Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Whiteside to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
There is no problem with dogs she is a lover of pets. She has a passport and a driver's license and she loves to travel. She took care of my home perfectly she is very clean, loyal and obedient.
You can give me your cell number to send you clearer picture of the document.. From January 1st last year the registration form is $50 and Amazon or Steam gift cards is accepted. You can get it at Walgreens, Walmart or CVS stores.
You are to scratch the card, take the picture and send with receipt to Mistress Lydia(Brighton's Matron) Her Email is ( with your full name and address and once the payment is made you i will give you her cell number and email for chatting with her. Thanks
Letter 2
I've sent all about her to you on my first email on Alt but she is ready to chat with you to share more about her and send pictures as soon as you and i concluded here. So far i am pleased with all your answers with your level of experience and all it is worth giving a try. You will be issued a safety agreement/transfer brighton's form for you and i to sign for the sake of Jenny's safety there with you and once the paper is issued to me, I will set time immediately to bring Jenny for the signing of papers on my expense. That will give me the opportunity to inspect personally if she will be safe there
Check carefully for the attached document and let me know if you are ready to become Jennifer's new owner. Then i can have you talk with her directly after we both concluded here
Letter 3
I'm sorry i have been busy with meetings and i need to assure you that you are doing just fine with this interview
Letter 4

What experience did you have as a master, have you own a sub/***** before???
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