Letter(s) from Elodie Troui to Brad (Canada)
Letter 1
Dearest one, Thanks for your mail regarding my proposal to you. It is a pleasure writing you in good faith too, without been told I know that you are the kind of person I really need base on this fund transfer project in your country. Let me tell you something about whom I am really! I have the fear of the lord in my life that makes me live in the truth, before I took this decision to give out this fund to the motherless baby homes, less privilege ones etc. it was not an easy decision to me. But sometimes in life we need to do something crazy so that God will know that we are trying to fulfill all righteousness even if we are not in the face of our God. He still keep, proved, protect, all our need for the sake of his grace for us, it is great knowing whom you are and the only thing I will request from you is for you to be steadfast so that we will make this project a successful one. Further still, I will need your full names, telephone numbers, including your address in which I will use and prepare a letter of intent which the bank lawyer will use for your Affidavit of oat on your names so that this fund transfer can proceed without any problems. As soon as I receive all this your information as requested I will proceed to the bank where I will introduces you to them as the person who will be receiving the said fund, then will shall proceed from there. Please fill free to ask any questions which you want to know about this transaction before we start, one more thing kindly send to me also your passport copy or your ID card the bank will need it too. I will be waiting reading from you as soon as possible, extend my greats to your family including your love ones too. I believe I will meet with them someday. Contact my lawyer : Thanks for your time
Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Elodie Troui
Letter 2
We will give follow-up to the requested documents about's transfer only when you have sent us all the information requested. Thank you for sending us these informations.
Looking forward to read you, receive our greetings.
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