Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Jacques (Luxembourg)
Letter 1
Hiiiiiii J ))) How is your day? It is me, Nastya from fdating.
So, a little more about me- i am 32 years old )I have a work which i love, i am photograther. First it was my hobbi and then i decide make this as my job. What you do at your job? I will be happy to know more and more information about your life) Waiting for your soon answer with photos.
Kisses from Ukraine
Letter 2
Hello JP, very nice to see your answer with photo, i like you so so much on it))
how is your day? what you doing?
My full name Anastasia, but you can call me Nastya, this is or short.
I am 32 years old) I am living in Torez, this is military zone in Ukraine. I was married before and i got divorce one year ago because my ex start drink a lot and once he put his hand on me..... it was the end and i can not forgive that.
I register on site because i want to ind a nice man or me. I do not want to be lonely, i am ready or new relationship and i have so much love inside me, which i want to share with someone)) And i have so much dreams, i am purposeful woman, i know what i want from this life. And i am serious about all what i am doing. And what about you?
I like art, sport, walking at the parks and also i like beaches and this is sad that we do not have beaches here(((
JP, what you looking in your future woman? what quality you looking in her? )
I wish you have a nice day and i hope that i can see your answer soon, Nastya
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