Scam letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend! Finally I have found such a profile in the internet that I liked. It was very hard for me to do it, but the fact is that I liked right your profile and I would like to know lots more about you! Also I am really glad that you were interested in me too, because I hope that we will have a good correspondance with you. I know the expression "First impression lasts..." And that's why I will try to do my best. So, I am sure that first I have to tell you a little information about me. So, I begin. My name is Leysan. And on the 30 of May I will be 27 years old. As for my appearance, you can see me on my photo that I have sent you. I hope that you like it. So, I am 173 cm and 53 kg. I am sure that it is very good, I hope that you like these sizes of me! So, I live in the central part of Russia in a small wonderful town Zvenigovo. You can ask why I say that my town is wonderful...OK, it is small, but very very beautiful, the nature is perfect here! The city is situated on the great river Volga and is surrounfed by beautiful green forests. The air is really fresh here. And there are a lot of other good things about it, but i will not tell you much today. So, I work in the kinder garden. I am looking for children. It is a very very good work of course. I like my work very much. I have a higher aducation. I like children a lot! It is wonderful to look how children gorw, play, sleep, eat. I like it very much to look at them, just to look and to admire with them. I work in the kindergarden for 2 years. So, I live in a small flat with the best person in the world, my mother. She is really great person! If you know her, you will see that I am right. She is very clever, she is very open, trusting, she has only the best qualities that person can have. And really she is the closest person for me. So, what can I say about my flat, though it is small, it is very cosy and beautiful. I will tell you about it later. So, I have a lot of friends here! All of them are very friendly and open-minded. We are found of going a lot of places here together, for example cinema, cafe, camping, we really can go anywhere. I have a lot of hobbies. I like cooking, camoing, making friends, gouing out, cinema, theatre, listening to the music, talking with somebody, sjopping, and really a lot of other things. You can ask why am I writing you my letter...An d my answer is because I cam tired to be alone... The fact is that where I live I can't find the right person for me. That's why I decided to try to find a man in the internet. But I didn't think it is so difficult. Frankly speaking I am a freshman in it, you are the first man that I have decided to write. There are so a lot of profiles on different sites, but I liked really yours. And I suppose that you can think that I am writing to hundred of men... Then you are really wrong. Because I write only to you. I am sure that it is not good to write to two or more men...We have to concentrate on each other to learn out how are we for each other. So, that's why I came to the dating agency and signed a contract with them and now I am writing to you! Also if you ask what I am looking for in man my answer will be I am looking at first for true love. My perfect match is honest, opened, loyal, trust me and take care of me. In the conclusion of describing my Mr. Right I should say that I am not looking for man to live with, I am looking for a man without whom I will not be able to live! So if you will make me feel so, I will never go from you anywhere. And i will be always with you. I want to tell you that all of my letters will be big and that I am waiting only for BIG letters from you. I want to learn as much as I can about you. And of course I am waiting for tonns photos from you ! I am sending you one from me, but be sure if you will do everything the right way, you will see a lot of my photos! So, I will finish this letter here. I am sure that you are interested now...But...hurry up! I can't wait for my happiness for a long time, because I am really tired of it. So, hope you have a great day today. I am very interested in getting a letter from you TOMORROW!!! In your letter I hope to find a lot of information about you, your homeland, your family, your hpbbies, friends, likes, dislikes and everything you want to tell me! Best Wishes, Leysan.
Letter 2

Hello my friend Joe! Thank you for your letter a lot! I am glad that I can read it today. I have noticed a lot of interesting facts in the story about you and i am really excited in our correspondance with you. I liked the way you wrote your letter. It is really good that you can use words such a good way. Thank you a lot for your photo! I liked it very much! Frankly speaking you seems very handsome for me! It is not only a compliment, but I really like you! And I liked your eyes very much! First thing that I look at in man is his eyes. I am sure that eyes can tell much more about the person then words... By the way, I forgot to give you my address, where you can send me your letter or something per airmail. So, it is 425210, republic Mari El, Medvedevskij region, Shojbylak, Leysan Muchametchanova post restante. It will be great to have something real from you! So, Joe today the weather outside is not good not bad. Though it is sunny, it is little cold here. How's your weather? I have finished my work today and now I am free for, I suppose about 12 hours...I am sure it is enough for me to write you my letter. So Joe , I think that today I will try to tell you more about me. So Joe, where to begin, I think I will tell you about my flat first. So I told you in my previous letter to you that my flat is small. Yes, It is right, it has only one room, but it is really cosy. I am sure that flowers at home help you to feel better if you are tired or have a bad mood or upset with something. Tha's why almost whole my flat is with flowers. There are different of them! Also Joe, I like the smell of flowers! It is really wonderful! Th flat is on the second floor and it has a very interesting fact, it is not hot in it in summer and it is not cold in it in winter. It is really wonderful. It is very difficult in Russia to find such a perfect flat. But I suppose that every person thinks the same way about his flat. Home....Sweet home.... It is the place where nobody can distrub you! I like my home very much. And your home means your family...Joe Family is the most important thing in the world I think. The persons that are near with you is the most important. I can do anything for that who are near with me, who is my family. But the bad fact is that I do not have a large family, to make a long story short, my family is my mother and I, that's all. I have no brothers and no sisters, no uncles and no aunts, no grandparents. And my father passed away 5 years ago. Maybe one day I will tell you about the life of this great person! He was really great! He was always with me when I was in my childhood, and he tought me how to cook! Joe Can you imagine that father teaches his daughter how to cook! I am sure it's wonderful! Of course my mother is very good at cooking, but father was the best. Right after him I can cook, I suppose, very well. Everyone who taste something from my quisine, likes is very much. My specialities is meat under the cheese. It is so tasty!!! But my favorite food is ice-cream of course! I like it with strawbarry. More then everything I like cold ice cream in a hot summer day! You know, a lot of weman are looking at their figure...they are always afraid to be ***. But as for me Joe, I do not use any diets anyway. I can eat everything that I want. Of course once a week i go into feet-keep classes to have a good shape and health. Oh, health, health is a very important thing in life too. "Wealth is nothing without health" I agree with this proverb absolutely. That's why I am always look for my health, and I do not want to be ill. I weare very worm clothes if it is cold. Frankly speaking Joe I dress not according to the latest modern things, I dress according to the weather. I do not understand such women who wear only modern things. And if it is not modern, they put it into a dust bin. Of course if you have mountaines of money you can do so, but there are really noa lot of such girls who can buy all things they want. Of course I am very found of clothes, but I will not say that it is very important for me. My friend Nadya is found of clothes a lot, though she is an averdage girl. But she is one of my best friends. I will tell you something about friends. I have a lot of them as you know yet. And I really like to make friends. It is very important for me to speak with a lot of people, I always like to open something new for myself, and talking and learning people I try to make myself better. I like to read a lot! Most of all I like to read books for women and women magazines, that I buy very often. I like to speak about books. Joe Maybe we can speak about one? Have you every read a bok of Russian writer? There are a lot of great authors in Russia. Russia is a great country with a lot of outgoing persons. But something is wrong with all of them. They are all unique and very clever, but their best friends are lie and *****. It is the worst things in the world. I hate both! I hate lies, and I am sure that if one person once lied you it is very difficult to trust him again. And ***** is very bad also. Joe I HATE ***** people. I understnad just when somebody drinks a bit for a holiday or somthing like this, but if he is ***** every day, it is very very bad and there is no place for him near me. OH, sorry Joe , I was so excited with writing you my letter and didn't noticed that it is really late outside here yet. Russia is very famous for it's criminals, I suppose you know it. That's why it is very very dangerous to walk in the dark for anybody, and I am a young beautiful (I hope) woman. Who knows...everything can happen with you outside. It is relly bad that I do not have a domputer at home to write you more and not to come here. But I have to, and I hope that you will write me every day also! Joe By the way, how is my English? I hope that you understand everything that I tell to you. Because I was learning English for whole my life: childhood, school, universtity. I am sure that it is necessary for every person to speak english nowadays. Sorry, if I borryed you with my letter. Just tell me what is wrong if it is so, and I will try to get rid of my mistakes. Ok, Joe I will run home and I hope that tomorrow I will find your letter in my mailbox. I am sending you a photo from me more. Hope that you will like this one too! Have a nice day, Leysan. P.S. Forgot to thank you for your telephone numbers. I do not have telephone at home but I will save the money for the telephone card and call you as soon as I can.
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