Scam letter(s) from Maria Angel to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello. My name is Maria and I am 32 years old. I hope it's not a shock for you to receive this little letter from me. I accidentally found your e-mail on a dating site called “Nirvam” and I loved it and I decided to write this little letter to you and I hope you answer me in return. we could communicate and know each other if you want it, of course. I just want a serious relationship and age is not the main thing, I think so and would be a good person. If you are interested in communicating with me, I will wait for a letter in reply. I wish you a good Sunday evening to you. send me your picture if you certainly do not mind. Maria.
Letter 2
Hey. I decided to write to you again and I hope that you received my past letter. I want to send you a little video. I also want to communicate with you and get to know each other better. For me, age is not the main thing, but if only the person is good and the distance is also not the main thing, because maybe in the future we could meet with you when we know each other better. I hope you enjoy my short video. Hello from Maria from Russia.
Letter 3
Hi Jim! How are you? I am very glad that you had time to respond to my letter. I want to tell you more about me, I hope you will be very happy to hear about my family and my life. I am 32 years old but everyone says that I don’t look like this age and I am very pleased, and my birthday is March 5, 1986, I was born and live in the country of Russia in the city of Omsk. I grew up there and went to school. At 18 years old after graduation she studied at the Omsk Institute. I graduated from the Omsk Financial and Economic Institute. after graduation from the institute, I went to work as a salesman in a hardware store and from that moment I work there. I love this job and I like to communicate with people, which is very important for me. I love sports, I love skiing in the winter. I attend a sports club twice a week. I like to swim and go to the forest for a picnic. I also love to ride a bike. Sometimes I like to look at the stars. My favorite season is summer, because we can rest a lot. I love dogs and cats. I have a cat. His name is Baron. I live with my mother, I have a separate room. It is very small, but very welcoming. There are a lot of flowers in my room, I like to take care of them. The dream of my life is to be happy in a traditional family with a man who loves children. I think every woman dreams about it … I have never been married, and I have no children. Why am I looking for someone on the Internet? I do this because Russian men have disappointed me. I cannot find anyone in my country because they often drink alcohol and do not respect their wives. often these men just beat their wives under the influence of alcohol. Almost all of my friends who are married are unhappy with their husbands, and not just a happy marriage. Sometimes Russian men beat their wives, and a woman can have bruises on her arms or on her body! And I decided not to marry a Russian man. I want to be happy, and if we ever get together, I will give you my love. I think I can be a good wife and mother, because I want. I am a very simple, kind and honest woman. The simplest things can make me happy: a smile, a small gift or a person next to me. I am a very romantic woman. I do not see the point in a life without love and children without a lover, this is a good husband. I think this is the most important thing in my life. I want to find someone with whom do I share my life I can be very simple, but I just want a man who understands me. I want to give my heart to a man who will love me. Tell me, please, how are your parents? What do you want from life? Do you like children? What do you do in your free time? What is your hobby? Write me more about all this. Regards, I hope hear from you soon. Maria from Russia!
P.S. Do not forget to send me your photos, please.
Letter 4

Hi, Jim! This time I am writing to you! I'm glad you wrote to me. I carefully read your letter, I try to understand every word. I was very interested in learning something new about you. I think it would be interesting to know more about me. My height is 167 cm and weight 53 kg. I work 9 hours a day and I really like my job. My work day starts at 9:00. But I can finish at different times, sometimes I end at 18:00, and sometimes at 18:30. But if I have a lot of customers, I work until 7.00pm. After work, I will swim in the pool or in the gym, do aerobics. Today my friend Vera and I with some girls from my job, go to the bar to drink fruit juice or champagne and talk about our women's secrets. I do not drink much alcohol, and I do not smoke at all. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and I like it. On rainy nights, when I'm sad, I read a book or listen to music. I love all kinds of music, but I prefer classical jazz. In my free time I like going to the park with my friends on the street. Also, I like cooking a variety of delicious dishes. I think of the most important characteristics of human integrity and loyalty. I think that if people are not honest in their relationships, there should be no relationship between them. I want to find someone who can completely trust me. My mother still does not know that I started talking to a man from another country on the Internet. I can not predict his reaction. But I think you'll understand me. I'll talk to you soon. I have no secrets from my mother. My father left us when I was 8 years old. It is very difficult for me to think about it. Can you tell me more about your life? Please do not forget to send me your pictures! Maria.
Letter 5
Hi, Jim !!! I am very happy when I saw your letter on my email. It's so sweet of you! I was waiting for your letter !!! I want to apologize for the mistakes in my letters. Now I want to talk to you about me, about my family. I have a friend – his name is Vera. We work together in the sales department of the construction shop. I live with my mother together. My mother is very intelligent, she has always been an example for me. Also, it seems to me that my mother is the best mother in the world, I never heard her say ***** words, and I have always followed my mother's advice, since I am an obedient daughter. My mother was a literature teacher and is now retired. My mother is very happy that she has a daughter like me. We have very strong relationships in our family, we take care of each other. I grew up in a very friendly and very homely atmosphere, because my mother has done everything possible to make me that way. I like traveling, but I never went abroad. My favourite colour is blue. I like this color! I think you can agree with me, because this color is really wonderful, and I like it !!! Please write me your favorite color and why, right? I hope you understand me. Maybe not, but I'm afraid of making mistakes. I understand that there is no life without mistakes, but … please try to believe me and understand me. I would like to know more about your family and learn more about your birth and the origins of your family. You probably want to know more about me, I want to know more about you. When I was in college, an Italian teacher said that I was a simple girl too, and that anyone can use it for their own purposes. I can say that I am a sociable and useful woman. I want to be in the range of fun and smart friends. In the circle of people I've talked about, I have not found a person to tie a family with. I work in a female team, I heard about family life, so I do not want to marry a Russian man. Every day I hear someone complaining that her husband has come home *****. It is too difficult for me to listen to their moans every day. I do not want to live the life in which they live. That's why I want to find a person from another country, in which, in my opinion, the treatment of women is different. I graduated from the institute 8 years ago. These years have been the happiest of my life. And you, what can you tell me about your life at college? It was fun A company that has managed to learn well and have fun. We have fun without alcohol, we do not smoke cigarettes and, above all, without drugs. I take these problems very seriously. I think this problem is very inappropriate in our modern society. Many families do not pay attention to this problem in the world and may be merciful. But I'm not talking about sad things, if you agree with me? I want to go to many museums and theaters. Please write to me about your city. What is your city and do you want to live there? I look forward to your response! Maria.
Letter 6
Hey. How are things? I hope you're doing well and hope you have a great weekend. I went to the countryside with my friends on weekends and spent time there to relax from the city bustle. tomorrow you have to write a letter. I hope you're doing well. I wish you a good day and good mood. take a gentle kiss from me.Maria. same am asking write me letter if you received this message from me and write me today.
Letter 7
Hey. you probably lose me and get very angry with me and forgive me for not being able to write to you before. I received your letter and I will answer you soon on it and you will not have to wait any longer. I just went to the village in two weeks with my mother. her sister died, or rather my aunt, and we had to leave and attend the funeral. Forgive me and do not be angry that I could not write to you before. Tomorrow I will write you a letter and answer what you wrote to me. just arrived today. I also want to send you a small video. Rhinestones sorry for the hair on the video as after the road and had to curl pigtails. Have a great day off and wait for a letter from me soon.. Maria
Letter 8
Hi Jim !!!! I'm glad you wrote to me. I would like to ask, what are you doing? Are you good these days? I will be OK. I also hope that everything will be fine for you. I'm very happy you think of me. Every day we are approaching. I'm so happy to meet you. I hope you want to meet me. As for me, I want to know everything about you. I want to know how to spend the day, what you're doing and love your job. I told you that I love my job a lot. I love children, but I told you that I have no children and I have never been married. I want to ask you some personal questions. What are your opinions on religion? Do you believe in God? I go to church sometimes I ask God to protect me from bad people, from evil and injustice. I have the right to a happy life, to love and be loved. I think you feel the same. I mean that when I receive your letters, I start to shine with happiness, my heart starts beating faster. Start beating faster when I think of you. Do you think it's possible? I think. Well, I'm going to ask you to send me some pictures so I can hear you near me. I like watching TV and reading books. Many people travel around the world and visit foreign countries, but I've never been abroad. I'd like to visit the gallery with photos and watch the beautiful works of art I love everything beautiful, I want to be just pure love, without lies and deception, betrayal and distrust. I will take care of the people I love. The man who loves me, would be kind and gentle. You probably think that you're asking too much. But I think I ask only the most important things in life. I think every woman in the world dreams of it. See, I am so close to happiness, and everything is destroyed in a second. I do not want to go through the new one. I understand that you must trust people, but you can see that there is so much evil, lies and deception in this world. My mother says I have to be open to other people. I agree with him, I trust my mother. I'm going to end up here. I will wait for your letter impatiently. All your letters full of warm words and sweet dishes. In my opinion, we have become much closer to each other. I send you my tenderest kisses. Spend a nice day full of joy and smiles. Your Maria. P.S. write me your mobile number so I can call you or send you a message.
Letter 9
Hi, my dear Jim. I hope you're fine! I hope you feel good.write me your phone number so I can call you. Oh, can I ask you what kind of food do you like? See, I like cooking a lot, I have a lot of cookbooks. Recently I bought a book about Asian cuisine, there are many exotic recipes. I love Japanese food, and it's fantastic. I think people need to eat healthy food, so many people from the eastern countries live for so long. I do not understand people who only eat food from a microwave oven, it's not a healthy meal. And if you eat food cooked in the microwave, I promise, I start again because if God wants to meet you, there is only healthy food that I cook. They cook very well, but many people think they are men Most furnaces. Maybe!? What do you think about it? Do you cook? I'm a good cook, I think you'll like that Russian cuisine is very good! In music, I prefer to listen to Russian singers, but I want to listen to the British and American singer Robbie Williams, U-2, Depeche mode. Jeri Halliwell, Britney Spears, Madonna and many others ..... Now I want to talk about more serious things, it's very important for me to know what you think, I hope you're ready. I can ask you to tell me your dreams. I mean, your dreams about women, what do you expect from your future wife? You can do it? Maybe you want to know what I think … Well, there are three things that are very important to me. The ancients believed that the earth was based on three whales, it is a good mathematics for non-Jewish relations. The name of the first whale is love, respect for the name of the second whale, the name of the third understanding of the whales. I think between a man and a woman, based on the relationship of the three “whales”. However, it is very difficult to find Someone thinks so ..... I will be happy to hear your answers, I want to say that I want to find a good person, first of all, who will love me and take care of me. I'm a normal girl with serious intentions, I hope you understand me. Your Maria.
Letter 10
Hello. I decided to write you a little note because I think to you and you don't write me anything! I hope you are fine. don't write and write to me and respond to my previous letters so that we can communicate with you further and get to know each other better.
SUBJECT = "where did it go? What did you not write?"
Letter 11
you're a ******* and I learned what you wrote about me on the website I will write to the police on you for slander *****! how dare you call me scam ? you sick *******, how could you write that?! I tricked you?! I steal something from you? you slandered me, and for that, you'll soon get what you deserve! urgently delete everything about me from this site you *****!
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