Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Yuryevna Komorova to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Salutti How are you? I hope you are OK and you will be happy to give your reply my letter. I am enourmously glad that I’ve got a chance to meet you. My name is Ekaterina. Maybe you have guessed where I come from judging by my name. I come from a large picturesque state the Russian Federation. I am thirty four. I’m searching for a guy for good fellowship and possibly for meaningful relaitonships. If you liked me and got interested in me, I will be delighted to receive your letter. I belive you will not allow the lonely woman to get bored. I will eagerly wait for your letter as soon as may be. If you respond me, I will provide you with more pictures of me. So we could see each other better and get acquainted better. I hope you will also forward me your image and tell me about yourself. I’d like to learn more details about you. I wish you a lucky day and cheerful mood. Please reply ONLY to my personal I am waiting. Ekaterinusenka!
Letter 2
Hi my friend Stephan!!!
Today I am very happy to see your letter and my mood has increased by 100 percent!!! :)
I am very pleased that you write to me and give me your attention.
YOU have no idea how glad I am that you responded to my humble letter!!!!!
I'm really interested in reading your letter. Because we are not yet familiar with you and our first letters should be remembered for a long time .
After the acquisition of the new friend this already big event in my life. It's all new to me because it's the first time I've met a man on the Internet .
Kursk is not very big, I love my city and I will always love It. I lived here for a long time, and now it is my homeland!
my city is located to the South, at a distance of 500 kilometers from Moscow the capital of Russia!!!
You know, I've never been outside of Russia, but I've always wanted to travel.
I would be very happy if you could tell me about your city. Your country!
I will also try to tell you more about my city, so that you know my homeland.
I work from 8: 00 to 16: 00. How many hours a day you work, Stephan?
I really want to know more about you, because I really like our acquaintance!!!
To be honest, I turned to the Internet for help to find my other half.
A man with whom I can build a beautiful love story. Build a serious relationship. In General my intentions to find love very serious.
Since I have been without my second half for a long time. and now I have a goal to find one single man for the rest of my life!
Gradually I will tell you all about my life, but from you I also want to know all about your life? what you're looking for? what is your purpose in life now?
I've been looking for a partner in my life for a long time and I've felt very lonely all these days. since in Russia I could not find my love, since men in Russia are all evil, drink a lot of alcohol and cheat on their wives! and I was convinced of it not once!
It is very important that a man respected, loved, was gentle and responsible with a woman, and I, if I live with such a man will definitely be a great second half!!!
I'm a little sad, but I have to finish this letter now, but I'll write to you tomorrow. Also write back. I very much wait your letter!!!
And also I will be very happy to see your photo Stephan! your Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello my beautiful Stephan!
Today the weather is cold here.
The sun very rarely emerges between clouds, but your letters for me as bright rays sun in this grey world !
Your letter warmed my heart Stephan , I am very pleased and happy to hear from you today !
your letters always make me feel so much better.
I want to tell you that you are a very beautiful and wonderful man. For me, you're the only man I want to build my destiny with.
I love you more and more with every new letter you write . I do not know our future, but I think that sometimes people do not use the opportunities that fate gives them .
I think that all people have the opportunity to build the future, Our life is really sometimes very unfair, and every day we have to choose something, something to lose...
I don't want to lose you, I want to be with you, because my heart tells me, that only with you I will be truly happy. And you'll be happy with me, too. Now I'm really very happy!!!
Yesterday, before I went to bed, I thought of you when I got undressed and went to bed.,
I was thinking about you, when I closed my eyes, I saw your face, and when I woke up, I was thinking about you!!!
I've never felt more passionate than I do now!!! Every second, and every cell of my body, I think of you!!!
Every day you occupy my thoughts more and more. do you have similar feelings?
It is very important for me to know how much I am dear to you, and what you feel when you read my letters!!!
I think about you all the time. When I slept, I again had a dream, and of course you were the main character of my dreams!
All night you were in front of my eyes. I felt you, touched you. this dream was so real that even now it seems to me that I sleep, and my dream - it was real life! I am now very serious, I even pinched myself several times to "Wake up" and be with you again.
Now I of course understand that it was only a dream!!! I want to tell you that I really feel a very strong and serious feeling for you.
And I want to let you know that we have to meet each other. You, as well as seek to embrace me! Our meeting will be very important in our lives.
do you agree with me? I have an overwhelming desire to meet you in real life!!!
I suppose it could be possible! This is real! My mom and dad came to see me yesterday. I am always happy and very happy when I can see my mom and dad.
They live far away from the city and I can see them sometimes when they come to me or when I can visit them.
I love my mom and dad very much!
We as usually in for a long time has been going on evening city of, I love go on the evening after work over city.
We talked about our friends and acquaintance very much.
And, of course, we talked about me and my private life.
And since you're the closest thing to me, even though I never met you, we talked about you.
I talked to my mom and dad about our relationship. I told them I wanted to visit you.
I asked them for advice, and they told me it was a very good idea for us to meet you at your place!
My mother spoke with a little excitement about the upcoming trip, but she loves me very much, and wished me and you great luck.
It is very good when parents bless children, my mother asked me to give you her best wishes.
I consulted with my friends about how best to travel to another country, but everyone who traveled tells me that travel is very expensive :(
I really hope that I can save enough money, and I can find a cheap ticket, because if I do not have enough money, I can not come to you.
My mother was very worried and at first even categorically refused to let me go to you.
But I know I have to visit you because I can't live without meeting you and no one can keep me here now.
Even one day spent with you will be a heavenly delight for me!
Dear Stephan, I am a very humble and obedient daughter, but sometimes I am steadfast in my decisions.
Perhaps this trait character was transferred to me from my father. And she could talk my mom into it, and she's even cheering me up now.
I will travel to you soon as I love you and I can't stay alone anymore.
I know that you are a wonderful man and the best person living on this part of our planet is YOU!!!
And you won my heart, and now I'm just yours. In your hands the most precious and valuable thing I have is my soul!!!
And you won my heart because I can't sleep at all now - I think about you all the time.
My soul, to strive for you, it is already with you, and only my body is here, because it is unable to overcome the distance separating us... unlike my soul!
I am not able to understand what is happening to me now only about you my dreams, and about meeting in reality!
I know we'll be together!!!
Tomorrow, as soon as I Wake up, of course if I can sleep, I'll go so Tomorrow I'll learn more about the upcoming journey, and write more about it!
I'm an optimist, and I hope we can meet soon. I believe that our meeting will help us to get to know us better and much closer!
I'm sure I want to meet you Stephan. I feel like you're getting closer to me.
and I want to tell you three words of love. But I can only write in the letter, I LOVE YOU!!!
I believe that very soon there will be a day when I can say these words, and I can hear your words, looking into your eyes!!!
You must understand what I want to say now! Over the past two days, I have represented our first meeting many times
I really want to see you, talk to you, hold your hands gently and look into your eyes.
Perhaps this letter is very sincere, but I hope that you will understand everything that I want to say!
I find it a little difficult to replace the Russian words that I want to tell you, but I know that you understand me perfectly, and I feel my mood at this moment, as I write these lines! Very well when two loving hearts Become United and indestructible!
My soul is always open and you probably noticed that I am often very Frank, but I can not otherwise, although me no really have to pay dearly for my honesty…
I always tell the truth and I don't like people to lie. I hate this! And I like you because you're also very honest and honest with me! Stephan, I think we have a real chance to try to be closer!
I think we should try to take this chance. Perhaps this is our destiny!
I will wait for your answer with impatience, you should know that I think only of you now!
I want to tell you Stephan, you are my love, I believe you and I will talk more openly about our feelings.
I want to tell you everything that's in my heart and in my head now.
I don't know how to write it in words, but I try to explain it to you now, and I hope you can understand me!
Today there is a cold wind here, and I do not want to leave the house on the street, and only thoughts about you warm me, I feel that you are my favorite.
My heart defeats much faster when I dream about our meeting in the future.
Last night I had a dream about us. It was a wonderful dream. We were together and talked a lot.
I don't remember where we were, but it wasn't important to me.
I was very quiet, and I even heard you breathing! it was the happiest moment of my life, it was so real...
Then we arrived at the house, we had dinner with candles.
Then we arrived in the bedroom, but it was the final moment I remember.
Because I woke up, I was so happy, and my heart was beating very often.
I realized it was just a dream, but it was so real...
I think this dream has important value for me. Perhaps it's a sign?
I do not know. But I really know that I love you Stephan with all my heart!
I would really like to have this dream, which I saw would be real someday! Would you like this Stephan?
My heart is your Stephan, I'm telling you this because I love you!!!!!!!
I'm telling you how I feel, and I'm sure you should know about it!!!
I never could even think that I would be so in love with you, but I am very happy that we know each other!!!
I think we should meet, I know how to do it. I'll think about it and find out.,
I think of you as the only man I have a future with. You can continue my life.... Only you!!!
I know we have to meet and be with each other. I love you Stephan please don't forget it feel the fire of my heart, and I think we should take this chance if you feel the same way I do!!!
I want to tell you Stephan, please ask your heart what it feels like? What does your heart tell you?
give me an answer I look forward to hearing from you.
If you are in love also, it is very beautiful!!! I understand that you may reject me, but I love you one way or another.
You're the only man I can think of!!! Yes, I love you Stephan, and the power of my love is boundless!
I thank God that I wrote to you and found the perfect man, I was looking for you all my life Stephan.
I am very excited and infinitely happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always your Katya!!!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Stephan!!
It's a beautiful day. I woke up very early this morning and ran to meet the Director!!
The weather was fine this morning, and I was thinking about being around you, Stephan! mom and dad are happy for us and let me fly to you!
Today I was very excited, but I did it. In the afternoon I was given official permission, and now I can take a vacation on March 1!
That's fine, because I can plan my trip to Stephan for you. don't you?
I will travel and stay with you for 30 days as I want to embrace you as soon as possible Stephan!
I was able to ask for a vacation at work and now I can be with you from March 1 to April 1!!!
I will fly you to London Heathrow airport, UK Stephan? will you meet me at that airport on March 1st?
I love you very much and I will be happy only with you! Only together we will be happy! we will have wonderful many days and nights of love, passion, kisses and beautiful sex without taboos, there will be no boundaries, I want to give you the whole! you understand Stephan?
I really want to love and be with you now! Just me and you Stephan!!!
Also today I was talking to a girl from a travel Agency! I told her about you and how I love you so much, and we want to meet!
She said that she had such cases, and she knows how to help me! tourist visa, passport and health insurance, as well as round-trip tickets are made directly in the travel Agency of my city! all my documents are sent by courier to the British Embassy in Moscow!
that is why I do not need to go to the British Embassy in Moscow to consider the visa, as the Agency cooperates directly with the British Embassy, and enough here in Kursk my written consent! you understand Stephan?
She also said that I have to make a visa in advance to be sure that my trip will turn out and I will be allowed to come to your country!
This afternoon I gave her the necessary documents and she said she could get me a visa in 20 days.
I will do a visa at a travel Agency, as it is much more convenient and faster Stephan!
But I don't have that amount of money for my entire journey as you already know Stephan!!! and I need 650 euros or 580 of your currency in pounds(GBP), you're willing to help me with that amount, aren't you Stephan?
If you help me today or tomorrow, we will meet on March 1, as I will have time to do all the documents on time!!
but our fate and future family life together are now only in your hands Stephan! you know?
And I went to the Bank today and also found out information about how you can send me money, since I've never been able to get money from another country, and this is the first time you send it to me, so I had to find out the right thing!
and the woman in the Bank kindly gave me information about instant international money transfers of the "MONEYGRAM" system, so it is more convenient to me as you suggested and the office is not far from my work! you know??
why, because he is fast, and I don't want to waste a lot of time since date of 1 March is very close! you understand Stephan?
these are instant international money transfers from country to country, and once you send me the money I can go get it the same day, here at any Bank in my city, it's very convenient, isn't it??? do you like this method?
and to send me money enough for you to know my full name and address, so I write it to you: Ekaterina Komarova
street: Lenina 78-90
city: Kursk
area code: 305000
country Russia to get your money, I need to know your full details like mine, and the secret code for" MONEYGRAM " is 8 digits, you know??
so do not forget to send me this secret code, because only knowing this code and your full name and address, I can get your money without problems here in the Bank! Ok?
I love you and dream to be with you very Stephan!
All my dreams are about you Stephan!!
If I had now the money for the whole trip, I would have made the necessary documents, and we would have met you as soon as you had free time!!! but I don't have that amount unfortunately, and that's why I need your help!
I love you very much and wait for the moment. when I can hug you and kiss Stephan!.. Always your Katya!
Letter 5
Hello my love and my life Stephan!!!!!
Your letter gives me a lot of strength!!!
When I read it, my heart beats harder in my chest!!!
I am very happy to have Valentine's Day today, in your country it is celebrated especially as in the whole world!
In Russia, it's called Valentine's Day, and a couple of man and woman give each other gifts and confess their Love to each other! you also there?
I'm sure you're my steam and soon I'm ready to confess his love face to face! how do you feel about that?
dear Stephan, as I wrote to you at the beginning of our acquaintance that I broke my phone 3 weeks ago, this incident was at school, when one of the students ran up the stairs of the school, behind me accidentally pushed my hand, when I was on the phone! you understand Stephan? the phone flew from the third floor to the first floor, it crashed!
the old was not to repair, and easier to buy a new, but dear Stephan, soon we will see each other! you know? not just hear!
as for your fantasies I am very excited and want to have with you as soon as possible beautiful, long, sex, without stopping, with gentle foreplay, I'll do you oral sex, do you like it? then I'll sit on top of you like a cowboy and jump on you..
all fantasies soon we will have in reality! hold on a little, I beg you! OK? I am very Horny and I want in your arms as soon as possible!
We have very good weather and the sun is shining brightly. In this weather, I always have a great mood.
I got up this morning thinking about you, Stephan. All my thoughts are with you Stephan.
now I have your coordinates, and I understand that today you had to send me 650 euros via MONEYGRAM then send the code?
I love you Stephan!!! It means a lot to me!!! This is my essence, this is my life and my dreams!!!
I've never felt this way before!!! Love is a wonderful feeling!!!
When two people love each other very much.
Often there are problems in couples. We have such a huge problem for our love - the distance between us.
But when problems are solved, love becomes even stronger!!!
Not watching nor that we should be together!!! Our love is a gift from God!!!!
We have to use it and enjoy it!!!
My treasure I only want honest love and I hope you love me as much as I love you Stephan.
I can promise you, I will always love you from the bottom of my heart, forever and forever.
I have to tell you, I fell in love with you and I think about you every minute!
My treasure I want to give you my love and be always with you in good times and bad! I'll always be there for you.
I will never stop loving you, you are already very deep in my heart and will never leave you.
My great love I wish to see you, I would like to feel you Stephan, I want to see you every day and tell you every day how much I love you Stephan, I'd like that from the bottom of my heart.
My colleagues at work don't recognize me!!! I found love and happiness!!!
I found you, my Stephan!!!! I guess we'll be together soon!!!
We'll live together!!! It's an honor to have you close to me!!!
I also talked to my mom, and she says hi to you. She's very happy for the two of us.
I was very pleased to hear such words from my mother.
I look forward to hearing from you!!!
I love you!!! and with great excitement waiting for your letter and hope to see you soon. Stephan + Katya= LOVE!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my Love Stephan!!!
I miss your letters, I thought about you today all day long and now very happy to see your letter.
I woke up thinking about you, and today, on my day off, I did all the things in the Carter and ran to Natalia to get your letter.,
I am very happy and I see that you are proud of me, now I hope you trust me fully?
know the main thing dear Stephan that I swear that I will come to you and make you the happiest man on earth! just trust me and we'll be happy.
Every line of your letter makes me happy, every word is a piece of happiness!!!
I am pleased that you wrote to me and now for me the whole world has become much more kind and cleaner.
I really feel it now!!! Everything is fine Stephan!!!
I got your letter and realized you were this afternoon sent me the money, then he will send information about the money transfer and scanned copy of the receipt!
I'm starting to worry about time less and I should be able to get your money in MONEYGRAM today, then quickly go to a travel Agency to start making all the necessary documents and fly to you on March 1.
Sometimes it's just enough for me to get your letter every day and I'll be happy.
You're a great man, and I've been looking for you my whole life.
Now, when we love each other before us open a huge world filled with love and harmony.
Nothing now keeps me here in the city where I lived half my life.
My soul and my heart are with you now, it's always been with you, but I didn't know it.
I'm happy!!! My life has found meaning!
And now I think only about our meeting, when we can see each other, touch each other...
This question is the most important for me, I fall asleep every day with the idea of our meeting Stephan!!!
Now I am sure that we will be together very soon, for me the last days last forever, and I'm going to sleep with the idea: "another day has passed, and I still have not met you Stephan"!
I love You, and falling asleep, I always imagine that you're somewhere near me, and I'm getting much better, and the night is beautiful!!!
I see you in my dreams all the time!!!
I am sure that you will come to dream to me again today, and I will dream of you Stephan!!!
For example, yesterday we were on the edge of the forest, a beautiful forest, where all the colors were very vivid and bright.
The whole forest and area was very green, and if you look up you can see a very bright, blue - blue sky!!!
Can you imagine? I now again do you see this magnificent view!!!
If you could see that!!! Try to imagine it's you that you're close to me now!!!
And air!!! My breathing, even now very easy to breathe, and, breathing becomes more frequent.
This is a true Paradise, and we are only with you Stephan.... Just you and me!!!
Just you and me!!! And we together, forever!!!
It was incredible, and when I got up in the morning, I was surprised you weren't there for me.
It was a colorful dream !!! I even now hear birds singing as if it were happening to me again!!!
We should be together now, and I will definitely come to you Stephan!
We must live-live for us, for our meeting!!!
I only live for you Stephan!!!
My love!!! I look forward to your letters!!!
My heart belongs to you, My heart is tender and fragile, so I hope you will be gentle with my heart!!!
We'll be together soon, and we'll talk to you day and night! Are you agreeing with me?
I love You!!! and with great hope and excitement waiting for your letter. Your Katya
Letter 7
Hi Stephan, I was registered with a Dating Agency, which in the process revealed that they only deceive honest people by luring them all the information, and sell data around the world, photos, personal information, letters, and more! that is, they were scammers!
they've been busted by the international police! you know? now for the naked pictures you should know that I will never send naked or intimate photos on the Internet.
since I am a teacher by profession and I value my reputation in my city!
naked photos only send fakes, and I'm a serious and real, honest woman. know this.
you're insulting me with this
Letter 8
Hello dear Stephan, now I can answer your questions, the letters are the same, because the meeting Agency asked me to come up with a few letters for the first acquaintance, I wrote them this and gave it to you, and gave my ready-made letters, so they are the same, because it is difficult to write in English quickly! and I decided to send the first few ready-made letters!
you understand Stephan? but I swear I wrote them myself, and I wrote them myself. now for my photos and dates.
it is a Selfie and dates on them is not necessary, as done in the phone setup likely!
I know that professional cameras date after the pictures are placed automatically, but if photographed with a smartphone there are not dates automatically, so they are not!
now as for the passport, here I did my passport and now I send you my copy, I hope after that you believe me and we will start planning our meeting!
and as my passport will be on hand and my tickets, I will also send you a copy so that you do not have doubts about me!
I am anxiously waiting for your letter and hope you take the side of our love! and again. I am an honest woman and real, I will fly to you!
take the first step to the meeting and you will never regret Stephan! listen to your heart, and it will tell you. your forever KAtya
Letter 9
hi Stephan, I tried to take a photo for you again when I was going to school the scanner was busy and generally I was told that for personal purposes we do not have the right to use it, so I was refused, so I did not do more! and anyway Stephan, I utala you to prove its sincerity, I gave you a copy, not my fault that it turned out to be blurred I tried, very difficult for me to do it! and I'm used to that men have to prove to their women their sincerity, honest care, love and affection! don't you think?
and from you come the accusations and mistrust! I have never experienced this, you are the first man who insulted me and have a great distrust! what happens next?
I can see that you have such a suspicious character. so in family life, you'll takiim Stephan! I don't! but I'll tell you this, I sent you all the possible evidence, I'm not going to do anything else, I can only tell you that I'm an honest and sincere woman and I'll come to you!
now, step and the choice is yours! I did everything I could and I'm tired of proving my integrity, make a decision! sometimes it's worth the risk to beat Stephan, isn't it? or do you feel sorry for your money? aren't you afraid of losing me forever? and if you're a gentleman you take a step to a meeting no matter what!
and trust me for once, not your friend! my friend Natalia says that I have no face, I cried from your insults for a few days,she is very dissatisfied with the fact that you humiliate me, and demand proof! she said I'm not myself, and haven't been this depressed! I was always happy and smiling! what about now??
Natalia tells me that if you really love me and want me to come you will do everything possible to bring me to you and believe me! and most importantly is trust.
Now I'm telling you I'm waiting for you to step up, if you love me, then go and send money today at lunch, be a man! I await your reply your Katya.
Letter 10
hi Stephan, here I was making a copy, this is the maximum that I can do, if you want you can bring it myself with the help of programs or refer to the expert Bureau of counterfeiting! OK? your Katya.
Letter 11
Stephan hi! I'll do it one last time, I'll send you what you want, but now it's Monday! since I love you and really want our meeting, I hope you feel well? since I want it to be like this, don't think I haven't forgotten about you, I think about you all the time, I'm sad about all this that I have to prove something to a man, but since I love you, I will. your KAtya.
Letter 12
Stephan I had problems with the old mail, could not send a letter for days, so created a new account and write you quickly
Letter 13
Hello dear Stephan, I did not have access to the computer Natalia, as she and her family were leaving and I could not write from her computer, now she was back and I write to you quickly! here I made a copy of a passport especially for you yesterday, but could not send you a letter, now I hope you see it clearly, and make the decision, as I really want to fly to you and prove the sincerity of their intentions and feelings to you!
I'll wait for your decision, I hope you don't love me anymore? your KAtya.
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