Scam letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Victor (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hi my heart and my soul Victor! I have dear friend - Victor, and I always think about him, I want to know all about him. Absolutly everything! (Smile). I'm so glad to receive your letter today. I very much hoped that you will understand me and will write letter for the woman which thinks and dreams about you. Tell me about your ideas and dreams. And now I shall make it. I have news, may be it will be bad or good to you. I do not know... Yesterday in our firm came people from housing committee (State Supervision of the Available housing). They made extraordinary check of our building. They gave to us very bad results. Today my boss told me I shall have 3 months of a vacation. Because our building is in an extreme condition. A building where located our firm, will be closed on repair. Approximately in 1 week, and I shall have a vacation, but I was not pleased. I cannot refuse this vacation. In a building of our firm will be made major overhaul. Repair will last 3 months. I have begun to cry, because it means that I can't write to you, I can't use a computer. Victor, I was so frightened that I can lose you. I imagined that I should spend this vacation in my apartment, between four walls. I should sit in loneliness and think of you. I should aimlessly wander on streets and fall asleep with tears on eyes every night. I have been waiting for my vacation in the next summer and I receive it NOW, but they don't bring pleasure to me. Because in the next summer, I cannot receive my vacation. I imagined that I should spend some months without you and awful emptiness had appeared in my heart. All world around became uninteresting for me and I told myself: "NO! It is not for me!" Last night I thought of us. About you and me. Victor, I couldn't fall asleep again. I had been crying for a long time because of despair. My thoughts were mixed, like inking waves during a storm, and I, like a small ship was sank in the sea of despair. With the rising of sun I calmed and hold on myself. And I have put a hard aim, the aim of all my life - to be with a man who loves me and I love him by all my heart. I thought what I can see you. I decided to spend this vacation with you. I thought that I can meet you. Just meet. That's all what I want now. I have passport and I can do visa. Of course our relations still very short. But our correspondence became very important for me. I hope for you too... I thought that we should continue our dialogue, but this situation makes impossible to continue it further. I should stop to write you in a week... It is so sad.. I do not want it happened. Besides Victor through letters is impossible to learn completely each other. Letters will not give the full description of the person. I hope you understand about what I told you. But I already could understand and feel you, you seem to me very good, lovely, serious and the most important reliable man. I am so glad that have met you!!! I very much would not want lose you, Victor. Your letters became the important element of my daily life. I do not want very much live without you. I ask you to think about it. I shall be very glad and happy if we can meet. Since I started talking to you, I just can't stop thinking of you Victor. I KISS YOU. Your Elena.
Letter 2
Hello dear Victor!!! I am happy to receive your letter today. I am very glad, that you sent money for our meeting. I am assured, that it will be the finest time for us. I was so is many times deceived by men and now I have found the person who really loves me and want, that we were together. And this the man You. You unique whom I love. I know, that means to be deceived by other men. And I do not wish to feel it once again. I am assured of you. I know, that you will worry about me. I do not understand, why a lot of time that money could reach me is required. I do not know it because I never received a remittance from people. I am assured, that all will be good also we shall together with you very soon. I shall go to the Internet of cafe tonight and I very much hope to see your message. I had a dream about us meeting, an I hope someday it will come true. I'll tell you what I remember about the dream again. You went to pick me up at the airport, there you stood with flowers waiting for by mine to walk off the plane an here I come walking towards me with by mine hair down an wearing this very pretty sundress with spring flowers all over it. I just frozzed there as our eyes meet an you ran to me an gave me a big hug an a long awaited kiss (this part seem so real) your lips where so soft an it seemed to last for along time. You took me to house so you could unpack an we talk a little bit an relax before we went out for dinner. I just couldn't take my eyes off you an you did the same. You took me to a fine restaurant an we had wine, ate dinner an talked about our different cultures of life, then afterwards we came back to the house an took a long walk holding hands an talking some more. Then you told me to be quiet an gave me a long kiss an held onto me so tight, your skin felt so soft aginest me an your lips were sweet an soft, then I woke up!! (an was I sad to know it was just a dream, but I could feel you cuddling close to me as I was sleeping, an when I was awake I kept smelling a sweet perfume all day) I have not had dreams like that seem so real. I hope it is the beginning of something to come true, an to fine someone to be happy to spend the rest of life with. What do you think about it? Your loving Elena.
Letter 3
Hi my sweetheart Victor!!!!! I am happy to receive your letter. I am glad, that you will send money for my travel today. I love you. I dream of our meeting every day. I went to transport agency today and learned provisional flight for my arrival. I shall allow to you it below. I fly to you on December, 04 at 13:00 on our time. I fly to you airlines Delta Air Lines. Flight DL47. Then I have change in Atlanta . I arrive to you on December, 04 at 08:23 PM on your time, in the airport Dallas Ft Worth Intl. Delta Air Lines. Flight DL1599. I hope that you understood me. With me all is good. At me remarkable mood. Last night I long looked at stars and thought of you my gentle. I have named your name the brightest star in the sky. And now if to me I become sad simply I leave in the evening on street, I shall see the necessary star and to me at once it becomes easier love mine. Now I frequently shall look at stars may to be to me it will be possible to think of desire. I already know that I shall think. It is very a pity to me that we are divided with thousand miles. I so want to feel you all body. I would like to embrace and kiss you. When I close eyes to me it seems that your hands concern my body. They slowly slide from the top downward on my gentle skin mentioning intimate places, Leaving pleasant sensations. To me near to you I very much would be desirable to be lovely. I sincerely want to make you the happiest the man on the ground. Also believe me, I can make it because I love you more life. You my ideal you the most fine and most gentle person for me. On it I shall finish the letter. I hope you pay attention to these words and on my recognition. I shall look forward to hearing from you my gentle prince. I love, I adore Your Elena!!!!!
Letter 4

Hello my loving Victor!!! I did not receive your letter today. I ran in the Internet of cafe to look your message. But unfortunately, I did not see the letter from you. I have been a little grieved. Because I thought, that I can pay my travel today and receive my ticket. I wanted to prepare for our meeting. But now it will be delayed for some time. I love you. I think of you and about our first meeting. I do not know the reason why you have not written to me. It is possible, that you were busy. I do not know it. But I am sure, that if you would have a free time you have written to me. Now I should hope only, that you to answer my letters tonight your way to time or tomorrow in the morning. I shall wait for your letter. Do not overlook, that I should pay my travel soon. I miss you. I send you set of hot kisses. I am sure, that at a meeting I can kiss you personally. I love you. Your loving Elena.
Letter 5
Hi my lovely and the best in the world man, my dear Victor. Thank you for your tender and very kind letter. I feel it's filled with kindness and caress. I am so glad that you wish to meet me. I feel this meeting will turn my life absolutly another side. Not only my... I think you too will feel yourself like in another way. Already now I understand that you and your letters is very deep in my heart! I am very happy that you with me, even here I feel you! The idea on our meeting supports me very much. Victor, I still cannot believe that you have appeared in my life... I am very, very grateful to destiny that she has presented you to me!!! You much mean for me. I am glad that soon we shall be together!!! Remained very few time. 3 days. After that nobody will prevent our meeting. Moscow ... Plane... And you will meet me! Every day, every minute Victor, I think about it. I think about us. It gives me so many positive emotions. Our correspondence has brought new sense in my usual and simple life. Today I went to travel agency. I have found out about cost of the ticket to fly to you. Now I know that is necessary me to pay 1142 dollars. This cost includes ticket in the USA and back (this obligatory condition), insurance, road up to Moscow by bus, a meal in road to Moscow . As you already know I have 75 dollars and in 2 days I shall have additional 200 dollars. In a result, I don't have enough 867 dollars. Also Victor, today I went to some banks in our city. There I have found out that the fastest and (the most important) reliable way to transfer money is use Western Union . In USA almost in each city banks where is working Western Union , this thing told me bank's workers. therefore transfer of money not difficultly in our city also many banks where the Western Union is located. Therefore to transfer this money will not be difficult. For money transfer it is necessary to know my name and my address, it costs not so much. Therefore Victor I ask you in the nearest 3 days, while I have an opportunity, to send me this money, 867 dollars. I hope that in your city there is a Western Union and it will be simple for you. My information:
My first name: Elena
My last name: Aklanova
Russia , Nizhniy Novgorod. I am very glad that now all began clearly for both of us. We precisely know that we want to meet each other. And our meeting soon will happen. I very much hope to learn you better. Victor, while I know you only through letters... But soon we learn much about each other on the other hand. Meeting face to face will help us. I very much would want to see you soon, your friends, your city. I very much want to know everything interconnected with you. I hope you will allow me to see and learn everything important for you. I want to touch you, to go with you keeping for a hand, to kiss you... Yes, yes Victor!! I want to be with you!!!! I feel, I'm sure you that man which I searched for all my life. Your loving Elena.
Letter 6
Hi my the most gentle, careful, kind and passionate Victor. I am very glad to receive your letters today Victor. It always, always, always brings so much good feelings about both of us, about our future together... It will be the most magic, remarkable and long-awaited time. I shall allow to you my full address. I hope, that it will be enough. If you will not understand something, inform me about it. I love you. I shall learn about my route of travel later. What is best date for you that I arrived in the USA ? My information:
My first name: Elena
My last name: Aklanova
Russia , Nizhniy Novgorod,
Goncharova 23, 603076 We shall be together with you Victor. How I want it.... We shall be together day and night! It does not frighten you? This time will belong only to both of us. I know that you too very much wait for our meeting and it makes me so happy. You love me... I love you... I do not present what can be better than it? I do not know. When the person loves, and someone loves him, for them impossible makes possible. We same. In the beginning for us it seemed simply an idea. And now it already an opportunity, we can it. And all this thanking you Victor. I am grateful you for everything, for all that you make for me!!!! Now I write and on my eyes tears flow, I'm crying, these are tears of happiness.... How I am happy that have met you... You have changed my representation about the world. The world became very small, it began to belong only to both of us. We shall soon be together. My heart is very quickly beaten booom.......... booom....... booom..... booom.... booom... booom booom booom booom!! I do not know how I would feel when I shall see you. I very much want it. I love you. I send you thousand, millions the most passionate and gentle kisses. I KISS YOU. Your loving Elena.
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