Scam letter(s) from Varvara Kakrasa to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Hi John,
Thanks for your interest. I am 30. My birthday is in November the 12th. I am 5'4 and good shape. I play all sports and like to run and workout. I live in Russia, Nizhniiy Novgorod along the banks of a peaceful river. It is winter now and we have snow.
I am a accountant working in small business. I am never married and only looking for a partner that can be compatible with me in all areas of life. I’d like to get to know you better so maybe we can chat sometime. I’ll send you a pic.
You are very nice. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Feel free to ask me anything.
Letter 2
Hello John! I am very glad to receive the letter from you today. Many thanks for your photo. To me it is very pleasant. You very attractive man. I am very glad that you still have desire write to me. It is very good that does not confuse you, that I live in Russia. Your country seems to me very interesting and completely another than ours. Your country is on other half of our planet. I do not worry about an age difference. And you should not worry. In Russia relations between people with the big age difference it is normal. Also in Russia there is a saying: "all age are obedient to Love". It means that for love the age has no value. And I agree with this statement. John, as you already know I work as the accountant in small firm. I am engaged in calculation of financial charges, expenses of this firm, various debits, the credits. I am engaged in distribution of monetary stream of our firm. In general all accounts department.. I hope you understand about what I speak. We live far each other... It is a very big distance for both of us.
But this distance only seems a big. It at all does not frighten me. It seems to me especially interesting. Don't you think so? I have read in newspaper (it was already probably for a long time ago) that in other advanced countries meets situation, that women are more thoughtless (not so serious) than men. Is it true? I very much would like to learn your opinion, also why do you search for the woman on the Internet? I am for the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. Now I wish tell you about me directly. I have never been married, and I want to marry. What I search in the man, most especial - friendship. I do not like to argue, altercate in a various occasion. I want meet somebody - who wants to have an entertainment, but understands, that life - is not always an entertainment. I need somebody who is fair, also care, warm and ******. Also I believe there requirement good appeal between these two people. I want to have friend which later (if everything will be good) could be more than just a friend. The most important parts of relations - love, trust and communication. But, without trust others two thing does not matter. You cannot contact someone irrespective even you love him or her, but not trusting him or her. The love is important, but you should trust blindly to other person, really love them because you should know they real love you back. Of course you have a question, "Why Russian women search husbands in other countries”. Because of many reasons, I think, and first of all - economic level of Russia. Our country is not rich and it is very difficult to find good work. Russian men cannot earn enough money to hold their family. They very lazy. They start to drink alcohol and become angry. It enters into divorce. Of course there are a lot of good men. Yes John, it is true. But they are already married.
If they receive many money, anyway they also start spending all for nothing to drink alcohol or other women. All of them like "Casanova".
In our country amount of women is more than men. So men try to low women, though a woman is stronger physically and psychologically. She manages a household, brings up children and has a constant work in the same time. There is an opinion that Russian men in degradation now.
Also, personally, I have a second reason. My close friend, her name is Arina, a few years ago, met a man from your country, and they got married. And now live happily together. I want to get married abroad as I’m concerned about my future. I want to have an ordinary, calm life, though I must leave my friends and change culture. It's very difficult. There are many men here which would like to be a part of my life, but a lot of them have been married before and are bitter about marriage all together. Some of them have trouble opening up and showing there true feelings and there are the ones who lie, cheat and disrespect any man they get involved with. These are only a few reasons why I am still single, I think it is better to be lonely than to be with someone and be miserable. So, my search for my man continues. I had no time tell you, John, about it in my this letter because I write letters to you on my work as I have no a personal computer. I never saw my parents. My parents have left me in a orphanage. I have no relatives, at least I did not know them. It is unpleasant for me to recollect my childhood. I grew in a orphanage, where lack of parent's warm... I know, how it is hard to not have relatives. Living in orphanage I've understood the real values of the life: do kindness to people and it will come back to you doubled.
There are many problems in Russia. People became evil and closed.
That's why I decided to find a husband abroad Russia. If I'll have opportunity to leave from here for the best life, I'll do it... I will leave Russia. I shall not have a problems with it. John, I already have been in the your country! So I have told you about my dreams. May be they will not come true but these are my dreams. And what about your dreams? I like to visit cinema. Oh, I love it! I like to read books. I have many free time after my work, therefore I have an opportunity to read. I love various love stories, detectives and very, very much I love classical russian literature. Also I love various music. I like different music, all depends on mood. When I'm sad I listen slow, sensual music. Jazz and blues. When I have good mood I listen modern music. I like pop, rock, dance. Western music very pleasant to me (Sia "Unstoppable" and AC/DC "Highway to ****" and many others.), as well as Russian. Splin, Rondo and Uma2rman are Russian rock-groups, but it is not all my favorite groups, it's a lot of, at once all of them will not remember. Adele, Sia, Sam Smith, AC/DC, Alex Clare and other singer and bands. The European and American films in Russia has huge popularity. They, as believe, are the greatest. I frequently go hiking in a wood, I like camping, BBQ or I like to go by bicycle on summer. I have own bicycle. I also really love soccer. I support the soccer club CSKA Moscow. you heard of them? In Winter I go skiing and skating. All these distract me from everyday problems.
Twice a week I go to the gym. It helps me to keep myself in good shape. So what do you do, when you have problems and when you are sad?
My hobby if it is possible to tell so - English language. I have loved English for a long time when I studied at school. In Russia the program of training necessarily includes foreign language, as a rule - English, German or French. I entered in group of the English language and I am still happy that I've made it. I like very much English language. After school, I continued studying English language in the institute. It is a very soft and easily-memorized language for me. Now I attend courses of the English language. I've been studing English for 18 years. I want to learn this language perfectly. I know that now I admit mistakes, but I hope you won't angry. I spent a lot time to write this letter. I wait your answer John. I have many ideas, but I do not want to rush this precious moment when two souls are looking towards each other across the continents for an everlasting friendship. Your friend Varvara.
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