Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ukolinova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! ser
You can call me - Irina. What is your real name?
For me Complete surprise recived from you text with the offer to meet.
I did not have to look relations in internet. I have't profile in social networks and dating site. It's my work email!
Probably, some from partner used my aa?anii address? Most likely this is someone's joke! You can not joke with feelings...
I don't want seem stuped, which responds to email who i dont khow.
Communication on the internet for me it seems lucky hope find fate. In our life, work takes away a lot of time.
I do not have children and I want create family. You are looking too relations?
I would not like burn through my life on ****** game in internet.
If you answer me, then I give information about me .
Ask me questions, do not be shy. Sent yourfoto and write about you .
I in this letter sent snapshot. Write me your feelings about foto.
Me already it's time continue my work. Will be eagerly wait your letter.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Jim! How are you today?
I am very glad that you have answered me to my message, thank you!
Until the last moment I thought it was a bad idea.
But now, knowing that I was wrong.
For a long time I could not decide to meet with someone on the Internet
About this method of dating told my girlfriend.
At first I did not believe her that this possible.
Because I never dealt with a computer and the Internet for me is something new...
Now I try to explore the Internet.
I do not know what to tell you about myself. I'll start with the most important.
I am 28 years old, my birthday is July 15th. My height 172, weight 50 kilogram.
My nationality Russian and I live in Russia in city Murom, Vladimir region.
I live alone in one-room apartment with my mother and my favorite pet.
The name of my dog Gabsi. My mother - it is very fine person.
My mother and I are like two best friends. I do not have a father.
His I almost do not remember. Therefore, in the future, I do not want questions about my father.
I do not know what else to write? I never wrote such a letter.
Write me please, what do you want to know about me, I'm happy to answer your questions.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jim!!
I am pleased to receive photos from you.
You are very cute, I will always be happy with the new photos.
How was your day? What weather do you have?? I use a translator to write to you..
I can speak only a little in English.
Therefore, in the future, if I can not answer your question, so I do not understand.
Write your questions again and I will try answer.
I thought for a long time after my letter sent to you.
I thought about how you will answer me or not.
And when I saw your message on the monitor I am was very glad to see this.
I really want to continue our conversation with you, I want to know more about you. I hope that you too want it!
A fur coat in which I am depicted in a photograph in the past, a letter of artificial fur.
I am very sorry for your dog, but I believe that you did the right thing.
It hurts to look at the dog, who is ill and suffering from it.
I'm sorry that I do not have a computer at home, and so I have to go to the library or a friend to write you a letter.
I still use bad Computers. When I can use a computer well, I'll buy it home.
I work in a clothing store O'STIN, on Kulikova street, house number 7a, shopping center "Zephyr in marmalade".
Give me your phone number please, to which you can reply to me tomorrow.
I'll try to call you with a calling card for international calls.
I was advised to buy a phone card for international calls.
So call will be cheaper. Sorry that I write a little. I have to go to work.
I will look forward to your letter!!
I'm sending you a photo with my best friend Anastasia and the video shot for you.
Regards, Irina
Letter 4

Hello my friend Jim!!
You just can not imagine how much joy you brought to me by writing a letter today.
Today I had a tragedy.
I dried the hair dryer in the bathroom. And my dog Gabsi at this time playing with my cell phone.
Phone lying on the table and he dropped it on the floor. Display phone crashed.
I began to cry. I am very used to this phone.
Now I will save money on the same phone. I scolded my dog.
Now I come to my friend Anastasia, to get your letter.
I was just very curious as to what you write to me.
I am very glad that then listened to my friend and decided to get to know you.
Now I'm sure she was completely right.
To this day I could not believe that many Russian women have found their happiness and love on the Internet.
I realized that there are still decent men like you!! I am very happy about it...
You seem interesting, intelligent man. I have a degree in economics.
But, despite this, I had to go on courses administrator.
I have not found work in my profession.
I want to tell you about my daily life.
I go to work by bus, sometimes I walk, because at that time many people rushing to work and so I can not get on the bus.
Basically, I spend part of my time to work. But I do not forget about my personal life.
My friends, my home. In my spare time, I like to go with friends to the river or lake. I like swimming.
Unfortunately, with the onset of winter, the opportunity was lost.
I prefer to spend time with friends, and I hate loneliness, because I am very sociable person, and I have a lot of friends.
We meet each other two or three times a week - usually at the end of the week, and we go to the cafe, cinema, clubs, billiard game, sometimes Bowling.
We also like to go to a karaoke bar! You know, it's - Karaoke?
It's a beautiful thing when you see on the screen, the words to your favorite songs and playing music. And you sing a song!
I highly recommend you try it :)
I like different types of music, and I think the preference of music depends (at least for me) - the age and mood.
When I'm in a good mood, I love dance music because I love to dance very very much.
When I'm not in a good mood, I prefer to stay at home and listen to classical music, and it helps me relax.
The desire to say that this afternoon in the days off I try to be at home, I love it when the house order.
I do not like when the dust on the shelf, in the basket ***** things.
I try to monitor the cleanliness of the house.. Tell me about your family? It you have a big?
Do you have a family have any traditions?? I would be very interested to learn about it!
I hope you can tell me about it!!!
I look forward to the next letter. And of course your beautiful photos!
That would bring me every day a lot of positive impressions about you!
I'll wait for your letter, Irina
Letter 5
Hello my good friend!!!
Jim, I was very happy today to read your letter.
You know - my acquaintance with you has brought me a lot of vivid impressions.
I am happy that I met you. You made my gray life something new.
And now I do not think it is gray and monotonous! Many thanks to you Jim!!!
Jim, In this letter, I would very much like to tell you about what I do.
As I have already told you, I work in a clothing store manager.
I really like my job. Since using it I can translate my thoughts into reality.
I am very pleased. Come to me a lot of people that I consulted, what clothes they wear!
People trust me. After all, the image of clothing depends on the people, and I do not in any way I can not let them down!!!
So in my work I am very seriously! Do you like your job ??? As my mom says: Work should be fun.
And then it is possible to achieve great success, "Jim, it brings you pleasure???
I hope that in the next letter you tell me about it.
I would be very interested to learn about it!
I hope that you will be able to send me more of your photos!!!
I'll wait for your letter and your photo.
Your Irina
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