Scam letter(s) from Rhona Seman to Brad (Canada)

Letter 1
Salut !

How are you ? I I will say straight. You looking for affectionate woman for *** video ? I I can try to surprise you . I'm looking for ***, I don't need a serious relationship !! I affectionate, obedient, open for experiments, hot . Try to punish me if you want . I will be glad if you make a video call here !. I think we can talk here, it will allow us to know and see each other in real time :
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Name: Amber Jones
Age: 25
Name: Nicole Kimberly
Age: 32
Name: Elina Rozanova
Age: 28
Name: Elvira Osipova
Age: 29
Name: Sophie
Age: 38
Name: Cecilia Rossi Allison
Age: 45
Name: Anna Slavnova
Age: 39
Name: Oleg Williams
Age: 35
Name: Judith Anim
Age: 28
Name: Grace Apia
Age: 26
Name: Ekaterina Kobezhekova
Age: 28
Name: Olga Nikolaevna
Age: 28
Name: Ajibo Ejima
Age: 30
Name: Tatyana Nevskaya
Age: 18
Name: Natalia Zemek
Age: 35