Scam letter(s) from Jane Garzon to Jim (Ireland)

Letter 1
I thought when i saw your picture that you might be the one for me so i took the chance and emailed you and am very glad you responded. I would like to experience true love again in my life - you know, the whole fairy tale thing, but even if we only meet and remain friends, that will be okay as well because friends last much longer. Do you want to experience true love in your life? I wanted to let you know that I think love is based on care, compromise, respect and trust. My idea of true love is caring and loving that person sometimes more than you love yourself - wanting the best for that person always - whether it be your son, your wife, your best friend, whomever - let me know what you think. I have communicated with a few men through this means but so far I have found that most women are looking for a very superficial relationship - not even a real friendship. I don't want to sound over excited but I must confess that I am so happy to have come across you and I know that you would want us to take this slowly but I will try to be positive and consistent. I pray that you will not see me as moving too fast or being so direct. I know you will not understand how happy I am to get your response; I have come to understand that I will need a serious relationship in my life. I have been lucky and traveled through most of Europe and Asia, but still want to find time some day to get to Australia and South America. I would love to go to Argentina to learn how to do the Argentine tango the right way. Do you like to dance? I love to dance and I still go to the senior dance here locally and absolutely love it. Please keep the emails coming I will do the same. I am so excited to have known you.Hope to hear from you soon
Stay happy and enjoy your day. Best Regards Jane Garzon
Letter 2
Thanks for your response.It was so nice of you to write me after my long email to you. What I appreciate most is that you created the time out of your very busy schedule to read my long email and respond to it. Surely, you will find me interesting to be with when this relationship develops as I have seen that we are seeking for the same thing in life. I think at this stage I should tell you more about myself, my name is Jane Garzon. I am a Venezuela national but currently residing in USA after the death of my husband Hernando Garzon who was opposition leader to the current Venezuela Administration. I turned 48 years on February 22nd, if we are lucky, we will celebrate my next birthday together. when is your birthday? I was born in the capital of the southeast European country of Serbia. I meet my late husband while i was in Luxembourg city for my advanced degree. My father is from one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia now Republic of Macedonia , While my Mother is mixed of Italian and New Zealand. My mother presently lives with her sister in Italy who takes care of her. She relocated back to Italy after the death of my father because she started suffering from occasional dementia.My mum will be 89 years by October 12. I don't have any brother or sister. I consider myself to be a good woman with good values. I am neat and clean in my living and my appearance. I enjoy nice things.I am fun to be with and can be very romantic. I am positive on everything that life brings me. After the death of my husband , I thought it was over for me in this life but at long run I felt that I should give life another try that is why I registered on the site.Today I am happy that I did because it has given me the opportunity to meet you.One of the things that make me feel so happy is to visit the beach. I love to watch the sun set and play many games at the beach side. I love to Para-sail and other activities in the beach. Do you know that water can speak to a soul? I will interpret it for you when we go to the beach together. I feel very young both physically and mentally. I understand we have both may have had some good and worst experiences in our previous relationship but we should try to let the past go and focus on the future because it is only in the future that there is hope.I'm looking forward to knowing more about you and things you do in your everyday life. Such as working hours?,staying at home, your breakfast,your food , your hobbies, your likes and dislikes and so on. All I want is for us to have easy communication between us. I will stop here till I hear from you to avoid boring you with another long email. Hope to hear from you soon.
Warm regards,
Letter 3
Greetings dear Thanks for accepting my hands of friendship and even all of which you have just shared and those you will be sharing with me in future which I will be looking forward to know. I was very glad when I opened my email to see your mail . It was like life came into my life at that instant. I don’t know why I felt like that but I have wondered why a woman at my age (48 years old) should be this happy over an email. I have tried to ask myself this question but realized that maybe I have missed something in my life for a very long time and now it's coming back. I just pray that this last forever. More about me, I am a woman that have never had any heartbreak so serious in my life, so I do not know how it feels and it has been because of this that I have been out of relationship since I lost my husband. I have a principle which I cherish so much and that is the believe in one man one woman. My problem is that when I love a man, I love her with all my heart and soul and I take my relationship serious and want it forever. It's because of this that I always protect myself from falling in love and the best way to do it has been to stay out of any form of relationship which I have done for 3 years now, I also needed that time to figure myself out and find the special one for me, and that is you I am glad to say I have in my life now. My family have always lived in Venezuela until my husband was killed.I moved out of Venezuela to America because Venezuela was very lonely for me and the memories it bring to me of my family and my loved but lost ones. Anyway, let me not bore you with things that I don’t wish to remember but I want you to know that if everything about our relationship work out well, I will be glad to relocate anywhere you will choose for us so we will have the marriage plans together and see how it will work for us. I will be interested to buy my retirement house close to you so we can share every time and the house together as husband and wife. Please let me know what you think? I finally decided that I should give joy to my life again, so I decided to joined the dating site, because I m not into bar scene, and there is no other better way to meet someone at this level in my life accept it. We have found us, please let's make this work, it needs two people to agree on a neutral for it to work, if it's one sided, it doesn't work, so if this is what you want, please let me know, so we could save the energy of searching and channel it on what we have to make it flourish OK. Please kindly let me know as I really want a serious relationship. I would also like to use this opportunity to urge you to keep what we have between us till we get together and then can share with family and friends because of people with negative vibes, am saying it out of an experience a friend had till she finally met her husband whom she is married to today... she also advised me to follow my heart but keep negative vibes out of it by keeping it to us for the right time then we can share our happiness with friends. I believe that communicating from here everyday will help us to know little about each other before we can meet in person. I will anxiously expect your response as it gives me joy when I see your email in my inbox. Hugs and be safe
Letter 4

Dear A new day is here again; one of the days that I wake up and the first thing that comes into my mind is to check my email and see if you have written me. Most times I panic with fear of not being disappointed but at the end it will turn out that your email is there and the fear disappears for happiness to return. You are just the person that I want to be with even without meeting you yet. This little period of email communication is enough for me to say so and I can say it again and again and even louder. Over the last few days, it's been wonderful, I never expected to feel this way nor actually miss you in this way, experiencing life with knowing you even without meeting each other yet. You are wonderful to me. You make me really happy and even though we are apart, I know this. The feeling that I will get will be overwhelming when I will get to see you for the first time after all this while of email communication because my feelings for you has grown dramatically. I believe at this point of our relationship that i can trust you with my life and everything. I would like to relocation to your city but before that please let me know who do you like living in your city and how it it to live there? I am very much interested to start a new life together with you. I also believe that you can help me retrieve and secure my late husband fund in a bank in Europe, I want to use it to start a new life with you after our marriage. Please let me know your thought so that i can give you more details on how we can proceed. Thank you so much for the moments we have shared together through email, I have no doubt we shall make a good match for you have made all of my dreams come true. I could not ask for more. I will be the luckiest woman in the world to be called your Woman! Lol, I will be truly honored.Thank you. My regards always,
Letter 5
Dear, I am disappointed in your message, how many political prisoner and death can you record? Of course, is not possible to get all the information. Venezuela is not United states of American that run accountability and open government. I don’t think you understand the mean of a tyrant and murderous government that work only for the interest of the evil ruler.I shared my predicament with you shouldn’t give you the impetus to insult me or doubt me, I just want to be a free person and live a life of fulfillment. Thank You Jane
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