Scam letter(s) from Kathryn to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Honey, I am most glad that you always think of me as much as I do the same also. I think of you all the time and there is never a moment that passes without you crossing my thoughts. I have not been good. I hate how I feel now. I am so hungry but can't eat well. I am trying to get better and strong. I am on medications and hope to feel much better soon. Thanks for the thoughts and concern honey. The only food I can get around me here is mainly their local food here and sometimes Bread and tea and some other messy food. I have been trying to patch up things, but it's getting out of my hands now. I don't really like getting too forward though, but things are hard for me now out here. Honey, I want to ask you for a little favor. I'm sure you know I need to get some groceries for myself out here but I can't buy any because I haven't been paid yet. So I thought I should ask if there's anything you can do for me, I mean if you can help me with little money so I can use it in getting some groceries for myself out here till next week when I should be paid a part of my project payment. I have some debts I already owe and its making me feel so bad inside that I can't sort them. I'll really appreciate if you can do this for me, and I promise to pay you back real soon. Please try to understand me, I really could use a helping hand out here and I hope you can work something out for me. I hope I'm not being too forward but I just want to be open with you because I feel so comfortable with you and feel I can confide in you. What I am asking from you is not much. All I need to take care of myself and buy some Misc. is $580. Write me as soon as you get this mail and let me know if you can't help me. Don't stop talking to me if you feel wrong about this, I am sorry that I am confiding in you for this, I presently have no choice, please and I also feel I can be open and tell you anything. I feel so weak to do anything because I have been in a lot of pains since today. I hope to hear from you soon and until then take good care of yourself and have a nice time. Thanks a lot my love. This means a lot to me and I promise I will never forget this. I will look for your mail soon. I will sincerely appreciate this if you do this little thing for me, and it will mean a lot to me. Please write me back soon okay. Thanks Dear. Thoughts.

Your Lady,
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