Letter(s) from Anastasia to Jacques (Luxembourg)
Letter 1
Here you are! Pleasant to see that my small letter made you interested in me or you put attention more on my photos, be honest, tell me the truth?))))) By the way, how long you are already on the dating site?
Do you really believe that you can find here your only one? Do you search an ideal woman or simply Earth woman?)))) You know, just some men do not understand that women are also alive human beings and that we also have some drawbacks.)))) I can tell at once, I smoked before, I stopped around 4 years ago when I understood that I would become a mother, so what about you? What are your drawbacks? As you already know, I have a daughter, her name is Vika and she is amazing and smart girl for her years. I started already to learn English with her and she remembers everything very quickly, we already learnt all the names of all the colors in English, numbers till 10, she knows how to be all the members of the family in English language, just still do not understand what means father. I was not married, as I wrote you already, when I knew that I became pregnant, my ex boy friend simply disappeared and I never heard about him any more, he even does not know that he has exactly a daughter. All that most difficult time my mother was near me, she is a unique woman and I am very proud to be her daughter. She supported me, she worked for both of us when I was pregnant and now exactly she is staying with Vika till I am working. I am the only one child in the family, I have a mother,as you already understand, and a father but father lives far from us. I wrote you in my previous letter that I am originally from Krasnodon, it is a small town, what geographically situated on, so called, occupied territory for the present time. I relocated to Kharkov before the war started and when all these sad events happened, my parents came to me but after some time, when it became calmer there, they returned back. Now I am living with mother and my daughter, when I stayed alone, mother could not be far from me and came to help so now she is the biggest part of time lives with us and once per several months goes to visit father. My father does not want completely to relocate here as our house there, all the staff and he just can not leaves everything there and start a new life at his age.
I suggested him million of times to relocate completely here but he does not want to hear anything about this, I can not judge him, it is his choice but of course, like every child, even child of 35 years old, I'd want that he would be near us. x, you asked me what countries in Europe I visited, it is Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary. Well, it seems to me that I wrote you already quite a lot and hope that you will read it till the end.)))) Will wait for your next letter and really, I will.))) Wish you nice week and will wait for you new letter,
Letter 2
Hi there! So, my name is Anastasiia and here I am, also was caught in this dating boom of online acquaintance. I am quite an adult right now to believe in fairy tales, but who knows, maybe exactly I will be lucky and will find here my man, to tell you the truth, I do not believe too much in communication via Internet,but there are a lot of happy endings after such communication, so I decided why not?! What is your real name? Should I call you xx? I never tried to write about myself and not sure what exactly I need to tell at first so I want to tell you at once the most important things about myself, I am 36 years old, I was never married officially but I have a wonderful daughter, she is 4 years old already, she is my pride and inspiration, just want to ask you at once to think about this and write me honestly and openly if it is a problem for you,deal? I am working as a nail master at the nail studio,originally I am from Krasnodon, but live now in Kharkov already 15 years. I want very-very-very much to find a man, who wants to live by full life, who understands that we do not have the second chance on this earth,that we need to live here and now and do not postpone everything on tomorrow, on next week or next month,who wants to love and be loved,maybe I am crazy that I want so much but it is my right, agree? I was abroad, I was in European counties, I was in Turkey and Egypt and in Dominican Republic and you? Do you like to travel? Well, I think that it is enough for the first letter, do not want that you fall asleep, reading all this.))))) You are welcome to put me any question, I will answer with pleasure, so do not be shy.)))) Anastasiia
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