Scam letter(s) from Anna to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Paul!!!
We will establish our communication over the phone. I will give it to you soon. Ok?
I am very glad, that you have written to me again. I waited for your letter. I am happy, to read it.
I very much missed your letter, I all the night long thought of you and could not fall asleep for a long time.
How your affairs today? Than you were engaged today? Tell to me, that you did. What weather at you?
I'm fine as usually I was on work as soon as at me the free time has appeared, I at once have decided to check up my mail and was glad to see your letter, it seems to me, that we already so have well learned each other for that time which we are copied. I am very glad, that have found such good the man as you in such big world as now it is difficult to find the good person as you. I never had the person with whom I could divide my ideas. But now I have found you, and I am very pleased. Forgive to me for my frankness. If I have told to you something superfluous, forgive me.
It seems to me, that to me has simply carried. In the man I want to see simultaneously and courage, confidence, quiet force, the defender, and the passionate lover, romanticism with remarkable soul. I was more and more and began to be convinced more, that I want to write to you and to receive from you letters all more and more. Your letters heat to me soul.
It seems to me, that every day between us there is something more than friendship. We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think, that our souls approach. But while I one also search the partner in life. I want to continue with you the relation, and I believe, that all can be very good. I wish you good mood for these days, and do not forget me. I shall look forward to your letter, and to miss on you!!!
On it I finish the letter. I hope, that you will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter, and I would like to learn from you how you think, at us with you, something to turn out?
I like, I miss.
Yours Lyudmila
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Paul!
I hope, what you will not be against if I have named you my dear friend? Thanks for the letter. It is really pleasant for me to receive your letters. Any day I feel more needs to receive your letters. With you it is interesting to me.
I spoke you in my last letter on visiting a zoo, and I want to tell to you about it, to share with you my impressions about that zoo. I went to a zoo with the best girlfriend, with Svetlana. I and my girlfriend have been very much surprised, that there were so many various animals. But the majority of excitement has been caused by the moment when we saw the elephant. It was very big animal. Also we saw a tiger. He sat in a cell and looked at us gently. But I know, that it - very strong and dangerous animal. I saw a camel. About, you saw it? This very proud animal. I have been impressed with his constant calmness. In a zoo we were very for a long time and consequently we have very much got hungry. Therefore we with the girlfriend ate many pies and drank tasty tea. I very much love tea. After a zoo we have together come back home, we were cheerful and pleased.
By the way, when I of the profit to work, today my mood was bad, because my girlfriend was ill, and now she is in hospital. The most sad thing - that she has birthday today. To her of 29 years today. Unfortunately, she will spend her birthday in hospital. I already talked to the doctor, and to me will allow to spend evening in her chamber. In the evening I shall bakee a pie, to buy balloons and to go to hospital. I want very much that she had good mood on her birthday. She my best girlfriend. By the way, she works with me in shop. We friends for many years. Svetlana and I, are similar to sisters. Svetlana and I like to walk on fresh air. Usually we walk in park. But as we like, to waste time in a garden of vegetable Svetlana. She lives in the old wooden house. I do not know, whether you saw such buildings. These buildings have been constructed before the second world war, in the fortieth years. They very old buildings which have no a bath and a waterpipe. So people should take water outside. In the modern world such conditions seem very awful, but it - is valid so. We like, to waste time in a garden of vegetable Svetlana.
Svetlana speaks, that she wants to live in the big city. I do not know, where it is better. The big city - the big movement, a fast rhythm of a life, a garland of fires, show-windows of a lightning, high buildings, fountains, cinema, parks, temptations, theatres. It is wonderful certainly, I too love it. But in our city fresh air, is a lot of trees and birds. We have many small and big lakes. Places are very beautiful. If there was no criminal, the place could be considered as paradise. But, alas, the criminal in small cities, as well as in big - an integral part of our life. Unfortunately, the criminal in Russia is located at very high level. But I do not want to tell about sad things. I should finish my letter. I do not want, but at me still it is a lot of work. Today when I shall arrive to Svetlana, we shall speak about you. She likes to ask about you, I like to speak her. I want to ask you, what does you happy? Now I am happy, that I receive your letters, and I as am happy, that I have such friend as you. I hope, that you will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait your letter.
Sincerely yours and with best regards Lyudmila.
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