Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Pichkorina to Thilou (France)

Letter 1
Hello my love Thierry!
My love Thierry I received your letter and you wrote to me that you need time to find and help me for a trip to Moscow and I hope for your seriousness and help, since you Thierry my hope!
Thierry you also wrote to me before that you can send help through Westerm Union and you were right that Westerm Union is all over the world and this service is reliable!
My love Thierry and so this morning I as went in the city to a Postal office and asked the information on the a remittance and to me in a postal office have given the information the the Western Union and this is the most reliable money transfer service in the world..
And so for this purpose to help my love Thierry to you it it is necessary to know my name, a surname and the country. And I write to you, I write the information :
(name: ANASTASIYA, surname: PICHKORINA , country: RUSSIA)
And on it of the information you my love Thierry scan send a remittance through the the Western Union. After sending a remittance to you at office the the Western Union will give control number that I could receive your remittance. And as necessarily write your full name-? A surname-? The sum and currency of your remittance-?
And with your information I can receive your remittance.
It would be better if you send a copy of the receipt and with your receipt I will go to get your help ok!
My love Thierry to me in post office have given the information of a site of services of a remittance through
The the the Western Union your town Pietrosella there is a city nearby Ajaccio , whence you can send and I to you My love Thierry I write addresses of offices the the the Western Union where you need to go and send a remittance: 1) LE CIGARE DU PHARAON
Avenue Du Mont Thabor
Ajaccio, 20000 2) FDJ TABAC LE LYAUTEY
Avenue Marechal Lyautey
Immeuble Massena Ii
Ajaccio, 20090 3)FDJ LE HAVANE
4 Cours Napoleon
Ajaccio, 20000 My love Thierry I as will receive your remittance also I will go to Moscow 13 February , and 14 February I will receive my documents in Moscow in embassy Also I take off by the plane 15 February and I arrive to you in Ajaccio airport 15 February at 18:30 on your time and we will be the happiest pair!
I hope that you will be serious Thierry to our meeting and help for a trip to Moscow and we will be together 15 February
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing also good news!
Your love Nastya!
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