Letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello David, you wrote me at LoveAccess.

I don't want to say standard phrases such as "my dear" and so on. I just want to find a good man, future husband. In my country almost every girl of my age is already married and has children and it is a pity, but I am alone. I am single, but I strongly want to have a family and to be simple happy. Here every man want to find a very young girl and no one pays any attention on me in spite of I am caring and ready to love, tender and sincere, very understandable and honest person. If you are looking for someone like me, I will continue our correspondence with pleasure.

With hope and respect,

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend David,

I am very glad that you are still interested and that you found some time to write me. I don't know why, but I feel happiness when I read your words. I am sure that we will enjoy our further communication. Please, send me some of your photos, I'll be very glad to get some of them. I will be very glad to get more information about you. As for me, as far as you already know my name is Vera. You know, that in Russian language it means faith and I want to say that I have a lot of faith inside of me that our correspondence it is the beginning of something very good. I am 25. I was born on the 9th of March, 1979, and this makes me Pisces by zodiac sign. I was born in the countryside near Lugansk. What about my family, I have a younger brother. His name is Lesha and he is 16 now. He is a student of the Economical College. My mother's name is Lube (she is 46) and my father's name is Vasiliy (he is 48). I am also a student and I study in the East Ukrainian National University and in future I will be an accountant. I don't have a lot of friends, but I have true some and value them. If you ask them about me, they will certainly say that I am a very easy going and open person, I am honest and reliable. Unfortunately, I am alone. Of course, I have my family, friends, but I think that it is not enough. I want to come home in the evening and to wait for my beloved's returning preparing hot dinner, to kiss him when he is at home already, to watch TV together cuddling and kissing and to do everything that can do each and every normal couple in love can do. I also want to have children when will be the right time for this, to raise them together with my husband and to observe how they grow up. I still believe that everything this can become true and nothing will stop me. You see, I don't know English and even this doesn't frighten me. That's why I resort to the help of the firm which translates our letters and helps me in everything. I don't trust marriage agencies and "matchmakers" and that's why I prefer to do everything myself and they only translates my letters and send them to you. But in future I plan to learn English, because I understand that it is very important for me. Maybe I will stop here and let you go, but I will impatiently wait for your reply and hope that you will write me soon. Take care.

With faith and best wishes,

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend David!

It was a great pleasure for me to start the communication with you, my dear. I will wait for your longer letter and I think that with every letter we'll get to know better and better until we become really close with you. What do you think about it, my dear? I'm thinking of you constantly and wish you to come, so we'll have an opportunity to spend some time together with you, to communicate and to get to know each other better not with a help of computer, but with a direct communication. I wish to have an opportunity to look into your eyes and to see your smile, to hear your voice and to hold your hand in mine. We'll be able to look at the stars at night and at the Sun rise early in the morning. You see, my dear, I'm very romantic and passionate girl. I like to dream a lot. And sometimes I live in my dreams, but truly speaking I became a bit tired from all of it and I wish all my dreams and all this fairy tell will become true. It'll be the happiest day in my life and I hope that all this will happen with your help, my dear. You know that I don't have a telephone at home, so I won't be able to hear your voice at the moment. But maybe in some time we'll have such an opportunity with you. I know that 2 persons who is in love with each other can overcome all the obstacles, just being together. I think that when people in love they can keep silence for hours and just to be in each other's company. They don't need to speak much, cause their hearts are speaking for them. OK, I wish to tell you that I was unlucky to find my fortune in my country, so I decided to look for it abroad. I'm sure that I'll find my the only one, he is waiting for his happiness with me as much as I'm waiting for my happiness with him... Can this person will be you? I hope so, cause I like you very much. You are the person I'm thinking about all the time. My thoughts are not with me now, but somewhere far, in other country, where you are living. It's a pity we are not neighbors with you, we can't meet in the evening and go somewhere out together, but anyway it gives our relations some more romantic feelings. It's very unusual for me to have such kind of relations. I have never tried it before and I'm absolutely new at it. I hope that my sincerity won't frighten you. If you need such a woman that will be always sincere with you in everything up to the end. I'll be waiting for your next letter with impatience. Take care. Hope to hear from you a lot.

I miss you,
Your Vera.

Letter 4

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, we can't translate the answer of your Lady for you, because the sum she put on her account is exhausted. If you want to help Vera and to continue your correspondence with her, we can send you all the necessary information of our firm. If you are not interested, please, don't write her until her account is re-open.

Sincerely Yours,
Director of "7Languages"
Yurochkin Yu.A.

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