Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ukolinova to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my good friend!!!
Paul, I was very happy today to read your letter. You know - my acquaintance with you has brought me a lot of vivid impressions. I am happy that I met you. You made my gray life something new. And now I do not think it is gray and monotonous! Many thanks to you Paul!!! Paul, In this letter, I would very much like to tell you about what I do. As I have already told you, I work in a clothing store manager. I really like my job. Since using it I can translate my thoughts into reality. I am very pleased. Come to me a lot of people that I consulted, what clothes they wear! People trust me. After all, the image of clothing depends on the people, and I do not in any way I can not let them down!!! So in my work I am very seriously! Do you like your job ??? As my mom says: Work should be fun. And then it is possible to achieve great success, "Paul, it brings you pleasure??? I hope that in the next letter you tell me about it. I would be very interested to learn about it! I hope that you will be able to send me more of your photos!!! I'll wait for your letter and your photo. Your Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my love!
I read your letters!!!
Do you mind if I call you so? I'm not saying for a long time such a word to anyone. I am more and more start to make sure that attached to you, and can not without your letters. Your letters help me forget about everything bad that happened during the day. They bring me a lot of positive thoughts. But you're very far away from me.
But I hope that someday destiny will give us a chance to meet and talk. To be honest - nothing holds me here in Russia, but my family and friends ... But real friends will be happy for me, if I can find true love. Family I think also understand, because moving to another country will not break our communication I can call and come for a visit. Problems with work, I think I too will not, I can find it ...
My dream is to quickly find a good man! I really want to live for my favorite man whom I will love and he will love me. For me it is very important that you understand me correctly Paul. Understanding is very important between people, when they want to have a relationship.
This morning the bad weather, strong wind, bad mood, and just thought I'd see your letter Paul warms me to this day. I want to tell you about my childhood. Mother and father loved me and raised me pretty severely. And I'm grateful to them for the way they raised me. I had a lot of friends, and we played in the yard of our house. They were carefree years, we lived and enjoy every day and we did not have the problems that appeared when I grew up. I went to school. I remember my first teacher, she opened the door for us in the knowledge and grateful to her that I can communicate freely with people. I am eternally grateful for that feeling of kindness to people, which she taught us. We see each other once a year with her and with my classmates .... Of course much has changed since then, we all have families and children, but we have a lot of fun, because when we see each other we remember our childhood .... It seems to me that with every letter writing between us there is something more than friendship. We begin to trust each other more, we are getting closer ... Do you agree with me? I think we're right for each other. But while I was alone and looking for a life partner. I want to continue a relationship with you, and I very much hope that this dialogue will lead us to great happiness !!!! I wish you good mood these days, and do not forget me. I'll wait for your letter, and miss you !!
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