Scam letter(s) from Venera Imaykina to Enrique (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there!
I will be very happy if you read an email from me to the end as I could not decide to send you a message a very long time. It's not my intention to send e-mails to the man first...
I am Venera. I’m 34 and I live in Russian Federation. I am a frank and lovely lady. I search for only the mutual rela-tionships based on deep feelings and faithfulness.
I am a medical dental assistant of the highest category and I have 2 university diplomas in the sphere of dentistry. I work in a large dental clinic in my city. I also had practice in several foreign countries.
I spent a plenty of time for work and the formation of my career, but now I understand that I do not want to be aloneanymore and I aim to meet a gentle and fair man with whom we could create a family and to be happy. If you would like to be with a sincere and sweet woman, so it will be possible to build serious relations. I show you my picture:) Hope that you will like it and you will send me the reply.
If you liked me, I will be very pleased to read your reply. Please tell me some facts about your life, your hobbies and your life aims.
I want to get acquainted with you closer!!!
I would like to say that I do not want to play any games, I do not I don’t want to get any propositions to demonstrate my **** pictures or to continue communication in in that direction… If you want the different things from our communication as I want, I kindly ask you not to reply to this letter. But if you are a lonely man who is looking for the true relations, so I ’d love to start our communication!!!
I will be looking forward for your answer. Venera
Letter 2
Hey there my dear friend Enrique I want to thank you for your message.I am replying you from my work. First thing in the morning I usually look through incoming mail and sort all e-mails.I’m really happy to get your letter.I have a PC at work.At home I prefer to relax from stress and affairs and take on domestic duties.
I dislike to solve any questions concerning the work when I’m at home.I hope you un-derstand me:) It’s a pity I have no PC at home.
A few days ago I’ve made a decision to make a resume on a dating site. During a short period of time a lot of people sent me e-mails.Even women have written to me!
The whole thing was a shock to me.You know,at a certain point I thought that only per-verts and feigners write dating site. Some men asked for my ***** pictures,other men wanted me to show my *******.What was that?There was even a situation that a married man had sent me an email and told his idea to meet and be lovers in secret from his wife.Frankly speaking,I didn’t know what to answer.I do not answer such propositins.In my profile I clearly indicated that I was only searching for a long-term relationship with an unmarried gentleman.I'm sorry that I tell you all this, but I really don't want to take my time. And I want you to understand me properly. I really hope that you are a different man and your intentions are serious.
Please read my letter carefully and give me your reply today if you want to continue our communication. I will be glad to write you more about my life.
I would also like to find out more about you, your hobbies, your work and family situ-ation. And of course I would like to exchange pictures.
I’ll write you a liffle after and tell you more about myself and my life,and I really hope that you’ll like my story of life.Please answer this message so that I can see that you have received and read it.I do not want to tire you now with a long letter))
I wish you a nice sunny day today and that my message brings you only a wonderful mood!Reverentially,Venera
Letter 3
Salutti Enrique I wrote you that I would send another letter with a detailed story about my life.I do hope that you will be interested in my life.
I’d love to learn more details about each other.My name is Venera.But my best friends like to call me just Vera.It is my short name.
You can address me as it’ll be more convenient and easier for you.I was born on September 18, 1984.I am thirty-five years old.
I live in Russia,Samara.I can’t say that I have absolutely no bad habits.As I suppose there are no perfect people))But I have a definitely bad attitude to smoking and I have never smoked in my life. Occasionally I can drink some wine when there is an important occasion or on holidays.
But most of all I prefer sports and healthy food.In the modern world and with our ecology,I think we need to be in good shape. What about you?
I prefer active lifestyle and do sports.I don’t like just to lie on the bed when I have at least a minute of free time.
I dislike to waste time just like that.In wintertime I prefer skating and I especially like alpine skiing.
It may seem odd to you,but I adore hiking and everything connected with it.I can say that I am a well-adjusted lady,I am calm and I like to solve problems without hysteria and screaming.I suppose this trait was brought up in me because of my type of occupation.
I I’ve got a good education and I know Italian, German and English. I graduated from the Medical Univer-sity with a degree in dentoprosthetic rehabilitation.I work in a denture treatment clinic.I have a secret dream to start my la-boratory for the manufacture and replacement of dentures.I worked diligently to gain the level of a qualified specialist.acquaintance and get to know each other better.
I want to be sincere with you.I really appreciate honesty and frankness in communication.If you have any questions – please don't hesitate to ask me everything what you are interested in)))))I do not know what will happen next,but I hope that we will become more than just good friends))))))
Besides,I’ve got a very serious question to you. Do you have a relationship with someone?
I'm just looking for a true relationships and have no intention to interfere with someone’s family or rela-tionships.
I hope you understand my point of view. Best wishes,Venera
Letter 4

Wow,it’s good to see you! Enrique I hope you have a great weekend and do lots of lovely nice things too.Enjoy your weekend,with friends.It seems to me you're not receiving all my emails.Your persistence is an encouraging thing for me,for which I'm grateful.The problem could be with my Computer your Pc,or simply losing messages in Cyber space on internet.It is a frustrating problem and I'm at wit's end.All I can do is to continue sending my contact until we connect.Forever yours,Venera
Letter 5
Hello Enrique how are things with you? Thanks for the photo.You look great!Again,I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. Probable our correspondence will make our relations more close. I want to tell you that I write my letters to you from the worker computer.Because I work a lot and spend most of my time at work and therefore the computer at home I do not need. In the morning, all the way to the work, I thought,Will I get your answer?I wonder whether you like it or not?Did you like my photos. Only last night, when I returned home, I realized that I had very little told you about myself.Therefore,I was very glad to see your letter.Today I will try to give as much information about myself and about my life. I am the only and late child in the family. My my father left me when I was 7 years old.My mom died 2 years ago.All these circumstances made me strong.Let's not talk about sad things. After the death of my mom, I feel very lonely,because I do not have a native person.Enrique,but I have a best friend Yuliya. Say you have such a close friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable.My relationship with a man ended six months ago.In Russia,men in me see only ***. For me a man should be not only a good lover,but also a friend from whom there will be no secrets and mutual understanding.Do you agree with me? Today I told my friend that met you on the Internet,she looked at me with surprise since it does not look like me. Then my girlfriend said it was good, but she advised me to be ostorzhnee because the Internet is a lot of scammers and alfonsov.Vam write a lot of girls?You can answer honestly how I understand everything, I really hope we will be honest to each other.
Enrique for me,age does not matter,because I hold opinions the main thing is that the person was kind, sympathetic and loved me,I think that this is the most main thing. I have a good job and money for me does not play a big role. Money is a means for existence. What do you think of my character?Do you like my personality? you do not bored to read my letters? Online dating is the first experience for me and therefore I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue for us So I ask you sincerely write that you want to know about me? I hope that you will answer me as quickly as possi-ble.Sincerely,Venera
Letter 6
Hello my dear Enrique,I am very glat to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention to me,I am very pleased with this. How are you today?
How is your mood, I hope everything is good.Thanks for the photo.
Frankly speaking today I have very replete day, I feiled with a lot of different thoughts and I'm over-whelmed with a lot of very different thoughts and emotions.I'm not going to share with you and will try to describe to you what happened today.Enrique Today I woke up early in the morning.The bright rays of the sun made me open my eyes. They easily ********* into my room and make me stay awake, because my bed is located near the window.I got up,took a shower,went to the kitchen,cooked a breakfast of eggs, a salad of promiscuity and coffee.During my lunch I realized that I was worried about something.In fact,everything turned out to be simple,I thought you answered me or not? Yesterday, in my letter,I again told you about my idea of relationships and about my personal life.Perhaps you decided that I'm a bore ??))))
Enrique I wanted to come to work early and check my mail.I was very frightened by the thought that there was no answer from you.Before work I get on public transport but in the mornings it is really a ightmare to use it - so many people,the traffic is overcrowded and everyone is in a hurry.Today at work I learned that I will soon have an important stage in my life.Tomorrow in our city there will be a competition at which several personal grants for training and professional development will be allocated. Such events take place in our country every year.Every year several promising medical workers are selected.
Such grants give the opportunity to free-of-charge training abroad,in order to acquire a new experience.I already told you that I several times had the owners of such a grant and had an internship in Israel,the US and Europe.So today I tried to finish my work as soon as possible.
I plan to go to the gym now,it helps me to concentrate and correctly expound my thoughts. In the evening I will need to make an excellent presentation so that I can receive such a grant.The owner of such a grant,in the right to choose the country and clinic,where he will be trained and working.I will finish my letter,I hope that you are not angry,you understand that tomorrow will be a very difficult day for me.I hope that tomorrow morning I will see your letter)))
P.S. There is my best friend Yuliya with me on one of the photos.
With best regards,Venera
Letter 7
Good day my dear Enrique,I am very happy to get your new letter.Thank you for your attention. How past your day?
Enrique tell me what you think? I want to call you. I want to talk with you and discuss our letters with my progress in my work.
Give me your Phone Number and the full country code.
Even on such a responsible day,I woke up thinking about you. I think I'm starting to get used to reading your letters every day.
They becomes something important for me.As always,I quickly had my breakfast.I think about you al-ways, I think you are that very person, about who I was dreaming and finaly I found you and dont want to loose, I want to learn you always,it's very easy and great to talk with you.
I find a ray of light in your letters. And with every letter we learn all this more and more about each other,I think it's wonderful. Do you agree with me? My day past well today, but it happens that I get tired on work,because almost I dont have free time to sit. We have a lot of clients, and all of them have their own problems, but when I start thinking about you I forget about every-thing.I often think about the future and I am happy that in my life I have a person and it is you, a person to whom I can trust.I think without trust and understanding can't be real love.
It is very important feelings. My vital principle is to be maximum honest and open whith the person who will be near with me.I trust you my dear, and I hope you also trust me too.If we want to be related with each other, then we should be honest not only in letters but in the hearts too.I appreciate and respect a man who keeps his word,but does not throw it to the wind. Enrique I hope that you are not such a person who just says,and word and deed will not fixed it. It's very important for me that the man was confident in himself and not be a coward.I want to be behind this person like behind of a stone wall and I dont want to scare of the world around me.My dear,if I didnt answer to some of your question,it means I diddn't understand it,could you send it one more time please, for me it is very important to answer to all your questions.
Enrique what is the main aim of your life? What do you want to acheive? Can you describe your dreams if it is not a secret of course.My big dream is to find good a and happy family and for the rest will come term.I hope very much for our hearts when they will come across.Write me soon becouse your letters kindles an ice in my heart.Looking forward to a new letter from you.Sincerely yours,Venera
Letter 8
Hello my dear Enrique!!! It's a great pleasure for me to see your new letter. How are you? How is your day today?
Enrique I got your phone number. I will check my international roaming and call you. I really want to talk to you. I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top.Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better.Last night I had a dream, in my dream I dreamed about the first day of our meeting.It was very romantic and beautiful.We were at a picnic by the sea and looked at the sun-set...Enrique I miss you and your letters.You have become very close person for me,but I would like to be much more closer.I think that our letters can grow into real and sneaking feelings. Sometimes I regret that we have not met before.
Of course,I understand that we live in different countries,and it was difficult for us to meet earlier.Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together.My heart is now open to you. I hope that you will not break it, as I very much trust you. I hope that our relations will develop and grow into true love. I promise you that I am sincere and frank with you always.I will not play with you, because serious relationships are important to me.I think that I have feelings for you, but so far I can not correctly express my emotions.It seems to me that I behave like a little girl ...)Now I have such feelings,that in my head everything turned upside down and I have large surge of emotions.All this is connected with you Enrique ...I read your letters,and it's always interesting for me to finish reading them to the end, I re-read all your letters several times.
I almost forgot to tell you the good news.One of the members of the jury told me that I performed very well and I have very good chances to win this grant.I was among the finalists.I am very nervous and wor-ried, but thoughts about you do not give me rest.Enrique,in my head only you,our communication and our letters.It seems to me in my life comes a white band. I can not explain it,but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning in my life .....What do you think about this?
Now I need to go home to have dinner and see a good and kind movie.I wish you a good day and look forward to your letter.Your woman,Venera
Letter 9
Hello my sweet Enrique!! Can I call you so?
How are you?How is your health?I'm very happy to see your letter.Enrique I always think about you no matter what I do.I'm very happy and feel that our letters are very important to you too.I want to say thank you for all your concern for me.Your letters have already become a part of my life and I want to assure you that all my everyday thoughts about you:your mood,health and plans for the day.I am very pleased that now I have you Enrique.The connection between a man and a woman is very important.A man should treat a woman politely,with love and respect.He should be next to her in bad and good times and take care of her.A person should give the woman all the love and care.He should do everything that his woman feels herself the most happiest next to him.Also a woman should do the same for her man.To support him always in everything.To support him always,to be with him when he needs.And I think that love is very important in the relationship between a man and a woman.This kind of relationship I am look-ing for?How do you find my ideas and thoughts are close to you?
Today I have very good news.I was among the 3 winners of a grant for study in one (Israel and Hungary Usa).By the condition of this grant all expenses will be paid for.I'm just overwhelmed with emotions.I'm ready to jump from happiness.Tomorrow I need to give an answer in which of these countries will I study and work.I decided to choose your country because I think we are ready for our meeting.I think that we are ready to build our relations not only virtually but personally.I'm also sure that in your country I will be able to receive a decent salary and my work will be paid very well.What do you think about this ???? To-morrow I have to give the final answer which country I will choose.I believe that I must consult with you.It seems to me that my night will be sleepless because I will wait for your answer.Your answer will show your attitude to me.I ask you very well to think about it and give me an honest answer.Yours sincere-ly,Venera
Letter 10
Hello my dear Enrique,
Today my night was sleepless all night I thought that you would answer me.I woke up earlier than usual and did not even have breakfast,ran to work to check my Email.
I opened the mailbox and saw your letter.My hands were shaking and I was worried and afraid to open it.And a few minutes I was afraid to open your letter. When I read your letter I realized that I was not mistaken in you.Enrique I want you allow me to call you in letters my darling?I think you will like it.But I think that we can overcome all obstacles with the help of our rela-tions.Once I could not believe that love exists.But then you appeared,and the world turned over.I waited for you.I waited all my life.I knew that one day it would happen.You are that one whom I was looking for a long time.
You are the man of my dreams.You turned into the meaning of my life,filled my soul with air.You allowed my wings to open and fly,soar over the earth and not notice anything except your image.You gave me a dream,a hope for human happiness...And I do not need much,just to know that you are some where in this world...In fact,I would give everything to be always near you.Now I need to contact my supervisor and tell him that I'm really going to fly to your country.For this I need to collect in a few days the list of important documents.Today my supervisor will tell me what kind of documents they need.My dear,I will have a very important request for you. I ask you to find in the internet a list of several dental clinics more closest to you in your city.This is necessary for me to conclude a contract with the International Medical Association.Enrique I am glad that our life paths met.Let them burn as a bright star of our amazing love.I will wait for your reply.
I'm sending you an air kiss.Best regards,Venera
Letter 11
Hello my dear Enrique,
Ioaaou ia aai aii?inu !!!!!!!
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. (Thanks for the info. I will study everything. )
I waited with great impatience !!! Enrique, your letters are always bring me joy and good mood :) I'm very glad that we met with each other.I'm glad that you appeared in my life and I dream about you every day! :)
I just came back from the meeting with my curator. He explained to me the requirements and said the list of everything necessary.In fact,I will have to do a lot.
For the first time I really enjoy preparing for such a trip. So, I will need:
- Visa (it is good that my tourist visa is still valid. I will be able to get a work visa when I will fly to your country)
- Expected work place (thank you for helping me with this)
- Medical reference
- Diplomas and certificates. From all places where I have been trained in recent years.
- Place of residence in your country
- Some accompanying documents and recommendations from my employer.
As you understand, the next few days will be very tense and intense days for me. I hope you will forgive me for this short letter. I hope you understand that I need to do all this.I want to do all this as quickly as possible, because I really want our privat meeting. Today I still need to do my basic work.
P.s My middle name is Venera Rashitovna.
In the evening,my friend should come to me. I'm impatient to share such joyful news. I send you my ten-der kiss and will wait for your letter,Venera
Letter 12
Hello my dearest Enrique,
Enrique,How passed your day ? How is your mood ?I am very pleased to receive a letter from you.I wait-ed with great impatience !!! Enrique, all right thanks for the info. It'll be enough.
As you know,my friend Yuliya came to me.We talked a lot with her.I asked permission to send you she gave approval and said that I am very happy for us.I showed her your photos.She is very happy for us and wishes us only happiness.I know my friend from school.This is the person to whom I can tell every-thing and she knows all my secrets.We understand each other without words already.When she was look-ing at me,I saw that she was more than happy for us and she saw the brilliance in my eyes.
I'm very pleased that my close friend supports me in everything.For a long time she was worried about me that I do not have any personal life.My friend sends you a big greeting. She asked me how this will all work and how I will go to your country,because it is very expensive.I told her that medical association and I have signed a contract for which I will be allocated the amount in 3000 Usd.
This is the first part of my grant.the money is intended for me to move and all the necessary expenses for a new place of residence.Under the terms of this grant,my employer,as one of the sponsors of this organization,is obliged to contribute 50 of the total amount.After that,the representative of this organization incurs all my expenses connected with the transfer to your country.As soon as I arrive at my new place of work,within 2-3 days,I will meet with a representative of the medical association Usa Yuliya said that it's great that I do not need to pay anything myself and just collect some documents.I do not need to worry about anything and for me all will be done by representatives of my country and Usa.
With such a long conversations we passed our evening.My friend even stayed to spend the night with me, because it was already late.Today,as usual in the morning,I came to work to check the mail and write you a letter.I'm overwhelmed with emotions and I can not contain it in myself and constantly want to tell you more about my results.I wish you a good day and I'm waiting for your letter.I sincerely appreciate your atten-tion.Your,Venera
Letter 13
Hello my darling Enrique,
I write and I know that my heart and thoughts are with you.I would like to see you every minute to talk with you. Now your support is very important for me.
I always imagine our first meeting,how you became so close to me during this time.I represent your breath, I want to see you very much,cuddle to your shoulder.I feel attraction,want to see your happy eyes,I want to live with thoughts of the future,with thoughts about you and about my new job...I believe that I will succeed in everything and I can organize our meet very soon.I will become for you the neces-sary,desired and beloved!I want to support you in everything.I will be gentle,wise and understanding!I feel as we get closer and closer. I think about you every day, every minute...You are the air without which I can not live even a second.I want to make you the happiest man on this earth. You melted my heart,my heart was a cold ice.You are my whole life!Love creates wonders with people,it gives them wings and makes them fly towards each other.Now I will tell you the most important news.Today I was on meeting with my curator.I gave to her the last part of all necessary documents.Enrique now I have abso-lutely everything ready to transfer to your country.I feel like the most happyest woman on the earth be-cause I'm flying to you. Since all the documents are collected it means that approximately I can fly to you in 10-12 days.In order to book the tickets,I have to know the nearest airport which is closer to you ???
I ask you to give me this information in the next letter.Now I will once again explain to you how this sys-tem of international education works,so that you do not have questions and doubts.Large employers are part of the board of trustees of the international medical organization. They are interested in having their employees constantly improve their qualifications and study in other countries, exchange experienc-es.Ultimately,this increases the clinic's rating and brings profit. Therefore,all of them constantly contribute to the general fund. In this money,the employees who won the grant receive training in different countries and receive a salary.As I told you earlier this year,the working conditions of the grants have been changed.The association allocates the first tranche, which is intended for the road,and arranging for a new job.This employee receives the money in the form of a certificate when he arrives at a new job.To do this,the employer of this worker is obliged to contribute 50 of this tranche,this year this amount is 1500 Usd .This is a sponsorship fee.All further costs are paid from the general fund in the country where the work and training will take place.This means that as soon as I fly to you,I will receive my certificate for 3000Usd .And the curator in your country will give me this money.I again ask you,do not forget to tell me the nearest airport to you.I need to know this information tomorrow.Enrique I'll let this to know to my supervisor and to my employer for started all financial procedures.I'm waiting for your answer as soon as possible,do not forget to give me answers to all the important questions.I think that you understand that now everything turns into the final stage.Now everything depends on us,we can not play for time. As sooner we will do everything,so faster we will meet.Always sincerely yours,Venera
Letter 14
Hello my dear Enrique,
How was your day?? How is your mood??I hope that you are doing well.I want to tell you thank you very much that you gave me all the necessary and important information.I see and understand how you try to help me,you do so much for us.It's very important for me,I appreciate your help.We both understand that now a new stage is beginning in our life. Of course it does not happen, tha everything is going smooth and ideally,but I hope that we will both be tolerant to each other for the first time. Respect and under-standing is the basis of a strong relationship, because we are people from different countries with different cultures.
Today I, as always, came to work to check my mail.After that,I again met with my curator and informed him of all the final information.
Enrique we did with you everything that was required from us.The rest of the work for me will be done by the representatives of the association,they will book my ticket themselves,they will contact the embassy of your country so that I receive a working visa without problems.My employer today must sign a payment order to our accountant made a sponsorship contribution to the deposit of an international medical organization. I think that all this will take 1-2 days.
Very soon, I will tell you Enrique the date of my flight and send you a copy of my e-ticket so that you know the schedule of my flight and could meet me at the airport.
I'm sorry to ask you about it again,I just get a lot of thoughts and emotions,I am worry very much!!! Will you meet me in airport??? It is very important for me.
I'm totally rely on your help.I want to share with you with another good news.Today,when I returned to work a second time to answer for your letter,after meeting with my curator.I just got on a break in working hours,at this time all workers gather in a separate room to drink coffee, tea and relax from work.
I knew about it and bought a cake. We have such a tradition to treat our colleagues at work when you are flying on a business trip, vacation, birthday or other occasions.When everyone gathered for a break,everyone started saying that they were very happy for me,that I was leaving so long for such a developed country. Forgive me, I could not resist and told about us. I said that I met a man with whom I want to build family and work in another country.If we all get along and we understand that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.Many colleagues have started saying that online dating is not serious and that a man can write in letters one thing,but in fact can think and do everything on the contrary!!I said that I'm sure of you and you Enrique are serious about me.I know that you will not let me down and I will not leave you in a difficult moment, I trust you completely.Having noticed my confidence and a little insult for these words,everyone calmed down at once.Then began to say that in fact this is a good chance to create a family and to find a woman's happiness. Also they were a bit jealous that I will receive a decent salary in your country,you know how in your country appreciate medical workers.I do not want to show off,but a lot of my colleagues dream of working in developed countries.I always think about us and our meeting.I would like to ask you about the movie. Do you like movies and cinemas?I would really like to go to the cinema with you? It seems to me that it's very romantic to go to the cinema holding on to the hand. Did you think about how we will spend the first weekend together?I think about it a lot and very worried.Enrique I hope that you will help to overcome this excitement and take everything in your hands.I love you Enrique !!!Kisses tenderly and I'm waiting for your letter.Your woman,Venera
Letter 15
Hello my darling Enrique,
How do you feel your self,how is your mood?Every day I miss you more and more. I love you and it's not a dream. You are important in my life! It's so important for me to hear your words about love from you, thank you that you are understanding me in everything. I see how you are trying for me and ready for anything for me.My dreams come true thanks to you my love. You are the best man in the whole world! My heart beats for you.You're my man!I love you!Of course,in relationships for me love and *** are important too, because this keeps the family.I'm so cold without you,so empty in bed,because now you're not near me.You're most important for me in the world.You know about this.You're in my thoughts and dreams,in my mind,in my life.I miss you so much.When I feel the taste of your tender lips,they will fantastically caress my body.My life began when we met.I'm happy with you.I want to know that you feel good with me, that we will be together al-ways...
Today,when I came to work,I immediately went to the accounts department to find out the news. Our ac-countant reported that she had already prepared a payment order to the bank and only the signature of the director remained. I asked her for a copy of the receipt to show to my curator.We should not lose a minute of time. After receiving a photocopy of the receipt,I immediately went to my curator, I showed him a copy of the receipt and asked him to start booking my plane ticket.
The curator said that this is just a copy of the document and you need to wait for the money to arrive at the bank account.He can only pre-book my flight ticket and give me a copy of the E-ticket. I said that this is really great news as soon as I have a copy of the ticket,I will definitely send it to you,my love,Enrique,so that you will know everything and be ready. Are you happy for us?A few weeks ago you thought this could happen???
I could not even imagine that such things could happen to me.I positively want to smile,I do not under-stand why,but I had the confidence that I had found my female happiness.I'll stay with you in touch.What plans do you have for today?
Now I plan to go for a walk in the park.I like to walk in this park.Perhaps this is my last walk in this park))).I want to say goodbye to this place,I understand that it sounds naive, but I'm very synthetic girl.I will wait for your answer,I hope that tomorrow I will make you happy with some news.
Forever your,Venera!
Letter 16
Hello my dear is Enrique,
How are you doing today? I'm very happy to receive your letter. How was your day? How is your health? Today I had a very intense day.
I had a lot of time to do different things during the day. In the morning I went to the store. I bought Foods made cleaning in my house.
I carefully cleaned the house before leaving. You know I like cleanliness and order.I like to cook, and I often cook different dishes of Russian traditional cuisine.
Today I cooked dinner and thought that it would be nice if you could try that I cooked.I prepared the fa-mous russian Borsh.Did you hear something about this? I think that this is the most famous dish in
Russia after dumplings and pancakes. I was very keen to appreciate my dishes and appreciate their taste.
I really would like to stand in the kitchen and feel when you hug me, kiss me, touch my hips. It would be very nice to cook together with you our supper dinner. I'm sure that you will like Enrique very much as I cook. I am more and more often visited by the thought that you think of me as a woman. Do you like my body?I believe that *** in a relationship is also very important
I would like to order what you think about it. I ask you to tell me your ****** ideas.I want you to do this first since I never wrote about it first I do not complain.Do you understand me ??????? I'm waiting for your letter with answers to my questions.
I love you yours,Venera
Letter 17
I'm very glad to receive your letter today. Thank you for responding to my ****** ideas.I was pleased to read your ideas about me. I'm pleased to read your words and find out that I am attracting you.Dear Enrique,I miss you.I want to hug you and press my body to you.I often imagine when we first see each other.When we spend our night together.I think that we will not sleep at night.
I will try to make sure that you never forget this night.I hope that you will do the same for me.We will make a break only for coffee and sandwiches.Darling,I wanted to take a bath with you. Before our meet-ing there was not much left.
I often think about things that we can do together.I think about it in detail.I have a good imagination. Even now I have a shiver in the body.Well,I'll focus on this topic in my message. I'm finishing the letter.
I'm waiting for your message,I miss you.My kisses and hugs !!!!Your woman,Venera
Letter 18
Hello my dear Enrique,
How was your day?How is your mood?There was not a minute that I did not think about you. You are far away now,how I miss you now,want be next to me,how I would like to spend a day in your embrace.
How I would like to feel the warmth of your hands warming me on cold days.I constantly feel your proximity to me.I am calmed by the thought that soon, I will see you in the airport's waiting room. You will not believe how many times I've been imagine this moment when I can see you,touch to you.So I want to see your eyes,your smile.I've been waiting for you for a long time, rather this waiting was over,it's only a little bit left...You came into my life and woke up my feelings.You are more precious than anything in the world. I think that today I have the best news for all this time.I have the exact date and time of my flight to you.You can believe that (12/02/2019) our first meeting will take place.On this day,I'll be able for the first time see,hug and kiss you. This will be the best day of my life.Now for me, our most important thing is getting together and our relationships,work and study are going to second plan. so little began to think about it and now all my thoughts are only about our meeting.May be it sounds naive but I'm already thinking about how I will look, what kind of makeup I will have, which hairstyle I will have,what kind of clothes I will have.You understand that a real meeting is quite different than the Internet chat,I want you to like it from the first second of our meeting. Also my curator told me that the money was not received on the settlement account.He asked me to hang up my management and make a payment in the next time.So today I will talk with my management to speed up this process.Today I send you a photo of an E-ticket.That you know when I arrive. I ask you to calculate everything so that you be able to pick me up at in the Airport.Today,my leadership is not in place.Therefore,I'm tired of taking to the leadership for tomorrow. I want to get some concrete answers from him.Tomorrow everything will be ready.I hope tomorrow I will hold ll the documents ready on my hands. After I meet with my management who will give me the originals of all the documents and give me a copy of my certificate.Sincerely your woman,Venera
Letter 19

Enrique I have to go have a medical physical done along with a whole bunch of testing for this job. They are pretty strict on what you can and can’t be or have. So I’m excited. I also found out that the starting pay for this job will be almost higher than what I’m currently making. When I arrive, the staff of the Medi-cal Association must give me a SIM card for communication. Then I have to contact my Medical Associa-tion. For me must provide a place to work to choose from. I will definitely consult with you and will do everything to be as close as possible to you. The travel they offer is amazing. The flight is paid for and the “Apartment” would also be covered. That would be great. I could trace see other parts of the coun-try.Venera
Letter 20
Hello my dearest Enrique,
How was your day?How is your mood?Today I have a lot of news.I'll start talking everything in order.In the morning I had a meeting with my supervisor.We had an extremely unpleasant conversation.
I wanted to get concrete answers to my questions. I asked why they still have not transferred the mon-ey ?? My head immediately rebelled and asked why he should pay something?He learned that I am plan-ing to stay with you for ever.He explained to me that the clinic does not see any point in wasting money if I do not return to work for them.I was very disappointing, but I understand it.After this conversation, I immediately went to my curator to discuss with him the whole situation.I asked if I can cash my certificate in Russia to make this payment?? Can an international medical organization do this??My curator replied that over the past two years Usa changed the rules.If I decided to fly to Israel,there would be no prob-lems.I could get the whole amount in Russia.But your country Usaallows you to cash a certificate only on its territory.That is why my supervisor said that my only option is to make the most amount of the deposit.I did not despair,because everything is ready for my journey.I went to the bank where I get paid and keep money on the deposit. I have been servicing this bank for a long time and I was sure that they will be able to give me a loan for a short period of time. I explained the whole situation to the manager, I showed them a copy of my certificate that I will be able to cash out and immediately transfer their money from Usa. The manager denied me for the same reason that my supervisor.I got all my savings,it was 900 Usd and went to work to write you a letter.Along the way,I thought I could sell quickly to get the rest of 590 Usd??I'm still paying a loan for my apartment,so I can not sell it so quickly.Then I realized that I have no other options how to borrow this amount from you.I'm sure that for you Enrique it's no problem.We both did so much for our meeting, I do not think you'll deny me now.Moreover,I will return this money to you in 3-4 days,after I rilech in Usa.I cashed out without problems my certificate and I will return this money to you.I really do not like this situation,I turned to you for a help, but I have no other choice and I am confi-dent that you Enrique will not leave me in this situation.This situation will serve as a serious test of our relations and our words. I'm sure that my man will do everything to help me solve this problem and not worry about it.I send you a copy of my certificate so that you are absolutely calm that you will get all the money back.I will wait for your answer Enrique!!!Your woman,Venera
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