Scam letter(s) from Maria to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello me dear Paul !!!
I apologize for not writing to you for such a long time, the whole point is that my laptop broke down and I finally bought myself a new one)
I hope that you did not lose me and thought all the time about us and our communication, admired my photos and thought or even could imagine how we would meet with you !?) Is that so?
How are you? Do you have some new? I am so interested to know everything that happens in your life. And I want to ask you about that! who am i for you ?! friend? Or more than just a friend!?)
on the street we have a real winter and almost -30 C, and I feel very lonely every day, because no one is waiting for me at home, not wanting to warm me, not giving me my love and care and tenderness: ((
I really like to communicate with you and see some moments of your life, your stories about your day and your plans for the future, I am very glad that you share all this)
as you know, I dream of having a family of my life, I want children and I want to have a beloved husband, to come home from work to hear children's laughter, to send out my favorite words of love)
mine, I'm already starting to fall in love with you, and maybe I just vsechetsya?) maybe I just lost my mind?) don't consider me a ****** girl, I'm independent and independent!
I save money for a trip to you, I haven’t guided you about it?) So now you know an oboe about it) say you are glad?) I am very glad that I could see you in reality soon)
until I can say for sure when I am going to network you in your own country, because I don’t have enough money for the trip, but say you are glad to hear it ???))
I will try very hard to make money for a trip to you as soon as possible, and once again I want to repeat that I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP WITH MONEY!
Except that only I will need your help to meet me at my airport, in Tove city, write your nearest airport, and write me your exact address of residence.
So that I know exactly where to fly and calculate all the rahods for a trip to visit you) Are you waiting for me? Do you want to see in reality?) I think that you are really looking forward to it)! It is so?)
I would like so much to hug you at the meeting and say that I am very glad to see you in reality! To touch your hand, sit in a cafe and talk) hmmmmmm))
In this letter I will send you some more of my new photos so that you can enjoy the thought about us, about our meeting, about how it will be! say you're glad?) I am very happy)
I repeat once again and write in large letters so that you don’t forget) WRITE ME YOUR ACCURATE LIVING ADDRESS AND THE NEAREST AIRPORT TO YOUR CITY! Do not forget)
I want you to separate this data in a separate line so that you can clearly see all this and write yourself in a notebook for travel, okay?) The main thing is not to forget)
I hope you're not stunned by the fact that I want to visit you soon? I think that you would really like this hope as much as I) I really want to see you! Smother in the eyes!
Watching how you are embarrassed) are you trying to communicate with strangers personally?) I'm embarrassed, but only the first time, of course. And so I become relaxed when I recognize a person closer)
I will be waiting for your answer with great impatience and I will wait for your data, I will wait for a lot of love and warmth in the letter, I miss you and think all the time.
I so want to see you as soon as possible, because live communication is much more than just letters, I really would like to go to you even now, but for now I can not!
But very soon I will earn money and I will immediately tell you about when I can fly to you! I miss you all the time and think every day!
Mannyyyyyyyy kissssss for you dear Paul !!!!
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