Scam letter(s) from Irina Aleksandrovna Lyabina to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
How are you? I hope that you have everything well. If to you also sadly alone, as well as me, I trust that my letter a little diversifies your day and will raise at you a smile) what country do you live??
I admit, that I already long time thought over the appeal to the agency of acquaintances and to begin search the serious man virtually, but everything could not take the first step. This morning i woke up, looked at the calendar and drew a conclusion, that time goes and it is necessary to change something in the life.
Ahead Christmas and New Year! It time of miracles and fulfillment of desires so I trust that my desire has to find love and happiness by all means to come true!)
Already 30 years and I do not trust me any more in miracles, but I trust in that, each person himself builds the destiny! I hope that we have mutual interest to each other. We live far apart. I live in far and snow-covered Russia. Presently distance not a hindrance if two want to be together. If you concordant with me and you wish to construct a serious relationship, to me it will be pleasant to see your letter soon that we could to know our acquaintance of each other better.
I will write a couple of words about myself. My name is Irina. I will repeat that to me 30 years. I live in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod, RU. I think that you noticed that I am very optimistic and bold girl?) I do not want a lot to tell about yourself in this letter so that you don't get tired of reading. I also will not describe my appearance to you. I prefer that you yourself judge my appearance. I will attach my photo to the letter, and I want to think, that you will like me. If you are interested in meeting me, then I will glad get back from you. I have a request to you - answer me only in the case, if you are really interested in a serious relationship. If all this is not interesting to you, please do not waste our total time.
Goodby, Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Steve! Thank you for your reply! Thank you for sending the information I asked. It helped me a lot. I have a very busy day. Today I managed to go to the travel agency and the Passport and Visa Department . Honey, I have a lot of information I need to share with m you. I will try to describe everything in order. First of all I want to thank you for your care and support! Now we have an important stage in our relations and we need to support each other as much as possible so that our meeting happens. I believe in it and soon the day of our long-awaited meeting will come! So today first of all I went to the passport and visa department to consult what steps I need to take, so that I come to you. It turns out that everything is not as simple as I imagined. But I'm ready to do all necessary so that we meet. The consultant was a very nice and friendly girl. I told her that I want to visit your country. She listened to me and explained what I need in detail. So here is a short list of documents I need to have in order to come to you without any problem:
• international passport
• tourist visa (valid for 90 days. The consultant told me that it would be difficult to get a guest visa. So the tourist visa is more real option.)
• flight tickets (both ways)
• medical insurance This is the short list of what I need to do in order to visit you, honey. I need to prepare many different documents. I should start with getting an international passport. This is also not a simple process. I need to make special photos. Also I need to have a proof of employment as well as proof of residential registration. I will need to write a statement for the issuance of a passport and many other documents. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with all the details. I just wanted to leave all this here so that I will not forget. Ohh I remembered that I also will need to book tickets. Then I will need to collect the documents for getting a visa. It seems I will need to collect many different documents, coz getting the visa is very difficult process. That’s why I was advised to use a travel agency. The travel agency can help me with everything: to find flight tickets at the best price. But the most important is that they will help me to fill out all the necessary documents correctly. It seems like I will save much time and efforts. She also added that their service cost not so much. I think I can afford it. The consultant advised me a good travel agency, which has been working in the tourism market for a long time and has a very good reputation. Therefore, I have already visited that agency. Steve, I just want to see you as soon as possible. Every day all I can think about is you and our meeting. I will use every free minute to speed up the process of preparing documents so that I ca fly to you by the first possible flight)). I can not wait to hug and kiss you! I want to feel your breath. I liked being in the travel agency. They have a professional approach. I talked to a very nice girl. She explained me everything in detail. They calculated the cost of tickets, international passport, visa. So the total amount for my trip is 620 US dollars. This amount is calculated the following way: an international passport costs 60 dollars, both ways tickets will cost me 380 dollars, visa, consular fee, medical insurance, agency services, various paid inquiries and documents, photos - all this will cost 180 dollars. Honey, I’ve just briefly described what should be done. I told the travel agent that I need time to think. That’s why I am here and write you. I need your opinion. I want you read all the details carefully and let me know what you think! Just know that I am very serious in my willingness to come to you. I am ready to meet you and ready to start preparing all the documents for the trip. Please write me back and let me know that you’re also serious and really want me to come. This is a very serious step and we need to think about it very carefully. I thought a lot about us and really want to be with you! Please write what you think so I know whether I need to sign a contract with the agency or not. If we decide to go ahead, I will need to make a prepayment (50 percent) so that they can start working. After signing the contract the international passport will be ready within 10 working days. When the passport is ready I will need to pay the rest 50 percent. This way my visa will be approved without any problems. Steve, I saved money a little bit, so I have enough money to make the prepayment. I also hope I have some money for the second part of payment. I do not want to bother you with this money troubles, because I decided to come to you. I think I will be able to pay for myself. I will try to find the missing amount and pay for everything. You do not need to think about it. No worries, ok? All you need to do is to be ready to meet me in airport))! I hope I did not miss anything and did write all the details. Honey, today my email is very long. It is a pity I need to go now. I will wait for your answer. I am ready to sign the agreement with the agency, just let me know that you don’t mind. I would love to be with you as soon as possible! I want to give you my tenderness and care! Steve, let's make our dream come true! I believe in it. I am sure I am strong enough to organize the trip! I am looking forward to your letter. Million kisses to you! Have a nice day!
Letter 3
Hello dear Steve! I apologize for the late reply. This morning I read two of your letters, but I could not answer, because today there were many buyers in the store. My working day has come to an end, now I want to write you a letter and I will go home. What is your mood? I think everything is great! I am glad that you agreed to help me so that we could meet soon. This is the best news for me now. For us, the main thing is to support in difficult situations. It is very hard for me to love you and be far away from you. Your letters and your care make my mood better and give faith in our future happiness !!! I loved you very much and I do not need anyone except you. You are the best, caring and attractive man. I am ready for anything for our happiness and love. I am waiting for our meeting so that we can spend time together. We can sleep and wake up together, we can enjoy each other and make our day better and happier. I love you Steve, and I want to spend my life with you! I will take care of you, and support you in everything. Now we need to solve the problem of paying for the second part of the trip, as I said, really wanted to do everything myself, but unfortunately I did not succeed. You are ready to help me, and this act is very important for us now, if everything happens, it will be a big step forward to our meeting. Dear Steve, you asked how much money I need. I need 310 dollars. This amount will be enough to pay for my trip. Dear Steve, I have a bank account for my salary, but I am not sure that it will be suitable for international money transactions. In any case, you have to wait for Monday. On Monday, I go to the bank and I will find out in the bank how you can send money to my bank account. If that I open another bank account, which will be intended for my purposes. I think everything is decided on Monday. I was very worried, I could not find the money to pay for the second part of the trip. I did not know what to do, so I had to ask for your help! You, as a man, understood everything, and immediately offered me help! I am very grateful to you! Your act is a real man! You deserve only happiness and love! I really want to, when I'm alone at home, so that you are there, and I can snuggle up to you and kiss. We would kiss tenderly, and fall asleep together! This is my dream and soon our dreams will become a happy reality !!! And a lot of it all thanks to you! You are the best and good man. I always thank fate for having found each other and are now happy. You are very caring !!! I love you very much Steve! I look forward to our meeting. Dear Steve, tomorrow I will have a day off. I will not have access to the internet. Tomorrow I will be at home, I will do the house cleaning, I will wash things and just want a break from a hard week! On Monday I go to the bank and after I come from the bank, I will write you a letter. Wishing you a good weekend! Sweet kiss and hug! Your love,
Letter 4

Dear Steve, I returned from the bank, I have great news for you. I opened an international bank account and now you can send me help to pay for my trip. I also received a consultation so that you could send money to my bank account. Now I want to write you my bank account information.
1. Holder name (Surname, Name, Middle Name): Lyabina Irina Aleksandrovna
2. Name of Bank: VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
3. Account number: 40817840116094000022
5. Currency: US Dollar
6. My home address is:
Country Russia
City - Nizhny Novgorod
Street - Kuybysheva
House 49
Apartment 31
Postal Code 603074
Intermediary Bank:
Citibank N.A., New York, NY
Correspondent account in Intermediary Bank:
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Dear Steve, do you know what Intermediary Bank is? An employee of the bank explained to me, Intermediary Bank is useful for you in case your bank does not contact my bank. It works like this: Your bank ---- money ----Intermediary Bank ---- money ----my bank. Intermediary Bank is not necessary to use if there is no need for it. That is, if your bank allows you to send money directly to my bank, then Intermediary Bank should not be used! Each country has its own banking system, and everything is a little different. Some foreign banks use a fast code that is IBAN and the routing number. In the Russian banking system does not exist this quick code. When sending money you do not need to use IBAN and routing number. You can send money without this code. I received a full consultation about the bank account. I did everything so that today I opened an international bank account and now you can send me help. A bank employee said that the money would go to a bank account from 1 to 5 business days. So I think that you need to send money today or tomorrow, because they will go to my bank account a few days, at best 1 day! I think that you will do everything so that I would rather be with you! I love you Steve! I think that you will appreciate my work so that I can open an international bank account to solve our situation! I look forward to our meeting! Write me if possible! I will be waiting for your answer! Sweet kiss and hug! Your love,
Letter 5
Today I checked my email several times. I think you were too busy to write to me. My working day came to an end. I hope that you did everything so that tomorrow I could get your help! Dear Steve, I also hope that you liked my photo!) I respect your opinion and your desires! So I did what you asked of me! I love you Steve! I need you! Write me if possible! I really hope that tomorrow morning I will see your answer! Sweet kiss and hug! Your love,
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