Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello. I am glad that I can write you this letter. And I hope to see your answer soon.
I found you on a site six months ago. And I am writing to you just now. If you are still alone, and look for a serious relationships. Maybe we were looking for each other?
I live in Russia, alone.I want to find a loving man. Good, and faithful, caring, and who is determined to seriously start a family.
I hope that soon I will see your answer, and you will also send your photo. I'll wait.
Letter 2
Jim you answered me so quickly. It surprised me not much. I thought I would see your letter tomorrow, or in a few days. Thank.
How are you? What is your mood? Hope you are doing well. And you are glad to read my letter now. I understand that you are waiting for him to learn more about me. And I am sure that you are waiting for my photo. To see me, and know who is writing you these letters. And I will send you a photo. But not now, not in this letter. Of course you probably want to know the reason ?! But she is simple, I think we need to know each other. And when I see that you have a real interest in me, then you will see me. Moreover, letters, words, can tell you a lot more than my photo?
And if this is a problem for you! And you think that the photo is very important for you, you have a choice! I don’t write or know me better anymore, and if we are interested in communication, you will see me. And not just a photo.
Regarding me, my life is simple. I am 36 years old. I am fond of sports, I read books. Enjoy the walk. I watch interesting programs on TV. Like opera, performances, and live performances. And would choose a trip to the opera, than going to the movies. I spend my free time reading a book or walking, going to the theater. I do not smoke for more than 8 years. I do not like to drink. My father loved to drink, and because of this, I have a strong disgust at drinking and drunk people. Therefore, if you like to drink, then I think we do not need to continue to communicate.
I live in the town of Darovskoy. It is a small town surrounded by forest. But I like to live here. Quiet, calm, and beautiful. Where do you live? Maybe I can see your city on the map, and see? I am curious!
I work as a primary school teacher in preparing for the study of foreign languages. That is the English language.
My height is 164 centimeters, I weigh 63 kilograms. My favorite color is green.
What else can I tell you about myself? Probably the fact that I'm really tired of being alone. And now I need at least normal communication with a man who can understand me. And with which I will be interested.
And if you want to know my goal? I myself do not know. I do not know what will happen to our communication. Maybe we'll just be friends. Or maybe something more. But I hope that I did not make the mistake of writing you a letter. And that you are a normal man who is ready to start communicating.
I will try to write to you more often. From home, or from an internet cafe. I hope you will be glad to my letters.
Have a good day. Ekaterina
Letter 3
Thank you again for your letter, I hope that your weekend was as good as mine! And now you have a great mood. How are you?
You know, I am very pleased to understand that for you the photo is not so important. But I promised you send my photo soon.
My weekend was great. I went to my mother and father (stepfather). They live in another city. And spent time with them. Sometimes I go to them for the weekend. Mom is always happy when I come to them. She was. recently diagnosed with brain cancer. And the doctors said that it is not operated. And what could be left for her for several years, and maybe several months. Therefore, I try to be with her as often as possible. And my father (stepfather) is caring for her.
I call my stepfather father, because when mom divorced my real father, it was hard for her to bring me up alone. But then he appeared, Andrew. And he began to help her. Over time, he became my family, and I began to call him dad.
And I also want to say that it is interesting to me to communicate with you. And if you don’t see my letter for one or two days, you don’t need to think that I don’t want to write to you. I work, and sometimes I have to work so hard that I don’t have time to go to an internet cafe. And after returning home, I have dinner, and go to bed. This does not happen very often. But it happens. This is reality, this is my life. And I hope that you will not be offended at me if I sometimes miss your letter. But, I will answer you. True, I will answer you!
Probably need to return to our acquaintance. My age. I understand that this may be a problem for us. For you. I thought you would like to have intercourse with a more adult woman. I understand it. But age is only years. Moreover, I do not look at the years. I think that communicating, and getting to know each other, age is not a problem. What do you think? And if you and I are interested in communicating, then why should we look at age?
And about our communication. I have already said that first I want to know each other, talk, talk in letters. Call you? I think this is not a problem. Or you could call me. But what will it give? Confidence that I am real? Of course, I understand that you would like to know exactly what the girl writes to you, and not the robot. And let me assure you that I, girl, am writing you these letters. And I think that you already understood it, by the way they are written.
If we talk about me, then I am the one who does not like to sit on social networks showing their personal life to the show. I do not like lies, I do not like deception. I like nature, animals, books more. I watch little TV, but I read a lot, because I think that it is by reading books that one can know the author, and the characters. That's why I suggested you to write letters. Because I can get to know you more! More to understand you!
Many will say that I am "closed", but it is not. I am open to those who are interested in me. I can talk about everything. But if a person is rude, ignorant, and most importantly a liar, then I myself am not interested in communicating with him. And I think that you would not be interested in communicating with such a person.
And I understand that this communication can lead to something more than friendship. Or maybe stay exactly at this level, the level of friendship. And yet, I will be glad to talk with you, if you are the one who writes me these letters. It is the one who sees interest in me. It is the one who would like to continue to communicate with me further. And for you age, and the fact that now we are just writing letters is not a hindrance. So believe me, I promise you that our communication will be pleasant for the two of us. We learn a lot about each other. And what will happen next between us, friendship or love, we will not guess.
With this I will finish my next letter, and I hope that now, when you have finished reading it, you will smile and write me an answer. And we will continue to communicate. And if you have questions. That I will answer you on them. True.
Good Monday to you, Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hope you are pleased with my letter. And not just a letter. Yes, I put my photo, and I hope that you will like me. And I beg you, do not look only at my appearance. I didn’t want, and don’t want, our friendship, relationships to develop only on how I look. Because, as I have already said, many see only me, my appearance, do not think about what kind of person I am. More precisely, for many, appearance is much more important. And it greatly hinders in any relationship, and in any dating.
Therefore, I decided to first find out what kind of man you are, find out that you are not much better. And now, I sent you a photo.
How are you Jim? How is the weather? What is your mood?
I will believe that you are doing well, that you have a wonderful mood, and that you are glad that you and I began to communicate. And although I understand that we still have a lot to learn about each other. I do not want to rush. I would like to know you more. Find out what you hope to get from our communication? What do you think about me? About my letters!
I remember what I already told you. And I guess I'll say it again! Now I choose letters, because it is so convenient for me. Also, I have already said that I love to read, and in a letter I can understand who you are! And if this is a problem for you, and if you think that letters are not for you. So you can not write to me anymore. I'll understand everything.
Understand, all I want is to find myself a man with whom I would be interested. That will see me, normal. See, and understand, accept me as I am. And no matter how you think, it is very difficult.
My appearance. Needless to say, I'm beautiful. Believe me, I saw girls a lot prettier than me. I saw them, but they were turned into "dolls." They were treated like toys. That is why I did not want to send you my photos. Because you would only see my appearance, not me personally. And now you know no more, you know. And I think that you are most interested in writing me letters, and reading mine. Because I ... maybe I'm not like everyone else?
I have never pursued a "beautiful" life. I do not like hypocrisy. I do not like the pathos. I love to read, and for many, now it seems strange, old-fashioned. After all, you can listen to books! But no, I love to read. I love leafing through books. I love listening to music that was long forgotten. Music 80-90-2000. I like to walk in the rain, and breathe deeply this fresh, moist air. Probably therefore, I do not have many friends, and I work a lot of time. And believe me, I'm not deprived of the attention of men. But if they were interesting to me, and if they would first like to know me, my world, my soul, maybe I was married a long time ago. But no. This world, people do not see what you need to look at. Do not understand what you need to understand. Do not appreciate what really has value.
And I don't want to ask or demand anything from you. If you can not write to me, or you have lost interest in me, then you can not answer. I'm not the one who will demand something. Because you don’t owe me anything, and don’t have to. All I want is communication, in the hope that I can find someone for whom I will be the only one. To whom he will devote poems and songs. This is a joke. But I really want to believe that I can find someone who can share this life, this world with me. And be happy.
Sorry, you probably didn't need to talk about it now. But I still said. Now I will finish my letter, and I want you to once again understand that I do not want to force anything. If you are not satisfied with our communication, just do not write. But if you like communicating with me, how can I communicate with you. Then I will wait for your letter, wait and answer you.
Have a nice day. And good mood.
Ekaterina (Katya)
Letter 5
And again, I am glad to see your letter, and of course to write you an answer. And I really hope you are happy to see me. And as I have already said, this will not prevent us from communicating with you and continue to write letters to each other. I beg you, do not look at how I look, but look at what kind of woman I am. I do not want our communication to be built only on my appearance. Promise!
Jim, I also want to say that I also look only at your letters, read them and so I recognize you. I have already said that I love to read books, because thanks to this, I can get to know you better. Understand you, understand what kind of person you are, and what you are.
How was your day? How are you? And I was right, your mood became better after you saw my photos, and my video. I made the video so that you understand that I am alive, real, I think that this is very important in communication. And if you can, and want, you can also send me your short video. I would be glad to see you alive.
Last night, we had snow and I could not sleep. There was no sleep. I took the book, turned on the music, and began to read. I do not know about you, but I love classic novels, sometimes science fiction. I read Russian and foreign writers. And I really like to read exactly the old novels that describe the time of the 18th century and before. The times of kings, knights. Not many people like that. But I think this is a really wonderful time. Although there was not a little bad, disease, poor sanitation, people did not live to be 30 years old. But still, this is a romantic era, where there is valor, honor, loyalty. What very little you will meet in our time. And so want to feel like a princess.
I like many writers. I think it makes no sense to choose special. Everyone has their own style, and they are all interesting.
Yes, what else is likely to be interesting for you to learn about me, this is what I love to cook. More precisely, I do it because I live alone. Sometimes I experiment, and these experiments can be very tasty. And sometimes ... I'm even afraid to try what I cook. But this is only when I experiment with food.
And the rest, I love salads, berries, I love chicken, and fish. I like the soups. And sometimes I make desserts. Cupcakes and ice cream. And I can't make pies. Yes, it is very difficult for me.
I have no car, and no rights. Therefore, I go to my mother by bus, and to work, sometimes on foot, and in the summer by bicycle. I do not drive alone, I have a girlfriend, a colleague, and a good man, Anna. She is a frequent visitor to me, and we are probably the only friends of each other. we always try to help each other. And she took these photos.
And she is also lonely, though she was already behind her husband, and she has a child from marriage. But her husband was not very good. More precisely, as soon as he drank, he became different. After he was sent to prison for robbery, and there he died. And if not strange, she does not regret it. And one brings up the son. More precisely, with me. Sometimes she asks to sit with him, and I easily help her. All the more interesting to me.
Alas, I hardly have children. When I was still young, I got sick, and the doctors told me that the probability that I would have children was about 10 percent. And then, every year, they become smaller. At first I was worried about that. But then, I realized that this is my destiny, and I must accept this life. She did.
Well, we both know where the children come from. And for this it was necessary to find a good man, in whom I would be sure. But could not meet. And I already think that I will never meet.
Now I sit and think, why am I telling you all this? Do not know, probably because you are far away and that it becomes easier for me. Moreover, you will recognize me even better.
At this point I will finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer.
Have a nice day.
Letter 6
Hello Jim, I'm sorry for making you wait for my letter. How are you, how was your weekend? Hope you had a good time!
I'm glad. I am pleased to see your letter Jim. And you know, I really like to write you an answer. I can talk to you. Yes, just by letters, but I think I can call you soon. Just. To hear your voice. And when I read your letters again, I will hear everything that you told me. And I think that you also really want to hear me, to understand me even better. And I promised you that each time, we will more and more recognize each other.
My day, he does not have something new. Work home. I was with my parents. And what is important, everything is fine with them. You know that I care about my mom. Because I know that one day ... one day there will be that day, a sad day for me. And I'm probably already ready for this for a long time. But now, while I have time, I try to be with her. And tell her that I love her. To not be late. In order not to miss that moment, the time that if I miss, I will not be able to return.
You yourself understand this Jim. You understand that there are moments that were in our past that we would like to correct, change. Make others, make them happier. Correct mistakes. To be with those who are no longer around. But we can not. That's probably why I appreciate my time. I appreciate every moment. And I know that there is nothing more valuable than time than life. And do it to me another! Perhaps special. Well, I only think this is.
And that is what prompted me to write you a letter. True. I was tired of being alone, and I wanted to find a man. God, I would be a raja to find a good friend who would understand me. And I hope that I have already found. Of course, I am not saying that feelings may arise between us, so soon. But still, I am already pleased to communicate with you. And let it be only letters. But your words, your letters, your thoughts tell me that you ... You are a good man who knows and understands a lot. And at this time, it is very important.
Sometimes I notice that there are fewer men. Real men! Who know the "price" of his words. Know what loyalty is. They know what life is. I want you to understand that even if I was not my husband, but I had a relationship. But they all did not lead to anything good. All of them only hurt me and suffer. And when that, I closed my heart from everyone. All but my loved ones. Because I am tired of believing and trusting, and after being deceived and broken. It hurts…. This is very painful. And I'm sure you'll understand me. You will understand when you believe, when you love and trust, and you are betrayed, it is very painful !!!! And this pain is hard to forget.
But I do not want to talk about sad things! Not. I want to share with you a smile, joy, communication. I want my letters to bring you joy. So that when you read them, a smile appears on your face. And you were pleased to read ... read my mind. Read my letters. And most importantly, that you recognize me again and again with each letter. And he saw me more and more! I'm real. Me who wants only one, once to be happy. Isn't that what we want !? Isn't that what we want? Simple happiness. Live this life alongside those who will understand and love you. And the main thing is not to hurt. Is this anyone's dream !? Is not it?!
So I dream of such a life. And despite the fact that I am still young, and I could find myself a young man, I will refuse this. Because now, there are no young MEN anymore. Did you see how they began to dress ?!. Yes, sometimes, I do not know who is walking, male or female. And now I will finish my letter, I hope that you smiled! And I was able to decorate your day a lot ... or night ?! I think it does not matter, the main thing is that you are happy to communicate with me. And you want to continue this communication, as I want to learn more about you.
Have a good day Jim, a big smile, and a good mood!
Letter 7
Hello Jim. How do you? How are you? I want to believe that at this moment, at this moment, a smile slowly appears on your face. And you're glad, glad to see my letter. As I am glad, to answer you again, to write my thoughts and feelings to you again. And I see that you share these thoughts with me. These words. And you understand me. In many ways, you understand me. This is nice. True. It is difficult to find someone who could understand. To listen. And agree with my words and thoughts.
Past. Whatever we do, we can never change what was. Correct mistakes, fix failures, fix something that will never return, or change. But the past teaches us, it allows us to see everything differently. In a different way, to understand everything. And most importantly, do not make past mistakes. Do not miss the chance. And spend time and your life for more valuable. What makes us happy and make you happy! Do you agree with me?
You know, in my life there was a man who was older than me. I was young, I was 20 years old, and he offered me to be his. To be with him. But I was afraid, I thought that I would be in time. But one day ... he was gone. He died in the accident. And only now I realized that if I agreed, then everything could be different. I would be happy with him. Let him be older than me by 24 years?. But he valued not my appearance, but my soul. And this ... this is very important. And I'm sorry that I only understood this over the years. I understood it not so long ago. And now, now this is the past that I would like to change, correct. But I can not. And it only taught me that if there is an opportunity to be happy, there is a chance that every day will be special for you with some kind of person who will take care of you. Do not think to refuse. Otherwise it will be too late! My mother always said that you need to be with someone who loves you! And then, you will be happy. I think her words ... they are very correct. Otherwise, if you do not love, it is difficult to live.
Well, stop talking about sad things. How are your days Do you have some new? What is your mood? I'm glad you like my letters, read them. And I would like to know you more. Know what you are looking for, what you dream about! What is important to you and what is not. To better understand you, your soul.
You know, sometimes I might miss your questions. And it can upset you very much. But I'm not doing this out of malice. So get. When I start to write you a letter, I seem to go to another world, to another reality. I am writing you words that are in my head. Thereby trying to convey not only my thoughts, but also a part of my feelings. And for this, I hope that my letters, my words are not so much “living”. And when you read, you ... you feel me. Hope so.
For you, I want to be a friend. Maybe even more than a friend. Who you can trust. To whom you can write everything in your head. Write your emotions, feelings. Share your day. Share your life. And do not be afraid of it. Do not be afraid to open up to me. I know that in this world, at this time it is difficult to believe. Hard to trust. And therefore, I hope that now, step by step, we will learn to trust each other! And if we believe and trust, then we can see what will be next between us! And now I will say that I am with you ... I feel good.
And now I will finish my letter. I will prepare myself for dinner, and I will read a book. Or maybe just go to bed, and I will think, dream.
Have a good evening.
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