not give me rest. Harald, in my head only you, our communication and our letters. It seems to me in my life comes a white band. I can not explain it, but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning in my life. What do you think about this? Now I need to go home to have dinner and see a good and kind movie. I wish you a good day and look forward to your letter. Have a good Day!
Kiss you, your Venera P.S.
My dear, I think that we have become much closer to each other and are ready to talk on the phone. I ask you to write me your mobile number and then I can call you from my work. Ok?
I ask you not to forget to write the phone code of your country to avoid mistakes when dialing.
Letter 8
Hello my friends Harald,, I just wanted to let you know that I received your last letter and I will reply as soon as I can. Today hard Friday and my work schedule is extremely crowded, as soon as I have free time I will immediately answer you. I hope for your understanding. Kiss You, Venera
Letter 9
My working computer has broken down and I'm trying to find a way to write to you. Today the computer master has repaired our working computer and will answer you soon with a more complete letter. I apologize for this misunderstanding, I just want you to know that I miss you. Wait for my next letter. Sincerely Venera
Letter 10
Hello my beloved Harald! I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. I waited with great impatience!
What questions are you talking about? I thought I was answering all your questions.
I was glad to hear your voice, after our conversation, I smiled for a long time like a little girl. I was pleased to hear you and talk with you. You would like to repeat it in the near future? Harald, your letters are always bring me joy and good mood :) I'm very glad that we met with each other. I'm glad that you appeared in my life and I dream about you every day! :)
I just came back from the meeting with my curator. He explained to me the requirements and said the list of everything necessary. In fact, I will have to do a lot. For the first time I really enjoy preparing for such a trip.
So, I will need: - Visa (It is good that my visa is still valid in your country, because my Director wanted to send me for an internship in your country last year and I got a visa. But at the last moment all plans changed and I went to Finland)
- Expected work place (My dear, thank you for the information about the nearest clinic. This information helped me and I will give this info to my curator)
- Medical reference
- Diplomas and certificates. From all places where I have been trained in recent years.
- Place of residence in your country
- Some accompanying documents and recommendations from my employer. As you understand, the next few days will be very tense and intense days for me. I hope you will forgive me for this short letter. I hope you harald understand that I need to do all this. I want to do all this as quickly as possible, because I really want our private meeting. Today I still need to do my basic work. In the evening, my friend Yuliya should come to me. I'm impatient to share such joyful news. Have a good Day!
I send you my tender kiss and will wait for your letter
your Venera P.S.
I attached a video of one of my walks with my friend Julia! As you can see we have a lot of snow and cold))
Letter 11
Hello my love Harald! How passed your day ? How is your mood? I hope you're fine!
Your warm feelings for me make my heart melt and I want to say that I will feel such sincere feelings for you! Thank you!
Ooh my favorite flowers are chamomiles, I love all the flowers, because it's very gentle and beautiful. I believe that a beloved man is not obliged to give flowers to a woman, but if he does this, then it speaks of great respect in the family. Besides, it's very romantic, what do you think?
My dear, I have already said in you at the beginning of our acquaintance that I am not using Skype or a WhatsApp, because I do not have a smartphone, this is a regular phone that can make calls.
I like the way you talk about a romantic evening together. Want to know how I imagine it? My ideal romantic evening I imagine next to you. I think that this is the main detail and everything else does not matter. We can go to the cinema and watch a film about love, we will sit on the last row and hug each other, we can also go to a quiet and cozy place to drink coffee, imagine, we sit opposite and hold each other's hand, say nice words and drink coffee. It can be the lake shore, a walk in the woods or a roadside eatery. I don't care where we will be, whether we will be beautifully dressed, it doesn't matter, the main thing is to be together. What do you think about it? As you know, my friend Yuliya yesterday came to me. I told her a lot about our relationship. She is very happy for us and wishes us only happiness. I know Yuliya from school. This is the person to whom I can tell everything and she knows all my secrets. We understand each other without words already. When she was looking at me, I saw that she was more than happy for us and she saw the brilliance in my eyes.
I'm very pleased that my close friend supports me in everything. For a long time she was worried about me that I do not have any personal life. My friend sends you a big greeting. She asked me how this will all work and how I will go to your country, because it is very expensive. I told her that medical association and I have signed a contract for which I will be allocated the amount in 3000 dollars. This is the first part of my grant, money is intended for me to move and all the necessary expenses for a new place of residence. Under the terms of this grant, my employer, as one of the sponsors of this organization, is obliged to contribute 50 of the total amount. After that, the representative of this organization incurs all my expenses connected with the transfer to your country. As soon as I arrive at my new place of work, within 2-3 days, I will meet with a representative of the medical association in Germany.
Yuliya said that it's great that I do not need to pay anything myself and just collect some documents. I do not need to worry about anything and for me all will be done by representatives of my country and Germany. With such a long conversations we passed our evening. My friend even stayed to spend the night with me, because it was already late. Today, as usual in the morning, I came to work to check the mail and write you a letter. I'm overwhelmed with emotions and I can not contain it in myself and constantly want to tell you Harald more about my results. I wish you a good day and I'm waiting for your letter. Have a good Day!
With all my love, your Venera. P.S.
I'll send you a copy of the official document, which states that I actually won the grant. My supervisor explained that this is a payment order for presentation in another country where I will be trained. Please find attached file in this letter.
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