Letter(s) from Elaine Harrison to Fred (Ireland)
Letter 1
Hello my dearest,
I thank you for your mail and i am very much happy to come in contact with you to make this noble request, l hope you will not turn down this trust am about to repose on you for the fact that we have not yet known each other before, Though, I will not compel you to honor this request against your will. i want you to take out your time to read my message carefully, because the issue at hand is very urgent and important that is why I decided to send you this mail. I am looking for a reliable, sincere and responsible person that can help me invest the wealth i inherited from my late father who was killed as a result of war out break during the government annual conference meeting in my country Liberia after some years that my mother Sheila Harrison died. Brief introduction about myself. My name is Miss Elaine Harrison, I'm single and i never married before but i am willing to settle down with you if only you can help me to receive my funds and bring over there in your country, I am 5"7 tall, 23 years old. I'm a medical student but i have not yet completed my educational career as result of the death of my parents,but presently i am seeking asylum in a neighboring country for the safety of my life here in the Republic Of Senegal. I don’t have any body here to rely on because,I don’t trust my late father’s relatives as they did not like him when he was alive. I escape an attempt of kidnap and that is why I ran away. But I will be happy if i can come to your country to continue my education while you help me to invest my late father funds which i inherited in a lucrative business and manage it for me until I am capable of handling it myself. The funds in question is, US $4.7 million deposited in a bank. My father of a blessed memory by name Late Engr. Frederick Harrison who was the Director general of ( FEDEX INDUSTRIAL GROUPS OF COMPANY PLC ) in Liberia that deals in extract and exporting of raw materials to different part of the countries. I will offer you 25% of the funds for your help to get it transferred to your account in your country and bringing me there to complete my studies. There in your country when the funds shall be invested, you shall have 5% of the interest the investment shall bring, i really do need your help. So, if you can assist me do let me know. I will give you further details of where the is deposited when I receive a positive response from you. I attached copies my picture that i took before coming into this camp, i have never taken picture here in the camp because the camp authority forbid the Refugees from taking pictures in the camp. I'm hoping to hear from you soon.
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