Scam letter(s) from Elena Fedorova to Allen (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Allen, tomorrow I am planning to meet with Marina. As far as I remember, you wanted to make her a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers. It is possible to organize in the best way before or after our meeting with her.
The delivery of gifts is handled by my assistant. I'm sure that this will produce a positive impression on Marina. The sum of a bouquet from flowers with delivery can be issued for 150 dollars. A bouquet of VIP class can be issued for 200 dollars. Here I attach the name and surname of my assistant who will gladily help you in this matter. You can use the services of the western union.
Evgeniia Navolnitska
Looking forward to hear from you.
Letter 2
Hello Allen, how are you? I understand that today your day was filled with excitement and emotions. I want to tell you that the delivery of your gift was held in the best way.
My assistant met with Marina in a cozy cafe in the city center and presented your unique ring in a beautiful elegant box. All this was accompanied by a beautiful view of the city, a glass of champagne, as well as sincere female conversation. A postcard with your words, as well as flowers, was give to Marina.
In those moment I saw how sentimental and sensitive she is. Her emotions were written on her face. Pleasantly surprised, mini shock, delight, sincerity, happiness - that's what I saw from the side.
I would say that Marina has a very warm smile. I saw a little tears of joy and I'm sure it's a good sign.
As I expected after such step, she asked for your contact details to thank you. I'm sure she will contact you today.
I'm glad that I have the opportunity to give people good and enjoy their emotions, it fills my life with meaning and bright colors.
I am looking forward to hear from you and wish you to have a nice evening.
Kind regarsd, Natasha
Letter 3
Dear Allen, i apologize that i didnt answer you in whats up, there are many things to say, and its easier to do by email..
Yesterday evening, as planned, I met Marina. For myself, I noticed that she is very sincere, loyal, kind girl. I really liked her as a person, as well as a woman. In her psychological portrait, I'm more than sure that she will be a good wife and a caring mother.
Unfortunately at the moment, Marina has a candidate for marriage. She received an official offer of marriage from man and she said that she needed to think about it. The proposal was made officially, but without a ring, which is kind of strange for me and for Marina as well. I honestly told Marina that I don't see it as a right move from man. But she seems to be so concerned by some circumstances in her life which may push her to accept the marriage proposal. I could not dig deeper into her life (it's kind of impolite), but I feel she is really tired from current situation and wants to run away into peacful life.
But she doesn't understand that such decision may course for her ****** issues in the future. Marina is very worried because of her age and can make this step of hopelessness, I thought so. If to judge by our conversation, he is not the best candidate to associate life with.
In the midle of our meeting, my assistant assisted in the delivery of the Vip bouquet, which consisted of Marina's favorite flowers, as well as sweets. Together with the bouquet was attached a nice romantic card with warm words addressed to Marina. I've never seen such a reaction before - she was crying with happiness. At that moment I saw how her eyes filled with hope and how much she was surprised that there are men like you. Such view pleasently shocked me.
As you can see, the situation is not simple. For my part, I did everything that I can. I used all my professional skills to describe you in the best possible way and interest her.
In general, I saw an interest from Marina, but the potential bridegroom is not good for us.
It can be said that this is a sign of fate, I contacted her at a crucial period in her life and she is standing at a crossroads.
Allen, you seem to me a good and strong man who deserves love and affection. I'd like to know your thoughts on this. If you have any ideas or desire to win the attention of this lady, my team and me will gladly help you with this.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind Regards, Natasha
Letter 4

Hello Allen, I can see how much pressure you take on news related to Marina. I understand that this story seems incomparably difficult, but I'm sure that there is an exit from any situation.
It is necessary to act not by word, but by deed. A man is adorned with deeds, not infinite texts and promises. Women want to see how they are conquered, how man ready to fight for them. You spent a lot of time and effort and now you want to stop in one step to the goal?
As I mentioned earlier, I really liked Marina. She's refined, honest, caring and can be a really good pair for you. Such combination of wisdom, affection, beauty, as well as sharpness of mind, I have not met for a long time.
The most persevering always wins. I suggest you to present Marina a ring and confirm the seriousness of your intentions. I'm sure after I present her with this ring, she will not have any doubts about the choice in her life. This act will win her heart.
It will be very disappointing if you miss this chance. Let me know your thoughts about this.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards, Natasha
Letter 5
Hello Allen, thanks for such quick response. I thank you for such trust in my adress, I really appreciate it. I'm also glad that I have the opportunity to help in creating your happiness. Such gestures never remain unnoticed. I'm sure that Marina's heart will break up.
I'm glad that in this world there is such gentle and kind man like you.
A good, elegant t ring will cost from 1000 to 1500 dollars, as always the gift delivery takes place in the best fairy-tale manner. Delivery will happen in the shortest possible time, taking into account all your wishes. You You can send money transfer as previous time with by Western Union on name
Evgenia Navolnitska.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards, Natasha
Letter 6
Hi Allen, how are you? How is your mother? I hope she is already on the mend.
I want to congratulate you with the upcoming Christmas. I believe that everything bad will remain this year, and all the good will multiply and will move with us in 2018. I wish you and your family health.
Dear Allen, not without regretting my strength, I continue to search for a worthy lady.
In this letter I attach 4 new candidates. Please write me your thoughts about them, as you know it's very important for me.
I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a nice day.
1. Natasha 30 years old, 167 cm. She works as a teacher in university. She is a calm dreamy good person who is an excellent listener. She is very calm and kind as an angel. With this person is very comfortable and cosy. Natasha loves her work, and also does not forget about self-development. She loves to try herself in new spheres and also to travel.
2. Vika 30 years old, 170 cm is a wonderful woman and an excellent psychologist.
From this person breathes sincere warmth and comfort .In addition to her work , Natalia enjoys astrology, garden, walks in the fresh air and cooking. Natalia is very versatile and interesting, it's a pleasure to communicate with her.
3. Olga 27 years old, 167 cm. She works as a coach. She is sincere, kind, tender, femine lady. She has a medical background and is an excellent psychologist. This woman loves to help people. She goes through life with a charming smile on her face and it really fascinates. She loves reading, walking, cooking, hanging and also a garden.
4. Marina 31 years old, 173cm - manager of tourism. Very cheerful person. It is always fun and interesting with her, at the same time she is very sensitive and feminine. Time with her passes really unnoticed. Such combination of wisdom, affection, beauty, as well as sharpness of mind, I have not met in a long time.
She’s refined, honest, caring, and can be a really good pair for you.
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