Scam letter(s) from Anna to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
hello hello, good mood!
I tried to write to you, but apparently my letter did not reach you.
I want to continue our correspondence. Maybe our correspondence will turn into a serious relationship?
What do you think about it?
I'm waiting for your answer. I hope that my letter will reach you.
Letter 2
I saw your letter and I hasten to answer you.
This is my first acquaintance on the Internet and I turned for help to a dating agency.
They help to understand and learn the skills of communication and acquaintance on the Internet.
I was tired of being alone and real acquaintances were not crowned with success. Therefore, I asked for help in a dating agency and decided to try online dating.
But many people are disappointed in online dating, since all these correspondences are frivolous and many play with each other.
Therefore, to some extent, I fear and fear online dating.
Well, now I will briefly tell about myself and we will begin our acquaintance.
My name is Anna. Some of my friends call me Annushka. I am 33 years old. Are you satisfied with my age?
For me, age does not matter. Yes, age is not important to me.
For me, the sincerity of a person, his soul, thoughts and feelings is important.
Maybe I seem to be a naive girl, but you have to understand me.
I want to ask you a very important question for me, what do you expect from a woman? Is it a distraction? Flirt? Marriage?
Why did you decide to communicate on the Internet? It is very important for me. Because I'm looking for a serious relationship.
I do not want to flirt and I will not give my photos without clothes. I need only reality and transparency in the relationship between a man and a woman.
I want you to understand it right away.
Although it is too early to decide now what we expect in the future. It does not solve in letters, I think so. Everything will become clear when we are closer to each other.
I would be very interested if you talk more about you, about your city, what are you doing, where do you work? Jean-pierre You do not mind ?
I would love to see your photos. Send me your more photos! OK?
If I have even interested you a little, write me and I will answer you.
All the best to you.
Letter 3
I am glad to receive your letters again and again.
Your letters give me a good mood for the whole day.
say what you want from life?
What do you need to be happy?
I was lying yesterday and thought about it for a long time. I understand that for many happiness is different.
For me personally, happiness is a diverse concept. I can see all the delights of this world.
Also, happiness lies in finding your other half and feeling love and euphoria.
You already know a lot about me and it was very interesting for me to learn about you.
We are adults and we well understand that trust builds on sincerity.
I will always be frank with you and will tell you everything. I like men who are older than me. I believe that men who are older than me are more serious and more responsible.
They know what they want in this life. Of course, in the past I had relationships with men.
But there were not many of them and they all ended sadly for me. I like when a man is polite to me and will never give me a grudge.
Do you agree with me?
I understand that relationships are not built right away and it takes a lot of time. But we must strive for a clean and serious relationship.
For me, very seriously our acquaintance with you.
I hope that you will support me in this !!!!
All the best!!!!!!!
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Your Anna!
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