Scam letter(s) from Elena Mikhailovna Melnikova to David (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, friend David
I do not know where to begin my letter. You left me an e-mail on the site russiancupid. I, frankly, received a lot of messages on the site and I did not expect that I would write so many men.
I hope that we will be able to get to know each other. Of course, if you want this.
It is difficult to choose a man after viewing the questionnaire and say to yourself - "this is the man that I need!"
I hope that you will agree with me.
It is very important to look at each other, at least in letters ...
I am 31 years old. I do not want to hide my age and they always give me less years.
I'm not married and I have no children.
I have not yet met such a man with whom she would have found happiness for the rest of her life ...
I've always thought and I still think that a man is the master and the main person in the family.
Therefore, when I meet such men who do not want to take on any obligations - I immediately turn away from them.
I'm looking for a strong man's shoulder. That is, I need a man with whom I will be calm ...
I will not get carried away by my letter. David, maybe you do not want to continue to communicate with me ...
Just tell me right away.
Now my main goal is to meet a good man, I do not care what your status is and how much money you have.
I'm looking for an experienced man with whom I will be calm.
Please understand my letter correctly.
I'm attaching a few of my photos and waiting for an answer.
I know English and some French. There are plans to study a few more foreign languages.
Have a nice day
Letter 2
Hello, David!
It's nice to receive a letter from you again. I'm not going to run away from you :) you are interesting to me!
I hope that you can send me your photo in the next letter. It is very important for me.
There is something romantic about sending and receiving letters, even electronic ones, but still ... I hope you do not mind this kind of communication? so it is more convenient for me.
I deleted my profile on the dating site. Maybe it's a silly act, but I have your e-mail and your letter.
I will not give you any conditions. But if still you do not want to continue to communicate with me, then most likely I will not use dating sites to meet a soul mate.
The idea to meet a man abroad recently came. And this is not a rash decision.
I spent a year nurturing an idea in myself and still decided.
I think that the world has long erased the boundaries and the person has the right to decide where he wants to live and with whom.
I thought that knowing English and a little French, I could live in another country.
I tend to learn other languages.
Perhaps you ask why I'm looking for a man abroad? I can say that I'm not looking for a rich life and I'm not looking for a prince on a white horse.
I have suspicions that most Western men believe that a girl who lives in Russia is often not well provided and if she is looking for a man abroad she is going to improve her well-being.
Maybe there are such girls, but I'm not one of those.
The main thing for me is to meet a man who, first of all, will respect me as a wife.
Love can be built. There are no ideal people. It is important for me to find a simple and sincere man who does not live by the past and who is ready to start a new life ...
Here in Russia I'm not satisfied with much and it's not life.
Around me there are many friends who drink and they like every weekend to drink alcohol and lead a loose life.
That's not mine. The only thing that keeps me in Russia is my family, which has given a lot for me.
She raised me as a girl who will be faithful to her only one man who will not walk around in different companies.
I can not help thinking about my family and my close people. It is important for me to have trust in the relationship.
I live with my mother in St. Petersburg in a three-room apartment.
More about yourself and about your family, if you want, I'll tell you in the next letter, sorry ...
David, tell us more about yourself, tell us about your loved ones. What kind of a wife are you looking for?
I again attach you my photos. on the first photo I'm with my mother ...
and I'm waiting for your questions. do not be shy. :)
Letter 3
Hi, David!
Thanks for photo!
Yes, I heard about Madame Tussauds. This is a wax museum.
I try to go to the gym 3 times a week.
To be honest, I always dreamed of life in the village. It’s very hard for me to live in a big city all year round and I try to get out of the country at least once a year for the holidays.
As for life in the village, I would live there, but there is usually no work there ...
As for the meeting, then of course this can happen, either in Russia or in Germany, but first we need to get to know each other better .. I hope you understand me. For me, there is no problem that you already have children.
I love and want to have my children, but much will depend on the future husband.
I'm sorry that I did not tell you about myself and my parents in previous letters.
Let me remind you that I'm 31 years old.
My height is 163 cm, my weight is about 50 kg.
What are your physical data? - so it will be better for me to introduce you.
I live with my mother in the city of St. Petersburg. and I have been living here for about 15 years.
And I was born in the city of Irkutsk.
My father left us long ago. He died. He was a military man and died in a military conflict in Chechnya.
Perhaps you have heard of this? ...
My parents loved each other and their lives were filled with events, from which their love only grew stronger.
The union of my parents is an example for me.
I am one child in the family. Perhaps that's why I felt very well the love and care of my parents.
I'll attach a photo to my letter along with my mom ... This is what I have. I have a lot of photos, but basically all these are not new photos. photos from my phone that have been saved on my computer.
now about myself.
I graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University, but I do not work now by profession ...
In Russia there is a problem in the job market ...
there are a lot of lawyers and economists and it's not so easy to find a job.
I work temporarily as a seller of women's elite clothing. Yes, this is so ... in Russia there is a paradox ...
People with higher education can not find a job in their specialty ...
I have cousins, as well as uncles and aunts. There are a lot of relatives. I will not list them all, since they live in different parts of Russia and in fact did not play or play a big role in my life.
I was abroad several times. When I was still studying at the University I went to Europe on a sightseeing bus, was in Poland, Germany, France and Spain.
But in all countries we could not stay for a long time and visited only the main sights of the capitals.
It was an interesting trip, but very hard, since in fact we slept only in the sightseeing bus and the soul and the normal bed were sorely lacking :)
Then I felt my craving for foreign languages.
Most recently, I was in China. It was already not a tourist trip, but a job.
I starred in an episodic role in several Chinese TV shows.
I was in China for about six months and returned very recently.
I had a full relationship. 2. I met a married man for a long time ... yes, exactly.
But it happened by accident. For a long time I did not know that he was married and he carefully concealed this from me ...
But then confessed that he had a wife ... I immediately broke off relations with him.
I could not do otherwise. It was a deception and betrayal ...
He did not bother me for a long time and said that he would soon divorce his wife. But it was not so.
Besides, when my mom found out this story, she was shocked! I do not want to remember ...
In general, my two relationships are my failures.
The second man found another girl and confessed that now he does not love me ...
I suffered for a long time in recent years and could not think of a man. I could not afford to open my heart to anyone ...
The trip to China corrected everything ...
I forgot all the troubles in my life and now I'm ready to build new relationships ...
I had the courage to tell you about my relationship in this letter and I will ask you not to ask me about it again.
I understand that there are few men in the World who would not betray their wives, but for me treason is the most terrible thing! My heart can not stand such a **** ...
I'm afraid of being deceived again ... But I'm also afraid to be alone in this world.
today I will finish the story about myself. David, write you more about your past relationship, if you want, of course.
I'm waiting for your letter.
your Elena
Letter 4

Hello, David!
It's nice to receive letters from you. Thank you. I write letters from work and sometimes from home.
I have my own room in the apartment.
I already wrote that I live with my mother in a three-room apartment.
I am very interested in being close to a reliable man. I mean, I do not need a man who will spend a lot of time with friends and drink alcohol. This is the destiny of the young ...
I need an adult and a mature man, who has only family values.
And always my choice was discussed with my mother ... I can not disagree with my mother on this issue.
I do not expect an answer from her: to marry me or not. I make this choice myself.
But it is important to me what is the initial opinion of my mother about my potential husband.
My mother for me is a close friend and parent in one person ...
So I'll tell you that I have not told my mother anything yet, that I met you and I want to keep it a secret for now.
Here it is already my choice and the time will come when my mother will know about you ....
I really appreciate that you write to me ... I hope you understand my decision.
In time, when I'm sure, of course I'll tell my mother about you, David ...
I really appreciate our acquaintance and my opinion, the less people know about us, the stronger they will be for us ... There are such words, as "happiness loves silence" ...
do you agree with these words?
I do not know whether you are talking with your friends and close people that you are looking for a girl through the internet? or maybe already said that you communicate with me ...
We continue to learn about each other. What do you consider important to me to tell about your life?
I'm very interested in reading your letter ...
Thanks for your revelations. I think that now you are doing a great job to change your weight.
Thanks for the freelance platform site. I will try to learn it soon. maybe I can find something suitable ...
about the Ukrainian woman, I will say that it is sometimes difficult to give love to someone else, especially when she has a child. but some actions are caused by the fear of living in another country ...
I am pleased that we learn more about each other.
What do you like to do in your spare time? to read? watch films? listen to music?
I like sports and I think that it is important for people to monitor their health.
Sport is health, I do not mean professional sport. I go to the gym 2 times a week and I like it.
And once a week or on the mood, I can go to the pool.
On the weekend, I usually spend time at home with my mother or with some of my friends.
I did not live with my mother all the time. At the time when I met a man, I always moved to an apartment that we rented with my ex-man.
I like to cook, and my mother taught me many recipes! I eat absolutely everything.
I'm not a vegetarian and I do not understand those people who do not eat meat.
Meat is just necessary for the body, especially in Russia :) It's easier to live cold winters :)
It's in warm countries you can not eat meat :) You can eat some bananas and coconuts :)
I listen to music in the mood. Mostly popular and rock music on the radio.
It all depends on your mood. But to be honest, I'm not a musician. Just music helps to live.
do not you think so, David?
I watch different films, mostly comedies, films with deep meaning, with a dashing twist, I recently watched a movie on the Internet "We Bought a Zoo" Maybe you watched it? a movie with Mate Damon.
Quite old, but I liked the plot. I like films of such a plan that help to live and in which you can gain motivation ...
Good. I will finish my letter on this. and again I attach you a photo ....
your Elena
Letter 5
Hello !!!
David, it's nice to read your letter! Thank you! I learn more and more details about you.
"the blue man group" - I don't know ... do they play drums? Thanks for the photo of you daughters.
they are beautiful. I do not smoke and never smoked.
As I already wrote to you, that I work as a sales consultant in a women's clothing store ...
of course this is not the job that I dreamed of ... from the moment I finished my legal studies I did not work as a lawyer.
It is difficult to find a job, when experience is required everywhere.
And more often than not good work is always on acquaintance.
I had experience as a secretary in a large wholesale company.
Knowledge of the law helped me and sometimes I was given the opportunity to solve major issues.
For a long time it was my main job. then it was hard for me to stay in St. Petersburg and I responded to the offer to go to China.
My mom's relatives called from Irkutsk and offered me a contract for half a year.
The work is very interesting, but it's bad that I did not know Chinese.
But English in China is no less popular than in Russia. so I have not experienced much difficulty ...
Again, a trip to China has changed me ... I can now adapt to life in any country, I'm sure ...
The main thing is that I can feel the love of a man next door ...
I hope you are David, do not mind if I tell you how I see my life in another country.
I certainly need time to get used to the mentality of people.
In addition to love and feelings, I'm ready to be the mistress of the house and do ll the household chores for cleaning and cooking. In another way, I can not.
I understand that I will have to find a job, even initially something I never did.
I do not want my husband to fully provide for me.
I think that the family capital should be composed of the earnings of husband and wife.
and I believe that nothing is wrong if the wife's earnings are greater than that of her husband.
dear David, would you like to have a phone conversation? If yes, write me your phone number in the next letter.
I really care about our communication and appreciate you. I want you to know ...
David, you brought a lot into my life. Recently, I'm just thinking about whether to see if you wrote ...
I do not know why, but my smile does not come off when I read your letter and I like to know about you all!
Well, I wish you a pleasant day.
your Russian girlfriend, Elena
Letter 6
Hello, David!
How are you? What's new?
I'll write down your phone number and the other day, I hope I can call you.
I understand that I will need to learn German in the near future if we want to tie up our destinies.
I do not have a driver's license, to be honest, I am afraid to drive a car ... cooking together is always great!
it is fun easy and as a rule, it always turns out delicious.
Once upon a time I saw their performance on the Internet Blue Man Group, they performed with DJ Tiesto.
I liked their performance ... I'm sorry you got the flu. I hope for your speedy recovery!
About us, dear David, I told only my only friend.
her name is Sveta - we are friends with her, probably already 15 years.
She is my best friend, I can trust her with almost all the secrets.
Last night, after work, I visited her and we talked for a long time about my future.
About the fact that maybe soon my life will already take place in another country.
The fact that we will not stop communicating with her.
Now there are no problems with communication anywhere in the world.
I told her how I like your letters and that I'm going crazy, I'm waiting for your next letter.
But at the same time ... There are a lot of stories on dating sites, where it is said about successful meetings and happy marriages, as well as there are cases of people disagreeing.
Now I'm so tuned that I can not play games or just flirt and deceive my feelings.
I really hope that our acquaintance is not just that, but we want to build something strong and long ....
If we talk about the relationship in the Internet - it's a good opportunity to meet your man, now the whole world lives inside social networks facebook or a similar network in Russia
Basically I do not use these sites, because, looking at my friends, I do not want to turn my life into a virtual one! I hope you are David, you understand me.
A lot of people live in these social networks, forgetting all about reality.
Only work - home - work, because the internet is waiting for the house.
I can not do this. I understand that the world is full of many beautiful and living things.
The computer monitor does not fall into the category of beauty ...
But nevertheless without the Internet now in any way. Without him, I would not have met you ...
I really appreciate that you write to me and hope to continue our dialogue in this form.
My views on life are simple, I'm not looking for superman or ideal, I'm looking for a simple man who would love me ...
Well, I'll finish on this one.
I wish you a good day and hope to see from you the following letter ...
Sincerely, Elena
Letter 7
Hello, my dear David!
Happy again to read your letter. my birthday is on 18 May 1987
That fact will be pleasant for me if you have my photos on the phone or in your work cabinet ...
you don’t need to ask ... I think of you as often ...
I hasten to inform you that today I was at the consulate and I had enough time to give all the documents for a visa.
The good news is that the consulate is relatively close to my work.
Last night I looked at the Internet for necessary documents for a visa.
Today, I quickly needed the necessary documents ..
So it's up to the little thing - it remains to wait for me to be informed when I can get my documents back with the possibility of traveling to you.
There are two types of visa that I could get - a tourist visa and an invitation visa.
Visas can not always be obtained by invitation, as proof is needed that we have already met before and it is necessary to show the fact of friendly or kinship ties.
By advice and feedback, that at the moment it is much faster and more reliable to get a tourist visa.
For which I turned.
In general, I work close to my home - I do not use public transportation.
Before work I get on foot - it's only 15 minutes walk. So everything is convenient!
I think that any details from my life will be interesting to you.
But I do not know how to drive a car and I do not have the rights to drive by car.
I think that it's useless. But sometimes there is a desire to learn driving ...
I'll be honest, I'm afraid to get behind the wheel.
Most likely because I saw a lot of staff with accidents on the road and - it's scary shots!
On the Internet, many photo accidents on the roads and very scary to look at these shots!
There is a statistic that Russia now ranks first in the number of road accidents.
I think that this is due to the fact that cars are getting ****** every year on our roads, but the roads themselves do not expand and do not become safe.
It is necessary to invest a lot of money in the development of roads.
How was your day David? I hope everything is OK. In fact, every day of my life is the same ...
I love sports now, but before I was far from the sport!
I started to play sports and for several years in the gym changed me beyond recognition!
interesting to know from you, would you decide to get to know me, seeing me as I was 5 years ago? :)
Now my days are ordinary, which are busy with work, but something is present in every day, something unprecedented earlier.
Some kind of hope for a better life and hope for a simple family happiness.
I do not know why, but I always think about you dear David ... I do not think so ...
I never believed in virtual relationships, I thought that internet is only a way of acquaintance and through it to experience those
feelings that you can experience in reality, but I'm experiencing something nice for my heart.
there is excitement in everything ...
It's nice to realize that changes are happening in my life and I hope for the best in my life, I mean that I can suddenly come to love :)
Now we communicate through letters and talk about love is difficult now, but it's nice to look forward to this feeling and feel the butterflies in the stomach :)
if you can put it this way ...
I think about you ...
your Elena
Letter 8
Hi dear, David!
Thanks for the insurance. Thank you for your concern. I am not afraid of your children!
on the contrary! I want to get acquainted with them closer and become for their friend! I'm sure that I will succeed! Nice to see your baby photo! you were a cute baby!
About the tickets. I hope to receive a visa in a week, I think that by the end of March I will be able to fly to you.
as for tickets. don't worry i'll buy them myself.
How are you? how is the mood today ?. Re-reading all of your letters to me, it's nice to realize that I'm communicating with you, It's nice to know a person like you - David.
It's just what I'm thinking about you now dear David ...
It's important for me to know what you think about me and most importantly to know that you really want to have a meeting.
It is necessary to seek happiness together ...
dear David, write about your day today? what did you do? I always write about my day, I want to tell you as much as possible about myself, but still it's more pleasant for me to receive more news from you, since I want to be close to you as close as possible, I want we talked to each other, I hope you will you know ... I understand that our meeting is approaching and then we will be able to talk about many things ...
I really hope that you want what I want - love and simple family happiness, you write this way, and I very much hope that this is not a dream and I will wait for my happiness.
Now I have reviewed all my letters that I wrote to you in the outgoing folder and feel that I am repeating in some words - "love", "simple family happiness" is so foolish to realize it.
Excuse me. But this only proves how I miss the man beside me. And how I dream of becoming a loving wife ...
I do not ask much from God. I ask for only happiness, without flattery and lies, without greed and stinginess.
Only a sincere relationship.
dear David, I like you because you are sincere with me. I can write to you absolutely everything.
Regarding the visa ... I will have to be informed when I can get permission from the consulate.
I hope this will be done quickly. And maybe I need to come in person for an interview, but I'm not sure about that.
The visa will be for 3 months, but I do not think that I will be with you all these months.
We can all discuss our future only when we meet. I hope that you understand me ...
The profession of the seller is not so specialized. I have a good relationship with the owners of this store, so I'm sure that I can agree and they will come to my meeting. In any case, I'm not afraid to lose this job ...
My mom has a friend here, so she will not be left alone. When I was in China, my mother did not stay alone either.
Today I will send you some photos from China ... I have a lot of photos from my trip to China ...
Let the photos not be fresh, but still, I hope that this will not be a problem for you?
You're there ... I'm here ... Does it happen ??
I hope that still I will be able to get a visa and then we can see each other alive.
I try to keep my emotions ... But I can not help thinking of you David ...
I understand that in order to be happy, you do not have to sit still ...
I am ready to change my life in a fundamental way ...
I think about you!
your Elena
Letter 9
Hello! David!
After all your kind words addressed to me and compliments ...
I start to think about why I still could not meet my true love ...
I think that fate was preparing me for life in another country ... maybe next to by you, David?
I do not think that people in Russia are blind. Maybe I'm endowed with some beauty, but there are a lot of beautiful girls ... There are a lot of beautiful people living in Russia, I think.
But the main thing is not external beauty.
under a wrapper of a candy can render absolutely another "unpleasant" and "unsweetened" ...
Therefore nevertheless the main thing in the person is its internal qualities.
now for me the main goal is to meet you.
I need to wait for an invitation from the consulate. Perhaps all will do without an interview ...
As a rule, there is a simplified procedure for obtaining a visa.
If I am invited for an interview, then, as I was promised, I will not be tormented by difficult questions.
And in the worst case, only say a couple of parting words :))) joking.
Today, I again had a talk with my mother about my meeting with you. she respects my decision ...
I fully trust you David and I told my mother that you are my man who is waiting for me, who is preparing for our meeting, as never before.
my mother says - "do what you want and what your heart tells you, but do not forget about the mind!"
We live in a modern world where everyone is ready to deceive and earn on the grief of other people! "
She loves me very much. And I consider her a wise woman.
Now I absolutely calmly admit that all that I think about you David - is proved by my actions connected with my preparation for coming to you ... I want to be near you ... I want to be in your warm embrace ...
Is this forbidden to me? Do not we decide the fate ourselves? dear David, what do you think about fate?
is everything predetermined or is it all or is it in our hands? I think that everything is in our hands.
we make our destiny ...
Yes, maybe I'm too easy to relate to life, but I treat her like a woman, and not as a pragmatist man.
a woman expects something completely different when she talks about the future with a man ...
It's the other way around, people on the Internet having talked and meeting live happily ever after, and the people who met in reality and before the wedding long time checked themselves in the relationship break up soon after the conclusion of marriage. and this is also true ... do not you agree?
Recently, I constantly think about you David!
How to know ... If, after all, there is life after death, then in the next life we will be together!
But I agree to be with you for the rest of my life. I really need a man like you - kind, loving me, sympathetic!
I want simple family happiness ...
Have a good day.
I'm already waiting for your next letter.
your Elena
P.s. I hope that you do not mind my photos from China?
Letter 10
Hello, David!
Again it was time to enjoy your letter and write the answer.
Yes, I agree with you that relationships are work. having done a great job we then get the result and then the work already done helps you in everything. I like your smile. I want to have a good trip for you.
You understand that my work - it can not be a subject for conversation ... Every single day is monotonous ...
Working as a salesman is not what I wanted ... but I have to do it. With that, they pay me relatively well ...
Now it remains only to wait until I get a visa ...
Every day I wait for the evening to come home and read your letter ...
I just want to tell you today all my thoughts to you and thoughts about relationships ...
I do not know why, but I always think about you dear David ... I think it should not be so and it's not right.
I did not believe in a virtual relationship, I thought that the internet is only a way of acquaintance and through it to experience those feelings that you can experience in reality, but now I feel something pleasant for my heart.
there is excitement in everything ...
I am a woman! And not virtual - not just lines on the monitor screen ...
And you're a real man for me, just not living near, but thinking, feeling me, thinking about me.
And this brings into my life a wave of freshness, joy, maybe even happiness.
After all, happiness is different, many-sided.
And of course, we are still far apart. I understand everything perfectly, but I also hope that you are the man with whom I will be happy. I sincerely hope so.
Let my words are loud, but nevertheless, I write them. And I write for a reason.
I understand that it is impossible to make a person love and I do not want to force you to love me - I need only mutual feelings.
I like you so much! I like your letters, your character, in full measure, I could not appreciate it, but still. you are like the person I need.
David, you know what is needed for your life. I do not dream! I do not invent the ideal image for myself.
I do not invent a fairy tale! I live in the present! But I do not want to think badly, that our first meeting can change the idea of you!
I like you and I'm sure that even when meeting our feelings can only increase!
I do not want you to think and worry about it ... I chose you - you chose me - it already means something.
What can change our meeting? only that we will be together at that moment, we will be closer ...
David, I can not think badly of you. And if something has slipped in my letter from clever thoughts, then this is all with a positive accent. I can not search for an ideal throughout my life ...
Life goes away - you need to build happiness together, together ... I hope you understand me ...
Happiness, this is when you understand ... correctly. Mutual understanding is when everyone makes their step towards, rather than splashing out all the grievances at once, it is only necessary to appear, and even without it.
I want to understand, of course I do! That wishes are fulfilled, so that attention and care.
So after all not only to us - everyone dreams about the same. And you can not take all the time, you just need to give. Maybe you do not have to count in the children's calculator, who should take the first step? You understand, you can not clap your hands with one hand.
And then, while you're counting, life goes by, in quarrels and strife!
I have long understood that you are the man I've been looking for a long time, you have all the qualities that I like.
I tell you that I like you very much and I want you not to think what you are, be yourself - I like you so much ...
Kiss you, my dear ...
Only yours
Letter 11
Hi, David!
The house looks beautiful! I regret your grandmother that she had to go through.
Today I learned about my visa. I was warned that there might be a delay in obtaining a visa.
A lot of people applied for a visa to your country during this period. But nevertheless, I hope that soon everything will turn out and I no longer need to think and worry about this.
How I was promised that in the next week, I can already get permission to travel to your country ...
Of course this is at best and I hope that there will not be any unexpected surprises.
If still I can not get a visa, I think that then you will come to visit me :))
Now I have one dream - it's to meet you David ...
I dream of a romantic dinner with you ... no matter where it can happen ...
The main thing is to be near the person who you like ... Do you agree, David?
Do not need white sand and turquoise sea to understand this.
The main thing is the warm shoulder of a man, warm hands, stroking my cheeks, his smile and tender words in my ear ... let it be dreams .... Dreams that are realizable ...
Today I needed to undergo a small medical examination for a trip to you.
And from morning till noon I passed many doctors, took tests.
It's not pleasant for me when they take blood from a finger, but today I donated blood from a vein - it's not as painful as it is with a finger, but nevertheless, there is nothing pleasant about it either. I can not stand the blood ... fuuuuu) ...
How was your day, David? I hope you were smiling today?)))
I think that a smile plays a very important role in life. I always try to cheer myself up, though not so well.
The main thing is to understand that happiness is to be healthy, to have close ones, friends and a loving and beloved man .... David, everything is in our hands.
I do not know what I'm all ... I did not finish my idea ... Again, I will return to my own day.
At the moment when I was taking medical examination, I saw many people with disabilities who were also in this hospital.
I feel sorry for such people and I believe that they are ordinary people who have become victims of circumstances and then I thank my fate that I am healthy with regard to other people ...
How terrible it is to be blind, deaf, dumb. I do not know .... and then, I reassure those people who complain about their lives ....
I want to shout to the whole world: "People, be kinder to each other! Take care of your loved ones!
Help each other! Appreciate the happy moments! "
dear David, I hope that in the next week I will be able to inform you of the pleasant news - this is the date of my arrival to you ... Sorry, but I can not even name the date right now.
I said at work that I was looking for a replacement.
And I know that there are many girls who would like to work for me ...
Even my friend is ready to work as a salesman ... So there are no problems with this ...
Now about where I could stay, when I arrive to you?
I'm ready to live in your home ... If nevertheless there are some difficulties to receive me at home, then on arrival to you, as a tourist and buy myself a hotel room. I do not want you to feel bad.
So do not worry about it ... I hope everything will be fine ...
On this I will finish my letter. Have a nice day...
Kiss you!
Sincerely, your Elena
Letter 12
In my life everything has changed since I met you, David! There is no news about the visa yet, but I hope that next week it will be already known whether I will get permission to come to you ...
it's nice to know your daughter's birthday is next to mine ... maybe I can make a gift for her if we are near that moment ...
Today I met my old girlfriend, we have not talked with her for a long time.
I told her that I'm leaving the country for my potential husband :). She at first decided that I was joking.
But when I told her all the details of my relationship with you - she understood everything and calmed down.
And we spent several hours at a cafe where we met. Today I could afford not to go to work.
I had a "day off" today - I'm not sure if there is such a thing in your country - it's a day of rest, earned for the fact that I worked beyond what was supposed to ...
recently I spend little time with my friends, now I often work, and on the weekend I spend time with my mother ...
But it's probably because I'm growing up :) I noticed that friends are going to second place, but sometimes of course we meet with friends - sometimes we sit in a cafe, go bowling or just walk.
My mother is surprisingly calm about my trip, but it's only good for me ...
I do not want her to worry much for me. I have already told you all the details of your life, so she understood what kind of person you are and she is calm for me, she will be glad to get to know you if you then come to Russia.
I told my mother that it depends on your desires - David and his time.
By the way, my mother has a friend, I told you about him? His name is Andrey.
I will attach you a photo in this letter, if I do not forget ... So ... I think that my mom can soon get married ...
They know each other for about six months, but I see them more often together at home ...
I'm happy for my mother. She deserves happiness!
I'm glad that everything is like this ...
my dear David, I hope that all these conversations do not scare you and in general it all depends on our meeting!
I am sure that we will like each other when we meet and have a good time.
If you need help with something, I will always be happy to help you.
dear David, you can write to me in the next letter your full address and the nearest airport, so that I can already write down in your notebook your exact information.
I'm not afraid of the right information about you ...
I'm applying a couple more photos for you ... I hope you like them ...
best wishes...
Know that I constantly think about you, wherever you are! It seems to me that I'm in love with you very much ... sorry, but it's so ...
I can not think of anything, only about you ...
your Elena
Letter 13
Hello my dear David!
The main news for today is that I have permission to enter your country! I got a visa!
now I can safely fly to you!
I would like to get to know your daughters closer. I think that I could tell you something about interior design ... I have an interest in this. So I will be glad to help with anything.
About the German language courses. I am pleased that you are trying for me.
I used to love to sleep for a long time, but I’ve been a lark for a long time.
I like to get up early. For me, this is a full day and you can manage to do a lot of things ...
In the light of day, I am much more active ... my mom has an old phone. Soon she will have a birthday I want to give her a new one, so that we can communicate through the applications in the phone.
it will be important if we live in different countries ...
Today I was at the consulate and my presence there was short. there was a small queue.
called for an interview with the consul by name. I was at the consul only 10 minutes.
He asked my purpose of the trip - I told him how to eat - it's to see the country.
Since my tourist visa, I should not have said that I'm coming to you, dear David ...
Therefore there was no lyrics. About this I was warned. When I still learned everything about my trip to you, I was immediately told that it would be better if I applied for a tourist visa - it's a quick and almost 100 guarantee that I will not be refused. Unlike if I applied for a visa on invitation.
I'm glad that everything went well and I can no longer doubt that our meeting will soon take place! I'm very glad!
For the visa I applied on my own, because there is a fixed price here.
But with the search for tickets I was helped in the travel agency, they have many bases on which they could find the cheapest tickets without any extra charges.
For my visa it is necessary to have tickets there and back. So I need to buy tickets both ways.
Flight to: St. Petersburg (RU), Pulkovo > Berlin (DE), Schonefeld
SU departure 17:35
Saturday, March 02
St. Petersburg
Pulkovo (1)
direct flight
arrival 18:00
Saturday, March 02
Flight back: Berlin (DE), Schonefeld > St. Petersburg (RU), Pulkovo
SU departure 18:20
March 31, Sunday
direct flight
arrival 21:30
March 31, Sunday
St. Petersburg
Pulkovo (1)
What do you think about these tickets, David?
If it suits you, then I can redeem them in the coming days. Tomorrow or the day after.
Well, I'll be waiting for your letter.
Have a good day and I think of you, David!
With love, your Elena
Letter 14
Hello my dear David!
you can change dates for return tickets ...
I do not know where to start my letter ... It's an awful mood ...
I did not know that it would turn out all right ...
I was hoping to buy tickets for the dates that you wrote ... But there was an unpleasant situation in our family ...
more precisely my relatives ... My mother's sister had a problem with money ...
The day I wrote to you The previous letter my mother told me that my aunt needs money to help her son, who was injured in production. the plant where he works for secham is experiencing a crisis and the union promised to pay money only a month later ...
The operation is necessary now and the drugs are just as expensive ... Aunt is asking for help now ...
We have a common budget and money with mom we are at home - the general ...
I do not want to give up the idea to meet now ...
and wait for a while - it would be against our plans that we have built ... Moreover, I now have a visa ...
I do not think that next time I can just as easily get a visa, even though it is given for 3 months.
I am afraid that money will not be able to return quickly and then the hope of meeting will completely disappear.
I do not know why, but only now I was able to write this to you frankly and until the last hoped to solve the problem with money ....
I tried to find help from my friends, but no one now can help me ... I've already despaired of finding money .....
I do not know who I could turn to for help ... and it's hard for me to ask for your help, because it's against my rules ... Despite the principles and moral points, I'll still take a chance ...
I do not know ... dear David, maybe you can still help me with the tickets? What do you think?
if not, then I will understand. Believe me, it's very embarrassing to ask for your help and somehow it's silly, but now it's hard to choose something.
I have a visa and all my documents are ready to come to you, but I can not afford to buy tickets now ...
My mother must help her sister ... They helped us all my life ... After my father's death, my relatives at first they supported us, then we left for St. Petersburg.
My relatives also helped to find a job in China and I am grateful to them for that.
Do not blame me - David, I had to do something. If you remember, I made out the visa on my own, and applied for tickets to the travel agency and they are waiting for my payment in the coming days. Ticket price 290 euro
Today, I read your letters all day and it's getting hard for me. I really miss!
I did not think it could be that way. We have never met, but I have become very attached to you, to your thoughts, to your ideas. I really need you ...
Perhaps you change the opinion of me after this letter. I write to you as is and do not want to make you feel bad.
if we are destined to be together, then we will ...
I tried to explain my problem as it is. Sorry, if that. Just do not be silent.
your Elena
Letter 15
Hello my dear David!
Today I tried again to find a solution to my problem. I wanted to answer you with good news, but again to no avail.
It was really hard for me to ask you for help, but the desire to meet now is stronger ... I hope that you will understand me.
All my documents are in the travel agency and they are waiting for my payment. I signed a contract with a travel agency, so I have to buy tickets here ... My phone is still broken and I can’t send you the photo you are asking for.
Sorry, it’s really hard for me to come up with something, but I have to buy tickets at my travel agency ...
I can ask my travel agency to send me copies of my documents (possibly a passport with a visa) by email to send as proof them to you. What do you think?
Sorry to ask you for money. This is against my rules. After all our sweet letters, it was very hard for me to write the last letters ...
I hope that our meeting will judge everything and we will never part ...
Today, my mother and her friend decided to go to Irkutsk. In Irkutsk, our relatives, besides the problem that I wrote to you, many events occurred. In this regard, my mother decided to go there ...
Of course I will try to do something.
Excuse me...
sincerely, Elena
Letter 16
Hello my dear David!
I emailed a request to a travel agency to send me copies of my documents.
As soon as they send me, I will immediately send to you.
If, I understood correctly, then for me it is only necessary to know the code, then I go to the bank.
I'll write you later. You should not doubt me ... I really want to see you on Saturday ...
Thank you for helping me and forgive me for everything that happened, that I had to turn to you for help ... I am sure that this is the first and last time ...
I will write to you later!
thinking of you ...
with love, your Elena
Letter 17
my dear David
I'm only from the bank. Western Union turns out to be near my home. I was told that my middle name is not correct.
First name: Elena Mikhailovna
last name: Melnikova
I was told that you should also enter my name in the same way so that I could get the money.
You need to correct my name ... Waiting for your letter. Maybe I’ll go as far as the travel agency to ask them for copies of my documents ...
your Elena
Letter 18
I hasten to inform you that I received the money that you sent me.
I also received copies of my documents and send them to you in this letter.
I want to say thank you for understanding my situation. The fact that you understood me correctly and precisely means a lot to me, just as I want to meet now and not postpone our meeting ...
I really didn’t expect to encounter such problems ... It was not an expectation for me.
Sorry again that I had to ask you for help ...
The main thing is that now our meeting will take place and I am extremely happy!
I bought the same tickets for March 2. So on Saturday we will be together!
My mother still does not know that you have helped me.
But as soon as the opportunity arises, I will inform her about it.
Write to me as soon as you can ...
I'm thinking of you!
with love, your Elena
Letter 19

Hello, David!
Thank you, that far from me your address and the nearest airport to you, I think that soon I will use this information to buy tickets.
My news for today. I think you'll like David ...
There is news from the consulate. my documents are reviewed and everything is fine, I just need to come to the consulate, where I will be asked a few questions (which I'm sure I can answer) and I will receive my documents back with permission to travel to your country!
For me, this event is very exciting and I hope that tomorrow I will have the cherished VISA on my hands!))
I have a pleasant mood today. The smile does not come off my face all day - rarely.
Why am I happy? many factors. In the morning - because I am pleased with our acquaintance and I thanked fate that I met a man like you ... Then, at work, I was raised by my colleague at work.
She is happy for me that she met a foreigner and is ready to change her life in a fundamental way ...
"One must be a very determined person for this act." so my colleague said. then the information from the consulate, where my mood doubled! Because I'm 99 sure that I will have a visa, since otherwise I would have been refused, if something was not right. Tomorrow only remains to visit the consulate.
I think a lot. I do not know, sometimes you do not need to think much - it can turn into infinity :)
I think about what you in the depths of the soul could have experienced because of our meeting.
I want to convince you and I do not think that life in another country is easy and fabulous.
No ... I absolutely do not want you to think so, David.
I'm ready for the realities. Ready for life in another country.
ready to live with you, David at least for a short period to start ... I think about you ...
I never thought that my life could change so radically, that I would seriously think about traveling to another country not to relax or work, but to meet a person I liked and to identify together our common goals in life ...
dear David, I am sure that we will like each other when we meet!
At least, I really want to please you, but I will be natural, as always. Well, on this I will finish my letter ...
let the smile does not leave you - this is important in the modern world. Have a good day!!!
With Love, Elena
Letter 20
Hello my dear david!
Today I spent the whole day preparing for my trip to you. I collected all the things, so now I can say with confidence that I am sitting on my luggage and am waiting for the offensive tomorrow ... I dreamed of being with you and finally this dream will come tomorrow.
How was your day today? Please, write to me...
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!
with love, your Elena
Letter 21
My David!
I called you, but I got an answering machine. I don't know if you got my message from me before going to the airport?
I myself do not know how I could end up in such a situation when I need money again! It is hard for me ... very ...
I could not fly out, but I was able to return the tickets and I can buy for another day ...
I need to have money with me in the amount of 1000 euros - this is the minimum amount that I should have with me when flying to Europe as I fly on a tourist visa. But I do not have that kind of money !!!
I was horrified, tried to explain to them that I did not need the money, since I would live with my boyfriend !!!
But they did not listen to me, saying that this is the law of Russia, which came out recently.
It concerns girls who travel to another country, because there are many cases when a girl disappeared without a trace in another country, I told them that this could not happen to me !!
But they only said that it was the law and we could not let you out. You must have money.
I really do not know if you can help me with this money. Please try to borrow from your friends.
since I will not spend a penny of the amount you send me. I will only show the customs officers and as soon as I meet you, I will immediately give them away!
dear David, I feel terrible that I will not be able to fly out today. I just want to ask you to help me, because I will give you all the money you helped me with, but now I am in a situation where I need your help again.
I understand that I should be near you !!!
my dear David, please write me as soon as you receive my letter I returned the tickets and I was able to refund almost the full cost of the tickets, so that I can buy other tickets for any other day! I feel bad that I could not fly to you today, but believe me, this is not my fault.
Please email me as soon as you receive my email ...
dear David, I just want to say that I love you and now I can not do otherwise.
I ask you to help me. You mean a lot to me and to meet you is my happiness. I hope to see your letter soon.
Please, write to me.
your Elena
Letter 22
My David!
Hard night. I could not sleep with the thought of what I could do in this situation ...
And I still do not know. I understand you. I could not warn you before that you did not go to Berlin ... Excuse me ...
I don't even know what to do!
please understand my situation ... I ask you ... The Embassy of Germany can not solve this!
This is the rule of the Russian Federation concerning only young girls traveling to another country, as many Russian girls become prostitutes !!! This is a fact, therefore, the state is forced to take action on this matter.
I was also explained this. please understand me. I am really very upset here, I can not do anything.
I have told many customs officers many times today that nothing can happen to me since I am going to you !!! David ...
This is also due to the deterioration of relations between Europe and Russia in connection with the Ukrainian crisis.
The rules are tightened. I do not know what to do ... I feel very bad ... Please write to me ... and please forgive me, but I could not warn you so that you would not go to meet me ... it's hard for me ...
I understand that this amount is not small ... But I only need to show this money so that I can miss ...
As soon as I find myself near you, I will personally give this money. I assure you that nothing will happen to money ...
I just need to show them ...
Please, write to me...
your Elena
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