Scam letter(s) from Maria Kviatkovskaia to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Sebastian!!!! Just want to tell you that I missed you and your letters. It has been a long time of holidays here.
All organizations were on vacation for 2 weeks. I have not forgotten you, I often thought about what you are doing at one time or another.
Sebastian I am here now and have returned to the usual schedule, now I will be here with you always.
I will always be here for you. I hope you have not forgotten about me? :)
I will look for your letters with impatience.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Sebastian!!! I was happy to receive the letter from you.
I'm sorry I didn’t write to you before, I went to visit my girlfriend for a walk-away, I wanted to see her before my journey and we shared a lot together.
At me not so it is a lot of time. I have just left travel agency, and have decided to inform you good news at once. Me cause to Moscow on interview in embassy.
Tomorrow I should leave to Moscow. It seems to me,that I waited for this moment the whole eternity.
The travel agency has carried out the task earlier than I thought.
It can is connected to that sum of money which I have paid for acceleration of readiness of documents.
Now it is not of great importance. I go to embassy!!! Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I can receive documents which are necessary for arrival in your country.
Tomorrow I shall write to you from internet cafe of the city of Moscow.
I shall inform you all news which will concern my trip.
After I will need to return back to native city,to collect necessary things and to buy the ticket in your country.
Trip to Moscow costs not cheaply,therefore I wanted to go to Moscow, to pass interview in embassy and to wait for day of a start.
I can buy tickets in advance, but I won't do it because of a practicality so far.
because tomorrow there will be a preliminary interview and the commission.
that is want to look at me in embassy, to ask some questions and to decide to approve the visa or not.
but there is always a probability that will refuse to me issue of visa and then my bought tickets will be waste of money.therefore I will wait...
Of agency of me convince, that it is possible to buy the ticket, and, then to pass interview.
They have told to me, that many people do so.But it seems to me wrong.
Dear, I was probable next week can inform you date of my start.
I believe that next week I can take off to you. How you concern to this? I think that you too will be glad.
I shall finish the letter. I shall go to collect things home.
Your love, Mariya
P.S. Dear Sebastian please sent me your full home address, the data on the nearest to you of the airports and phone number.
I shall call to you if there will be urgent questions.
I hope to receive from you the answer which will bring to me encouragement.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Sebastian!!! Thank you for your letter. Thank you for helping us be together. Sebastian I just wanted to say that I was very upset because of everything that happened abruptly, but I understand what you are saying to me. This is what I want to be with my man. I want to be for him not only the object of ***, but also to share every moment of life together, to support and help each other. I want to be more for you than just a woman, I want to be for you both a friend and a lover, than that is closer than just a female being.
You are getting closer to me every day and I feel that I will be safe with you and that is why I decided to be firm with you and share my life with you.
I believe you and trust you in everything.
My dear in this weekend I will try to call you, I found a way, because I can not reach you because of the roaming in my phone which gives a ban.
Sebastian I was at the bank this morning and found out about what you said about the money gram company and it seems to me that it is reliable to use and trustworthy.
I was told that you need information about me, now I give you what you need to pass on your help.
Kviatkovskaia Mariya, Russia, city Bor, Lenina street, house 153, apartment 5, index 606441.
Sebastian Thank you for understanding me, for me it is very important, in general, for us and our relationship. Tell me how is your weather there?
If everything goes well, I will collect my things soon for a journey to you, to our dream together, a new life. I love you and I will look for your letters.
Yours Mariya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Sebastian!!! Now I see your letters. But I was terribly surprised when I read what you say to me.
I do not understand why are you talking to me about other girls in your friend's life? Why are you comparing me with them?
And here you are me and your friend? Do you think that on money I build my happiness?
And for that, I have to pose in front of the mirror to take a photo and prove something to someone?
Do you think I'm a little monkey that does something for money?
If I knew that you would tell me this after my request, I would never ask you.
This is my mistake, sorry if I hurt your feelings or the feelings of your friend.
Have you considered me an avid and greedy person all this time? All this time you considered me a thief?
I asked you for help because I really could not pay because I did not receive my full salary and they didn’t even tell me how to wait specifically, maybe 2 or 3 months. In your eyes, am I a simple deceiver?
Why do you think I only need your money? I do not need your money, I asked to help you finish it because I ran into a problem at work and I never knew about it. I can not see on before. It hurts to think what you think of me that I am a mercantile ***** who speaks to you just for the money.
I have hands and feet to work, I asked you for help because I have no one and because I am going to YOU.
Not to someone, but I am going to you, to a man whom I considered to be my lifelong choice, from which I crossed myself and my fears. You did not tell me anything.
It hurts me, sad, and offensively you equate me with all the garbage in this world? Do I blame you for anything in my life? Not.
I do not blame you for the men who were with me and played with my heart.
I asked you for help because I don’t want to appear unreliable at the embassy and I don’t want to be refused a visa, is it hard to understand? I asked you because there is not much time.
I already regret that I asked you for help, I thought about what to do and I wanted to remain silent and tell you that I would not come to you, I did not want to tell you about my problem of not having enough money, but I told you.
Do you know why? I told you because I appreciate what I have and I appreciate you and I promised you that I tell you the truth, I opened you 100% and this proves that I was going to go to you.
Now you tell me all these terrible words and you consider me a cheater for money? I don’t put your money in my pocket.
I just wanted to finish what we started because I wanted to be with you.
I did not know that they would let me down at work, now I’m even afraid of losing my job. I believe you and trust me, and I want you to believe me the same way. What should I do now and what should I think?
When I would be with you, would you also hate me like all Russians? What should I do now when I found out?
Now in your eyes are all Russian women thieves?
I love you and want to see you. Look into your eyes and tell you a lot. We see people from different countries connect all
over the world and it works. I'm sure they enjoy each other.
All I want is to have happiness and love and wanted to give you all my love. I'm tired of being alone.
I have never felt such statements in my side. I hope you take away your words with a saying in my direction.
I hope you will not compare me with someone from your past. You do not have the right to blame me for what I did not do, and you know that. I'm sorry that I asked for your help and I do not need your money, I will try to do something myself.
It never hurt me to hear such things for money. I have never done anything for money. Do not think that you are buying me.
Yours Mariya
Letter 5
Hello my dear Sebastain!!!!
Sorry for not writing these days. I was not at home. She traveled to a nearby town to meet with a good friend from the time she studied at the medical institute.
After school, our roads diverged, but we left the contacts to each other. Her name is Angela. I decided to meet with her in order to try to borrow for some time the money I needed to fully pay for my trip. But she cannot help now because she is expecting a child soon.
I'm sorry, but I can't rely on you. You yourself understand this.
After I asked for your help, I feel like a ****** girl.
I just thought you were my man, you are my second half, my man on whom I can rely on in difficult moments. otherwise why be together?
Instead of helping to put an ultimatum? Otherwise, I myself am to blame?
Well, so be it. I know it’s my problem that I don’t have enough money to pay for the trip in full. Therefore, now I try to somehow get out of this situation.
But inside, I myself understand that I cannot do anything without your support. But I will never submit to ultimatums and so on.
If you help, help from a pure heart, do not need to invent something here, this is already superfluous. If you have no desire to help, then please do not torture yourself and do not lie to yourself.
It turns out that I'm not the one that you can simply believe sincerely and without skeletons in the closet. I'm not the one who deserves your trust?
Then why do you need me?
Please, no longer need to talk to me in the language of ultimatum and set conditions. I just asked for your help, because I thought that I was your woman
and we need this meeting equally. I am not looking for any skeletons in the closet, each of us has a past and the mistakes that we left behind only ours.
I do not blame you for your past, it is only yours. But my present and future is very important to me.
After I asked for your help, I just waited for an answer yes or no. But why do you stretch your hand to me, but with your other hand you hold this help yourself and do not want to just give it sincerely from a pure heart? Do you know what I mean?
If your loved one asks for your help, you go and help sincerely. why not me? Why did you make up this story with a selfie and ask me to do it?
Why do you send me a photo with money for all this and again emphasize the fact that I will take a selfie and receive money from you?
How should I respond to this? Apparently you think that this is in the order of things between loving people? I do not think so and do not share such views.
Over the past few days I have been thinking about a lot of things. I didn't even think that you would be like that.
I am not going to change you, but I just want to understand why? Why do you treat me like that? and don't pretend you don't understand my questions.
After all, loving people do not figure out such things. Loving people just help each other when they need it and without mistrust each other.
It is hard for me in such conditions. I can't do that :(
Forgive me, but I did not expect to be alone with my problems. Then why am I even looking for my other half? if in any case I am alone when hard times come :(
I don’t know what I am doing wrong ... I gave everything, I spent a lot of time and effort to **** this trip. As a result, I received only an ultimatum.
I have so far this doesn’t fit in my head. Sorry if something could hurt you, but I just write to you everything that I have now inside.
Let me know what I did wrong? I'm doing everything to come. Why do you treat me like that? Why can't you just help?
You said that everything about what you wrote in the past letter has nothing to do with me. And there was no hint. Then why did you write about all this?
After all, there was a reason for me to read all this. What for? What did you mean by this? You want to say that the world is not a fairy tale, that there is no love, and everywhere you have to make a deal and put ultimatums? I thought this only happens in a cruel movie.
In my world, in my universe, I will always reach out to a loved one. I will not put any conditions and so on. I will help because I love.
And I thought that we both share similar values.
I am very tired in the last few days. I just need to rest. I no longer know how much my strength is enough.
Sorry if you did not meet your expectations. Soon I need to be in Moscow.
But it turns out that I will have to cancel the trip and all plans. I have no choice. I can not pay all these costs.
So do not be offended if everything comes to this.
All in your hands. But just do not promise help if you are going to put an ultimatum. Just not with me.
I still love you and want to be with you. Have a nice day.
Yours Mariya
Letter 6
Hello my dear Sebastian! I do not know where all these photos and links come from, but I was horrified by what you gave me.
I do not understand how this is possible.
Half a year ago I left all my photos in the library open and did not close my photo storage account, it looks like someone used my photos.
I understand nothing, I will go to the police with these links. Thank you for telling me that someone is using my photos.
But you can not even think that it is very strange? Do not you think that this is strange because all the names are different?
But you are only ready to blame me! Good.
Sebastian I see that our relationship did not go as we wanted. I don't blame you for anything, but you probably forgot what you were talking to a woman?
Or is it normal for you to humiliate me? This is not what I wanted and was looking for.
I found a way to call you and wanted to surprise you. But now I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to hear insults and humiliations on my phone.
You still do not understand, I do not need your money. You still do not understand, my values are a bit different as you think.
Today, my flight to you, but I will not be on it and I will temporarily suspend my trip. I am very sorry that I made a mistake and asked for your help,
but I told you the truth because I did not hide anything from you. I had to come up with something and tell you that I would not come for some reason?
I told you what I had because I thought you were my man. A man I can rely on.
BUT you forgot all this manhood and decided to play daddy with me which gives the girl money and she does what he wants.
Sebastian you are an adult man and you should at least imagine that this does not work and it humiliates a woman like me.
A woman who is used to work and just wanted to be happy. I see people from different countries around the world connect, they are happy and it works.
I thought that I am not worse than these happy people and have a chance for happiness as well.
Sebastian you have changed since I requested your help, I made a mistake. I needed to come up with something myself, but I did everything I could.
I needed to sell myself? No, I do not sell for money, money does not control me. I have a big heart.
I wonder why you talked to me all this time? I ask myself because I think now that you hate all Russian women and revenge me for your past life now.
Now it probably doesn't matter. I don't know what to do now. My man hates me and thinks terrible things about me.
I'm broken now. Good vacation
Sad and Lost Mariya
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