Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Lesenina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
I am very glad that you have answered me !
All this time I was thinking about whether you are interested in me or not. I am in good mood now because of your message and want to write you something back.
From the first lines of the letter. I want to wish you a Happy New Year.
I wish you all good health and happiness. All your dreams come true.
First, some info about me. My name is Liana, my age is 30. I have birthday on March, 4. I have never been married and don't have children.
I work as manager of sales at one company. If you would like to learn about it - I will write more.
I live in Russia in city called Ruem. It's located in easter part of the country.
You can find it on the map in Internet. I think that it wouldn't be problem. How you feel that I am from Russia? Is it obstacle to our communication? Please answer me on this questions honestly, because I don't want that we would have problems with it in future.
I am sure that you are interested also in reason because of which I wrote you. I found this site quite by accident. My girlfriend recently has met the man from Finland and adviced to try also. I hesitated for a long time, because such type of communication is new and unknown for me. I have never tried this before and hope that you will support and help me in it. On the site I wrote to few men except you, but I haven't heard from them anything so I really glad that you wrote me. I hope that we will be able to find common langauge. What do you think?
Well, I finish this mail now and will be waiting for your answer. I hope that you will not make me wait for this long... Also it would be pleasure for me to learn more about you. If you have such opportunity, send me also photos. I think that it could be great! Now you know something about me. If you are still interested, waiting for your reply.
Wish you nice mood!Sincerely your new friend, Liana.
Letter 2
Hello my dear ! How is your mood? At me everything is ok. The weather became worse and cold. But I am not sad because of this. I suppose that it's nice to know that man is interested in me... I think that we shouldn't stop on it and will continue to communicate. Also I would like to tell you about the main character traits which attract me in man as my possible partner. I mean how I would like to see my future man=) Hope that you are not scared by my words! It's just thoughts and wishes to have such man. But everyone is individual and unique in his own way. Everyone has his own advantages shortcomings which we should appreciate, respect and accept. I consider that for me the most important thing is the fact that man is ready for everything for his beloved. I don't mean some global actions. But if suddenly I would like to eat apple and there will not be at home any fruits, I will be the happiest woman in the world if my soulmate could give it to me =) Probably you think that I am crazy? But it's not so. Only such small moments show the real attitude from man to woman. To be the real knight and adore his princess. Honest, kind and affectionate. I think that it's great... What do you think about it? What you value in woman most of all? First of all, sport... I adore winter sport, such as skiing and skating. And you? Also I like swimming very much, few times a week I visit sport gym to keep my fit. And I suppose that I have success in it. What do you think? I am good looking?:) I like to visit different exhibitions, theatres. I adore jazz and classic music. Also I am not against dance and pop music. I like listen to almost all, the main thing is that it has sense and feelings... I like nature and all what is connected with it. From my childhood I used to walk in forest.
I consider that in different times forest has his unique condition, it's interesting and exciting to look after it, believe me. Well, maybe you will tell me also about your hobbies and interests? I think that you like football, as many men? Or you prefer hockey, because you are from country? It will be pleasure for me to learn about your life.
I consider that it's necessary for developing of our relations. Is the beauty on first place, or the inner world is more important? I am with big impatience waiting for your answers. Wish you nice mood and good day! Liana.
Letter 3
Helloo, my dearest! Do you expected that will meet such modest, clever and charming girl as me??? I am joking. Though some these qualities approach for me :)?What new from you? do you think sometime about how as human life is constructed? How you think, the person follows the destiny or itself builds it? It's simply interesting to me to know your opinion about it.We have normal weather, the temperature is now -14, strong winds, the weather gets colder at night -18, in Russia winter.I want to tell you about a little surprise. I have not told you about it before, because she wanted to get to know you, you will see what you man, what do you have character, you're serious or not.I have worked very hard all year to make a gift, andvisit your country. I know about your country, as strong and freea country with a developed culture and good traditions. This was mylong-standing dream to visit your country. But the most important was my dreamfind someone I care.
And perhaps our acquaintance was notcoincidence. And I'd like you to tell more about myself.I very much hope that you will be the man of whom I will befun and easy!A month ago, I applied to the Embassy for processingtourist visa. A few days ago, I had to reportresponse, but so far I have not received a written notice from them. I go to the post office and all exactly know.My visit to your country, it would be a good opportunity for ourmeetings, more familiar and develop relationships. I am veryI hope that in the future we will use this chance.I have a lot of time to work, and by the age of 30 II realize that I must think about creating serious. While I have not been able toI find the right person. So I decided to look on the internetpossibly a man with whom I could create seriousrelationship.
And maybe in the future, it turned into a solid reliablepair. Since childhood, my parents raisedme as a decent and honest man. I've always beenrespect for elders and care of the people close to me!Oh, well, it's again I wrote so long letter. You not tired to read it, honey?I close now this letter and will back to my work again. Don't miss me much :) I have already got used to you and I will wait your letters.
Kisses, yours Liana!
Letter 4

Good evening, dear! how you feel on this hot day? Yet sleepdraws you back to bed? :-) If you want, I'll make youcup of delicious coffee? Do you drink coffee without sugar or maybe a slice of lemon? :-) Please, smile, airkisssssss :-). Today I had a hardtime, it was necessary to submit the report for the month to do the work andfinish some business with clients. Tomorrow also be complicatedday. I need to finish all my projects, and to transfer all my workhands of another manager. And then I can go on vacation with peacesoul. Today after work, I immediately went to the post office and gotnotification with the good news. I received an email letterinvitation to Moscow for the interview. The lettersays that 21.01. I must pass a mandatory interview forthese results, I can get a visa. This is very good newsto me that in the near future we will be able to meet face to face, andwill be closer to learn, and develop our relationship! Your country forI have something very new, I've never been to your country. SameI have not any friends there, so I would very much like you tobecame my friend, and maybe more than that! I want to call. I do notI know how to call you. write me a phone number. with codecountry. area code.
I'll call for you to mail. ok? Iwaiting for this information.I think that's where I finish my letter, and I will be going to go to sleep.
Inot much you tired with your answer? :-)did you like my coffee?. in my next letter, I hope to try your coffee and candy).Tomorrow I have to get up early to go to work, and to complete all of my affairs. I hope mycoffee you like, and you're happy to read a letter from me, andsmile on his face continued this afternoon! I wish you good mood andsuccess! Your dear Liana
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