Letter(s) from Anastasia Tenitskaya to John (UK)
Letter 1
Hello dear Jo,
Thank you for the message and understanding of my situation, I am glad that we still have a chane to meet and to spend nice time together in London!
I cannot make video calls now, I have slow restricted access to internet, but I understand that you want to make sure that I am a real person, so I have taken a photo of me showing that I am who I am. Can you please take a similar photo of you with the paper in your hands? Then I will also know that you are for real. I do believe that any kind of relationship between a man and a woman must be based on mutual trust, respect and understanding and if one of those things is missing it will not bring us to anything good. Do you agree with me, Jo?
Here it is my mobile phone number: +79773271765, I will be glad to hear your voice. Just before calling me please send me SMS or a message to Whatsapp and call me only after I send you SMS back that I am alone and can speak. I do not want my family to hear us talking, I hope you understand that.
Can you also give me your mobile phone number?
Kisses, Nastya
Letter 2
Hello dear Jo,
Thank you for the mail and photos, you have such a nice cock that I would like to get deep into my holes immediately!
In the morning I saw that you sent me also a message last night, but I was sleeping then. I am glad that you do not need to go to the office today, so you can stay at home and relax after the hard day that you had yesterday.
For sure I will attach my passport copy to this mail, so you may make sure once again that I am a real person. I also went to the bank in the morning again and asked them for more details about Western Union. They told me that the sender must know my full name: Anastasiya Tenitckaia, and the address where I am staying here in Sochi is Tsuryupa str.,2-11, Sochi, Russia, postal index 354008. To be able to get the money I also must know your full name, the country and city from where the transfer was done, the exact amount of the transfer and money transfer control number.
Please when you do it, send me a message in Whatsapp with all the necessary information and in case if I cannot check my emails, I will have all the necessary information in my mobile phone and will be able to go to the bank and to the travel agency immediately at the same day.
My dear Jo, I am so much excited about this trip and my holidays in London with you, I think about it and I get so longing for your kisses, touches, licks on my body… Besides I feel that you are a really nice person and I must confess that I often catch myself on thinking about you. It is a strange feeling for me, and I feel that we will have great time together, full of romance, tenderness, passion, new impressions and fresh feeling that we both need. We really have much in common, and I feel that for me this trip will be not only a "sextour", but something deeper based on emotions and attraction, and though it will be the one and only meeting without any commitments, I am very excited about it! Our meeting it is that I really want very much. You know Jo, when I put my ad on Internet I even could not imagine that I could meet such a nice person as you are. And I can say that I feel great attraction to you, and I am excitedly waiting for the date when I can fall in your arms, and it seems to me that I will miss you after I return back home...
I wish you to have a nice day, I am at home in the next 1 hour, so you may call me now.
Many kisses, Nastya
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