Scam Letter(s) from Maria Yufereva to Douglas (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend Robin. It was very pleasant for me to receive your answer to a site. It is very interesting to know you better, you have very much interested me.
My name is Alina, to me now 35 years.
It is my e-mail
I have never been married and I haven't children.
I am very sociable woman, I have many good friends. I constantly to radiate the optimism on everyone who around of me.
I work as the expert of quality assurance of alcoholic production. I like my work, in fact it is important, that people bought only the qualitative goods.
I like to do experiments with the hairdress, color of hair, clothes. I send you some photos where you can see me and my dog by name Kuzya.
Really nice dog!? Are you like animals?
In all sports, I most of like fitness and basketball.
You can ask me any questions about me and my life, I with pleasure shall answer them!

And a little more about man of " my dream "...
To me is interesting man who searches for serious relations. For me is necessary man with who I would feel myself the happiest woman in the World. It is important for me, to have mutual understanding, trust and the responsibility! I think, that the Internet is very good way for dating. I think, that it should be romantic, to have a friend or even more in other country.
I am very much interested, that we could know each other better. When I saw your profile, I have very much become interested in you and consequently would like to have correspondence with you.
I think, we could become friends!
I shall wait for your answer with impatience!

Letter 2

Hello my friend Robin. it was wonderful to receive your answer!
It is a pity, that you have not sent me your photos as I have made it.
I very much would want, that you have sent me your photos!
You are very attractive to me, and I would like to consider you closer!

At me today remarkable day! The sun is shyning, on my person a smile shines.
Evening, we with girlfriends gather on a visit at one of them to have a supper, to communicate, to find out news, in general, to have remarkable evening. We not frequently gather, all together, therefore each time this event occurs very interestingly.
Also I already have finished all paper work (my report) which should give tomorrow. And it is simplification for my soul.
I want to tell little bit more about my work. I have higher education on a speciality the biologist. As I already spoke, I work as the expert of quality assurance of alcoholic production.
I present Sanitary Epidemic Station my city Cheboksary.
Our department exists due to factories of manufacturers.
Manufacturers care, that in shops sale only their production, instead of fakes.
My work consists in personally to visit shops for check of the alcoholic production sold in them. The list of shops give to me in our department Sanepidemstation.
For a day, I check about 5 shops. But my work is various. For 7 days in a week, I check shops only 3 days. Other days I work with papers for the reporting to our chief, and she in turn deduces results for factories of manufacturers.My chief is a woman.
Every month we find before 20 infringements from all checked up shops.
It is difficult work, but during too time very interesting. It very much to like me, in fact I help people that they bought, only qualitative production.
I have some photos from work in shops of my city. Also you can see my colleague, by the way very good girlfriend, and our boss (in the middle).
In spite of the fact that I have constant activity with alcohol, I almost do not drink! Only wine, is usual with a view of maintenance of health, in fact red wine in small amounts is useful! Only occasionally wine supplements a supper.
I do not smoke, and before did not try to smoke. But around of me frequently smoke, and consequently I easy concern, if smoke near to me.
As I already spoke I have a dog by name Kuzya. I very much love animals, and I love my dog especially strongly!

Also I have thought, that it will be interesting to you to know about where I live.
I live in Russia, in the city by named Cheboksary. It is remarkable city, and to me to like to live in city since here the life boils a key. I like to be in movement, in progress.
I like to travel to various Russian cities. I like to receive new impressions, to receive new friends.
My mum lives separately from me, at her small house, a fine garden. I help her in a garden though she usually makes all herself, but nevertheless I try to help her.
My father unfortunately now is not here. He has died several years ago of heavy illness.
As I already spoke, I am serious woman, and I search for serious relations. I hope, that you as are interested in it and we can find out each other better!

Ok, I shall stop on it, I shall not write too much to not tire you with reading of my letter. I hope to see your letter soon!
Sincerely, yours Alina.

Letter 3

Hello Robin. It is a pity, that I have not received your fast reply.
We with girlfriends had remarkable evening. We have gone home only at night.
We had many interesting themes to discuss. Almost hour we argued,what person is better to be . Mercantile or not. I am less mercantile, as against the girlfriends, therefore very much asserted the point of view! I am cheerful, and I do not want, that my attitude to a life and to people has been based on money, main thing - the person. Any person can be interesting! Our dispute in anything has not resulted, and each of us has decided to agree to differ.
And what person are you , mercantile or not?
I think, that it is the best way to be 50/50. But it is so impossible to me, but I try to concern to a life and to people from two sides. In fact if the person does not have anything, means, he has nothing achieved in the life, it means that he not interesting. But during too time the person can be interesting not only on his achievements, but also in attitude to itself and associates. To find the middle between two points of view very difficultly, and now I aspire to this!
I hope, that you understand me, in fact English it is my second language, and my knowledge in it are not ideal.

I while shall finish the letter since I need to make still something for work.
I hope, that I shall receive your letter soon.
You are very interesting to me!
Sincerely, Alina.



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