Scam letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Wade (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my love Wade !!! How are you today my love ? I am fine and so glad to get letter from you now !!! I got your letter in the morning and when I read all that you wrote me, I was glad about all this things. When I got your letter today in the morning, I went to my aunt, who work in the travel company. I come back from her about hour ago. When I come to my aunt, she was so glad to see me (we did not see a long time). I asked her about prices for tickets and visa. She explain me about everything. She checked the cost of the airline tickets. Price of ticket to you is 1089 $ - 1159 $ - 1199 $ US dollars ... and then already will be too expensive. The price of plan depend on quality and comfort of place. I need in round-trip tickets, it's a kind of a guarantee for my government. By the way, my aunt send to you her hi, and she want to tell you to care about me, and she asked me tell you do not worry about my tickets and visa (and other documents). She will help me at all, and I'm so happy about it. So, you must tell me, can I order this tickets? I will need visa to you country. Such trips cannot involve employment, and the length of stay may be up to one year. My love about visa, this type of visa (with documents + foreign passport) will cost 8800 RUS rubles (approximately 300 US $). To order my visa will take 6 - 8 days, but I believe that my aunt can help me to get it faster. Dear I think that we'll be decide how much I stay with you together. But I will take vacation, it will be only two months. If all be Ok then I can forget my job and stay with you. I shall write dear, all flight to you hardly later. My aunt while learns all. I approximately am going to take off 17 - May, 18. For you it is good ? My dear I need 1200 $ US dollars for all my trip to you, my aunt told me that it is very cheap for us, because very soon prices will go up, and all things will cost more expensive. I asked her about how I can book my tickets, she told me that she will help me with this tickets. Tell me about all that I wrote you. Please, dont worry about my visa I can afford to pay for that by myself but Im afraid itll be too expensive for me to buy tickets, so I hope that youll not refuse to help me with the money for airline tickets for me. I must be sure that youll help me. What do you think ? I think that its a good idea to come to you as only than well know each other better. I imagined several times us walking in the park, my arm in you arm, we are walking and walking and theres no one around us whos happier than me. Isnt it fantastic ? Well thats all for today !!! Take care for me !!! Sweet kiss warm hug !!! Love, always your love Katya !!!
Letter 2

Hello my love Wade !!! How are you today, my love ? I hope fine !!! I think concerning you, that you are very good character for me. I read your symbols, and you like more and more to me, with each new day, I understand it more. I do not know the future, but I think, that all people have chance earlier later, but sometimes people do not take this chance. I thought very much concerning me and you, and so big will meet you personally. I understand now when it is real, and we can meet in the future if we shall want it certainly. I think, that I would like to meet you. I feel, that you become closer to me. I inform you all concerning my life, and I shall inform, if you ask more. I feel, that you began more than the friend to me, and I want to inform you three words of love, but I know, that it - earlier, now but you should know, that I want to inform you it now. I had dreams concerning our meeting, I really want to know you to speak with you, to take your executor, and see your eyes. Probably it - is very sincere, now but it is true, and I do not want to hide it. I always speak true and I do not like, when people - lie. I hate it. My girlfriends speak me, that I should inform it to you if it is true. They will be happy, if I find my love. I think, that we have chance with you. I want to try to use this chance. Probably it - destiny, I shall wait your answer with impatience !!! It never will give me to anybody in insult !!! My love inform me please when you can help me with money to my air tickets !!! Ok my love ??? Help me please !!! Please write to me please is faster my lovely !!! I very much love you !!! Always your love Katya !!!
Letter 3

Hello my love Wade !!! How are you today my love ? I'm glad to receive your warm letters !!! With every letter I love you more and more my dear !!! You are so careful and I love it !!! My dear, I received your money and went in travel agency !!! My visa and passport ready, my dear. I went to pay for ticket to you, dear. I received your 1200 $. I arranged ticket to you on 21 of July, but I can't buy it, dear !!! I have bad news for you and I'm so sad with it. They didn't say me that I will need in insurance and without it I can't buy tickets !!! It costs 490 $, my love !!! It's so expensive !!! I'm tired that they take so much your money, dear, but I haven't other choose !!! I need in this insurance that I can fly to you !!! Tell me, what to do ? I already have all, it all are in travel agency, they must to write number of my flying in visa, and for it I must buy this ticket for flying, and for it I must pay and do my insurance, my dear ... I'm so sad, I thought that we will be together already soon !!! Can you help me with this money before 20 th of July that I can fly to you when I arranged ? Ok, my love !!! I will write you tomorrow !!! I kiss you for night !!! Always your love Katya !!!
Letter 4

Hello my love Wade !!! How are you doing my love ? I have very much become bored of you !!! I wait for our meeting !!! As I very strongly love you. I now can not be without you in distances from each other. Now you dream each night. I am long was solved on it. I could not tell you it at once. Today I decided all to tell to you because it would be not correct to hide from the person loved to me. I not on see this Wednesday !!! This day the most ****** in my life. This day me have plundered in the street. To me have called from travel agency and have told to come behind the ticket which was taken by them on Wednesday 20.07.2005 years. I have come to them and have taken away. Then I have gone home, I of all need to reach a house of 100 meters. And in a lane on me have flown two guys with a knife and have put a knife a throat, that I have not cried. Then they have selected a bag and have removed ear rings and a chain. And in a bag there were all documents and tickets which were for departure you. Then I have gone home and began to cry. I did not know that to me to do now. I cried all night thinking from you as it to you to tell. Also that now we can not meet. My mum having seen in such a condition, began to ask that happened ? I and have told all. She has calmed me And has told that do not experience, something we shall think up. Today we have called in tourist agency and have told him all. But they anything have not helped us. Only have told, that if we shall find the same sum till Sunday I can depart on the following flight to you. I again began to roar as we at present do not have such money. Mum has told me calm down. Then she has told that we can sell our summer residence, but it will borrow a lot of time and official registration of papers. But then she has told, that I have told all to you about happened. Also has added that we each other very strongly like. And it can help you with this problem. And to send you in a duty money, at a rate of 1500 $. But not on long. As mum will send us then all sum !!! When I shall visit you. My mum and I ask you about the help !!!!!!!!!!!!! The sun mine, loved help to me !!! I hope only for you. Enter my position, it can happen to each person in the world. I can not do without you in this situation. Believe me I shall give you all this money. For you there is no not what risk. Loved if you will help to consult from a situation. And at last we shall embrace each other. We like each other and we trust in ourselves. I loved I wait for your answer today. I believe in you, that you will help me !!! I hope only for you !!! Help to me to consult from this situation please !!! I wait for your answer !!! Whole !!! I embrace !!! Mine I you very much without mind love the sun !!! Always your love Katya !!!
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