Letter(s) from Alison Justin to Phil (England)
Letter 1
Hi..I am an angel face with an attitude.Although I`m young,I have a mature enough mind to express my sensuality while my body screams for attention.Expect the energy of a young girl and the allure of a lady.Take me slow and you will see the naughty part .
Letter 2
for fun,sexy naked pic &sexy text just text me here: nightbeauty086@gmail
Letter 3
Thanks for reply John , I want to meet you tonight.I am fre-e each today, tomorrow a week. How older you ? I live by myself so i can host as well . Why no photo? what type of photo would u like from me? I just want to have a funny hangout if you know what I mean ;) where abouts in town r you at?
Letter 4

Well I'd love to go on a date with you. I wanna you to come over and make my pussyy nice and w-et..Am free the next couple of days, its good timing..Can we make our plans on the phone now? I'm not really good with emails and don't wanna give my number over email cause I've had a bad experience all I ask is you to get my number from a safe service. I think its cool to meet you :) It just makes sure you aren't a wanted person or offender but I'm hope that you are okay.
Just go and get my number if you are serious : Check out here
And once you have my number give me a call asap and I'll give you directions to find the way to my place. Its small but cozy and we can chill.. Maybe you got some more naughty ideas? Can't wait to meet you
Letter 5
Well look John, I would really like to meet you and everything the only reason I'm asking for a quick check is because we're on online and the kind of people on here aren't always good... or real lol. I've already done this myself I'm v-erified and you know I'm real by now anyways haha :)
Just go for a second if you're not done yet. Check this
When we meet up I'll give you a really nice bj for your patience. I just wanna make sure its cool to meet you alone. I'm sure you can understand, you know how the world is these days. Call me now ok?
Letter 6
We can have a good time together. Just trust me okie.. Am not an escort ok so plz dont think me like that. I just need you to prove you are not minor and safe.
Letter 7
Do you want freee Dating With me ? . If you want to meet, give me a call From My Number create- ur -profile , put ur age must be 24+ nd confirm ur PROFILE ID
We can video call after U complete profile: Here send me ur username please.
Letter 8
Are you getting worried as its asking for a card? Dont lie ok.. I guess this is the reason hon. Alright ok I can understand your situation. I really wanna meet so I take another chance for you. I did open a freee profile where we can chat and video. Here it is Submit your Email and Chat With me
There is no need of a card here. Just use your email and search me with my email. But plz when you message me there say your name so I can know its you ok. it will not ask any caard so please no more excuse.. Am waiting for you John
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